Basic selfbondage techniques and devices logo Selfbondage Techniques

Basic Selfbondage Techniques:
The Hogtie A simpe drawing of a hogtie.
The Chinch Noose A simple drawing of a chinch noose.
The Wrist Coil A simpe drawing of a wrist coil.
The Ring Device A simple drawing of the ring device.
Zip Lock A simple way to lock on clothing.
Buckle lock A simple way to lock on belts with buckles.
Rope shackle Loop some rope and get stuck.
Alternative Hogtie A strict selfbondage hogtie technique.
ScissLock A great and simple way to lock scissors from premature use.
Selfbondage Release Methods:
The Clock Release This is a gif animation that shows how the clock release method works.
Alternative Clock Release This is a simple gif animation of the alternative clock release.
The Ice Release A simple gif animation of the ice release method.
Cell Phone Release How to use your cell (mobile) phone to release your keys.
Key On A String Release A simple drawing shoving the Key On A String Release.
The Frozen Bottle Release A simple drawing shoving the Frozen Bottle Release.
Ice In A Bottle Release A release using icecubes and a bottle.
Canned Release Cola can release with a bitter taste.
Electronic Release A safe and simple electric release method.
Another Clock Release Another great clock release. There can never be to many.
Rope Release How to grow a short rope into a big rope.
Timed Release A description for a timed automatic release method.
Direct Ice Release How to use ice as a direct release method.
Selfbondage techniques and devices:
Anal Posture Hook A simple guide how to make an anal posture or anal hogtie hook.
Bondage Bench Make your own mobile play area with anchoring points.
Cable Tie Cinch Cheap and easy to make handcuffs.
Chastity Belt This is a description of the chastitybelt featured in the Force of Nature story.
Chinese Tape Torture Simple, effective and cheap discomfort.
Ceiling Hook How to install a fully vissible hidden anchor point.
Crotch Rope A drawing showing how to do a crotch rope that can also secure your handcuffs.
Easy Wrapper A "self mumification" technique.
Elbow Tie A simple way to bind your elbows together.
Electronic Stocks A simple way to make your own electronic handcuffs.
Pneumatic Release Detailed instructions how to build a pneumatic selfbondage system.
Releasing The Devil The clothespins from hell.
Rope Harness A simple drawing showing how to do your own rope harness.
Selfbondage Boxtie A step by step illustrated guide to make your own boxtie.
Shoespikes Higheels can be such a pain, this will make all shoes painfull.
Stock Lock Make your own locking stocks.
Stock Lock (Magnetic) A description for making your own electromagnetic stock lock.
Timer Box Build your own enslavement timer.
Urinal Server A simple but dangerous force feeding technique.
Zip Lock A simple way to lock on clothing.