Cheryls Long Weekend
Evening at Jennifers
Copyright Bound Jenny

Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

It's a little shorter than usual, but my intrepid dreaming heroine's adventures continue where they left off, in the shower. Her weekend isn't over! Her friend Jen is coming over and there are some interesting things in store for both of them! Enjoy!

The hot shower did Cheryl good. As she stepped out of the stall, reaching for the large towel, she felt much better, relaxed. After drying herself off, she rubbed herself down with her body lotion, to keep her skin smooth and supple. Then the usual fight with the hair dryer and the brush, until she was satisfied her hair was untangled and dry. A look at the clock, past ten-thirty. After dressing, Cheryl started preparing a light lunch for Jen and herself.
As the meal was cooking, the memory of that vivid dream haunted her. The images were still fresh in her mind, which was very unusual. She could recall every last detail, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tightness of the corsets and restraints, everything. That last corset really impressed her. She took a sheet of paper and a pencil and started drawing what she remembered of the formidable leather masterpiece that had compressed her body so tightly in her dream. She felt tingly between her legs as she drew it, and some of the restraints and clothes that she wore.
By the time the meal was almost ready, Cheryl was looking at a spread of several sheets of drawings she had just finished. She moved them to a free end of the kitchen table before she started putting down place mats, dishes and cutlery. The doorbell rang, and Cheryl scurried to the door to greet her friend Jennifer.
"Hi!" she said warmly, hugging her. "How are you?" Jennifer returned the embrace, "Fine, thanks. I figure you had a rather interesting night!" Cheryl nodded. "I'll explain later. Get comfortable, make yourself at home."
Jennifer removed her light jacket and hung it in the closet near the door, and followed Cheryl into the kitchen. She took a seat, while Cheryl finished preparing the meal, some pasta, her own special tomato and meat sauce, and a bowl of salad. She explained to Jennifer what happened, just as her friend saw the drawings and started going through them. She was just finished talking about the strange incident with the cat, and starting on the dream, when Jennifer interrupted her, puzzled, "Where did you see this?" she asked, holding up the drawing of the massive leather corset. Cheryl hesitated a couple of seconds when she saw Jennifer's expression of puzzlement.
"That's what I was about to get into. That was the last corset I wore in my dream." "Your dream? You dreamed of this?" Cheryl was a little worried. "Ummm... yes. Something wrong?" "No... tell me about your dream."
Jennifer's eyes widened on several occasions as Cheryl, during the meal, recounted her vivid dream in astounding detail. She shifted several times on her chair, obviously uncomfortably aroused by the tale that definitely tickled her fantasy bone. "I wish I could dream like that..." Jennifer said, awestruck. "But there is a twist to it that I want to show you, later. I invite you over after shopping, this evening." Cheryl was always very happy to go to Jen's place, as her dungeon was much better equipped and a visit there always meant some kind of bondage play. Usually Jennifer tied Cheryl up very strictly, just as Cheryl liked, and then bound herself. When Jennifer went to Cheryl's, it was the reverse.
They finished lunch, and Jennifer helped with the dishes. Cheryl packed enough for an overnight stay, fixed herself up for going out, and rode along with her friend, leaving her own car at home.
For women, shopping is a stimulating experience, and two women shopping together are in heaven. Cheryl and Jennifer spent the rest of the afternoon in the large mall, coveting some of the items in the display windows, and buying the rest, by all appearances. The shoe store bore the brunt of their commercial assault.
After dinner at a restaurant, the two women went straight to Jennifer's home.
Cheryl prepared herself according to Jen's instructions, in the guest bedroom. She stripped completely, and put on her pair of knee-high ballet boots. They were glossy black, laced up tight, and had steel toe caps and heel tips, which made a sharp sound as she walked around. After about twenty minutes, Cheryl went down to Jennifer's splendidly (and diabolically) equipped dungeon where she found her friend dressed in a heavy leather pony harness and latex panties, shod in thigh-high boots with six-inch stiletto heels, carrying a large and obviously heavy box, which she deposited carefully on a table.
"That's your other birthday present, Cheryl. Open it." Cheryl daintily tiptoed to the table and looked at the box a few seconds before opening it. It was a little over three feet long, and about a foot wide. She took the lid and slowly removed it. There was some crepe paper packing, which Cheryl pushed carefully aside, revealing a long, heavy leather corset. The smell of new leather wafted up from the box, which gave her goosebumps. She loved that smell. She took the massive corset in her small hands, and lifted it out of the box. It weighed several pounds. It was obvious that the boning was steel, and that there was a heavy reinforcement band around the incredibly small waist.
She nearly dropped it after seeing the garment. It was identical to the last one she wore in her dream! Her heart pounded as she turned to face Jennifer. "That's why I looked a little shocked when I saw your drawings. I thought you knew already, until you explained about your dream." Cheryl was speechless as Jennifer stepped forward to help her into the corset, first giving her a vibrating dildo.
Cheryl was used to having Jen lace her in. She eagerly stepped into the corset, and her friend lifted it up to the correct height, and started by closing the collar part, then closing the massive busk in front. Jennifer led Cheryl to the lacing bar, which hung on chains attached to two sturdy hooks in the ceiling beams. Cheryl let Jen put the cuffs on her wrists, and then lock down her feet to the floor. She knew the routine, and braced as Jennifer turned a crank, pulling the chains and Cheryl's body taut, ready to be tightly laced into the massive, incredibly tight corset. The tension allowed the corset to be tightened more than normally, because the stretched torso is slightly slimmer and thus easier to compress. Not only that, being pulled taut in that manner was fun.
Working hard at the laces, Jennifer pulled the corset tighter and tighter, first from the bottom up to the waist, then from the collar back down to the waist again, then repeating the whole process until the tension was such that she had to brace against Cheryl's back with one knee while pulling even harder on the laces. Evening the laces out, from top to bottom, she tied them off, leaving a long "tail" of laces behind Cheryl. Then Jennifer went in front and pulled the lower lacings tight, pinning Cheryl's legs together tightly.
"Are you okay?" Jen asked. Cheryl nodded a strained affirmative, smiling. "Great... how tight?" "Hold on." Jennifer fetched a measuring tape, and put it around the tiny waist. "Fifteen inches... about an eighth smaller than your previous record. And you have a good half inch of leeway, still." "May I be freed of your infernal lacing bar?" Cheryl asked, half-mockingly. Jennifer giggled, "Sure. I'm finished with you... well, this bit." "Oh, good. You have more!"
There was more. The collar made moving her head difficult already, and now Jennifer put a harness on Cheryl's head that attached to the collar and rendered all head movement impossible. "I like that." Cheryl remarked. "Total immobility. It's so... erotic." Jennifer giggled, and replied, "When I'm finished with you, erotic will be an understatement."
A massive leather armbinder, with which Cheryl was already acquainted, pinned her arms tightly and severely behind her back. Straps ensured that the armbinder wouldn't move at all, completely immobilizing Cheryl's arms against her back. Despite the tight grip of the massive corset, she was breathing deeply and rapidly, intensely aroused by the sensation of complete helplessness. The leather creaked under the strain.
Jen guided Cheryl slowly over to a bondage post, steadying her friend as she teetered precariously on her ballet heels, her steps limited to two or three inches by the tight grip of the long corset. Carefully, Cheryl put her knees on the padded ledge, facing the post, and let Jennifer start strapping her upper body to the post with the nine ratcheting straps, cranking each one tight so the tightly corsetted young woman could not move the slightest.
Then her legs were bent up, so the heels were pointing upward, and Jen lowered and latched a bar in Cheryl's insteps, and then Jennifer proceeded to strap her friends legs tightly, so no more movement was possible. She noticed her friend was a little more strained than usual, and asked, concerned, "Is it too much?" Cheryl tried to shake her head, but the head harness prevented any movement. She whispered, "No. I'm okay... Correction - I'm in heaven..." "Ready for the rest?" "Yeah."
Jen placed a penis gag into Cheryl's mouth, and attached it to the head harness, pulling the straps tight. Then a blindfold over the girl's eyes. "Now you're ready. Just one more detail to tend to." Jennifer said softly in her ear, before turning on the vibrating dildo. Cheryl gasped as the instrument started humming, shaking and squirming randomly inside her. Behind the blindfold, her eyes rolled up into their sockets as she breathed in tremolo gasps.
Cheryl listened to Jen start tying herself down, the characteristic sounds of chains and straps resounding through the dungeon. She heard her friend's strained breaths, imagining how Jennifer would be binding herself. After several minutes, there were a few clicks of locks, and after a pause, a gag-filtered moan signaled the start of Jen's own stimulation.
The sensation of the tight corset, the extremely restrictive monoglove, the unbelievably taut straps holding her fast to the metal post, being blind, immobile, helpless, the odor of the leather, the creaking of the corset and the bonds under the strain of her sensual though limited struggling, the discomfort of the whole predicament (she did admit that she was a bit of a painslut), plus the random convulsions and vibrations of the instrument inside her, infinitely amplified the already intense arousal she was experiencing.
Over the next hour, Cheryl underwent the most incredible experience of her life. She remembered Jennifer's words, about erotic being an understatement. She was right. This was beyond description. Each orgasmic climax was incredibly intense, the physical energy building up inside her, her muscles tensed, straining against the corset, the armbinder and the straps, and with no way to expend this energy, when the climax finally came, it felt like she was about to explode, nearly fainting on more than one occasion.
Between her own orgasms, Cheryl could hear her friend do the same, the gag muffling what would have been a deafening yet feminine roar, the chains rattling, the straps creaking under the intense strain.
A peculiar sound made Cheryl instantly stop thinking about the intense sensations she was experiencing in her total bondage, and got her senses completely attuned to her surroundings. She heard footsteps from above. Quiet ones, like someone in sneakers walking softly.
Cheryl could only rely on her hearing to judge where the sound was coming from. She was blindfolded, so she could not see what was going on. She heard the footsteps coming from the stairway, which was confirmed when the fifth step from the top creaked slightly. Her heart raced as she tried to imagine who was coming down so stealthily. She was also speculating on what Jennifer's fate, and hers would be, if the intruder had ill intentions. The sense of danger both frightened and aroused her.
She noticed that Jennifer had also detected the intruding footsteps, and was struggling hard in an attempt to reach her emergency release. She wished she could help, but bound solidly as she was, her only means of escape was Jennifer. If something happened to her, Cheryl was hopelessly trapped.
The footsteps reached the bottom of the stairs, and stopped where the doorway was. "Well, looky here!" said a male voice, obviously pleased at the spectacle of two tightly bound, lovely women. "I was looking for booty, but this is real booty!"
The footsteps moved to where Jennifer was. "Aren't you cute? Let's get a feel of the merchandise!" Cheryl heard Jennifer struggle violently against her bonds. "No, no, my gorgeous slut, you won't have your key!" The struggles turned even more frantic and she heard her friend scream in her gag. If only she could free herself! This heart-wrenching screaming lasted several minutes, then silence came. "Too bad." she heard the man say, then she heard some unlocking sounds, "Better get you off there so your young friend can get a ride too."
Cheryl was now crying, anticipating the worst. She heard a heavy sound on the floor nearby, and then the footsteps came around behind her. "Now it's your turn, my little one. Jeez, you're really trussed up. I'm going to need a can opener to get to your goodies!" he said mockingly. "First, let's get that blindfold off you, so you can see what's coming, and so I can look into your cute little scared eyes."
Cheryl was trembling as she felt someone's hand removing the blindfold from her eyes. She closed her eyes against the sudden light, and waited for the worst.
She heard the footsteps coming around again, to her right, then finally someone appeared in her field of view. She moved her eyes to the right, and saw... Jennifer! She froze, and her face went blank, in total confusion. Then she unintelligibly spat some vile epithets, the penis gag absorbing the phonetic venom. She struggled violently in her bonds, with little more effect than shaking the bondage post she was tightly strapped to.
Jennifer giggled and leaned close. "How do you like my new toy? It's a three-D sound system, Eight speakers, and it can make a complete sound panorama. It was quite convincing, no?" Cheryl just glared at Jennifer in silence for a few seconds, then rolled her eyes up, sighing. "That's better, my friend. Now I'll let you out of there."
After Jennifer finally removed the gag, Cheryl looked at her friend sternly, and said, "Don't you ever do that to me again, you twisted, evil woman!" A pause, and then, smiling, "In retrospect, it was... interesting, though. You do know how to mess with someone's mind, and you also know I like mind-messing stuff as much as you do." Looking down at her brutally tight leather corset, she added, "Thanks for the nice present." as she ran her hands over the compact curves.
Cheryl looked up again, one corner of her mouth turned up, and completed, "I want revenge..."

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