Long Walks in the Moonlight
By DarkPhoenix, Translated by J


Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

A few day bevor I held the scenario, I looked by car for four big spots in four different cities. It took me about 30 minutes by car form one city to the other. The spots were all around secured by locked barriers, you cannot reach them by car. You have to walk to get into. I left a numbered and locked padlock in a defined order at each spot. Locked to every padlock was a numbered key. (Key 1 for padlock 1, key 2 for padlock 2, …)
Fig. 1 shows how I had locked the keys to the padlocks.
I wore key no. 1 on a chain around my neck. I had to start with it at the first spot. Now everything was set up and I already knew, what I was going to wear.
Some days later, the big day had come. First I took a shower. It was about 11 p.m. After the shower I fetched the things I would wear: a black thong, a black bra, a pantyhose and a dress. I applied make-up, eye shadow, lipgloss and nail polish (it did not come easy to me, I am a male and I hadn’t done this before !!!) Boots were next. I secured them with tearproof strings, which I had prepared by attaching little bells. Then, when I was completely dressed, I closed the anklecuffs, put a chain around my waist, connected them and closed them with a padlock. Only the bunny-ears and the ballgag were missing.
I had put the keys to the boots, the anklecuffs, the ballgag the waist chain an to my home in a box, which I had locked before locking the anklecuffs and the chain on my waist. (As you can see on fig. 2 the padlocks wear the same numbers as the keys on Fig. 1)
I only had the key no. 1 around my neck an the car keys.
Now I was ready to start. I took the box and headed for the car. My heart started pounding as I was going to close the door to my home because I knew, there was no return and I had to go all the way to the end once it was closed. I closed it quickly before I could change my mind. There was no way back then, so I drove to the first spot to fetch the key from there.
After a drive of 50 minutes I had to pull in and walk to get the keys. (Remember: the place was secured by barriers all around, I couldn’t get there by car, I had to walk!) I felt the cool wind on my arms and legs. It was dark with only the full moon providing a little light to the scene. Gradually my jaws started hurting from the ballgag. And I had the other keys to get. It took me about 40 minutes to get back to the car with the first key. Now I could open the first padlock on the box and I was ready to get the second key.
I needed about 30 minutes to the next spot. I felt my legs starting to hurt too (I guess, 4” heels were just too much for me to walk those distances.) I hoped, I’d grab the three other keys a little faster before the boots would kill me;-). 30 minutes later I was back at the car with the second key. First I unlocked the second padlock. And off for the next key. I glanced at the car-clock. It was already 2:10 am.
As my legs were hurting I slowed down and so I needed another 40 minutes to the next spot. The walk was straining because my legs hurt more and more. Luckily it took only 20 minutes to get the third key. I unlocked the third padlock on the box. Now there was only one more key left. I knew, I was done soon. It was about time because the clock showed 3:10, and so I drove on.
Another 40 minutes and I was there. To fetch the last key was like a walk in hell. My jaws were aching increasingly and so did the legs in the high heeled boots. I thought that both were going to kill me. ( and I knew for sure: 4” heels ARE a little too much for me on long distance walks. Right, I must confess, I am not wearing high heels very often and usually I do not walk wearing them.) But after a 30 minutes jog I finally had the key and I was back at the car, so I could open the last padlock on the box. The keys inside allowed me to unlock my ballgag, the anklecuffs and the waist chain. And I could remove the boots, FINALLY. YEAH!! I am FREE!!!. It was a fantastic feeling.
Without the chains I drove back to my home in no hurry. Before I got off the car I checked the clock once more. The whole scenario lasted for 5 hours 10 minutes.
Boy, was I tired! Everything hurt. I just wanted some sleep. Thankfully I was on late shift that day, so I did not have to get up early, I could sleep late. At 7 pm I had to head for work. I felt my aching jaws and legs all during the working hours. I will never forget that night.
Well, that was my long scenario. Hope you like it.

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