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Key On A String


A: This is a string connected between two anchoring points. The first point should be higher than the second. Make sure that the string can not be pulled lose in any way.
B: This is the key on a big keyring. The keyring can slide freely on the string. The keyring should be quite big and heavy.
C: This is a block of frozen ice with the string frozen in to it. When the ice melts and finally falls of, the key will be able to slide freely all the way down to the delivery point at the end of the string.
Minuses: The keyring can get stuck on a knot created when the ice melts. There is a possibility to shake the string to speed up the process. A solution to this could be to put the release at a greater height and use a string connecting the key to the keyring.
Big thanks to Neo for supplying this great technique.

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