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Release methods
By Anna

Many things in selfbondage can go wrong but one the most common things that fail is the release method.
The release method is the way that you chose for delivering the keys to your hands so that you will be able to free yourself. This text lists some of the most common and some of the risks connected to them.
There are no 100% safe releases.

The ice release. (See here)
Description: This release builds on the simple fact that ice will melt at temperatures above 0 (zero) degrees Celsius. This is good since it makes it quite safe in that aspect. As long as you stay out of the cold, your ice will melt. When the ice melts, the key will fall down to your waiting hands.
Minuses: The minuses for this release method is that the key fall is quite unreliable. If you use a string connected to the key, you run the risk or getting a knot on the string so that the string will be shorter than needed to come within reach. If you use a ice release without string, you run the risk that the key can fall down where you intended but that it will bounce away from the floor and end up somewhere unreachable like under a sofa or bed.

The ice in stocking release.
This release also builds on melting ice. Take a stocking and fill the lover part with ice. Stick the stocking trough a ring suspended from the roof. Tie a weight and the key to the upper part of the stocking. The ice will prevent the stocking slipping trough the ring. When the ice melts, the stocking will slip trough and the key will fall to the floor.
Minuses: There are a small risk that the stocking will somehow get stuck to the ring. Do NOT use a keyring for this type of release since the stocking will get stuck on the sharp edges of the ring.

Key on a string release. (See here)
Description: Once again, ice is used. You will need a string that is partly frozen in a block of ice. Connect the string between two points of different height. The ice block should be situated near the top of the string. Attach the key to a big keyring and put it on the string above the ice block. When the ice melts, the keyring will be able to slide down to the end of the string.
Minuses: The keyring can get stuck on a knot created when the ice melts. There is a possibility to shake the string to speed up the process. A solution to this could be to put the release at a greater height and use a long string connecting the key to the keyring.

The frozen bottle release. (See here)
Description: This release uses an old drink bottle filled with water and a piece of chain with the key(s) attached. The Bottle with water and chain are placed in the freezer and is ready to use some hours later. The bottle are placed at a safe place where it can be locked to some secure structure.
Minuses: The biggest problem with using ice releases at floor level is that it can be possible to speed up the melting process by applying heat in some way.

The clock release. (See here)
Description: The clock release makes it rather easy to time the time spend in bondage quite exactly. Once the time reaches 4 to 5, the key will drop. This release method can be used with a string connected to the key so that you can decide where the key will hang after release. If used without string, the key will simply fall down to the floor.
Minuses: The minuses for the clock release is the same as for ice release plus some additional risks. The key can get stuck on the clock and simply never fall. This risk is big if the key can fall down to the root of the hour arm so that it can slip of the arm and rest on the axle of the arm instead. (The round thing leading from the motor to the hour arm.) Another risk is a simple but potentially deadly power failure. Make sure to use fresh batteries. If the clock runs on the house power supply, you face the risk of a general power failure. A tree falling on the electric line several miles away can prevent you from reaching your key.

The alternative clock release. (See here)
Description: Like the clock release with the small difference that it uses a cylinder glued onto the hour arm.
Minuses: Like the above except that this variation removes the risk that the key will get stuck on the hour arm. Just make sure that the cylinder are secured to the arm so that it will not fall of.

The sunlight release.
Description: This method builds on the simple fact that the sunlight coming through a window makes it possible to see the digits on that combination padlock that was previously impossible to see because it was to dark. This is another one of the very safe method offered by mother nature. The sun have been shining for quite some time and it will probably keep shining for a couple of years more.
Minuses: What if there are bad weather? A thunderstorm that darkens the sky can make it so dark that it is impossible to see those digits even if it is day.

The lightbulb release.
Description: This method is similar to the sunlight release. It builds on that fact that darkness makes it impossible to see the digits on a combination lock. However, a light bulb connected to a timer can deliver the needed light at a previously chosen time.
Minuses: Anything depending on outside electricity might fail. That tree can fall over the power line again. Light bulbs without electricity are not very helpful. Another big risk is that the light bulb can burn out when it is turned on. Using several light bulbs that are turned on at the same time eliminates that risk. Make sure to check that the timer are working correctly and that it is programmed correctly. (Beware of turning on the light in the wrong 12 hour interval or in the wrong day.)

The melting wax release.
Description: This method uses a key fastened to a light bulb with wax. When the light is turned on, the wax begins to melt and the key will eventually fall down to your waiting hands.
Minuses: Like above, the light bulb can burn out, there can be a general power failure or there are a risk that the melting wax can cause the light bulb to overheat and explode. An exploding light bulb fills the air and floor with sharp pieces of glass. There are also the ever present risk that the key can fall somewhere where you can not reach it.

The visiting friend release.
Description: Before putting yourself in selfbondage, call a good friend and ask her/him to come over for a visit in x amount of minutes or hours. This will enable your friend to release you if your other release methods fails.
Minuses: This method can cause some embarrassment if it is needed. Another risk is that the friend will not come when agreed, she/he can have forgotten or made other plans. Beware of "friends" that will take advantage of your helpless situation.

The ink jar release.
Description: The jar of ink is a perfect "if all else fails" method. It works like this. Fill a jar with ink (or something else nasty) and tape the key on its side. Connect a string to the jar and put the jar on top of a bookshelf or some other high point. Make sure that the string reaches down to the floor where you will be able to reach it. If your regular release fails and there are no other way out, pull the string. The key will come down but so will a loot of nasty ink (or whatever) that will stain you and your floor. You will have a real hard time removing the stains but you will be alive.
Minuses: Explaining those big stains on your parents living room floor can be a bit hard. (I was doing my school work when my pen suddenly exploded...)

Timecuffs. (See here)
There are a release method offered on some bondage shopping sites called "Timecuffs". It is a type of handcuffs with integrated timer release. Timecuffs are based on the ice release theory.
Minuses: Unfortunately, I know nothing about this product at this time.

Computer based releases:
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