Stuck Student
By markson


Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

It was a dark night and all my housemates were in bed. As a student living with other students its very rare that I get a chance to do self bondage. So when I feel like I will have a chance to do this I take it. I slowly walked downstairs to go get the sissors and the rope that I would be tying myself up with. I managed to do this without tripping over anything. Once I got back to my bedroom I stripped down and picked up a sock. This sock would be used as a gag so that essential I couldn't talk. I made some coils of rope for my wrists. I made sure that it was just big enough for me to squeeze my hands in however it was a tight fit. Now that was done I needed to move onto the slipknots which would then be used to tighten my wrists and legs together. This would essentially put me into a hogtie. I had never attempted this so made sure to take it slowly. I tied up my legs and put one end of the slipknots in between my ankles. Next I tied ropes just above and below the knees. I then tied up my balls and cock so that they were in bondage. At this point I put the sock into my mouth and using a piece of rope I secured this into my mouth. I lay onto my stomach and brought my legs up behind me. I put on the wrist coil and slipped the slipknot onto them. Before I put my final wrist through I made sure that my escape plan of having scissors attatched to a string near by was ready. Once this had been checked my wrist slipped in. Then with a big pull the knots tightened.

I love the feeling of when the final knot is done then I know I am stuck for the duration. I tried to see if I could escape my new situation. However I was trapped. My legs wouldn't move and my wrists were cinched tightly up towards my shoulder blades. I wriggled and wriggled but couldn't get loose. Satisfyed I closed my eyes and let my fantasies swirl around me. I had set a timer on my tv to switch the tv on silently after an hour. Since this was my first time I didn't want to be in bondage for too long. I would just have to wait till the tv switched on so that I could see what I was doing.

As I lay there I kept pulling my wrists to test my bonds. However, this is where the major problem occured. I pulled so hard the knot tightened even more. I tried to swallow hard but the sock gag prevented this. I struggled thinking "shit, if I don't get out soon my arms will go numb". At this point the tv came on. This meant I could now see what I was doing and since my arms were slowly having their circulation being cut off I tried to manuver the scissors around to cut my bonds. With all my previous experiences if you cut the slipknots keeping your arms and legs held together it will uncinch allowing you to get out. So I positioned the scissors and with a few short snips the rope in the middle snapped. "phew" I moaned through my gag. I tried to remove my hands.......they were stuck....."SHIT SHIT SHIT"!!!. I thought. How the hell was I going to get out. I stopped and thought carefully. Don't worry you have your scissors you can just manuever it round to cut the wrist coils. I calmed down and tried to remove the wrist coils.
However since they were so tight it was difficult to get the scissors in a position to cut. After a lot of moving and adjusting I managed to get it in between the ropes. I started cutting.....when I did the scissors kept slipping and just wouldn't cut it. This is where I started to panic. Non of my housemates knew of my interests in bondage and I was worried I would have to hobble to them to get them to untie me. This scared me more than anything and I started to struggle on the bed. Not being able to get loose. After three more attempts I couldn't loosen them anymore and my arms were slowly getting weaker and becoming more numb. I started hopping towards the door slowly thinking its no good I will have to go and tell my housemates.

My whole future life flashed before my eyes and I imagined everyone laughing at me and not wanting to talk to me thinking I was a freak. I was determined not to let that happen. The panic was rising but I tried to stay calm. "One more try" I thought to myself. " If this doesn't work then I will have to go to my housemates bedroom and get her to untie me". I moved the scissors and started to hack away at the ropes. After 10 minutes there were still no hope..I was just about to stop when suddenly I heard one of them snap.. I tried pulling my wrists apart and miraculously they came apart. I have never been so relieved in my life and when I unded the ropes I had massive indentations where the circulation was being cut off.

I sat down on my bed in a collapsed heap and rubbed my cock untill it shots its load. I then needed to rest for the rest of the night. This will probably be my last selfbondage eventure with out proper planning. I hope its a warning for the rest of you.

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