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Alternative Hogtie


1. Undress :) , wear your favourite pair of pantyhose. (If you like using dildos and butt plugs; this is the step to insert them)
2. Tie the crotchrope the way you like it. At this step you may fix you vibrator to the desired position.

3. Take a length of rope (around 10 meters) put the rings through and tie a chest harness. There are 2 things you got to makes sure: 1. The rings must be placed at your neck. 2. There must be at least 4 strands of rope going through the rings. Tie the harness, so that these 4 strands start in the center of the back; go to the front under one arm; go up behind the neck through the rings then back to the front, under the arm to the center of the back.

4. Tie your ankles, crossed, not very tight (just make sure that they won't get loose).

5. Tie your knees. If you like it tight; you can tie below and above the knees. Place a second ring device to your knee tie. Make sure it won't deflect towards your hands when pulled, because then you will be able to release the hand noose.

6. Take a length of rope, tie it to your ankles (preferably to a point behind and in the center). Then use the rope in the ring device as shown on this site, so that the pull rope will be behind you and near your hands.

7. Get your wrist coil and noose. Use the nose on the ring device on your knees.

8. This is the point of no return. Check your method of escape carefully. Check your back up escape, make sure you won't kill yourself. If you want to use a gag, blindfold, nippleclamps (you may want to use some ducttape on it, because it will most probably come off when you start to struggle), this is the step to put them on.

9. Now; lay down on your stomach. Pull the rope in your neck. Your ankles will move upwards towards your neck. If you use 2 ropes and 1 rope, you will realise why I insisted on 4 ropes. Pull it as tight as you want. When satisfied; put your hands into the noose, grasp the pull rope in to your knees and ... pull!
There you are.
Hands tied to knees, ankles tied to chest harness at the neck. You can't reach to your knees (If you secured the rings good enough), you can't reach your ankles and even if you do, it is no use; there are no knots there. Reaching your neck is out of the question. So what? Well, start struggling until the ice melts to drop the scissors. If your fingers go numb, do not hesitate to use your back up. You can spice up the experience using vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, clamps and anything you like. You can even start a camera shoot before pulling the knee. Shoot and check how you look all tied up and gagged.

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