Basic selfbondage techniques and devices
Rope Shackle

1. Create a loop in the middle point of a length of rope.

2. Loop the free ends around so that go back through the loop.

3. As you push the loop sideways the created hole will grow and shrink.

4. Place a limb through the hole and pull the free ends up. This will close the hole down on the limb.

5. Continue to circle the free ends around the limb in the same direction that you used to close the hole (clockwise in illustration).

6. Once you have used the amount out of rope you desire and are ready to tie this shackle off, bring 1 free rope down and through the loop that was created originally in step 1. This will allow you to use it to change the direction the rope goes. You can now wrap this free end (counter clockwise in illustration).

7. You can continue to wrap the counter clock wise rope if needed. Tie to free ends together.

Shackles can now be secured to anything you like or tied/padlocked together in any fashion you like. Works for both bondage and self-bondage. Works on wrists, ankles, above and below the knee, elbows and probably more places i've not thought of.

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