The Bondage Model
Copyright Abrank 2010 February


Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

The Bondage Model
Copyright Abrank 2010 February
She was lying in straw, chained in the castle dungeon. A manacle riveted around her right ankle was attached to a rusty iron chain connected to an iron ring set in the stone wall. Her hands were bound behind her back in heavy iron fetters. She was dressed in a coarse cloth dress that had been ripped down to expose her breasts. The jailor had complete control over her and she was helpless to prevent him from ravishing her.
Not that she wanted to. He was strong and muscular with a big penis and she was eagerly awaiting his entrance to satisfy her sexual craving. She longed to feel him inside her. She couldn’t picture his face, but she was certain he was not ugly, and might even be handsome. He was cooking breakfast and she could smell the delicious aroma drifting through the bars of the cell.
Someone in another cell was shouting; it was woman.
The shouting was repeated, “Anna, wake up! Breakfast is ready.”
The dream faded. Anna couldn’t hang onto it as her mother’s voice intruded into her consciousness.
She woke up. “One minute Mom, I’ll be down soon.” She tried to move her hands to sit up and realized she had slept in handcuffs again. She quickly got out of bed and opened the top drawer of her dresser where she had hidden the handcuff key. With practiced fingers she unlocked the handcuffs and concealed them in her duffel bag.
Putting on a long-sleeved top to conceal the marks on her wrists, she went down to breakfast.
She was becoming depressed. She had been the proud possessor of a degree in Social Economics. But after sending out hundreds of resumes without even being able to land even one interview she was not so proud. Her parents were encouraging, but it was clear that they expected her to find a job, any kind of job, and begin paying her way.
Later that day she was in Newbridge Mall when she decided on a course of action that would change her life. She was standing in front of a shop window admiring a very short and tight mini skirt on one of the display models when she decided to apply for a job at the store. There was no sign indicating that a job was available, nor did she expect to get one. But she thought that if she couldn’t get a job in her chosen academic field, she should at least try for one in a field that interested her, which was fashion.
She entered the store and found the manager, an elegantly-dressed grey-haired woman. Trying to sound as if she didn’t need a job, but would rather be doing the store a favor if they employed her, Anna explained how interested she was in fashion, knew all the latest trends, and did they have a job opening?
The manager looked at her appraisingly. It was clear to Anna that she was being judged on her looks and not on any other talents. The manager then asked her to fill out an application form. Thinking that the manager had chosen this as the easiest way to dismiss her, Anna filled out the form without much optimism, handed it in and left.
Outside the store she looked at the display model again; it held a strange attraction for her. Unlike the other models, it had a look of surprise on its face and was supported by a metal rod that extended up from the floor and disappeared under its mini skirt.
The next day the telephone rang; it was the store manager. “I’m very impressed by your qualifications,” she said, “and would like to offer you a position. It will be a temporary one, but after three months, if things work out, it could be made permanent.”
“Thank you for your offer,” Anna said. “What salary do you have in mind?”
“You must understand,” the manager replied, “that business is way down because of the recession, and moreover you don’t have any retail experience. I’m afraid I can only offer you only minimum wage.”
“Oh,” Anna said, disappointed. ‘Did I study hard for four years,’ she thought, ‘only to be offered some minimum wage job that anyone can do?’
“Well?” asked the manager, “Do you need time to think about it?”
“No,” Anna said, thinking about the complete absence of any other jobs that had even remotely interested her. “I accept. When do you want me to start?”
“Why don’t you come in next Monday. We can start you then.”
On Monday morning Anna filled out employment forms and was assigned as an assistant to Caroline, a full time employee. Caroline was a little heavy, but had a great sense of fashion and a cheerful disposition.
During the next few days Anna learned how to sense what customers wanted, and how to subtly guide them towards store products that they might find attractive. She learned how to reflect customer’s opinions back to them: “Yes that dress is very attractive, it will be fine for the party.” “Yes I think that color really suits you.” “Oh yes, this looks very sexy on you, you’ll be brilliant at the club.” “No, I don’t think it exposes too much, just enough to make him notice.” “Yes, this is the latest fashion.”
On Thursday the manager called her aside and spoke to her. “I’m very pleased with your progress, Anna. I think you’re ready to take on some additional tasks. Caroline’s leaving on vacation in two weeks; I would like you to learn window dressing from her. Are you interested?”
“Yes, of course.”
“We change the window display every Monday evening, after the Mall closes. Could you stay late next Monday and see how Caroline does it?”
“Certainly. Would I get overtime?”
“I’m afraid not, the only thing I can do is give you is compensatory time off later in the week.”
“Oh, OK.”
“Go and tell Caroline you’ll be working with her on the window display.”
“Let me show you something,” Caroline giggled late on the following Monday as they were changing the window display. “Promise not to scream?”
“I promise.”
Caroline lifted up the model with the surprised expression, exposing the metal rod that was holding it up. To Anna’s surprise the top of the rod was shaped like an erect penis, anatomically correct in every detail. The only thing it lacked was balls, the shaft blended smoothly into the lower part of the rod.
“Oh my God!” Anna exclaimed.
“Cool, isn’t it,” Caroline said as she casually draped a skirt over it to shield it from anyone who might pass by outside.
“Where did it come from, are the others like it?”
“No, I think it’s unique. I asked the store owner about it and he said he bought it from a store that was going out of business. He had no idea it was there when he bought the model, he just liked the model’s face.”
“Yes, she has an appropriate surprised look.”
“He asked me to show this to any employees assigned to the window. He said that if any of them feel uncomfortable about having it in the store he would remove it. I assured him that no one would have a problem and so far no one has. Are you OK with it? I’ll have this model removed if you like.”
“No, I’m OK, I always rather liked her surprised expression. And I like the idea that that we know something customers don’t.”
“Exactly! I’m so glad you don’t object. Now let’s finish changing the display.”
That night Anna dreamed about the penis rod. She dreamt that she was the model, helplessly impaled on the penis. She woke up excited, her sex was wet.
That week the metal penis was never far from her thoughts, and she often glanced at the model, wondering if its expression was perhaps not one of surprise, but of someone in the early stages of an orgasm. She dreamed about it nearly every night.
The next Monday evening Anna was in the window with Caroline. “Could I see the, er, penis again?” she asked.
“Of course,” Caroline said with a knowing smile and lifted up the model.
Anna touched the penis, grasping and measuring it with her hand. It was satisfyingly large and she thought how full she would feel with it inside her. She also noted how high off the floor it was. She was not wearing shoes, and saw that the tip of the penis was about level with her navel. The metal rod was welded onto a large round metal plate. She tried to tilt the rod.
“Yes it’s quite heavy,” Caroline said looking at her. “It’s not going anywhere.”
Anna wondered if Caroline knew what she was thinking. She blushed and released the penis. “Thanks Caroline, I just wanted to make sure it was real and not something I imagined.” She turned away to hide her embarrassment and began work on another model. As she worked she wondered how she could be safely impaled on the penis. For a start she would have to wear very high heels. She didn’t have any, but the store did; lots of them. But how to mount the penis? She looked up and saw that there were several hooks in the ceiling.
“What are those hooks for?” she asked, pointing up.
“They’re for when we do floating displays, you know, to hang things from.”
“Are they strong?”
“Very strong. One Christmas we had Santa and his reindeer hanging from them. Santa had a real heavy sled.”
Anna couldn’t prevent ideas flooding into her head as she guiltily continued with her work.
That evening she spent several hours on the Internet following her ideas into a strange and exciting new world. Later that week she went shopping; first to a hardware store and then to an adult store.
It was 10:00 pm the following Monday. The Mall was deserted and Anna had finished dressing the models in the window, all except the one with the metal rod. It was scheduled to be dressed in black with silver chain ornamentation: black boots, a black mini skirt, a black leather halter bra, a new black wig and a black leather cap. A large poster of a Harley motorbike was displayed behind the model.
Anna lifted the model off its penis stand and carefully laid it in the store behind the window. Using the store ladder she tied one end the rope she had purchased to one of the hooks and tied a loop in the other end. She moved the ladder back into store and selected a skirt; the same style as the model but in her size. Next she picked out a pair of shoes with extremely high stiletto heels, a small platform, and ankle straps. Carrying these she walked to the dressing room where she had left her other purchases. She undressed then pulled on the skirt, zipped it up, stepped into the shoes and buckled the straps. Feeling sexy she caressed her large and youthfully firm breasts and further excited herself. She fondled her nipples to make then erect and then attached a nipple clamp to each.
They stung like hell, and she was tempted to immediately remove them, but she had read that the pain dulls after a while, which it did. She attached a small ornamental weight to each and carefully lowered them, noting with satisfaction that her breasts hardly sagged. Carrying a ball gag and a pair of handcuffs she walked to the front of the store, a little unsteadily in the unaccustomed heel height, but rocking her hips and making the nipple weights swing and sway her breasts.
Looking out to check that the Mall was deserted, and feeling very self conscious, she entered the window. Placing the ball gag and handcuffs on the floor, she carefully cleaned the penis with antiseptic wipes and then dried it with a paper towel. She was so excited that she knew she wouldn’t need lubricant to get it inside her. She bent down and gently kissed the tip of the penis. “Tonight you will be my master and I will be your willing prisoner,” she murmured.
She pushed the ball of the gag into her mouth and buckled the two straps around her head pulling the black leather mouth covering tight across her lower face. She pulled on the black wig and tucked her hair under it. She positioned the leather cap on her head and then fastened one of the handcuff cuffs around her right wrist. Her excitement grew as she clicked the cuff closed and she thought she might have an orgasm right there and then. Her juices were leaking down her inner thigh.
She stood against the penis and lifted the front of her skirt over it to feel its cold metal against her belly. She reached up with both hands to grasp the loop of rope, and slowly pulled herself up. She felt the head of the penis trace a course down the front of her shaved pussy, pass over her clit and then nestle coldly between her engorged lips. She lowered herself slowly, feeling its hard metallic head enter her then stretch and fill her.
As the front of her shoes touched the floor she felt the head of the penis press up against her cervix. She was on the verge of an orgasm, but didn’t want it yet, not until she was fully in bondage. She held on to the rope for a few seconds to calm herself before letting go. Her heels dropped and the penis pushed further into her. She gasped around her gag; she was fuller than ever before, fuller than she had imagined she could be.
She reached behind her and placed her left hand in the open cuff. She looked out at the Mall and, reassured that it was completely deserted, clicked the cuff closed.
As she did so she moved against the penis and had her first orgasm. Her pelvis thrust against the unmoving penis and her body shook with the ecstasy. Her breasts bounced and she screamed into her gag, not caring if anyone heard. Her legs seemed to go weak and she had to keep her eyes open to steady herself.
As her excitement faded she again felt the penis pressing up inside her. She tried to raise her heels to reduce the pressure, but this was difficult in the high heel shoes and she could only raise them a little. Nevertheless it made the penis move in a pleasurable way, so she persisted, raising and lowering herself and at the same time moving back and forth.
She felt a second orgasm building and soon it exploded and once again she screamed into the gag. She rocked back and forth and felt the nipple weights swinging. She was in heaven.
After she calmed down she decided to check her release.
She pulled on the string tied to her handcuffs, and wound it in until she felt resistance. The other end of the string was connected to a handcuff key frozen in ice in a plastic bottle. The bottle itself was jammed on the other side of the door to the window; she didn’t want to be able to pull it to her and hasten the melting of the ice. She had frozen the ice in the refrigerator in the back of the store, and estimated it would take an hour to melt.
She was facing out into the Mall, just like the model she had replaced. She decided that as a bondage model she ought to pose. She tried adopting various poses, some seductive and some fearful, but the rigidity of the penis and her firm impalement prevented any great variation.
Having exhausted her limited repertoire of poses, she decided to try for a third orgasm when she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head and saw that it was a security guard. She panicked. She had thought that the Mall was completely deserved at night; she had seen no one the previous two Monday evenings. But this night, she now realized, she was staying much later.
Perhaps, she thought, the guard wouldn’t notice her; he must pass this window too often for it to be interesting. But the store window lights were on full brightness and she felt they were aimed at her and were trying to draw attention to her, which they were. How could he fail to notice her? She felt completely exposed and vulnerable.
What would the guard do when he saw her? Would he enter the store and try to release her? Did he have a key to the door? Had she locked it? She couldn’t remember. Even if he didn’t enter the store would he report her to the manager? With the fear of discovery she felt another orgasm building. She tried to suppress it but could not. It came and she climaxed, rocking her body and swinging her nipple weights. At least she managed not to scream. As she regained control over herself the guard was only two stores away, fortunately on the far side of the Mall. She tried to remain as still as possible, hoping that he would not notice her or, if he did, think that she was simply another model. She blinked. Realizing that was a giveaway she tried to keep her eyes fixed and unblinking.
Fortunately the guard walked slowly by without even looking in her direction, keeping to the far side of the Mall. As he disappeared she decided that she must release herself as soon as possible; the guard would presumably come back later. She pulled on the release string again until she felt resistance; it was still too early for the ice to have melted.
As her panic subsided she tried to think of some way to escape. Perhaps she could jump up off the penis. No, that was impossible; she couldn’t even bend her knees.
She kept up a gentle but steady pressure on the string, ready to escape as soon as the key released. During the next half hour she managed only one more orgasm. In addition to wanting to escape before the guard returned, her bondage had ceased to be fun; her feet and legs were tired, her nipples hurt, the metal penis was uncomfortable, and her jaw was aching, stretched by the oversized ball of the gag.
Suddenly she heard the distant noise of a motor. She looked out along the Mall and saw a cleaning crew approaching. It consisted of a man on foot and a second man driving a vacuum truck.
She began to panic again, and decided her only chance to avoid detection was to try to pass herself off as an inanimate model. She froze, trying not to breathe and fixing her eyes in an unblinking stare looking slightly downwards.
At first she thought she would succeed, but as the first man passed in front of the window he looked in and saw her. He did a double take then called to the driver.
The driver looked over and, as the first man continued to beckon him, stopped the truck, got out and approached the window. The two men started talking, the first man pointing at her. They were very close to her, but Anna couldn’t hear what they were saying through the window glass and with the truck motor still running noisily. The first man seemed to be saying that she was alive, but the driver looked doubtful. The first man then walked up to the store door.
Anna’s fear intensified. Had she locked the door? Would he be able to get in?
The man tried to open the door, but it was locked. He returned to the front of the window and said something to the driver. He took a cell phone out of his pocket and appeared to be preparing to take a photo!
Anna wanted to scream, she felt she was doomed. But before the man could aim his cell phone at her, a third man arrived. He was a little younger than the first two and seemed to be in charge. The first man spoke to him and pointed to Anna. The young man approached the window and stared at Anna. She thought she would die from embarrassment. Then he turned to the other two men and said something. The driver got back in his truck and the first man put his cell phone away and resumed cleaning along the front of window, glancing back at Anna as he did so.
The young man waited until they were out of sight, then he turned towards Anna, and took out his cell phone. He held it up and took several photos of her. She was terrified, but kept as still as possible, hoping that the window reflections would make her unrecognizable. Eventually the man appeared satisfied, put his cell phone away and followed the first two men.
Anna waited a minute then pulled on the release string. The ice had melted and she was able to pull the handcuff key to her hands and unlock the cuffs. Reaching up she held the rope loop and pulled herself up and off the penis with a sucking noise. She quickly dried the juice-covered penis, put her cap over it, and then hurried out of the window into the store to change into her working clothes.
She had restored the model to its stand and had almost finished cleaning up when the security guard returned. He tapped on the window and beckoned to her.
‘Oh god,’ she thought, ‘did he notice me? Did the cleaners report what they’d seen? Did the young man show him the photos? I’ll tell him that I was testing out a new model, but decided to use the old one.’ Nervously she unlocked the store door.
“Everything all right?” the guard asked.
“Yes. I’m working late because I changed my mind about the display.”
“Don’t stay too late,” he said and continued his circuit of the Mall.
Anna breathed sigh of relief and finished tidying up; packing the rope and bondage items into her bag.
The next day she started her work shift at 1 pm. The manager didn’t say anything to her and the only trace of her adventure seemed to be the soreness she felt in her vagina. As the afternoon progressed she began to relax and felt herself increasingly safe from discovery.
But at 7 o’clock the young man from the previous evening entered the store. She tried to make herself inconspicuous but he marched straight up to her.
“I’d like to buy a skirt,” he said.
“Which one, sir?” Anna said nervously. He didn’t seem to recognize her. She thought it was because her face had been partially concealed by the gag and she had been wearing a wig. She began to hope that he wouldn’t.
“The one in the window, the one on the model in front of the motorbike.”
“Yes sir, that’s a great skirt. What size do you want?”
The man looked thoughtfully at Anna. “I think she’s about your size.”
Anna felt relieved. Perhaps he had only been photographing the skirt to see if his girl friend would like it. “I’ll get one for you,” she said. She selected a new skirt and wrapped it. “That’ll be eighty five dollars, sir.”
The man paid with a credit card and picked up the skirt.
But then he handed it to her. “Here, this is a present for you. I know you will look really great in it.”
Anna froze and blushed. She realized she had been recognized.
“If you can’t accept it now, how about later? Allow me to buy you a drink after work.”
Anna hesitated. The man looked strong and muscular, and was not unattractive. She played for time, trying to gather her scattered thoughts, worried that he would tell the manager about her adventure. “I’m working late today,” she finally said.
“That’s alright. I’ll pick you up when the Mall closes. I’ve also got some great photographs I’d like to give you.”
“OK,” Anna said. She couldn’t refuse; she realized the man had complete control over her.

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