The Only Part She Liked
Copyright Abrank, 2010 May


Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

The Only Part She Liked
Copyright Abrank, 2010 May
Part 1: The Stocks
Please don’t stop,” Jazmin cried. “I’m almost there.”
“I’m sorry Honey, I’m done,” Viktor replied, withdrawing his penis from his wife’s vagina.
“Please Viktor, just a couple more thrusts.”
“Honey, you don’t understand, when we men have shot our load we go soft. We’re done; there’s nothing we can do about it.”
Jazmin was frantic with frustration. She desperately wanted an orgasm and was so close to the edge, but there was nothing she could do to get there. She was standing bent over at the foot of their king-sized bed, her neck and wrists trapped in the stocks that formed part of the footboard. There were five holes, the center holding her neck and the adjacent two her wrists. The two outer holes were empty; Viktor sometimes used them to trap her ankles at night.
Jazmin was a slender and attractive girl in her early twenties. She was nude except for her high-heeled platform shoes. Her legs were held apart by a spreader bar fastened around her ankles, the position designed to give Victor easy access to her. Her waist showed the marks of something that had been fastened tightly around it. Her large breasts hung down, and her bleached blonde hair fell down around her face.
Viktor was in his late twenties. He was naked except for an unbuttoned shirt through the front of which projected a prominent beer belly. He had once been handsome, but had neglected his health and his appearance and his once muscular frame had turned largely to fat.
He retreated into the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later carrying a shiny steel chastity belt. As he was draping its rubber coated waistband around his wife she cried, “Viktor, please don’t put that thing on me. Not tonight, please.”
“Remember our agreement? Besides, I’m going away tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow? You never told me. Where’re you going?”
“The usual; China. There’s a quality problem with the factory over there. I’ve got to sort it out. You’re getting fat; pull your stomach in.” Viktor made this last remark as he struggled to close the waistband of the chastity belt.
“How long will you be gone?”
“I dunno, maybe three weeks, it all depends.”
“Three weeks! Oh Viktor, I can’t stand wearing this thing continuously for three weeks. Please don’t put it on me, I’ll go crazy. I’ll be good, I promise.”
Victor grunted as he forced the front shield up to the waistband and clicked it into position. “I know you’ll be good, that’s what it’s for. It’ll give me peace of mind knowing you’re safe.”
“Safe from what? No one’s going to attack me.”
Victor didn’t answer, so Jazmin continued. “Victor, I haven’t touched myself for eighteen months, I’ve been good, give me a break.”
Viktor clicked the two padlocks into place locking the belt firmly in position and stood up. “I know you’ve been good for eighteen months, and I know the reason why; it’s because of these metal panties.” He tapped the chastity belt. “If you weren’t wearing them you’d be rubbing yourself like crazy. That’s disgusting, that’s not natural.”
Jazmin didn’t reply, she knew he was right. The thing she wanted most at that moment was the freedom to masturbate to a climax. She regretted ever introducing Viktor to bondage, and regretted even more the eagerness with which she agreed to let him confine her in a chastity belt after he caught her masturbating. She wanted sex several times a day and thought the restriction to the once a day that Viktor seemed capable of would heighten the pleasure. It did, but she still wanted more.
The first chastity belt was not very secure and she was able to get her fingers under it and continue to masturbate several times a day. But when Viktor caught her one month later they agreed they should invest in a more secure belt.
Viktor unbuckled the straps around her ankles and then slid back the bolt holding the stocks closed. He lifted the top part of the stocks on its hinge, releasing Jazmin and allowing her to stand up. She could feel Viktor’s semen trickling down and trying to find its way out of the small holes in the steel band blocking the entrance to her vagina. She bent down to remove her shoes and then hurried into the bathroom to try to clean herself as best she could. She had begged Viktor to let her bathe or take a shower without the belt, but he was unyielding, he only removed it to have sex with her, which was usually once a day.
She was very frustrated and worried about the prospect having to endure three weeks without sex. She decided she had to confront him and try to make him see how unreasonable he was. But her thoughts were running all over the place and she changed her mind and decided instead to try to turn him on. It was rare for him to have sex twice in one day, but it had happened. If she succeeded in seducing him then she would almost certainly reach orgasm, she was so aroused. She thought she had a better chance of seducing him than in getting him to remove the belt entirely.
She dried herself as much as she could and returned to the bedroom to find it empty. She put on her half bra, the one that forced her breasts up and her nipples out. She put on seamed nylons and a garter belt. She finished with black high heels and the French negligee he liked.
She went downstairs and found Viktor drinking a gin and tonic. He had poured two, and offered her the second. “Wish me luck,” he said. “This trip’s a big one. It could mean a lot of money; enough for me to retire.”
“Darling,” Jazmin said, disappointed that Viktor had not reacted to her outfit, “I thought you said it was to solve problems with the factory.”
“Yes,” Viktor replied smoothly, “If I can get the factory running efficiently it’ll mean a lot of money for us.”
“Won’t you miss me when you’re over there,” Jazmin purred moving her hips seductively and pouting.
“Of course I’ll miss you. I always miss you when I’m away from you.”
“Even when you’re in the arms of those, those girls?”
“Honey, we’ve been through this before. If we men don’t have sex every day it’s very painful and unhealthy for us. Our semen builds up and puts pressure on our balls. We have to have sex, unlike you women.”
“It doesn’t seem fair, you having sex every day while I’m locked up in this thing. Why can’t you let me enjoy myself?”
“Now honey, I know it’s hard for you to understand, but I don’t enjoy myself when I’m with those girls. All I think about is you. I just have sex with them to keep myself healthy for you. And you know it’s sinful for you to rub yourself. God made us to have sex in one way only, all the others are perversions, are sins, and if you indulge you will go to hell. I’m looking out for your best interests; I want us both to go to heaven.”
Jazmin was silent, she couldn’t think of any counter argument that would cause Viktor to change his mind, and she knew that if she kept arguing he would become angry, and she very much feared his anger. But she knew that if God had meant for women to go for long periods without sex he would not have given them the intense desire she was now feeling.
Part 2: The Spy
One afternoon two weeks later Jazmin was feeling so sexy and missing Viktor’s penis so much she decided to go shopping for a new handbag in order to distract her thoughts. As she drove away from her house, she noticed a black car that had been parked on the opposite side of the street, start up and begin to follow her.
She thought nothing of it until she noticed it behind her several turns later. She became suspicious and pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. The black car overtook her. As it passed Jazmin tried to see the driver but the car’s windows were too heavily tinted. The car also stopped, a block ahead, just before the next junction.
She waited a few minutes and then started her car, overtook the parked black car and turned left. She looked in the rearview mirror and saw the black car turn and follow her.
‘Why would anyone be spying on me?’ she wondered. ‘Is someone stalking me? Does Viktor think I’m having an affair and having me followed? How could he think that when I’m locked in this steel belt?’ She became annoyed and determined to confront her pursuer. She pulled over and parked.
The black car once again overtook her and parked ahead of her. She waited a minute and then pulled out and parked behind the black car, and slowly rolled forward until the cars touched. The black car was now trapped, there was a car parked in front of it so it could not drive forward, and Jazmin’s car prevented it reversing.
She waited expecting the driver to get out and accuse her of colliding with him, but he did not. She waited a couple of minutes and then got out herself. She strode angrily up to the driver’s door and knocked on the window. The driver was a young man. He was looking away from her and trying to ignore her, but her taps on the window became so insistent he rolled down the window.
“Why are you following me?” Jazmin demanded angrily.
“I’m not following you,” the young man replied. He was quite handsome with a well trimmed beard. He spoke with a gentle Southern accent and Jazmin felt her anger dissipating.
“Of course you were. Why didn’t you get out when I bumped into you? Be truthful now or I’ll call the police and have you arrested for stalking me.”
At the mention of the police the young man’s attitude changed. “I’m sorry ma’am. I’m new at this. I’m just trying to find the Frogman.”
“The Frogman; your husband. I thought you might be going to meet him.”
“I’ve never heard of the Frogman, you must be following the wrong person.”
“I’m sorry ma’am, but isn’t your husband’s name Viktor?”
Jazmin hesitated; she didn’t want to admit anything to this young man. But he seemed harmless, and she was curious as to why he was looking for Viktor. “What do you want with Viktor?”
“He’s got something of ours, and we want it back.”
“I’m sure you’re mistaken, he’s a very honest man. What do you think he has?”
“I’m sorry ma’am, I can’t say.”
“Who do you work for? A collection agency?”
The young man didn’t reply so Jazmin continued. “If I ever see you again I’m calling the police. Do you understand?”
“Yes ma’am.”
Jazmin was annoyed with herself. She felt that she ought to be angry with the man or afraid of him, but instead found herself sexually attracted to him. She turned and walked back to her car thinking. ‘It’s all the fault of this dammed chastity belt.’ She got into her car and drove away.
She hadn’t gone far when she realized she should have made a note of the license plate of the black car. She circled around, but when she returned to the parking spot the black car had gone.
She was no longer in the mood for shopping so returned home, wondering what the young man had wanted with Viktor. She would ask him about it when he returned from China.
Part 3: The Intrusion
Two nights later Jazmin was awakened in her bedroom by a hand clasped around her mouth and pressing her head back down into her pillow. It was dark, the room dimly lit by distant streetlamps shining through the curtains, and she could barely see the outline of her attacker. He said, “Don’t scream or I’ll kill you.” She recognized the voice of the young man who had followed her.
She struggled trying to move the muscular arm that was pressing down on her when the man slapped her face saying, “Lie still.”
She froze, terrified by what was happening.
“Sorry about that, but you must lie still. I’ve got a knife and will cut your throat unless you do exactly as I say.”
Jazmin felt something sharp press into the front of her throat and her terror increased.
“I’m going to remove my hand. If you make any sound I’ll slit your throat and you will silently bleed to death right here.” The man slowly reduced the pressure on her mouth and then removed his hand entirely.
Jazmin wondered what he wanted. Was he lying when he said he was after Viktor? Did he want to rob her, or maybe rape her? For the first time she was glad she was locked in a chastity belt.
“Good. I want you to know that this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, so if you do anything unexpected I’m going to panic and kill you. The only way we both get out of this situation is if you do exactly as I say.”
With the point of the knife pressing into her throat, Jazmin was too terrified to reply, so the man asked, “Do you understand?”
“Yes,” Jazmin whimpered.
“Good. I’m going to ask you a couple of questions. Answer them truthfully and I leave. Lie to me and I’ll kill you. I know a lot about Viktor so I’ll know if you’re lying.” The man paused and then said, “Tell me where the Frog, I mean Viktor, is.”
“He’s in China.”
“No he’s not. I know for a fact he’s not in China. I should kill you now.”
Jasmin felt the point of the knife sink deeper. “Please don’t kill me; I swear he’s in China. That’s where he told me he was going. He’s been there many times. Something to do with a shoe factory.”
“Shoe factory? Lady, the Frogman couldn’t tell a shoe from a shithouse. Listen, I’ll give you one more chance to tell the truth before I push this knife home. Where is he?”
“Please sir, I’ve told you all I know. He told me he was going to China and if he isn’t there I don’t know where he is. I swear that’s the truth.”
“Have you heard from him in the last two weeks? Did you receive any letters or telephone calls?”
“No nothing. But that’s not unusual when he’s away.”
The man relaxed the pressure on the knife. Jazmin wondered how badly she was bleeding, she was sure she must be cut.
“When did he say he would be back?”
She began to think she had a chance of surviving the encounter. The man was talking to her and she decided to try to prolong the conversation in order to get him to like her. “He told me three weeks, and it’s been almost that. I’m kind of expecting him next weekend, but he often doesn’t tell me. I think he likes to surprise me.”
“I’m going to search this house now. If I find anything that shows you’ve been lying to me I will kill you. Is there anything you want to tell me before I search?”
“I don’t know what you’re looking for but if it’s money there’s a little in my purse downstairs. If you’re looking for drugs I don’t have any but Viktor keeps his pot in a coffee can in a cupboard under the stairs. That’s all he has, it’s only a little bit.”
“OK, I’ll look there first, but if I find anything you haven’t told me about I’m going to kill you. Now do you have any rope? I need to tie you up so you can’t go calling anyone while I’m busy.”
Jazmin thought of the handcuffs, chains and other bondage items in the bedroom closet, but decided to opt for a simpler solution. “The bottom of this bed has stocks; you can lock my ankles in them. I’ll be trapped and won’t be able to move.”
The man removed his knife from Jazmin’s throat and examined the stocks. “Well I’m dammed!” he exclaimed. He lifted the top piece of the stocks and Jazmin wriggled down the bed, spread her legs and placed her ankles in the outer slots. The man dropped the stocks and bolted it. He checked the fit of the stocks around her ankles and appeared satisfied. He then asked the question that Jazmin had hoped he would overlook, “What’s to stop you sitting up and undoing the bolt?”
Jazmin thought of the many ways Viktor had achieved this objective and decided to suggest the most comfortable. “There’s a pair of handcuffs in the top drawer there. You can handcuff my hands around this metal bar here,” indicating part of the metal headboard.
The man fetched the handcuffs and fastened them around her wrists. As they clicked closed Jazmin suddenly felt very worried and very vulnerable. In this position with Viktor it usually meant he was going to have sex with her, but with this young man it meant something different. He could easily kill her without her being able to fight back. Or he could leave her like this and she might die of thirst before Viktor returned.
“You look very sexy lying there,” the man said fondling her breasts through her nightgown.
“I feel very sexy,” Jazmin replied without thinking and instantly regretted saying it.
“I’ll see what I can do,” the man said smiling. “But business before pleasure, I have a house to search.”
Jazmin lay still as the man left the room. She tried to calm herself and relax, but she worried what the man would do when he returned. Would he try to rape her? It seemed probable; she had invited him to do just that with her stupid comment. But what would he do when he discovered her chastity belt. Would he become angry with frustration and kill her?
The man seemed to be searching the house thoroughly; she could hear the sound of things being overturned and thrown about in other rooms. Perhaps he was already angry about not finding whatever he was looking for.
She thought about how she might appease him when he returned. But whatever she did she had to get him to release her from the handcuffs.
After about an hour the intruder returned and ransacked the bedroom, pulling the drawers out, dumping their contents onto the floor and searching through them.
Finally he spoke to her. “Well, I didn’t find anything so now it time to take care of you.”
Jazmin froze in terror, was he now going to kill her?
He came to the side of the bed and pulled her nightgown up, a move that Jazmin was dreading.
“What’s this?” the man said reaching down and touching the front of the chastity belt. “Do you have the key for it?”
“No Viktor always keeps them with him.”
“The slimy bastard!” the man said with a hint of admiration in his voice.
Now was the time to try to get released. “If you release me I’ll give you a blow job.”
“Is that what Viktor made you do?”
“No, he never let me touch him.” What Jazmin did not say was that she had never given anyone a blow job. She had wanted to try it, to give Viktor one, but he always refused. She wanted to see what it felt like to have a real live penis in her mouth.
“OK it’s a deal. Where are the keys to these cuffs?”
“They should be in the drawer.”
The man found the keys and unlocked the handcuffs. He made Jazmin sit up and bend forward. He removed her nightgown and then handcuffed her hands behind her back.
“I think you’re very sexy with your hands handcuffed,” the man said. “Do you mind?”
Jazmin was surprised; for the first time the man was offering her a choice. She debated whether to ask for release but decided that would be going too far. She wanted to please him to make sure he would eventually let her go. “No I don’t mind.” She was also surprised that the man seemed to like bondage, and wondered if all men were inclined that way.
The man unbolted the stocks and then helped her kneel on the floor in front of him.
He unzipped his pants and pulled his penis out which was large and erect. Jazmin was curious and wanted to examine it closely. She had never been this close to one before, not even Viktor’s, and this was larger than his. But it was difficult to see in the dim light and she though it unwise to stare at it for too long.
This was the first time she had ever given a blow job and was worried about her ability to do so. But she didn’t dare admit this to the man after she had offered to give him one, so she said, “How would you like me to do it?”
“Oh the usual way. I like it when you use your tongue.”
Jazmin opened her mouth as wide as she could, leaned forward and took the man’s penis into her mouth. She began to lick the underside, whereupon the man took her head in his hands and pulled it forward making his penis touch the back of her throat. She was about to gag when he moved her head back. He moved her head back and forth and said, “Give me some suction.”
Jazmin closed her lips around the shaft of the penis and tried to suck while still using her tongue. The man continued to move her head back and forth. It seemed quite complicated and definitely not sexy.
She felt his penis getting larger and harder and he moved faster. Suddenly she felt something squirting into her throat. She wanted to cough and spit it up but resisted the impulse. She stopped licking but the man didn’t seem to notice, he was moving his hips and grunting as he came.
Finally the squirting stopped and the man withdrew his penis. “Thanks babe, that was great,” the man said.
“I liked it too,” Jazmin lied.
The man took something out of his pocket, wiped his penis and tucked it back inside his pants. He zipped up and sat down on the bedroom chair. “What’s your name?” he asked.
“That’s a pretty name. Tell me something, Jazmin, do you like that husband of yours screwing around and keeping you locked up? Why don’t you leave him?”
Jazmin felt encouraged; the man had addressed her by name, there now seemed a good chance he would let her go. But she felt she had to continue the conversation, try to make the man think that she liked him. “Well, I don’t think I like him as a person any more. But I like his penis; I don’t know what I’d do for sex if I left him.”
The man grunted as if to say he couldn’t understand her stupidity, and then said, “Listen Jazmin, I want to tell you something that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier. I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I like you. That Viktor of yours ain’t no shoe salesman, he’s a courier. You know, he carries things. Well, last thing we knew he was carrying something that belonged to us out of Columbia. The problem is that he didn’t deliver the goods. So now we need to find him and get our stuff back. It’s nothing personal, but I don’t think you want to be around when we catch up with him.”
“Are you sure he took your stuff? Maybe he was robbed. What are you going to do with him?”
“You’re a pretty lady. Forget Viktor and find yourself another man. You’re young and beautiful; you should do well.”
“Thank you.”
“I’m going now. And by the way, don’t think of going to the police about this little visit. We have informers on the inside. If you report this to anyone, me or one of my buddies will come back and then we’ll cut your throat for real. Got it?”
“Yes, I won’t tell anyone.”
“I don’t want you to move for half an hour. I’ll be watching you for a few minutes, just to make sure you sit still.” The man stood up and was walking to the bedroom door when Jazmin asked, “Please could I have the handcuff key?”
The man stopped and held up the key. “This? Of course. I’ll leave it on the front step. Just make sure you don’t move for half an hour.”
Jazmin remained still for ten minutes, then decided it was long enough, the man must surely have made his escape. She stood up and opened the closet door. With some difficulty she found a second set of handcuff keys and released herself.
In a slight state of shock she went downstairs and found the house in a chaotic mess but empty; the intruder had gone. She poured herself a drink to steady her nerves, and decided to postpone cleaning up till the next day. She also decided she would not report the intrusion to the police; if what he had said was true it would only cause trouble for herself and her husband. She wondered if Viktor really was a drug courier rather than a shoe company executive. It made some sense; he had never invited her to any company function, or even brought home sample shoes. She began to see what a blind fool she had been.
Part 4: The Package
Two more weeks passed with no sign of Viktor and no telephone calls from him. Jazmin tried calling his cell phone but there was no response, she assumed it didn’t work in China. She realized she didn’t know his work telephone number, nor the exact name of the company he worked for, so couldn’t call them to see if they had heard from him. She began to suspect he was in hiding.
She was undecided whether she wanted him back; she desperately wanted her chastity belt removed so she could relieve her sexual frustration, but she didn’t want Viktor himself back. She now thought of him as a lying bastard who had deceived and used her for the two years of their marriage. She decided she wanted a divorce and wondered how she should go about getting one. Viktor could be violent and she worried that he would hurt her if she even suggested it.
Three weeks after the intrusion a package arrived in the form of a cardboard box. The return address was for a small town in Mississippi that she had never heard of, but the postmark was Miami, Florida. Curious, since she knew no one who lived in Miami, she opened the box to reveal a realistic life-sized metal sculpture of an erect penis complete with balls, mounted on a board and framed. She gasped in surprise wondering who would send her such a thing.
At the bottom of the parcel was an envelope. She ripped it open to find two keys and a typewritten note. The note read:
We found these keys in Viktors pocket and thought they might belong to you. We are also returning the only part of him you liked. We had it bronzed to preserve it. You can hang it on your wall as a decoration, or use it as you see fit (it can be pulled off the board). And thanks for the blow job.
Horrified, Jazmin touched the metal penis. It looked like Viktor’s, but she couldn’t be sure; he had never let her look at it closely. She grasped it and it popped out of the frame. She picked up the keys and with growing excitement, tried them in the locks of her chastity belt. They fit and the belt fell to the floor.
“Well Viktor,” she said as she moved the head of the penis towards her eagerly awaiting lips, “I don’t ever want to hear any more excuses about you being too soft.”


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