Bathroom Discomfort
by Ashley Williams

Dear Anna. I love your website and a couple of years you got me started on self bondage. I hope you like my most terrifying and exciting self bondage experience.

Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

It all started about a couple of months ago. I was alone in my house for at least a week cause my roomate was away on vacation. I decided to do some self bondage.
I put on my pink thong and matching pink bra. This is much like your sitting pee session, so I can skip ahead to when I start the session. I was sitting on my bathroom floor complety helpless and without no possible way of escape. My hands were tied tightly behind my back and my thighs were attached to my ankles, I had arranged for my boyfriend to come over in 2 days! Thats right, 2 days. I did this so then if my release mechanism failed, I would be helpless for 2 whole days with no way of escape, this would intensify my need to escape. I had modifyed this sesion with a delayed ice release mechanism.
Once i cinched up my heart was racing at a mile a minute. I knew if i didnt escape, help would be 2 days away. I was forced to pee into the container in the first 27 min of the session, then 20 min later the pump sent the urine up the tube and into the container were i was forced to drink it, man that was grose. 1 hour had passed and I heard the phone ring, I thought it was no big deal then when the answering machine came on I was terified to what I heard. "Ashley, Ashley are you there, its your boyfriend, pick up the phone I need to talk to you. I know your home, just pick up the phone to save me from walking to your house. Oh well I'll be over soon."
My heartbeat picked up and started to race, I was not ready for him to see me like this. I started to cry and moan through the tight ball gag. Sure enough 5 minutes later I heard the door open and he started calling my name.
He searched the house looking for me. Several times he walked right by me. 1 time he peered into the open bathroom door were I was, but it was so dark he could not see me. Soon enogh he left, and my heart pulse slowed down. I was forced to pee, then drink my pee over and over again, soon enough after an agonizing 9 hours in self bondage I heard the the scisors drop to the floor, but my bondage session was not over yet. I had to crawl over to the scisors. But there was one problem, I purposly put the ice release over the bathtub so I would have to find a way to get up the bathtubs walls. I was increadlby sore and weak after spending 9 hours in self bondage. I tried over and over again to get up the walls with nothing but failure, I started to cry again, I just layed there in my pudle of cum. I fell asleep from exsaushtion.
I woke up 6 hours later. I was ready to attempt to get the key again. After my third attempt to get into the bathtub, I did it. I quickly grabed the scisors and cut my wrist coils. I was free and very happy to be. I had spent at least 19.02 hours in tight restrictive bondage. That was the longest and most terrifying experience of my entire life.
I sure do hope you enjoyed it Anna, I know I did and I hope that you post it on your website for all bondage lovers to see.

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