The Barbie Clause 2
Copyright Bound Jenny

Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

Story ideas by Rebecca.
Written by Bound Jenny.
Here is the second part of the story. I suppose you have all been salivating in anticipation!
Enjoy, and wipe up your drool after you're finished! :wink:
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Chapter 3 - Exposure
Act I - Return to the scene of the crime
After three months, and a few unbelievably intense "rewards" by Madam - I had obviously pleased her very much - as I was recapping the day's mail to Madam in her study, I received an announcement that I would rather have done without.
"Barbie dear, you are integrating your functions so well, and your new personality and appearance, that I will take you out of here for the first time." My heart skipped a few beats, then started pounding hard. Out in public fixed up like this? I gulped. Well actually this wasn't the most frightening announcement. Madam detected my apprehension, and stood up.
She stood beside me, and put an arm around my shoulders. "Barbie, you will one day have to come out in the open, as Barbie. I don't just need someone to shuffle papers around here and to play with as I please. I need someone with some confidence in herself, a grown woman with self-assurance. To gain that you have to overcome your fears of being exposed, of being caught, discovered. I know that some people consider it a turn-on, but that is not the goal here." I was trying to avoid shaking.
"You will come with me to the office." I flinched slightly. "You have to. It will be just for the day, and you will be with me most of the time. I need your skills, and I need you to become used to who you are now, not just a shy plaything in a closet somewhere." Fighting the urge to crumple down on the floor, I nervously nodded, "Yes, Madam. I understand. It's for my good." Madam smiled, and hugged me gently, caressing my back. "That's a good girl." she said comfortingly. Her hypnotic voice had the desired effect. I was somewhat reassured.
I gathered my nerves at the same time as I collected Madam's important work documents and tools. I was more or less unrecognizable in my made-over, remodeled appearance. It had been three months since I was last at the office. Would anyone have any recollection sufficiently clear that they could see through the makeup and other stuff? I rechecked myself in a mirror several times, just to see if there was any piece of me that could tip someone off. I had lost some weight, my jowls were gone, and my eyebrows were separate, unlike before.
Madam called, and I had to go. I picked up her things and followed her to the front door. We went straight down to her big Ford, still impeccably spotless, I put Madam's briefcase in the trunk, and wished I could hide in there - it was large enough. Madam got into the driver's seat while I sat next to her, and buckled my seat belt.
Being in a large car may be a secure feeling, but the wide open space around me made me feel exposed, for all the world to see. I found myself tugging at the hem of my skirt several times during the short drive to the office. And as we got nearer, I saw familiar sights that I used to see driving to work every day, and my apprehension grew. As the distance shrank, my heart pounded harder and faster, and I was breathing more and more quickly. When we finally pulled into the parking lot, I was on the brink of hyperventilation, with a heart attack a close second on the list.
I fumbled the seat belt buckle to get it open, so much my fingers were trembling. Madam took both my hands, and looked into my eyes, and I felt that hypnotic drilling into my soul again. "Everything will be all right, Barbie. Concentrate on who you are now. I assure you, no one will recognize you. Be a strong woman, go one step at a time, don't think about what is coming, think about how far you have come." Just the touch of her hands on mine was already a huge relief, and her words, her deep gaze, were enough to give me the courage necessary to start by getting out of the security of the car.
I fetched the briefcase out of the trunk, and tried to be as casual as possible. There were a few people in the parking lot, and in my mind, they all were looking at me. The side of the building seemed to have more windows than I remembered, and each felt like there was someone there looking at me, watching, guessing who I was. "One step at a time." I repeated in my mind. "Not what's coming, only how far I've come."
I concentrated on Madam's lovely figure, and the sound of our heels on the floor, echoing through the corridor. We entered the elevator, thankfully alone, and the doors closed. I let out a silent breath of relief and tried to get my pulse to slow down. "Are you okay, Barbie?" Madam asked, concerned. "Yes, Madam. Just a little nervous." She squeezed my shoulder and said, "Remember what I told you: one step at a time, and concentrate on how far you've come." She paused, and added, "Please me, my Barbie Doll." with a hot breath on my neck. I had flashbacks of Madam's torrid, convulsive, thoroughly erotic throes of passion. I shivered once, and oddly stopped shaking. Just that thought had more or less dissipated my nerves.
It wasn't for long. When the elevator doors opened, we came face to face with Jeff, the office clown and general pain in the ass. He froze as he saw Madam's stern gaze, then looked at me. I could have died on the spot. I must have shrunk visibly into the corner of the elevator. "Who is this hot b-" he started before Madam shot back, "She is with me, Hartland." Thankfully, it got his eyes off me, and onto Madam. "And if I ever hear you again referring to any member of the female personnel as a quote - hot babe - unquote, I'll have you mopping floors on the night shift! Capiche?" "Yes, ma'am!" "Come along, Barbara." she said.
I slinked out of the elevator, passing inches away from Jeff. In that moment, I realized that he was about to call me a "hot babe"! He didn't recognize me! Walking away from the elevator, before the doors closed on Jeff, I exaggerated the motion of my hips just to rub it in, to give that arrogant SOB an eyeful. I ventured, quietly, "Madam?". "Yes?" "Thank you, Madam." Madam smiled, and replied, "I promised to take care of you. I deliver on my promises. You are pleasing me very, very much." I shivered again.
We walked through the common office area, with all the dividers and cubicles. Well, Madam walked, rather elegantly at that. I strutted! The incident with Jeff broke the ice, and I felt that as long as I had Madam with me, I was invincible! All the makeup, the clothes, the corset, the accessories, all of a sudden felt like an impenetrable armor, an airtight disguise.
We crossed paths with several of my former co-workers, and though I was apprehensive each time, it was nowhere near what I felt before, before Jeff. Each one that passed and either gave me only a passing glance, or a hungry leer, boosted my confidence as a woman, as Barbie. These people were accepting me as Barbie, as a real woman! I felt a rush of exhilaration, and the apprehension that came with each encounter turned into something new, something I hadn't felt before in such circumstances: I was turned on!
The day went much better than the predictions of doom, exposure and lynching my mind had concocted earlier. I entertained a few mental images of trapping some of the more annoying characters, like Jeff, into some physical play, then showing them the video after revealing my true identity. Madam was rubbing off on me...
Act II - Just reward
Finally, at six o'clock, we left. I was glowing with excitement, ebullient. Madam drove us to a nice Spanish restaurant, one I couldn't have afforded with my former salary, and most likely not even been granted a reservation. Madam was greeted at the door by the maitre-d'hotel, who obviously knew her. He personally escorted us to a private booth, and flagged a waiter to come serve us right away. Madam treated me to the most exquisite food I had ever tasted, and paid for all of it. I was tickled pink...
When we returned home, we went straight to my bedroom, where she literally transformed from the consummate businesswoman into a passionate, aggressively sensual creature. I had gotten used to the handcuff thing with her, and even come to enjoy it. Stripped down to my undies, she presented me with a leather collar, which I accepted with a smile. I felt it close around my neck, and tightened just enough to be erotic all by itself. Then she pulled out another leather contraption, a single glove with shoulder straps. Accustomed to Madam's eccentric tastes in erotica, I complied - I had no choice anyway.
She pulled the sheath over my arms, behind me, and secured the straps to my shoulders and chest, pulling hard to pull my shoulders back. I gasped a little, and that seemed to turn Madam on even more. She tightened the belts along the length of the glove, which cinched my arms closer together. Now I was getting turned on too.
Madam snapped a leash onto my collar, and led me around playfully, giggling as I walked precariously on my high stiletto heels, trying to balance myself without the use of my arms. Occasionally, she caressed me gently, or just lightly ran her fingernails on my skin, which I found particularly stimulating. The goosebumps on my skin got Madam even more aroused. With a strong tug on the leash, she pulled me to the bed, and climbed on top of me again.
I don't know how she did it, but my fake cunt opened up, and for the first time since it was enclosed three months ago, my cock was free. The reaction was instantaneous, and I got very hard in seconds. Madam skillfully massaged it, bringing me to the brink, then stopped, and began licking it teasingly, touching me fleetingly with her tongue, as I squirmed helplessly under her. She moved up, and her own lovely genitalia were mere inches away from my face. I could smell her strong odor now, and my own mind started to become blurred. "Do you want me?" Madam asked, huskily, moving her hips just enough to brush my nose with her pubic hair. I nodded, nervously, "Yes, Madam." She smiled wickedly, fire in her eyes, and ordered, lustily, "Lick me." She slowly lowered herself so I could just reach her with the tip of my tongue.
She tasted exquisite... Teasingly, she moved in and away, stimulating my desire for her. I struggled to reach her, to touch her little piece of Heaven. Madam knew exactly how to drive a man wild with desire, and was applying every single rule of her art on me. I was going crazy with lust, desire. She used one of her feet to gently caress my member while I was busy tickling her womanhood with my tongue.
Next were her breasts, I licked, suckled and gently nibbled on them, and it made Madam very, very happy. She had pulled me up with the leash so I could reach her, then she slackened to put me just out of reach. She was beginning to work herself into a frenzy. After sensually putting a condom on me, she got on, and impaled herself. I was finally inside her! She pumped up and down, vigorously, moaning, growling, hissing like an animal, all the while jerking on the leash, which had a slight strangling effect on me. To my surprise, it heightened my arousal. Finally, we both came to a climax, and her gutteral roar drowned my sex cry out handily. I had never heard any woman scream like that. It was both spooky and intensely erotic.
Panting hard, she dismounted wearily and collapsed beside me. She put an arm over my bound form, and gently fell asleep. A few moments, later, finally relaxing, I did too, my dreams filled with images of Madam having her wicked way with my bound and helpless self.
I woke up the next morning, half-expecting to see Madam still asleep next to me. But I was alone, unbound, had been dressed in my nightgown, and tucked in. How all that happened without me waking up left me puzzled. I reached between my legs, and there was the fake cunt again. I rose, looked at the clock, it was near time to get up anyway, so I did.
I showered, while remembering the previous night's unforgettable events. I have had some pretty horny girlfriends, but Madam beat them all in every conceivable category. None of them had the combination of technique and raw sensuality that Madam had, let alone her powerful presence and total domination of the situation. It was clear that she was in charge, contrary to the other girls who just wanted to get laid. Madam led the way, controlled every single moment of the experience, every sensation, every emotion, every move, each reaction, down to the last goosebump. It was strangely refreshing, compelling. Madam played me like a musical instrument. And did we ever make beautiful music together...
I came out, and started the daily ritual that was taught me. Dressing up was now a breeze, I could do it by myself now, even the corset. I only had to measure the size of the waist and note it honestly down. There have been surprise inspections, to see if I had been honest. I have always been so, and I didn't want to risk displeasing Madam. It was much more rewarding to please her. I didn't know yet what it was to displease her.
Makeup next, before the wig. I had learned well, and my handiwork was becoming more convincing by the day. Once I put my wig on, carefully aligning it, I checked myself in the mirror, before going for breakfast.
With some time ahead of me, I practiced my walk some more. I had just graduated to four-inch heels, and the new foot posture needed some getting used to. These shoes had very steep insteps, and much of my weight was now on the ball of my foot. I walked up and down the corridor a few times, getting the feel of the shoes. I noticed that I had to take slightly shorter steps, and more daintily, and each step more aligned with the previous one, like on a tightrope. I felt my hips swing sensually this way and that with each step.
Chapter 4 - The Noose Tightens
Act I - Ballerina Barbie
The rest of the week was without incident. That Friday evening, Madam was with me, and playing her bondage game. Each time, it was incremented in strictness. I readily complied, with the hope that I would eventually merit a reward like the one earlier in the week. This evening, Madam produced something totally outrageous: a pair of boots with stiletto heels so high that only the tip of the toe touched the floor. She called them ballet boots. And she ordered me to put them on. "I will show you how to walk in them, darling Barbie Doll."
I loosened the lacings enough to slip my foot in. They were very stiff, and getting my ankle to bend enough was the most difficult part. Madam saw my difficulty, and said, "I will help you. Take your foot out again." I obeyed, and she took my foot into her lovely hands, those hands that could do magic on me. She started gently massaging my calf and ankle, occasionally stopping to apply pressure in specific spots with her thumbs. My ankle felt suddenly more limber, the muscle tension completely gone. She helped me put the right boot on, and tightened the laces. It was infinitely easier than my first attempt. "Give me your other foot, Barbie."
After the same ritual on the left leg, the other boot was put on, and Madam tightened and tied off the laces. "Now, Barbie, isn't that a lovely sight?" I stretched out a leg, and looked at what she had just put on me. I nodded, "Yes, Madam, it is very lovely." She gently ran her fingernails over my thigh, and said, "Wait here." She went into her study and returned with a pair of her own ballet boots. She kicked off her pumps, and proceeded to put her own beautiful feet into those incredible boots with deceptive ease. "Now, watch this." she said playfully as she rose nimbly from the bench.
I sat there dumbfounded as she stood perched on one foot and bent over, one leg straight behind her. "You can do all sorts of things once you get used to them." Her leg came down sharply, made a loud clack on the floor, and her other leg came up in front as she bent back, then pitched forward and landed on the floor, a perfect split. The look of shock on my face must have been priceless. "No, silly! I don't want you to do splits!" she said with a spark in her eye, as she deftly got back up and came back to my side. She extended a hand, and I took it.
Madam is pretty strong, and she pulled me up to my feet. My eyes were wide as I teetered on my precarious perch. "Relax, my Barbie Doll, and do like me. You'll see, you'll get used to it." The next hour was spent practicing walking in those boots, and thankfully, she didn't ask me to do any ballet moves. Walking was already difficult enough.
Then the bondage started. The collar was back, a little tighter this time, and the monoglove, which was tightly secured to my body. Now she put a ball gag on me, with a full head harness. I was still standing as she put a leash on my collar again. I was half-expecting another wild ride in bed, but this time, she led me into the study, then into the corridor beyond. My heart raced as she led me, bound and exposed, through the house, partly from the fear of being seen in such a predicament, partly from the sheer terror of being on the brink of falling over with every step. I whimpered pitifully in my gag, desperately wanting this insanity to end. That seemed to encourage Madam even more, to see me helplessly terrorized.
I was led back to my bedroom, thankfully, and she laid me down on the bed. But instead of turning into a raging sex beast, she bound my legs tightly together. I squirmed in my bonds, whimpering, but she just hushed me, "Be quiet, my darling Barbie Doll. Just enjoy it, savor it. I will need you to get used to it. Do it for me. Do it to... please me." She knew how to get me, and that worked. I decided to stop resisting, and just squirmed as sensually as I could. She undressed, leaving her own ballet boots on, and lay down next to me, holding me close. I smelled her perfume, with a hint of her own musky scent, and listened to her breathe.
Act II - Maid to serve
The next morning, I was still bound tightly in the restraints Madam had so lovingly put on me. I was sore, and tired. I slept some, but fitfully, always fighting my bonds in my dreams. Madam came into the bedroom, with an outfit, a doll-like maid's uniform.
"Today, you will help me entertain some guests, my lovely Barbie Doll. That's why I taught you to walk in ballet heels. And now I will dress you up!" Before starting to remove my restraints, she leaned close, and said, "Behave yourself, little girl. Please me..." I just couldn't get over how those two words, in that eerie, sensual tone, could take over my will so completely.
I was now unbound, but still gagged and ballet-heeled. Madam was attentive to my state, and massaged my sore body skillfully, kneading the knots out of my muscles. Her delicate hands had amazing strength and agility. Just when I thought I had Madam pegged, she pulls another skill out of her deep hat.
She removed the ballet boots, and set them aside. I painfully moved my ankle to get the stiffness out of there, but Madam accelerated the process with her wonderful hands. She took off my stockings, and put on some fishnet stockings, with a seam down the back, and replaced my garter with a more frilly, lacy black one. I felt myself stiffen inside my fake cunt as she took my bra off and put on another, just as lacy and frilly as the garter, obviously a set. To keep up my spirits, she gently kissed the back of my neck, with just a touch of her tongue before parting.
Madam put a lighter collar on me, but just as stiff and tight as the one she removed earlier. It was black lacy affair, also with a ring in front for a leash. But this one had a metal plate inside the front, which prevented me from looking down.
The maid's uniform was tight-fitting, so Madam tightened my corset by a half-inch to compensate. Before putting the dress on me, she produced a bulky, frilly petticoat that only covered me to mid-thigh. The uniform came on, finally, and the petticoat made the skirt puff out, so my netted legs projected from a mass of black tulle, which held up the skirt tutu-like. That puffy tulle was also the only thing concealing my privates, because Madam had removed my panty. Then Madam put the apron on me, and it was just a symbolic affair, pinned to the dress. It only looked cute, and served no other function. Madam then put the ballet boots back on, and laced them very tight. She stood me up and led me to a full-length mirror.
"Now aren't you just adorable, Barbie?" I couldn't nod, and because of the gag, I couldn't speak. I just went "Mmmm-hmmmm". Madam laughed softly, and said, "You'll be the darling of the party, lovely little creature! I'd jump on you right now, but I don't want you mussed up in front of the guests." Her sensual teasing was getting me annoyingly aroused. "Now, come along, Party Maid Barbie. I need to have you trained for your job tonight."
Trained I was. Templeton was more of a taskmistress when it came to getting me to follow orders. I remained gagged, and a hobbling chain was added to my ankles to increase the difficulty of performing my tasks. Serving drinks on a tray was one. I learned to keep the tray level while balancing on my ballet heels, hobbled to tiny steps - not that I could make longer ones with these heels. Whenever I wasn't up to expectations, Templeton gave a sharp yank on the leash, which made me realize that the stiff, lacy collar was also a choker. I was then put into a monoglove again, and a tray strapped onto my waist. I had to keep that level now, with the added difficulty of losing the ability to balance myself with my arms. By this time I was wondering what kind of party this was going to be, and if I was to be more than just a pretty maidservant.
The evening's festivities started with dinner. I started by serving aperitifs, then helped in serving the food. I was the only one dressed as I was, the other maids were dressed in their regular uniforms, neither hobbled nor gagged. I was getting some very unnerving looks from both the male and female guests, and Madam kept her distance, as she did from all of the house staff. But I did notice that she derived a certain satisfaction from my predicament. There was a feeling of dread starting to germinate inside me.
I was taken to the reception hall, next to the dining room, by Templeton, who found her own brand of satisfaction in pulling my leash hard, choking me. The monoglove was strapped on and tightened severely, and my ankle chain was locked onto a small ring in the floor, in the center of the large room. The waist tray was strapped on, and Templeton told me sternly to stand still and be quiet, no matter what, and if I spilled one drink, overturned one glass, there would be hell to pay. The dread started growing into apprehension. I closed my eyes momentarily, and concentrated. I needed to calm myself.
Walking in ballet heels was hard enough. Standing still was infinitely more difficult. I was tiring by the minute. The guests finally filed in for the final part of the party. The other maids had put glasses and bottles on my tray, and left. I was bound, gagged, exposed and trapped in the middle of a room filled with people I didn't know, all staring at me, not all at once, but each in his or her own time. The worst was knowing that some were out of sight behind me, and that I was not allowed to turn or move, just stand there and be quiet.
Music started, and some of the couples danced. Madam went from group to group, talking to each of her guests.
Madam came round with a good-looking couple, the man in a tuxedo and his wife, by the wedding rings, in a lovely black evening gown that I would have loved to wear. "Here is my latest project." Madam explained. "Barbie Doll is my personal assistant by day, and my living doll the rest of the time. She has been extraordinarily well-behaved so far." The man was looking over my attributes, a hungry look on his face. His wife didn't seem to mind his lecherous ogling. In fact, I could detect a faint grin on her face, a smug look that gave me the creeps. Then Madam did something completely unexpected. She raised my skirt, tulle petticoat and all, and exposed my fake cunt! My color must have drained completely, and I jerked, gasping in my gag.
"Now, now." Madam admonished. "You are here to serve my guests. Play along, my Barbie Doll." The man broke into a wide grin, while his wife had a mocking, crooked smile on her lips. I wanted to die right there. Thankfully, they left. I was shaking from shame.
Madam's little skirt-raising stunt seemed to have sparked a trend. Several times, during the evening, someone either raised my skirt in front or behind, and I thought I could feel someone's hand come up under me, from behind, on more than one occasion. I was totally humiliated. Every time someone passed near me, I braced myself for another humiliation, trying not to jerk away. At least the ones in front of me, I could see coming. The ones behind me were more adventurous and more likely to steal a feel. The maids came and went, refilling my tray, while I stood there, helpless, defenseless, humiliated, terrorized by the prospect of doing something wrong. Why was Madam doing this to me?
The long ordeal finally ended around midnight, my feet sore, my knees hurting, my face wet with tears. When my chain was unlocked from the ring in the floor, I took one step and collapsed; my legs couldn't take any more. Madam and Templeton caught me before I broke my face on the hardwood floor. I was taken straight to the Barbie Room and completely stripped by Madam and Templeton. My gag was left in place, as well as the collar.
Act III - The Second Door
Freed from the grip of the ballet boots, I could walk clumsily, as I was led back into Madam's study. There was another closet-like door on another wall, and Madam opened it, let Templeton and I in, and closed it again after following us in. The light came on, and I was in a torture dungeon. My heart pounded hard, and I went pale. "Put her in the pillory, and leave her." Madam ordered. Templeton acknowledged with a "Yes, Madam.", as Madam went back out the door to her study.
My head and wrists were put through the stocks, and locked in. Then my ankles and feet were cuffed to a spreader bar, exposing a maximum of flesh. The bar itself was chained to the floor beneath me. Templeton's face softened a bit once I was trapped, and she whispered, "Your offense is minor, Barbie. I suggest you comply with everything Madam does to you." She paused, looking over her shoulder apprehensively. "We have all been through here at least once. Don't make Madam take you downstairs." She rolled up her left sleeve, and the skin of her wrist had a long-healed scar around its circumference. She buttoned up her sleeve quickly and left before Madam could return. I supposed that the order to leave me was to be executed before Madam came back.
It took twenty long, agonizing, shivering cold minutes before the door's lock clicked and it opened. I heard the characteristic clicking of metal heel tips on the bare stone tile floor, then Madam appeared in front of me. Her boots had six-inch chromed, steel-tipped heels, went up nearly to her crotch. She was wearing a short leather skirt, an incredibly tight leather corset, with integrated breast cups that were also tipped with chromed steel cones, long leather opera gloves, and over the corset, a complex and heavy harness that embraced her lovely form. I wished right there that the circumstances were different.
"My darling Barbie Doll, you were told to play along. I asked you to please me. What did you do?" She paused, almost as if she expected an answer from my gagged mouth. In any case, I had stopped falling for that psychological game that tried to get me to self-incriminate. I kept my eyes down, hoping that it would keep Madam from being more displeased.
Madam spoke in an admonishing tone. "I watched you the whole evening. Remember what you are supposed to be, outside of work hours. You are mine to do with as I please, and you must please yourself in doing what I wish you to do. If I wish to bind you and shackle you and use you as a serving tray, then you shall do so and you will like it. You are mine, Barbie Doll, you agreed to it. After all I have done for you, you have displeased me." That last sentence was pronounced with cold deliberation. "Look up at me, slave!" she said sharply. I obeyed.
She went to the far wall, where an array of various implements of pain were displayed very prominently, obviously for psychological effect. "Now, what will I use to punish you?" she asked, teasingly. "Maybe this?" she pointed at a large bullwhip. My eyes went wide. "Or this...", a riding crop. "How about this lovely one?" she asked, stroking the handle of a real, authentic cat o' nine tails, complete with barbs. She must have read my expression. "Yes! That's the one!"
Madam took it off its display rack, and swung it tentatively a few times in the air. "I like its balance. Very good workmanship. Delightfully vicious, too. It will tear flesh right off of you." She seemed excited by the prospect of horribly mutilating me. My heart was pounding hard and fast, my skin cold and sweaty, and I was shaking in sheer terror as Madam went out of sight behind me. I braced myself for the ripping fire of my skin and muscle being torn to shreds by this cruel instrument of barbarity.
I jerked violently, shaking the pillory, as I felt a scratching caress on my buttocks, then I lost my bladder control, peeing on the floor beneath me. Madam laughed softly, "You're going to have to clean that up, my Barbie Doll. When I'm finished with you." I screamed in my gag, "No! Please! I'm sorry!", futilely trying to pull, shake and jerk myself out of the stocks, all the while Madam was tormenting me with the barbs of the cat o' nine tails, running the leather strips lightly over my back, buttocks and legs. I felt the barbs lightly scratching my skin. I prayed that this game of fear would end, that I would have some real pain to deal with. At that point, anything would have been more tolerable than this trapped uncertainty. Tears ran down my face as I begged for mercy.
Madam came around in front of me, spinning her barbed weapon, "I would say you have had enough terror for now. I don't want to mangle you, my Barbie Doll, because you are very good at pleasing me in more ways than just your obedience. You still deserve punishment, but I will limit it since you obviously regret having misbehaved, and I have to admit that I didn't warn you about your role tonight. But, you still have to learn to submit to everything I desire and decide, whether you are advised in advance or not." She went to the display, and replaced the cat o' nine tails on its rack, and took the riding crop. "This is enough." She went behind me again, and said, gently, "Brace yourself, Barbie Doll."
I gasped and jerked hard as the first strike came. Then another. Ten times, the crop hit my butt. It wasn't too bad to start, but I felt my backside becoming progressively inflamed as Madam began removing the stocks and freeing me from the pillory. She handcuffed me, and said, "I will take your gag off, now. I don't want to hear a word other than 'Yes, Madam'. Understood, Barbie Doll?" I nodded nervously. She took off the gag, and I worked my jaw back into alignment.
"Now get down on the floor and drink up what you spilled." Fearing more punishment, or a worse one, I said, meekly, "Yes, Madam." and got down. "Good girl. Now start sucking." This was the first time I drank urine. The first lap was utterly disgusting, but as I drank it, I got used to it. Madam left and returned with some cleaning items, removed my handcuffs, and ordered me to clean the area up so it wouldn't smell like a public toilet.
Madam led me back to the Barbie Room, and laced me back into my corset, tightly, and made sure I was not to remove it by putting a padlock in the eyelets in the back. "Now, Barbie Doll, I expect you to be perfectly obedient, totally submissive, completely under my power, never to displease me again. You are all mine, by contract. That same contract binds me to take care of you, and train you to respect me and obey me, and to turn you into a living Barbie Doll for me to play with. It is my responsibility to take whatever measures are necessary so you fulfill your part of the contract. Don't make me waste my time, or there will be far worse punishments in store than just scaring the pee out of you. Is that clear?" I bowed my head, and responded, as submissively as I could, "Yes, Madam."
"That's better. Now get a nightgown on and get some sleep." Madam left me in my bedroom. I could hear the sound of her steel heels ringing in the distance, fading. I put on a nightgown, as Madam had ordered, fearing her wrath, and collapsed on my frilly, pink-blanketed bed, crying fitfully. Part of me wanted to please Madam more than anything else. The other wanted to end this humiliation, this torment, this game of wits.
But to avoid the worst, to be "taken downstairs", as Templeton mentioned, I needed to wait a bit before I made my next move. Madam had to come to trust me again. I had no idea how long that would take. The burning pain in my backside prevented me from sleeping other than fitfully.
In my mind, a single thought formed. I had to get out of here, while I still could.
End of Part 2
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