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Selfbondage stories:
A Self-Exciting Self-Bondage Hike
Claudia goes on a selfbondage walk.
Anna and the key
Anna does some selfbondage. Fiction.
Bathroom Discomfort
Unexpected visitor, by Ashley Williams.
Bed Bondage Ordeal
A female selfbondage session becomes a bit complicated.
Bondage Master Dragon
Dragon is in charge and he does not even know it. By SusanSub
Caught in a Hogtie
Bound gagged and used. By Love2bind
Cheryls long night
Cheryl enjoys an intense selfbondage session.
Cheryls Long Night - The Dream
The dream sequence from Cheryls long night.
Cheryls Long Weekend - Evening at Jennifers
The adventures of Cheryl continue with a visit to Jennifer.
Chinese Clamps
Small changes, big impact. By B_Baby
Diaper Dash
Diapered selfbondage runs into complications. By Sascha.
Dilemma Self-Bondage
An account of a real self-bondage session.
First time First time selfbondage, by Nicole.
Go Diva A joyful ride in nature turns bad. By SusanSub.
Hogtie Slumber Hotel bound, a true account by John.
Karens Self Torment Karen plays her humilliating selfbondage games.
Kneeling In Pain Bound and speechless, a true account by John.
Long Walks in the Moonlight
Four locks and four keys.
Made To Maid A true account of the Made To Maid scenario, by The Storm.
Maypole A true account of the Maypole scenario, by TheStorm.
Mind the draws A reader tells us about his recent experiments with selfbondage.
Off to Bed A story about a girl playing a different type of game. By Leesa
Outdoor Selfbondage Outdoor selfbondage adventure, a true account by Cindy123.
Rubber Pursuit
A nightly rubber walk.
Screw Screw A happy guy tells a story about a recent adventure.
Stuck Student A story about a student, and some tight uncooperative ropes. By markson.
The Bondage Model
Anna starts working as a shop assistant.
The Force of Nature An account of a long self-bondage session by Abrank.
The Keyhole
Priscilla goes on a tourist tour through Sir Howards castle.
Bondage stories:
21 Days A true acount of 21 days in bondage, by Ashley Williams.
My Greatest Escape A great escape can turn into a big mistake, by Nicole.
The Cabin
A story of an unusual inheritance and its implications.
The Only Part She Liked
Victor goes away and leaves Jazmina locked up.
Misc Stories:
Invasix Poly-Guy finds a new use for a new and exiting material.
Suzies Revenge Suzie punishes the person responsible for her friends death.
The Red Light
James McPhearson pays a high price for bad decisions.
Hoofbeats: People are ponies too, part 1
Kim's adventures at Liberty Stables.
Hoofbeats: People are ponies too, part 2
Kim's adventures at Liberty Stables continues.
Crossdressing* Stories:
Another Walk A true account of the long walk scenario, by Anonymous.
As Expected The story about "L". By lj
As Expected - Exercise The story about "L" continues. By lj (Part 2)
As Expected - The Project The story about "L" continues. By lj (Part 3)
Be a Lady Tonight A nightly walk as a lady. By Virgomars
Long Walk A true account of the long walk scenario, by John.
The Barbie Clause 1 A story about Gregs transformation into Barbie.
The Barbie Clause 2 The story about Barbie continues. Part 2.
The Barbie Clause 3 The last part of the story. Part 3.
Lace, Whalebone and Hellfire, part 1
Selfbondage, CD, forced fem and plenty of corsets. (Only part 1 of 3!)
Lace, Whalebone and Hellfire, part 2
Selfbondage, CD, forced fem and plenty of corsets. (Only part 2 of 3!)
*Crossdressing is not directly related to selfbondage but a lot of people uses crossdressing as a way to spice up their selfbondage. Crossdressing can also be used as a form of selfbondage without any need for restraints or toys.