Hogtie Slumber
By John, aka LoRee

Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

The Texas Allstate Spanking Party was held in San Antonio this year, the first weekend of March 2006. It was the first I had been able to attend. After having helped serve (as a cross dressed waitress) at the main banquet Saturday night, I decided to treat myself to a good nights sleep, properly bound of course.
I dressed up in my black bra (stuffed to a D-cup), french cut black panties, and a fresh pair of midnight colored pantie hose. I then Darned a super short billowy black party skirt, and a velvety blouse with sheer see through long sleeves, shoulders, and front panel down to my cleavage. Finishing off my ensemble with a pair of black high heel bootlets with a four inch heel.
Then I urinated in a disposable plastic hotel cup, in which was my favorite gag wadding, a tightly rolled pair of nylon panties. When I had finished I sat the cup on the night stand beside the bed.
Using what is termed as a "Super Hogtie" (found on a linked site from here at Bound Anna). I tied a (premeasured) length of rope in a coil wrap tightly across the arches of my feet. Next I tied a coil wrapped tightly around my ankles, one just below my knees and one just above my knees.
Next I remove the thoroughly urine soaked pantie wad, from the cup beside the bed, and crammed them into my mouth. I sealed them in with three strips of duct tape. I then pulled a knee high stocking over my head to prevent the tape from being rubbed loose or the corner catching on the covers (accidentally or by any effort on my part).
Then I slid a premeasured & tied rope coil around my upper torso, with four wraps above and four beneath my stuffed breast. The next part was a little tricky, I pulled the right side of the coils through a "cinch noose" the worked my right arm down into the coil, with the cinch between my arm and body. After a couple minutes rest I laboriously repeated the process with my left arm. There was an hoop tied into the end of the cinch ropes that I could hook onto the toe of my bootlet. One at a time I hooked the rope and stretched my legs cinching the arm ropes tightly.
This technique failed to archive the same result with an elbow tie. I tried several times only to have the coil pulled down off my elbows, so I had to do without that tie. Finally I worked my wrist into their coil tie with a cinch noose between them. The other end had first been loped through my ankle tie. I held the loose end with both hands As I stretched my legs out once more tightly cinching my wrist together. Once that was done, I pulled my ankles as close as I could to my bound wrist. Pulling the cinch rope as tight as I could, tied it off with a slip knot.
I decided to test my handy work by struggling for a little bit. I found that short of pulling on the slip knot I was securely bound. Even the nylon stocking preformed its function flawlessly as I futilely attempted to work the tape across my mouth loose.
As I rested there on my stomach I felt aroused by my self imposed predicament. Soon I was bucking again, but not in any attempt to get free. I vigorously ground my groin into the soft covers of my bed until I was rewarded with an awesome orgasm.
I was pretty much spent after I came. I was sweating and breathing heavily. I was barely able to work myself to where my face, from my upper lip on up, hung off the edge of the bed, where I fell hard asleep. I awoke some time during the night needing to go pee. I wriggled around a bit then decided it was too much trouble to untie myself just for that. So I pissed where I lay. I was so arouse by what I had just done that after a few minutes I found myself struggling for another orgasm. I completely lost consciousness after I came that time.
Being on the fourth floor, I had no concern leaving the drapes completely open. I awoke because the sun was shining in my eyes. I laid there for what seemed a lot longer than it actually was, thoroughly enjoying my simulated captivity. As I became really awake I became aware that my arms were kind of numb. My circulation had been restricted and I experienced great difficulty moving my hands and fingers. At this point I suspected that I would be stuck there until housekeeping discovered me hogtied in bed. I continued to work my hands and digits until I regained a certain amount of mobility. Once I was able to do so, I experienced quite of difficulty finding the pull end of the slip knot. I was finally able to snag it but was barely able to pull it loose. At this point I was glad to have failed with the elbow tie. I continued to flex my bound joints and limbs until they felt reasonably functional. Despite my imparity I was surprised how easy it was to undo the noose cinch. Once my hand were free I rolled onto my back and massaged my sticky pantied groin until I came again.
The noose cinches at my armpits gave me more trouble than did the wrist one. After uncoiling my breast & shoulders, I pulled the stocking off my head and removed the tape. I had JUST pulled the not so pissy wad from my mouth, when there was a rattle at the door. It cracked partly open and a voice announced "Housekeeping". With my heart pounding so loud I could hardly hear myself I weakly shouted, "I'm dressing! Can you come back later?" She apologized for the intrusion and said she would, then the door closed. I lied there for a moment, breathing heavily and trembling still half bound.
I finished freeing myself once I regained my composure. That was the closest I've ever come to "getting caught". I wonder how the maid would have reacted if she had?

John, aka LoRee

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