As Expected - The Project


Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

As expected - The project
the project begins
Minutes, though it felt like hours, L heard the garage door open, then the car rocked slightly as Jane climbed in, and the engine started. With a little light coming through small cracks in the boot's walls, he could dimly see his stockinged legs, knees close to his face. As the car reversed, then dropped over the small kerb edge onto the road, he realised this was not going to be a comfortable journey. Unable to see the oncoming road and its undulations and turns, he had no means of knowing which way to brace himself, something a passenger does instinctively. And of course, with no comfortable seat, just a thin, hard carpet over the metal floor, he felt every bump in the road. He decided Jane must be changing into her alter ego as the journey progressed, as Mistress Ayesha took an alternative route chosen for the bumps and sharp turns, obviously relishing the discomfort she was giving Linda, entering turns quickly, braking suddenly, so L bounced, bumped and rolled. Whilst a little warmth from the warm interior of the car percolated through, L's initial outdoor dash and the long wait locked in the boot had begun to take its toll, and by the time the car finally stopped, L was shivering uncontrollably.
L felt the car start to reverse, then stop. There was a pause, a few seconds and the click, clack of heels signalled Mistress Ayesha walking away from the car. Another pause, this time several minutes. More shivering. L would accept anything just to get warm again. The heels approaching, this time at least two sets. Suddenly the boot opened, the burst of sunlight blinding L. Hands grabbed him, dragging him into a sitting position, then hauling his legs out of the boot, more hands pulling his arms, and he was upright. Still not able to stop shivering, he was dragged unceremoniously into the garage adjoining the House. The door closed behind them by someone else, suggesting that all four Mistresses were involved. L was pushed down on his knees. A carpet had been laid on the rough concrete floor, in the middle of which was the metal cage from the Room.
"Get in" a tap on his rear from Mistress Alice's crop prompted his actions, and L crawled into the cage, struggling to make way, with his hands cuffed in front of him. Once inside, the door slammed shut, and Mistress Claire fitted a lock through the cage door hasp.
To L's great relief, the garage was, if not hot, then at least gently warm. He saw a small electric heater to one side of the cage, and hoped it would be left on. A reward for good behaviour, perhaps?
Mistress Alice approached the end of the cage nearest L's head, the other Mistresses leaving the garage, Mistress Steph commenting that it really was not very warm so they would go inside, have a hot drink, and let Mistress Alice explain the rules. Mistress Alice was wearing a thick jacket and trousers, clearly not wishing to share L's discomfort.
"I have a small project that requires some skilled labour. You seem to have little work to do at the moment. Mistresses Claire and Steph will answer any phone calls or mail that your business receives. If work comes in for your business, you will be released to carry it out. Otherwise, you will stay here until my project is completed. As you know, we cater for a number of clients here, some of whom need special accommodation occasionally. Your job is to make that. Have a look at these plans. We will discuss them later today"
With that, Mistress Alice left the garage. To L's great relief, the electric heater was left on, so he was able to twist inside the cage, warmng all sides of his body. Then he gave his attention to the plans.
There were several pages, the first showing the general principles, the rest some more detail. The first page showed the stairway in the House. L recalled that the void under the stairs was enclosed with wooden panelling, he assumed with storage space within. As he began to understand the plans, the object was to create two or more cells. As he progressed through the detail, he saw that, rather like Harry Potter in the stories and films, someone could almost live in this conversion. There was a small toilet area, what looked like a bunk bed, some storage areas and a tiny triangular cupboard where the stairs met the floor. It was clear that he only had the outline plan, as the choice of materials and sizes were not shown. He had an uneasy feeling that he might be visiting the final result.
With nothing else to do, L curled up as best he could, the cold metal base of the cage soaking the heat from his body, though the corset and stockings provided a little insulation. Three hours later, Mistresses Alice and Steph returned. Mistress Steph unlocked the cage.
L shuffled out of the cage and tried to stand up, but MIstress Alice grabbed his cuufs and pulled him across the cage, forcing him to bend, then locking his hands to the bars. Behind him, Mistress Steph pulld the black satin thong to on side, and L felt a plug being forced into his rear. A metal belt was fastened around his waist, then a wide metal band was pulled between his legs from front to rear, and after a bit of movement of the plug, the band was tightened and a click told him he was secured. The metal band pushed the wide flat head of the plug tightly against his skin, spreading his cheeks slightly.
"Back in the cage"
Once in the cage, he was instructed to hold his cuffs by the bars. Mistress Steph unlocked the cuffs, leaving him unrestrained except for the gag, still firmly locked in place.
"Some more explanation" said Mistress Alice. " You are now fitted with your favourite plug, with a small modification. You will soon realise that you cannot interfere with it, so you can forget being able to disconnect or disable it. If you remember that cycle ride, you will recall that if you leave the range of the radio transmitter, you will get shocked until you return within it. For your information, the range just about covers the house and garden, no more."
Mistress Alice threw a key into the cage. L tried it first on the lock securing the gag. No luck. The MIstresses obviously expected a silent worker. The cage door lock opened with the key and he crawled out of his prison. He carefully opened the garage door, exposing himself fully to anyone walking past the drive-way. He darted out and ran to the front door of the House, hoping deperately the door would be open. It wasn't. Standing in his tight-laced corset and stockings, by now laddered by the metal cage floor, he presented a sorry figure to the car driver passing slowly. A squeal of brakes, and the car reversed. Just as the window was being wound down, L scurried round to the side of the house and burst through the open backdoor. Falling on the floor in a heap, he looked up to see Mistresses Ayesha and Alice looking down at his bedraggled form.
"Stand up" commanded Mistress Ayesha. L complied. "Put on these overalls and boots, you can make a start immediately"
Mistress Alice led him into the hall. "The first job is to strip all the framing from the wall and under the stairs"
"You will find all the necessary tools in the garage, and there is a well-equipped work-bench there as wll"
"From now on, until the work is complete, you will receive written instructions, and you will sleep in the cage in the garage"
And so, the project started.
work starts
L surveyed the panelling, trying to work out the simplest way of removing it tidily. A crow-bar lever seemd the tool of choice, so he returned to the garage, looked for and found one. He also looked for a hacksaw, perhaps the belt holding the plug could be sabotaged? The blink of an LED caught his eye, and with a sigh, saw the camera covering the grage interior. A hammer and a small hand saw seemed enough to amke a start demolisihing the panels.
Some three hours later, L had removed most of the wood frames supporting the panels, as well as the panels themselves. He carried all these into the garden, where a concrete pad had been laid, presumably for a shed to be placed there some time ago. He noticed that the concrete had a number of screw-bolts set into it. He guessed they were to secure the frame of the shed, when it was put in place. It was getting dark, and he was desperately hungry. He had been able to take a drink from an outside tap fixed to the garage wall. Returning to the hall, to clear up the remaining debris, he saw Mistress Steph going into the Room, carrying a canvas bag, from the way she was carrying it, a not heavy weight.
Having swept up the remaining dust, L looked at his work, or rather the bare walls and framework of the stairs.
"Follow me" said a stern voice. Mistress Alice was behind him, dressed in her dominatrix apparel. Tight leather skirt, black nylons, black high heeled shoes, surmounted by the tight leather waistcoat, which did little to hide her cleavage. A small black leather choker completed her attire. Following her, L could not help admire her gorgeous curves, accentuated by the tight leather. His increasing arousal was suddenly halted as she turned to see the expression on his face. She held something small in her right hand, and moved her thumb. L screamed.
The door of the Room closed behind them.
"Take off the tracksuit and boots"
"Hold out your hands"
Mistress Alice swiftly cuffed him, drawing his hands up and clipping the linking chain to the overhead winch. Moving to the control panel, Mistress Alice pressed the button starting the motor, drawing L into the middle of the room, tensioning his body upwards.
Click, clack. Mistress Ayesha entered the Room, followed by Mistresses Steph and Claire.
"You were instructed to go for your morning run, and make no noise" L remembered. The broken milk bottle. His face fell.
"I see you have recalled the misdemeanour" "Ten lashes each, I think, Ladies, but first remove the corset and belt". Willing hands unlaced him, removing what little protection the corset would afford.The belt was removed, though the plug was left in place. A ball-gag was pushed into his mouth and secured behind his neck.
The four Mistresses surrounded him. L could move, but only in a very small radius, and he could twist and turn. To no avail, as the Mistresses struck whatever part was available to them. The implements were different. A leather strap, a flogger, a small single-tail whip and of course, Mistress Alice with her favourite crop.
As quickly as it started, so the punishment stopped. The motor ran again and the tension reduced until Mistress Claire could unclip the cuffs from the overhead chain.
"Go and have a shower, do whatever else you need to do, but replace the plug" Mistress Ayesha pointed to the wet-room. "You have ten minutes"
Almost joyfully, L went into the wet-room, turned on the shower, removed the plug and used the toilet, returned and luxuriated in the warmth. His happiness was broken by a voice calling out "You have one minute" He hurriedly dried himself, this time on a soft, large towel, and then dashed into the Room. Waiting for him was Mistresses Steph and Claire. Mistress Claire simply asked "What have you forgotten?"
Through the gag, L mumbled " uh ugg". Resigned to more punishment, he returned to the wet-room and inserted, with difficulty, the butt-plug. On his return, Mistress Claire simply handed him the metal harness and a padlock. The crop Mistress Steph carried suggested speedy action might help, and L wrapped the belt around him, then pulled the band through his legs. "Wait" said Mistress Claire, bending over to link the cable to the control box on the belt to the plug. "Continue" . L put the band in place and slipped the lock through the hasp, clicked the lock shut, imprisoning him in his punishment belt.
"Fit yourself with the cuffs, then lace yourself into the corset" said Mistress Alice
L complied, using the same technique as before, this time with an eyelet set in to the wall by the door. Satisfied that he was tightly encased in the corset, MIstress Alice told him to hold his cuffed hands out. The cuffs were locked together, then brought up to the collar that Mistress Steph had placed around his neck days, years ?ago. However, before latching them in place, she turned the collar around his neck, so that the D ring was at the back. This forced L's elbows up and either side of his face.
Goodnight, Linda" said Mistress Ayesha.
Mistress Claire clipped a leash to his collar, and pulled. L followed, out of the hallway, through the kitchen, and out into the garden, then into the garage.
"Time to get into your bedroom" she grinned, unlocking the ball-gag and removing it.
L shuffled onto his knees.. With his hands cuffed to his collar, he had almost no control of his upper body, and slumped roughly down on the carpet, banging hard onto his elbows. He winced, but a tap of the crop on his rear made him redouble his efforts, and he wriggled into the cage.
"You can have a drink from the phallus, I know you enjoy sucking on that. There is food in the bowl"
L looked towards the end of the cage. The Mistresses left the garage, but as they were leaving, Mistress Alice casually said " Your punishment for forgetting the plug is having no heat"
The bowl was full of spaghetti, in a sauce, and smelt very good. But how to eat, with hands at the back of his neck. After several attempts, by spreading his elbows, he was able to suck, bite, slurp and dribble, but managed to eat a reasonable amount. Gulping water from the phallus, he had at least satisfied his hunger and thirst.
Then the lights went out.
a new outfit
In the dark, L curled up, trying to keep warm. The electric heater had indeed warmed the garage, and the metal of the cage was still not cold, but certainly cooling. The food L had spilt was gently congealing around him, on his face, in his hair, the wig having dislodged during the attempts to eat. Water dripped slowly from the phallic drinker tube, splashing his bare shoulders. Moving to avoid the water simply made him curl up in a tighter ball, against the now cold bars of the cage. He drifted off into a disturbed sleep.
Waking some hours later, L realised the heater was working again. In the dull light coming through the window, L could see dawn approaching, and the frost on the glass. Perhaps the Mistresses had realised that he could die from hypothermia, something that would be very difficult to explain at the inevitable enquiry. But there is a huge difference between being warm enough to survive, and warm enough to be comfortable. L felt he was at the survival end of the scale.
Some while later, the garage door opened, and Mistress Alice entered, along with a blast of cold air that made L break into a bout of convulsive shivering.
"Oh dear, you do lookin a sorry state" She unlocked the cage door, and gestured to L that he should come out.Clipping a chain onto his collar, she led him out of the garage, pausing for longer than L thought necessary to check no-one was watching, and led him round to theback of the house, through the kitchen and into the Room, then to the wet-room. Mistress Alicelocked the chain to a ring in the wall.. Unlocking his cuffs, Mistress Alice ordered him to take off the corset and shower. She hung a small towel nearby, within reach, and indicated a shelf to put the corset on, out of reach of the water.
"You have ten minutes"
L extracted the plug,and used the toilet. Moving to the shower, he turned it on, hoping the water was at least warm. To his surprise, and joy, the water was hot, and L took care to wash off the stale food, from his hair and also from the wig, which took on the appearance of a drowned rat. Judging the time as best he could, he turned off the water and dried himself. He was still damp when Mistress Alice returned. He suddenly remembered, dashing over to the toilet, picked up the plug, washed it and using some soap as a lubricant, inserted it.
"Just in time. Follow me" Not that L had any choice, as MIstress Alice had unlocked the chain and was pulling him into the Room. She handed him the metal punishment belt. "Put it on" L complied. On the table near the door was another corset, this time an under-bust type. "Put it on". Moving over to the hook on the wall, L looped the laces over it and began the process of tight-lacing himself into the corset.
Moving to the control panel, Mistress Alice started the winch, lowering a chain bearing a horizontal bar with snap-links at each end. Handing L a two leather cuffs and two padlocks, she indicated he should put them on as well. Once suitably fitted, Mistress Alice told him to clip himself to the bar, gently tapping her calf with the crop she was holding in her right hand. The motor started, lifting L onto his toes.
"You really must look after your clothes, Linda. The corset you were wearing last night is covered in food, and what have you done with the wig?
L started to speak, to explain he had washed it, but was stopped short by a slash of the crop. "Did I give you permission to speak" L shook his head.
"You will be pleased to know Mistress Steph has been busy with her sewing machine again, and made you a delightful outfit"
Mistress Alice left the Room, to return shortly with Mistress Steph, who today was wearing a very short, very tight black shiny PVC skirt, fishnets and ankle boots. The black satin top clung to her very atractive figure, making L wish he was not shackled to the ceiling.
Mistress Alice noticed the way L's eyes were following MIstress Steph. "Tut Tut, Linda is showing quite the wrong reaction to you, Mistress Steph, would you like to"explain" the error of his ways?" handing her the crop. "A dozen, I think"
Mistress Steph was getting more accurate, L thought, as the pain concentrated in just two places.
"now, co-operate with the fitting, and you will receive no more punishment" "Well, not just now anyway"
Mistress Steph brought the new outfit, much less PVC than the hobble dress. The winch was lowered, and the cuffs removed, leaving L standing under the watchful eye of Mistress Alice and the crop that had been returned after the punshment. Mistress Steph unfolded the outfit, which appeared to have long arms, and a body, but not much else. Then L noticed that the chest appeared self-supporting, something was maintaining the shape of a bust.
"Put your arms into the sleeves" L did as he was told, as if putting on a pullover. "Stop" he was ordered, just as he had put hi head through the neck hole. Hands gripped his wrists and replaced the cuffs, the winch started again and he was clipped back onto the bar, which was raised again, just enough to allow him the keep his hands on the floor. Unable to see what was happening with the outfit folded up across his face, he yelped when a sudden sharp pain assaulted his left nipple. Seconds later, a similar jagged pain hit his right nipple. The outfit was then drawn down over his body, gripping him tightly over the corset, then between his legs, when there was the familar click of a padlock closing.
Mistress Steph walked all round him, then approached him, face to face, and reached up towards his chest. First to the right breast, she pulled on something, increasing the tension on his nipple, then the same with the left.
"Inspired" said Mistress Alice. "Where did you get such small clover clamps? and the idea of pulling them outwards into rigid breast forms. Brilliant"
"Well, Linda, you are ready for the day's work. In a couple of hours you can have breakfast. Put on your overalls, your instructions are in the hall, under the stairs." And the two Mistresses left him alone in the Room, the door to his workplace open.
L remembered the mirror in the hall. The new outfit was shiny PVC, close fitting, rather like a high necked leotard or body, with no zip or other opening except the crotch, now securely locked. At the point of each breast was a tiny chain and padlock, making it impossible for L to relieve the tension, nor the pressure from the clover clamps. The sharp pain had dulled, but every movement sharpened the pain once again. A day's physical activity, building the project, was not a happy prospect.
He put on the overalls and boots, and looked at the instruction sheet
work continues, and another outfit, and a plan is formed
At 10am, Mistress Ayesha told him to go to the Room.
"So what do you think of Mistress Steph's new creation?" L knew better than to speak, but the occasional grimace crossing his face told Mistress Ayesha that the clover clamps were working their dark magic.
"Well, we wanted to try it out, and give you the chance to enjoy it, but you can have too much of a good thing" she laughed. "Here's the key to the crotch strap, you'll find the key to the clamp chains in the wet-room. When you have showered, replace the punishment belt and plug, and put on the black PVC corset you find there. Remember to lace it well. Then the overalls and boots and back to work"
As the time at the House had gone on, L was aware that he was being given ever more responsibility for his own dress and punishment. Was this a deliberate move to humiliate him? It seemed that way to him.
But the shower was welcome, the plug and belt much less so, but it was becoming part of the routine. The corset was a new one, he suspected Mistress Steph had been at work with her sewing machine again. This new corset, whilst similar in design to the usual ones, had a halter neck, in that the bust extended up from the bust line, to a collar, perhaps two inches wide. Another feature was the inclusion of fixed breast forms. L clipped the busks and went over to the wall-mounted hook to lace the corset tight. As he did so he realised the breast forms were not all they seemed at first, but became more and more uncomfortable. Inserting a finger into the narrowing space betwen the inside surface of the form and his skin, he discovered the reason. Lots and lots of tiny spikes, enough to stop any puncturing his skin, but sharp enough to make their presence felt. Almost inevitably, thought L, there was a small padlock to secure the collar around his neck, hiding the one which Mistress Steph had secured all those days ago, on the train.
By the fiftth day, L's routine had settled into a predictable order.
Sleep in the cage, though now he had two blankets and a pillow, "for good work" and the electric heater stayed on all night. Breakfast, cooked by himself, in the kitchen at 6am. Start work at 6.30am. Finish at 7.30pm. Back in cage. Meal, he was now allowed to eat with a fork, plastic but better than fingers, or worse, straight from the bowl as in the first degrading meal. Sleep.
But every day, he used the toilet, showered and replaced the electric plug and punishment belt, then dressed in whatever underwear the Mistresses had decreed he should. All included a tight-laced corset, and some minor form of torture, nothing serious, just enough to constantly remind him of who was in charge of his life.
At exactly 11 am, the doorbell rang. L was hard at work, completing the main framework dividing up the project. The door to the Room opened, and Mistress Ayesha strode past him. He almost did a double-take. Mistress was dressed in a way he had never seen before. Severe white blouse, high necked, buttons up the front, tight black pencil skirt, which as she passed him, was split almost to her thighs revealing black stockings with seams geometrically precise in their straightness, high heeled shoes, but the item of clothing which most caught his attention was the short academic gown. The long hook-handled bamboo cane also got his attention.
As Mistress Ayesha passed him on her way to the door she barked "Face the wall. Eyes closed"
He did as instructed, just as the front door opened. "Good morning Carol, just in time for your detention" "Yes, Headmistress" said an obviously male voice. "Put your donation to our funds in the box by the door, then follow me. Quickly now"
The two people passed L, and the door to the Room closed. L considered it safe to look around, as he did so, noticing the ornate veneered box by the front door. Taking a chance, he walked over to it, and opened it. A stack of £20 notes lay there, he guessed well over one hundred of them. L had not really considered the operation of the House before, even though he had once contributed to the funds himself, but since then he had been the subject of the attention of the Mistresses as a matter of, he assumed, training rather than pleasure. He realised that there must be several "clients" also receiving the attention of the Mistresses. He felt a momentary burst of jealousy, that in some way he was being cheated. He also began to doubt whether he should really be in the House at all.
Brought from his contemplation by a muffled scream, coming from the Room, he returned to his work, the relative silence of the next hour being broken by the crack of cane hitting bottom and more scream, as Carol continued to pay for whatever infraction she had committed.
Over the next two days, his doubts began to grow. Why should he accept the punishments?. Why should he wear the corsets and painful clothes?. Why suffer the indignity of the butt-plug?. Why sleep in a cage in a garage?. His original fantasies had been experienced. Some he had enjoyed, others not so much. Enough was enough. But what to do about it? The punishment belt would shock him very painfully if he dared to venture out of the radio range. He had no clothes. No money.
Then it dawned on him. Every day he put on overalls and boots, a dress worn by any number of workers. And he knew where the money was. The belt? More of a problem. But then he remembered the tools in the garage. "A well equipped workshop" was how Mistress Alice had described it. He began to plan his escape.
L continued to work normally for the next week, following Mistress Alice's plans carefully. But every day, he went to the wooden box and took out perhaps £200, and hid it in a cavity he had formed in the almost complete project. He thought it unlikely that a running total would be made, and the amount of money grew daily, from the regular "donations" made by the Carols, Judys and Mr Smiths who came and went.
The project was almost complete. Walking into the hall, the less observant would see a set of oak-panels, along which were attractive pictures, though as L had noted on his first visit, they carried on the general theme of restrained women. With a little more care, the observer would see that a door was formed as part of the panelling, and that the small triangular panel almost at the bottom of the stairs was also a door. Those not familiar with the BDSM world would be shocked at what they would see if the doors were opened. Immediately within each door was another, this time made of steel mesh, heavily reinforced, secured with a sliding bolt and padlock. The steel doors opened into two rooms, if that is the right description. The tallest room, going almost to the top of the stairs, was about six feet long, and the width of the stairs, less the thickness of the two doors. On the tallest wall there were several rings similar to the ones used to tie up horses, or their haynets, screwed to the wall. The walls in this section were a rough wood chip panels, painted grey. On the tapering wall something akin to a bunk bed was folded up against the wall. apparently a sleeping couch. The next, lower compartment was perhaps only four feet high, was lined with reconstituted stone tiles. Two chains, one near the door, the other almost against the wall, dangled from two holes set in the top surface if the wall dividing this from the first room. The floor of this room was made from concrete slab, and sloped towards the wall. Lights had been set into the sloping surface of both rooms.
The project completion day was tomorrow. L decided he had to try to escape before the project ended, as he at least knew what the day would bring, but not what would follow. He had amassed about £2000, and had found an electric drill tool, a Dremel, to which he could fit a small grinding wheel. He had noted that most of the "visitors" to the House arrived at 11am, and stayed at least one hour. He also realised that on most occasions, only Mistress Alice was in the house. He knew Mistress Ayesha, as Jane, would be at the University, and the Mistresses Claire and Steph rarely appeared, and when they did, it was always late in the afternoon. He guessed they were students.
At 11am the next day, Judy duly arrived, crawling on all fours behind Mistress Alice. The door to the Room closed, and the familiar sound of the crop wielded with its usual accuracy was dimly heard. L rushed down the hall, opened the wooden box and removed another wad of money, grabbed the stash hidden in the tiny triangular room, and went straight to the garage. Removing the overalls, he unlaced the corset, today the black PVC one with the pins pricking his skin, and fetched the Dremel. He unclipped the busks and turned the loosed corset around so the padlock securing the collar was at the front of his neck. Inserting a small piece of steel betwen his throat and the collar, he turned n the Dremel and used the grinding wheel to cut throught the padlock loop, using a small piece of mirror that he had found in one of the tool drawers to see what he was doing. Freed from the corset, he went to work on the punishment belt, cutting away the steel strap that went between his legs, at the hinge in front, rightly guessing it to be the weakest and most safely accessible part. The belt dropped away, and he gently extracted the hated plug. Quickly putting on the overalls, he stuffed the cash into a pocket and lifted the main door, looking out at freedom. He gently closed the door and walked quickly down the drive, towards the railway station.
As he left the garage, from just above the door, a tiny light went out.
Mistesses Ayesha, Alice, Steph and Claire watched as the monitor displayed L's retreating figure.
"Well, ladies, Party Time"
"We'll give him another minute then get the van started"
L walked quickly down the road, past the houses hidden behind the tall hedges. It was mid-morning, and the streets were almost empty. He started to relax, mulling over the possibilities for his future. First, buy some clothes, perhaps a backpack, so he could travel easily, go to another part of the country and find somewhere cheap to stay, then find some work to keep him going. After the recent work on the project, he felt he could get a job doing most types of minor construction work. And the weather was fine, the temperature up on previous days. And he didn't notice the nondescript white van drive past him.
Rounding the corner, Mistress Ayesha stopped the van, to let Mistress Steph get out, to start walking along the quiet street, in the same direction that L was going. L rounded the corner, walking past the parked van, not really noticing it, but certainly noticing the young lady walking ahead of him. Dressed in a well-fitted red jacket, and with a tight black pencil skirt, her sexy sway cheered L up no end. Always, like most men, appreciative of a shapely female, he could not help slow down his pace a little to enjoy the view. The skirt was split upwards from the rear hem, and as L got closer, he realised it went almost half way up her thighs. Even more, he caught a flash of white skin at the top of the split, she was wearing stockings, black, and pointed toe high heels. Very nice, thought L, just as the lady appeared to drop something. As she bent down, her skirt rode up her legs, the split opening further, clearly revealing suspender clips as well as a significant area of bare flesh above the welts of the stockings.
Just at that moment, the white van braked sharply, right next to L. The side door slid noisily open, and L looked towards it instinctively. As he turned to look, someone pushed him violently forward. He glanced over his shoulder, and recognised the lady was Mistress Steph. Before he could gather his thoughts, his arms were grabbed and he was dragged into the van. Two figures in overalls pushed him to the floor, one of them pulling his hands behind his back, the other whipping a cable tie-wrap around his wrists. Another was quickly fixed around his ankles, then another round his knees. Mistress Steph climbed quickly into the van and picked up a black cloth bag which she drew over L's head, then another tie-wrap was unceremoniously looped round his face, as it was drawn tighter pulling the hood into his mouth, serving the dual purpose of securing it in place and gagging him.
"Those tie-wraps are really good for a quick restraint, where did you get them? L recognised the voice as that of Mistress Claire.
"I get them from an electrical supply shop, I usually use them for making stays in my corsets. Got the idea from a forum on the internet"
The van returned to the House, backing up the drive to the garage. Mistress Ayesha opened the rear door of the van, and then the garage door, and the four bundled the helpless L into the garage, shutting the door.
"Escaping is one thing, but you really should not have stolen from us" "You can stay in the cage whilst we decide on your punishment and future training." "Strip him" Four pairs of hands removed the overalls and boots in seconds.L was pushed and pulled into the cage, the door locked, and the four Mistresses left him in the cold garage, switching off the light on the way out. The sound of an engine starting told L the van was being taken away, and after that, silence. Making himself as comfortable as he could, which was not very, L shivered, terrified of what would happen next.
Several hours later, Mistress Alice returned. "Get out of the cage" she ordered. L managed to pull his feet towards the opened door, and push them through, the wriggled his body against the cold steel bars, eventually collapsing in a heap on the concrete floor. Mistresses Steph and Claire arrived, carrying a small bag, which appeared to be heavy, judging by the thump as it landed on the floor next to L. The clink of metal on metal did not bode well. Opening the bag, Mistress Steph took out two metal cuffs, much heavier than any L had seen before, made from a dull metal, steel probably, and with an unfinished surface, so rust was visible.
"Stand him up next to the bench" L was hauled to his feet, still bound by the cable tie-wraps. Mistress Claire brough wire-cutters and clipped the tie-wrap securing his hands. She grasped his left hand whilst Mistress Alice grabbed the right, quickly hinging the cuff shut, around his wrist. She pulled L's arm towards the heavy vice on the bench, and took what looked like a metal rod with a half-round cap at one end from the bag, pushing it through two adjacent holes on the cuffs. Using the vice as an anvil, she brought a heavy hammer down onto the protruding rod. L realised with horror that he was now rivetted into the cuff. It would take serious work with a big grinder to release him. He struggled, but with his legs tightly bound, he simply over-balanced, saved from falling onto the ground by the two Mistresses.
"That is another punishment on the list" said Mistress Alice, taking his left hand and repeating the process. The cuffs were locked behind his back again, and the cutters used to free his legs. Another pair of heavy hinged cuffs came out of the bag, this time linked with chain. Again the rivets were placed and hammered over, a process made possible by pulling first one leg, then the other, up to the vice and twisting L around so the metal was in the right position. With L now lying on the ground, with his feet up on the edge of the bench, Mistress Alice gave him a sharp slash with her crop. "Now get up"
L shuffled his feet off the bench and rolled on his side, drawing his feet towards his bottom. By pushing with his hands, he was able to lean against the leg of the bench and shuffle his body up, until he was standing, naked, shivering from cold and fear, hands secured behind his back, legs hobbled with a chain perhaps twelve inches long.
"I think Linda would like to see the new accomodation centre" said Mistress Alice. "Come along, Linda"
Across the open path from the garage to the kitchen, then into the hall. L knew only too well what was there. The large cell was quite comfortable, with a bed and walls that were warm to the touch. But no, the door that was open was for the small triangular-section cell. Mistress Claire bent down, and half-entered the cell, moving back out dragging a heavy chain, then pulled a second chain from near the door. Mistress Alice put pressure on L's shoulders, "Kneel" she commanded, bending to unlock the padlock joining his hand cuffs. Using that padlock, she locked L's left cuff to the longer chain, then Mistress Steph handed her another which she used to secure his right cuff to the shorted chain. Although L had built the cells, he had not seen drawing to explain what was going on, except that he knew there were two holes in the wall between the two cells. All became clear a moment later, when Mistress Ayesha opened the other cells door, and went inside. Suddenly the long chain clattered, and as the tension increased, L was drawn towards the tiny cell door. A tap from MIstress Alice's crop showed him he was meant to get into the cell, and as he did so, the long chain pulled again, until his hand was almost against the cell wall. The same thing happened with the other chain, his left wrist pulled almost tight against the wall. There was a rattling noise from the other cell, then a click, and L found the chains were now fixed, leaving him able only to move his hands slightly one way or the other. Whilst manoeuvering his hands into the right position, he had also brought his shackled legs into the cell, so that he was now sitting, arms raised, feet pulled up towards his body.
A light, behind a polycarbonate panel, came on, almost directly in front of his face. The light was bright, and hurt his eyes. There was a clang as the barred door slammed shut, the large padlock clicking into place on the door bolt. This was, perhaps, an un-necessary addition, L was not going anywhere with his wrists chained to the wall, but it lent an air of finality. The outer door also closed.
In the light, L surveyed his surroundings, though knowing their construction all too well. Beneath him were concrete flagstones, cold, thick and heavy, sloping towards the wall, where there was a deep channel that connected to an external drain. In front, to his left and behind were stone tiles, rough and cold. To his right was the barred door, then the outer wooden door. He had fitted the thick insulation, soundproofing the cells. Ventilation came via slots in the outer door, cunningly designed to allow air in, but exclude light entirely.
The light went out, but not before L noticed a row of small holes in the sloping wall in front of him. He hadn't put them there, nor had he seen a drawing showing them or their purpose. Puzzled, he shuffled in a vain attempt to get more comfortable. The silence was broken by a hissing sound. Gas ? he panicked. No, sound. White noise. Not loud, just enough to be heard, blotting out even the small sounds he made by moving the chains on his legs.
Hours later, stiff and sore, L was launched into consciousness by the light suddenly switching on. The outer door opened, and a metal bowl was slid under the bottom of the barred door, then a plastic bottle. The outer door shut, then the chain to his right hand loosened. Enough for him to reach the bowl. Having not eaten since breakfast, how many hours ago? he wasted no time in bringing it to his face, sniffed and almost threw up. Dog food! He put the bowl down in disgust. But he was thirsty, and hoped the bottle contained water. But how to open it, as it was a screw-top bottle. After a moment's thought, he held the bottle and lifted it to his still secured left hand, gripped the top and unscrewed it. It was indeed water, and he drank thirstily, until it was all gone. As if he was being observed, and he thought, probably was, the left-hand chain suddenly tightened, drawing his hand back to its helpless position on the wall. The outer door opened, and a hand reached in to remove the bowl and bottle.
"Hmmm, not hungry today" the outer door shut, and the light went out, throwing L into darkness.
Some time later, the light came on again. Some time later it went off. L was losing track of time.
The light came on. The outer door opened, then the barred door was unlocked. Hands appeared, holding a plastic sheet, polycarbonate again. L remembered cutting it, but there was noe explanation as to its purpose. The purpose, or at least the position, became clear as the hands shifted their position, sliding the panel into grooves either side of doorway and floor, then clipping it place. The plastic formed low wall, perhaps six inches high. Bemused, L watched the barred door close, locked, then the outer dorr closed. And the light went off.
Time passed. L's bladder was beginning to feel full. Time passed. Discomfort. Severe discomfort. Relief, as L urinated straight onto the floor.
L drifted off into a fitful sleep, his bottom and legs wet, though the sloping floor drained most away. Without warning, L was hit by a blast of icy water. Coming from somewhere in front of him. That was the purpose of the holes. Now soaking wet, L shivered. So he was not to be allowed out of the cell for the use of a toilet.
Defeated, L waited, slept as best he could, until the door opened, and the bowl of dog food was placed beside him again, and so the cycle repeated. For how long? After seven cycles, days? he capitulated and ate the dog-food. Cramped, stiff and almost unable to move his legs and arms, he began to welcome the opening of the door, even the rush of water as it cleaned him, his waste, and the cell.
The outer door opened, no bowl. The chains slackened. A hand pushed a metal collar, the design similar to the wrist and ankle cuffs, which by now were very rusty, a padlock and a length of heavy chain. "Put it on"
L had no willpower to resist, with shaking hands he linked the heavy collar around his neck and clicked the padlock shut. "You can come out now" The chains linking his wrists slackened further and he shuffled, crawled out of the cell, blinking in the light of the hallway. Staggering, he fell to his knees, his legs so unused to walking. The cuffs were unlocked from their chains. The chain to his collar was pulled, directing him into the other, larger cell. The tension stopped, and there was a loud click as the end of the chain was locked to one of the wall-mounted rings. Barely taking in his new surroundings, L collaped on the floor, hands pulling his wrists together, locking them in place. Then the barred door clanged shut, the lock clicked, and the outer door shut. L slept.
You know" said Mistress Ayesha, " It's really amazing how quickly someone can lose track of time. He's only been in there three days, but with seven cycles of feeding, washing, light on, light off, he has no idea of reality."
"And look what it's done to his spirit, no fight in him. Though he will still need firm handling to keep him that way, once his strength starts to recover" Mistress Alice smiled "I'm sure we can think of something"
Hours later, L awoke, startled into consciousness by the overhead light coming on. Looking around him, he could see the bare grey walls of the cell, the heavily barred door and the sound-proofed outer door. The bed was stowed against the wall, hinged so it gave more space. L saw the heavy chain from his steel collar rising to its attachment to the wall, then felt the links move on the chain restraining his ankles. With hands cuffed closely together, he pushed himself into a sitting position.
The outer door opened, and all four Mistresses were revealed outside. Mistress Ayesha spoke.
"You came to this House of your own volition. You showed an early trait of dishonesty, not telling me of your intentions and taking our money for your gratification. Although I admit your subsequent training may not have been entirely as you wished, it satisfied most of your inner desires and fantasies that you listed before you first arrived. Then you decided to leave, again with no explanation. And finally, you stole from all of us"
Mistress Alice stepped forward.
"We have discussed the matter, and have decided a rigorous course of training is required, to help you see the error of your ways. Mistress Steph was very sorry to see you have cut away the collar she gave you, and damaged it beyond repair. She has something to show you"
Mistress Steph stepped forward, holding another collar.
"This collar is almost the same as the first one, but you will appreciate the extra features."
With that, Mistress Claire opened the cell door.
"Step forward, Linda"
As L did so, Mistress Steph slipped the new collar round his neck. There was no padlock, just sprung tangs that slid together and clicked. L remembered reading "The Story of O", where she was locked into chastity by a ring threaded through holes punched in her labia. That ring had interlocking tangs, once together there was no way of removing the ring except grinding the very hard metal, a highly dangerous operation.
"Bring him outside for the demonstration"
Stumbling naked into the cold air, outside in the garden, held by Mistress Steph at the other end of the rusty chain still fixed to his collar, L looked at the concrete slab. Somewhat strangely, there was a large marrow, held upright by three bricks. Mistress Claire went over to the slab, and carefully laid a collar identical to the one around L's neck over the marrow.
"Think of that marrow as your neck, Linda" smiled Mistress Alice. She took out a small box, which L recognised as something like the controller for the electric butt-plug.
"You remember what happened when you got out of range on the cycle ride " L did, only too well. "So watch what happens when I turn the transmitter off"
There was a pause, perhaps thirty seconds. Then a bang, and the marrow disintegrated. L fainted.
"Get some water" Mistress Claire fetched a bucket, ran some water from the tap, then threw the contents over L.
"Come on, Linda, it was only a small bang" L slowly raised his head, looked at the remnants of the marrow, and slumped back to the ground, then opened his eyes fully and shivered violently.
"I think we should put him back in his nice warm cell" said Mistress Ayesha. Pulling the shattered L to his feet, Mistresses Steph and Claire helped him into the kitchen, then let him slide to the floor. Mistress Alice "encouraged" him towards the hall, and the larger cell with taps of her crop on his rear. Still wearing the cuffs, L was chained to a pair of rings in the taller wall, the chains being long enough to let him sit on the floor, or stand.
"When the lights come on next time, Linda, you must get dressed in the clothes in front of you" L looked, but the clothes were within a black sack, looking rather like the one used to blindfold him during his re-capture. The steel barred door was slammed shut and locked, the outer door closed and the light went out, plunging L into total darkness.
"Steph, how on earth did you do that, it was seriously impressive. Linda thought so, anyway"
"Oh, it was easy, just a little stage-management. Lyss did nothing at all, she just pretended to work the transmitter. I got the idea from our Dad. When he was a teenager, he and a friend used to wrap "bangers" round and round with tape, having first put a cable, with a very thin strand of wire between them, across the fuse of the firework, then carrying on wrapping the tape round until it was completely covered. They used to drop them down a street drain, run the cable back a distance, then connect a battery. The thin wire gets hot, starts the fuse and BANG!. Lovely echo, he said." Steph laughed. "Of course bangers are banned, so I had to improvise with ordinary fireworks, gunpowder goes bang if it is in a tight space."
"Pity about the marrow" Claire giggled.
"Pity about Linda's nerves" said Lyss.
"Oh well, back to the training course" said Jane.
The four Mistresses went back into the House, shared a bottle or two of wine, had dinner and went to bed. L slumped against the wall, in the dark cell, and dozed, hanging from the chains securing his wrists.
Morning came, or more accurately, the light came on in L's cell. Without him realising, the chains holding him in a sitting position had released, and he was able to move the entire length of the cell, all six feet. He opened the black bag at the far side of the cell. He recognised the black corset that he had been wearing before the escape, the stockings and the thong. In addition was the black skirt, red jacket and white blouse that had featured as his dress a while ago. With his hands chained to the wall, albeit loosely, he could put on only the corset. At the bottom of the bag was a pair of black, high-heeled shoes, with an ankle strap to keep them securely in place. He looked at the blouse, how to put that on? It was silk. Then he remembered another web-site, where a sub girl had described how she undressed out of her bra and panties, whilst hand and ankle cuffed. The trick was to thread the clothing past the cuff on one hand, then continue the process with the other. Possible with the thin silk blouse. After spending a few minutes working out which part needed to go through first, L worked the blouse sleeve, then the body past the cuff, then continued with the other until both blouse cuffs were under their respective steel cuff, and the blouse around his body. He buttoned it up the front, and buttoned the cuffs too. The same trick with the thong and stockings. He remembered to put the latter two on before struggling to lace up the corset, clipping the stockings in place before the tightness of the corset made twisting to fit the rear suspenders so much more difficult. The skirt followed. Then the shoes. Feeling very pleased with himself, he waited.
A while later, the light came on and the outer door opened, a bowl was pushed through the slot under the inner barred door, together with a bottle of water. At least this time the bowl contained porridge, not exciting but edible and sustaining" L ate, it was along time since he had had anything remotely decent to eat. The door closed again. Leaving L in silence, but at least less hungry and thirsty.
The outer door opened. "Stand up!" Mistress Alice did not look pleased. "You have not followed instuctions. You are not wearing the jacket!"
"But I couldn't......" L stopped speaking, realising what he had done.
"And look at the state of that blouse" L looked at it, seeing the rust stains all over it. He noticed that the stockings were laddered, the rough metal having done the damage as he threaded them past the cuffs and up his legs.
"Put your hands through the bars" L complied. Mistress Alice unlocked the chains securing L to the wall, loose as they were, they fell to the floor with a clatter. "Now turn round and put the both through the same gap in the bars". With difficulty, L put his right wrist above his left and held them exposed to Mistress Alice, who locked thenm together. "Now, kneel down facing the wall"
The click, clack of heels told L that another Mistress had arrived. The cell door opened, and a leash was clipped to the collar. Mistess Steph's collar. The exploding collar. L almost cried.
"Stand up" "Follow me" not that L had much choice, as Mistress Ayesha pulled on the leash, directing him into the Room. A clatter of chain and a snap-link appeared before L's face, as he was pushed forward and under it, then the cuffs were lifted above his back and the click indicated he was now connected to the overhead winch. Another clatter of chain and the tension forced him to bend over, his arms almost vertical above him.
The slash of the crop came as no surprise. He had been on the wrong end of enough punishments to recognise the strappado was intended to make him savour them.
"Well, Linda" said Mistress Ayesha, "Mistress Alice tells me you have been very naughty. Not wearing the jacket, speaking when you were not given permission, putting rust-marks on that nice white blouse, and laddering your stockings. Shall we say ten strokes for each. And ten more for luck"
Just then, the Mistresses Claire and Steph arrived, carrying a whip, crop, flogger and strap between them, They made much of showing L the implements of his impending punishment.
"Mistress Steph, would you remove Linda's skirt. So much unnecessary protection"
"Choose your weapons, ladies, random fire"
construction work
L hung from the chain, the strain on his shoulders curently being masked by the repeated lashes over his buttocks and legs, struggling to stay upright. In the haze of pain he decided the whip was the worst punishment, the single tail making a stripe of white-hot pain wherever it landed, particularly when it curled round his legs. He lost count somewhere around thirty, though he was in no position to stop the onslaught, and could only hope it stopped soon.
And it did. The winch clattered, and his arms descended, until he could stand upright, the pain of the beating slowly subsiding. His cuffs were unlocked by Mistress Claire.
"We have some work for you, Linda. Put on your overalls and boots. Follow me" said Mistress Alice, the instigator of the project.
Shuffling behind her, held by the leash, through the kitchen and out to the garden, and the concrete pad recently used for the graphic demonstration of the collar. The remains of the marrow were still there, a terrible reminder of his fate if he left the confines of the invisible barrier.
"You can start by clearing up the mess. Your task for today is to build a special construction. These instructions will explain"
There was no need to chain L this time, the collar being all that he needed, though he still wore the wrist and ankle cuffs so securely rivetted in place. He also still wore the corset, thong and laddered stockings, the dirty white blouse providing a little extra insulation againts the cold February day. He looked at the instructions. As usual, they were very clear as to the task, though gave little to glean an understanding of the purpose.
The construction looked uncomfortably like a coffin, about six feet long, perhaps two feet high and less than three feet wide. The materials were concrete blocks and mortar, though there was some woodwork as well. The plans showed the construction situated along one edge of the concrete pad, about a foot in, clear of the steel eyebolts already in place around the edges. L started by marking out the outline of the construction with tapes, checking the dimensions carefully. A pile of blocks was stacked about twenty yards away, but no wheelbarrow to collect them in. Another part of the punishment. He would have to carry the blocks one at a time. A large square of plywood was next to the garage, the instructions mentioning the bags of cement in the garage, to keep them dry, whilst the sand was in a heap at the bottom of the garden, another task. Using one bucket for sand, L made the trip ten times, emptying the sand onto the board, then two trips to the garage for bucketfuls of cement. Not surprisingly, the water tap was by the side of the kitchen, yet another few yards to carry the heavy items. L mixed up the mortar at the required ratio of 5 sand to 1 of cement. He laid a short strip of mortar along the perimeter of the construction, then collected a block and laid it down. And again, and again. After several hours of heavy work, the basic shape was in place, two courses of blocks forming a rectangle, though with one short end completely open.
Mistress Alice came into the garden, and inspected the work. "Not bad, I think you deserve some food, Linda. Go into the garage and pop into your cage, locking the door" The cheery nature of her voice and turn of phrase contrasted starkly with what he had been asked to do. But he did, crawling into the confined space and locking the door. A few minutes later, Mistress Claire brought him a bowl of stew and potatoes, and a bottle of water. "We need to keep you healthy, there's lots of work to do". This time, L also had a spoon to eat with, so the mess he had got into before would not happen again, at least not this time.
Some while after he had finished, Mistress Alice entered the garage, carrying more plans. She put them down on the workbench. "The next stage is some woodwork, you will find all the tools you need in here. When you are finished, take off the overalls and boots, and get back in the cage and lock it. If everything is to my satisfaction, you will have some more food and a blanket. If not, you can guess the consequences" She dropped the key into the cage and left L to extricate himself.
L looked at the plans. They showed several pieces of quite thick wood, and the assembly of several units, but again gave no clue as to their function. There were six units forming channels, as though a square block had had a channel gouged out along its length, but actually made from three pices of wood, each about one inch thick. A single length of wood, some four by two inches, twenty eight inches long. Then there were six panels, cut from thick plywood, each about two feet long and nine inches wide. As if paired, they had semicircular cut-outs, one had just one central cutout, about six inches across, another pair two smaller cutouts spaced about six inches apart, and finally two with perhaps four inch cutouts spaced about eighteen inches apart. The plans showed them all to be well sanded, with rounded edges on all the cutouts. Finally, a panel of the thick plywood, framed by some strip wood, about twenty eight inches square.
L busied himself with the woodwork. He quite enjoyed this, savouring the smell of frreshly cut, planed wood. The sanding of the panels was quite satisfying, and he almost regretted it when he came to stack the finished items on the bench, after meticulously cleaning up the dust and shavings, into the waste bin. It was getting dark, and he was getting hungry. He crawled into the cage and locked himself in. Waiting.
After about half an hour, Mistress Alice came in. She picked up every piece, checked the measurements against the plan, nodding approvingly. L relaxed.
"Ouch, splinters"
L shuddered. He knew what that meant.
"I will be generous. The work is very good, and that was just one splinter. Just ten strokes of the crop to look forward to in the morning."
She left, though shortly after Mistress Claire came in with another bowl of stew and some water. " I hear you are going to have a trip out tomorrow, won't that be nice?"
In the silence after she left, he wondered what Mistress Claire meant. Most of the time outside had been either exercise or embarrassment. But with nothing to work on, he decided it was a fruitless exerise, and after some wriggling in the confined space, went to sleep.
Morning came. Mistress Alice strode into the garage, carrying her crop. Throwing the key to L, she said "Out. Now, Linda"
"Bend over the bench" the ten strokes followed quickly, L gritting his teeth so as to not scream out and gain another punishent.
"I'm going to remove the cuffs. This may hurt, and you will have to co-operate and not move at all."
Putting on protective goggles, she advanced with an angle-grinder. Pulling L's hand towards the vice, she clamped it in place, switched on the grinder, and in a shower of sparks removed the rivet. L was grateful the cuff dropped off easily, as the grinding had heated it up to an uncomfortable temperature. This was repeated with the other cuff, then L had to stand on one leg for the ankle cuffs to be clamped, ground and removed.
Mistress Ayesha came in, holding a small bag. "Here are your clothes for today, you can keep the corset on, but there are fresh clothes to put over it". L opened the bag, to find another, clean white blouse, a neat black knee-length skirt and new stockings. A red jacket, similar to the one worn by Mostress Steph, and a pair of black heeled boots completed the outfit. Finally, a small make-up bag and mirror. "You will need to give your wig a good combing, and try to do a good job with the makeup. You are going out today"
L did the best he could, and half an hour later, was ready to face the world as Linda.
Follow me, Linda" Mistress Ayesha walked towards the Room. This gave L little confidence that things were going to go his way, but there was little he could do, but follow. "Bend over that bar, Linda"
Mistress Alice advanced on L, raised his skirt and pulled the thong aside. The well-lubricated plug slid in, L's eyes opening wide as the thickest part forced its way past his sphincter, then the sudden acceleration as the muscles drew down to accept the narrow neck. "You will appreciate this new plug, Linda, no wires at all, but still radio-controlled. Same method of operation. Get out of range of the transmitter and you get a shock. Disobey
Mistress Ayesha and you get a shock. Simple, really". "The good thing is that the shock will warn you not to stray too far from Mistress Ayesha, as she will be carrying the collar transmitter, and you certainly don't want to get out of range of that one, do you"
"No, Mistress Alice" L said, without thinking, the memory of the exploding marrow fresh in his mind.
"That will be ten strokes of the crop". "Stay where you are."
"How does she manage to get them all in the same place" thought L, ruefully as he rubbed the sore stripe across his rump, after he had been given permission to stand up. Pulling his skirt back down, he followed Mistress Ayesha out of the Room, down the hall and into the open air, the coolness relieving a little of the pain as the air blew up his skirt and across his bare bottom. Thongs and stockings had their good points.
They approached Jane's car. "Turn round" L did so, his wrists being snared in a pair of handcuffs, quickly ratcheted down tight locking his hands behind him. "Can't have you distracting me whilst I'm driving.". Mistress Ayesha opened the rear door and pushed L towards it. He got in, back first, and slumped onto the seat, exposing his stocking tops. "Not very ladylike, Linda, a punishment for that. Later." In silence, Mistress Ayesha got into the driving seat, started the car and reversed out onto the road, heading towards the nearby town.
The journey continued, L suddenly recognising the route back to their home. And so it was, half an hour later they arrived at their front door.
"Get out of the car and follow me" L did so, feeling rather strange, entering his house after several days, as Linda, handcuffed.. "Go upstairs and pack all your clothes, and I mean all, in the suitcases in your old bedroom" L started to go upstairs, then suddenly thought "your old bedroom" "that was the one he and Jane shared all these years."
"Hurry up, Linda"
L dejectedly climbed the rest of the stairs and went into the bedroom. On the bed was a key for the cuffs. After a bit of a struggle, he managed to get the tiny key into the lock in the first cuff, then more easily unlocked the second, now able to see what he was doing. There on the bed were two large suitcases. He carefully packed the suits, shirts, pullovers, socks, pants, ties, pyjamas, everything he could find. Half an hour later, he finished, and staggered down the stairs with the two heavy cases.
Mistress Ayesha was in the kitchen. "Tea, Linda? L nodded. It had been some while since he had had a drink. He drank. In silence.
"Now, Linda, we are going into town to do some shopping. You'll like that, won't you? Just one thing, you do not speak to anyone" "Understand?"
L nodded. "Take the cases to the car"
L put the cases in the boot, and walked slowly round to the rear door. Again, Mistress Ayesha cuffed him, L, this time taking more care, got into the back and sat as primly as he could. The drive into town took only a few minutes, and they parked near the main shopping centre. Mistrress Ayesha came round to the rear door, opened it and leaned in, unlocking the cuffs.
"Out you get, and bring the suitcases, and follow me"
L did as he was told, wobbling a little on the high heels, the stress of carrying the cases making his balance even more precarious. Down the street, past the clothes shops, newsagent, chemist when Mistress Ayesha stopped, and gestured L to follow her through the door of the shop. A charity shop. L had a moment of horror. All his clothes were to be given away. He dropped the cases, and blindly started to rush through the door onto the street. A jolt of electricity kicked him out of his folly. He yelled out in pain, causing several shoppers to look at him. Mistress Ayesha came out of the shop, and walked towards him smiling.
"There, there, Linda, the claustrophobia still upsetting you. She gently put her arm around L's shoulder. Try again, Linda, with me" and then in a whisper in L's ear "Try that again and you'll get full power"
They walked back inside the shop, and one of the assistants who had seen L's rapid exit came towards them.
"Can I help you?"
"Yes" said Mistress Ayesha, "Poor Linda here has recently lost her husband, at least, he has gone forever, and as part of her therapy, she wants to give all his clothes to your charity, to sell as you wish"
The assistant looked at L with a kindly expression.
"Poor you, but it is very brave of you" L smiled, weakly. She took the two cases into the storeroom.
"Thank you so much, is there anything you would like in return, some clothes for yourself. No charge, of course, as you have been so generous."
L said nothing. "Thank you so much" said Mistress Ayesha "Linda finds it very hard to speak, the stress has really caused her lots of problems, she is often in great pain". "She could do with some nice satin blouses, perhaps a more formal skirt or two, and some shoes, something nice and strappy and girly to cheer her up" The assistant spent a few minutes looking through the stock, coming back with a dozen items to try. "You have a changing room?"
"Oh yes, through there"
L could not believe he was expected to strip to his underwear, in a shop, behind a thin curtain. But yes, Mistress Ayesha indicated, that was exactly what he was to do. Mistress Ayesha went out of the changing cubicle, and had a quick word with the assistant. A minute later, the assistant came into the cubicle, holding a pair of high-heeled shoes. L grabbed the skirt he had just taken off and clutched it across his chest.
"That is a wonderful corset, where did you get it?"
L pulled the lady towards him "Call the police, I'm a man, held against my will".
"Yes dear, of course you are, try these shoes"
"Everything all right" called MIstress Ayesha.
"Yes, fine" said the assistant, though as she walked close to Mistress Ayesha, she said quietly "Just as you said, poor thing is very deluded, thinks she's a man, and you are holding her against her will".
"Yes" said Mistress Ayesha, " but her treatment is having a great effect, not long ago she just would not wear a skirt, always trousers. Something to do with her man going off like that"
"Linda, why don't you take your new clothes back to the car, I'll help you with this bag" The assistant opened the door and smiled at L as he walked out of the shop, following Mistress Ayesha to the car.
"In the back, put on the cuffs"
L watched, dejectedly, as they drove back to the House. Mistress Alice greeted Mistress Ayesha at the door. "How did it go?"
"I think Linda needs some more treatment"
cell time
"Linda, go to the Room, strip down to your corset and thong, put you shoes on, fit the ankle cuffs, then shackle yourself to the winch chain, the cuffs are by the door" Mistress Ayesha pointed to the open door. Mistress Ayesha took Mistress Alice into the sitting room, still able to watch as L started to strip, as instructed.
"I think we need another hard shock, then some physical labour interspersed with a bit of girlie time" said Mistress Ayesha. "I think you should deal with this, I have a heavy schedule coming up, with a two-week conference in the States"
"No problem" said Mistress Alice, "It will be my pleasure". "Incidentally, Carol is really turning out to be a good pupil, very useful"
The two walked into the Room, where the unfortunate L was hanging from the winch chain, wearing just the corset and thong. Mistress Alice went to the store cupboard and after a few minutes, brought out a long spreader bar and a small bag. She clipped the spreader bar to L's ankles, forcing them almost four feet apart, stretching him by his arms, the spread reducing his height considerably. Bringing a small stool, she placed it below L's botton, then went to the control panel and lowered the winch chain until was was just able to sit on the stool, his legs bent at the knees so his thighs were horozontal. Mistress Ayesha looked puzzled. Spotting this, Mistress Alice enigmatically said "I've been wanting to try this for ages, should be fun to watch"
Next, she took about twenty small pegs from the bag. These were actually normal clothes pegs that had been sanded down, so the jaws were only about half an inch long. Each clip had a short length of string on it. Mistress Alice proceeded to clip the pegs in a line along the lower part of L's thighs, pinching the delicate skin painfully. Threading each string through the central eyelet on the spreader bar, she tensioned each string so that it was just tight but not pulling on its peg. Then she took the stool away.
L desperately held his weight on the chain, it being quite slack so his cuffed hands were at chest height, not the easiest position to support himself. His legs, stretched out, the feet twisted outwards to try to stabilise him, but the high heels forcing his knees outwards, put a tremendous strain on his leg muscles. Fatigue started to set in almost immediately, his arms tiring, letting his body drop, relieving the pain from the pegs pulling his tender skin but seriously adding to the strain on his leg muscles, which desperately wanted to be relieved of the stretching. L realised the only way to stop the muscle shake and energy-draining posture was to stand up, ripping the pegs from his skin. He had only been in the postion ten minutes, when the pain in his muscles became intolerable and the shaking uncontrollable. Gritting his teeth, he stood, rapidly, and screamed as the pegs, one by one, pulled away from his legs.
"Don't the clips make a pretty pattern?" Mistress Alice powered the winch again, this time stretching L as far as he could go. "I think he should have his punishment now. You said she was unladylike, in the back of the car, showing his stocking tops to anyone walking by". "She seems to have trouble keeping her knees together" With that, Mistress Alice picked up a small whip and advanced on L.
"Five per leg, I think"
L screamed once more as the whip wrapped around his left thigh. "Oh, I really can't put up with all that noise, would you be so kind as to gag her?"
Mistress Ayesha fetched a ball-gag, pinched Linda's nose and pushed the ball in when her mouth opened. Strapping it firmly into place, she said "It's for your own good"
The next nine lashes resulted in less noise, but a set of very red weals on the outside of Linda's thighs. "Just to remind you to keep your legs in a ladylike position, at least when you are not wearing a nice spreader bar"
"In a while, we'll continue the punishments for trying to escape again, and then for lying to the nice assistant in the charity shop, held against your will, really a man. Rubbish"
Mistress Ayesha unclipped the spreader bar, whilst Mistress Alice lowered the winch, unclipping the cuffs, leaving Linda to stand in the middle of the room, shaking from the stress on her legs.
"Into the hall, stand by the cell door" Mistress Ayesha went ahead of them. L hoped that it would be the larger door that was opened, but no, Mistress Ayesha bent down and opened the small triangular door of the confinement cell.
"Now strip, everything off"
As L unlaced the corset, Mistress Ayesha bent further into the cell, then came out drawing the chain from the furthest anchor point. Once L had finished undressing, the chain was locked to the cuffs, and Mistress Alice went into the larger cell and started to pull on the chain, drawing L first to the floor, then into the tiny cell. Once inside, Mistress Ayesha pushed the door shut and locked it. With the chain locked, L was forced to sit almost against the outer wall, practically in the gutter used to flush away waste. The outer door shut, plunging L into darkness. Then the water burst out of the jets above and in front of him, dousing him with freezing cold water.

Then the water stopped, the white noise started, masking out the few tiny noises not stopped by the soundproofing that he, himself, had installed.
The two Mistresses went into the kitchen.
"I think we deserve a nice cup of tea" said Mistress Ayesha.
Linda wondered how things could possibly get worse.
no talking
Mistresses Ayesha and Alice were finishing their tea, discussing Linda's "treatment". The general feeling was that she needed punishing, and another spell in the confinement cell had just started. "Try reducing the cycle time to about twelve hours, we have work for Linda and seven full twenty-four hour cycles will take too long, and anyway we want her to stay sane, just moulded to what she deserves, and may even subconsciously want". Mistress Alice agreed, deferring to her superior in both age and experience in Psychology.
"By the way", said Mistress Alice, "Carol tells me he, or should I say she, is happy to exchange sessions in detention for some work for us. I showed him the plans for the little construction Linda started. He says we should really have marked the drainage more clearly, but Linda has placed the blockwork correctly, so he has knocked through the thin skin and fitted the grill cover in the centre, as designed. He's also fitted the top and door, so that's another toy to play with"
"But you do have another project for Linda, don't you?" "Oh yes" said Mistress Alice, with an evil grin.
Time passed slowly for L, languishing in the tiny triangular-sectioned cell, uncomfortably twisted to one side, continuously shuffling around trying to gain a more comfortable position. The darkness was punctuated by regular periods of light, spraying of water to clean the cell and its unfortunate occupant, and bowls of disgusting but edible food. L suspected they had changed the diet to cat food, which was marginally worse than the dog food previously given to him. The chain was slackened for him to eat and drink, but he was only given a few minutes to finish before his arms were dragged back to their suspension point in the corner. He desperately tried to keep track of time, but the total lack of outside stimuli and cues made it increasingly difficult, until after the third cycle he had lost track entirely. His whole thinking centred on what he could do to please his Mistresses, so they would let him out and conduct a more normal life.
So it was a great relief when the outer door opened, and instead of handing him a bowl of food, the barred door was unlocked, his suspension chain released, and he willingly accepted the order to get out of the cell. Unable to stand, and with his wrists still cuffed together, L following Mistress Alice into the room on hands and knees. She pointed to the wet-room door, and he continued to crawl towards the door, and into the tiled room. Mistress Alice followed him, bringing with her a steel collar linked to a long chain. Bending over the exhausted L, she locked the collar around his neck, then locked the other end of the chain to one of the many rings set into the walls.
"You can have a shower and get the use of your limbs back. Then you can enjoy your next punishment"
An hour later, L had showered, and was able to walk around the room, limited by his chain. Now clean and warm, he began to worry about the punishment to come. He had been released from the confinement cell, so presumeably he would not be returning there. Perhaps the bigger cell, or even back to the spare room in his, no Jane's, house. His reverie was interrupted by Mistress Alice, click clacking into the Room, and then into the wet-room, dressed very severely in a tight black leather catsuit, with shiny high heeled boots making their familiar noise, boding pain rather than pleasure. Unlocking the chain from the wall, Mistress Alice pulled L into the Room.
"Stand there, do not move"
The clatter of the winch told L that his punishment was about to begin, but in what form? He did not have long to wait. Mistress Alice clipped his wrist cuffs onto the winch chain, pressed the control and lifted L's hands up until they were held loosely above his head. Just to make sure there was no further resistance, she also locked a short spreader bar, keeping his feet safely on the gound, preventing L kicking, though that would bring down awful punishment, and keeping him more or less fixed in place.
Click, clack. Another Mistress. Out of the corner of his eye, L could see it was Mistress Steph, carrying something hidden in a black bag. She moved behind L, out of view, removing the object from the bag for Mistress Alice to see.
"Fantastic. The shape is perfect. And you have made such a good job of the welding. For a beginner, that really is a good effort"
"I had a good teacher, sister dear" she smiled.
L was aware of something made out of strips of metal being lowered over his head, aware of several bars perhaps half an inch wide, in a complex arrangement, which gradually formed into some kind of mask, as it was brought closer. Something cold touched his lips and he started, opening his mouth to gasp in shock. Just what Mistress Alice was waiting for, She pulled the mask against his face, pushing the metal plate into his mouth, holding his tongue down. Almost immediately, there was a clang of metal hitting metal, the click of a padlock, and she released the item.
L felt his head encased in the embrace of a steel helmet of sorts. Mistress Steph walked round him, admiring her handiwork.
"What do you think of it, Linda. You have permission to speak"
"aaahg caaahhhnt heeek"
"Ah, cat got your tongue. This will teach you not to speak when not given permission. It's a modern version of a brank, or Scolds Bridle, put on people who just didn't know when to shut up. You will be able to swallow, though with difficulty. We will provide liquid food drinks, there's a particularly foul one used in hospitals".
"Whilst you are here, Mistress Steph will warm you up a bit, before fitting you with your new corset"
"Mistress Steph, Linda looks a little cold, perhaps a few strokes of the flogger will help her warm up, and remind her that trying to escape is a serious crime, meriting a serious punishment. If you start with fifty strokes, I'll take over with the next fifty. I don't want you to get tired."
Mistress Steph went to the store cupboard and selected a rubber-tailed flogger. As she walked away, L could not help watching her delightful bottom, clad in tight PVC hot-pants over fishnet tights.
"If you have the strength, Mistress Steph, you can give Linda another twenty after I have finished. She sems to be entertaining the wrong thoughts again"
Over the next hour, L writhed in the limted space his restraints allowed, as the flogger left its stinging marks all over his body. The brank weighed ever more heavily on his head, making his neck muscles very tired, the metal plate in his mouth distorting the screams of pain. Eventually, it stopped. L hung limply from the chain, his body a mass of red. Mistress Alice lowered the winch, whilst Mistress Steph unlocked the spreader bar and the lock joining the cuffs.
"Stand by the horizontal bar" L complied, recognising the bar as the one he had been bent over for the fitting of the electric butt-plug. To his releif, Mistress Steph brough a new corset for him to put on. As he clipped the busks together, he saw that it was an underbust type, a feature which ominously suggested his nipples might receive unwelcome attention in the future.
"Come on, Linda, we haven't got all day, get the laces tight" L went through the well-rehearsed procedure, using the wall hook to maintain the tension as he tightened the laces progressively. As he was about to tie the laces, Mistress Steph grabbed them, pulled hard, whilst Mistress Alice worked down the laces again, between them managing to gain another inch of reduction. L could hardly breath, being restricted to a small movement of his upper chest. A short length of thin chain was wrapped round his waist, and locked. The corset was obviously staying in place for a while, to add to his discomfort, a constant reminder of his lowly position.
"We're done for now, Linda. Go to the cell in the hall and lock yourself to the two rings on the wall, at waist height on the high wall."
L went into the cell, sat down on the floor and raised his hands to the waiting locks and rings.
The cell door closed, followed by the sound-proof door. And the light went out.
quick justice
Several uncomfortable hours later, L was stirred from his sleep by the light coming on, and the door opening. Mistress Alice enterned and bent to unlock L's wrists.
"I've brought your food" putting a mulitcoloured plastic bottle on the floor, together with a straw. "Mistress Steph says you will be able to drink by sucking on the straw, but you will have to hold your lips shut around both the straw and the tongue plate"
She then locked the barred door and stood back to watch.
L picked up the bottle, to see it was labelled as a liquid food supplement, and banana flavoured. Putting the straw in the bottle, and the other end in his mouth, he pressed his lips together, gripping the tongue plate and the straw, using his fingers to close the small gap between the edge of the plate and the straw. He sucked hard. The sweet, sickly liquid hit the back of his throat, and the perhaps appropriately named gag reflex kicked in. He gasped, breathing in the liquid, the tongue plate stopping the normal swallowing action. And he began to choke. Mistress Alice acted quickly, opening the cell door and dragging L out, then bending him over so his mouth was lower than his chest. The brank did nothing to make his breathing any easier, and she called out for help. Fortunately, Mistress Claire was in the Room, tidying up from a previous session, and realising the problem, fetched the key to the brank, rushed over and unlocked it. L was by now very distressed, but breathing more normally. Mistress Alice put the cell bed in its sleeping position, and the two of them helped L onto the bed, face down in the "recovery position" Closing the cell door, Mistress Alice remarked that she would need to speak to Mistress Steph. Checking on L ten minutes later, they found him sitting up and looking more or less normal, so they closed the outer door.
Mistress Ayesha heard the commotion, and came downstairs. "What happened?".
Mistress Alice explained.
"Hmmm, Mistress Steph needs a few facts explained. She should have tried the brank out herself, including trying to drink, before risking someone's life with it. I'll deal with this" she said, in a determined manner that brooked no argument. Mistress Alice remembered her own punishment when she had overstepped the mark with her psychological torture scenario and wondered whether she should warn her sister. Then thought otherwise.
"Ask her to join me in the Room"
A few minutes later, Mistress Steph entered the Room, as requested. The lights were dim, and she was several feet into the room when a very bright light suddenly came on, directly in front of her. Temporarily blinded, she flinched, as her arms were grabbed from behind and swiftly cuffed together. Arms pulled up above her, she was forced into bending forward, and marched into the centre of the room, stopping beneath the winch chain, to which her cuffs were clipped. Mistress Ayesha walked quickly over to the control panel and pressed the "up" button, until Steph was fixed in the strappado position.
"You have to learn that, whilst we may inflict pain, that is our service to our "clients". Killing them is not part of the deal. Letting Linda try to drink when wearing the brank showed you have not thought through what you were doing. A simple test carried out by yourself would have shown the danger. You need to learn a lesson"
Steph was currently dressed in the tight hot-pants that L had so misguidedly watched, and they were currently stretched even tighter by the pose in which she was held, a perfect target for the crop. As the crop landed, it became very clear to Steph that, far from providing protection, the tight PVC added an extra sting to the blow. She yelped. Ten times in all.
But that was not the end to her punishment. Mistress Ayesha advanced, carrying the brank. Steph tried to shy away, but her restraints made that impossible, and the metal cage was locked around her head, the tongue plate pressing down, rendering her, to all intents and purpose, speechless. The click of the lock, and she was sealed in for as long as Mistress Ayesha though necessary, and without the opportunity to eat or drink. The winch chain lowered, and Mistress Ayesha released her form the cuffs.
"See how you like the brank. I will release you this evening. Next time, test carefully"
Steph left the Room and went upstairs, hoping to avoid being seen by Lyss or Claire, embarrassed by her mistake.
Mistress Ayesha checked that L was alright, and finding him sleeping soundly, closed the door and went to find Mistress Alice.
L's system had been completely disorganised by the artificial day-length he had been subjected to in the confinement cell, and had managed very little sleep, most of it very fitful as he was far from comfortable in the tiny space, held in a sitting position by his chains, on the cold hard floor. He needed his sleep, and made the most of the undistrubed time he had been given, He was beginning to realise that his life was no longer his own, and that he must grab whatever opportunities for his own comfort, as they arose.
Mistress Alice was in the "office" above the Room, where the computers and CCTV systems were operated.
"How is your new training scheme coming along?" asked Mistress Ayesha.
"Ready for testing. Shall we start now?"
"Why not. Just remind me how you have set it up"
"Subliminal speech. It's something that was used in advertising, but got banned because it was considered a breach of privacy, but you can now buy audio tapes and MP3s to do the same thing from choice. By playing a recording very quietly, whilst someone is asleep, they pick up the ideas in the recording as though they have thought them themselves. It's a bit like hypnotism. It filters into the brain without the subject realising it. So I have made a recording suggesting Linda always curtseys when she is given an instruction, but only when she is wearing a maids outfit. It repeats over and over again, so when her sleep pattern is at the right stage, it should "soak in". Because it is a specific occasion, we will be able to tell if it works by giving her instructions when dressed otherwise. It will probably take a few days, so we need to keep her busy, with some heavy work to make sure she sleeps well!" Mistress Alice switched on the amplifier feeding the loudspeakers built into the bed in the cell and started the recording playing.
Morning came, and L woke, refreshed from a good night's sleep. The cell light came on, and the outer door opened. A bowl, with a spoon in it, was pushed under the barred door, together with a mug of tea, Mistress Alice, looking throught the bars at the prostrate L said "Good Morning, Linda. Enjoy your breakfast. You have a full day ahead of you." L was worried. Mistress Alice was far too cheerful. But the porridge was good, and he felt at least prepared for whatever the day would bring, if not excited by the prospect.
Ten minutes later, Mistress Alice returned, pushing overalls and boots under the door.. "Be ready in five minutes"
Opening the cell door, Mistress Alice indicated L should go to the wet-room and use the toilet, wash and then follow her outside. Still wearing the explosive collar, L realised that the comparitive freedom was an illusion. Walking towards the concrete slab, L noticed that the walls he had built had been added to. Across the top were heavy concrete slabs, completely covering the top, whilst at the narrow open end, there was now a heavy wooden door.
"Your task today is to assemble the shed on this slab. The panels are all there" indicating a pile of wooden parts strapped to several pallets. "The assembly instructions are in the garage, along with the tools you will need."
And so, for the rest of the day, L put together the sides, roof , door and window, until finally, the shed was complete. The eyebolts set into the concrete turned out to be nothing sinister, merely the means to fix the structure firmly to the concrete. However, the block structure did look sinister. But with the wooden door firmly locked, there was little L could glean from examination. He tried tapping it with the hammer. Was that a sound he heard? Where did it come from? Perhaps nothing. Just then, Mistress Alice returned.
"Very good, Linda. I think you deserve a reward. No punishments tonight. Now go to your cell and lock yourself in, then put the overall and boots under the door."
L did as he was told, and found another bowl, this time a stew with potatoes and a bottle of fruit juice. An hour later, he was soundly asleep.
back to school
In the morning, L awoke, to find a new outfit for him to wear. A white blouse and a sort of dress, a pair of very un-sexy blue cotton knickers, some long grey socks, and flat-heeled shoes. After a few minutes, he worked out what it was. The dress was a gymslip, something worn by schoolgirls many years ago. Then he remembered the brief snatch of conversation some while ago, when he was instructed to face the wall as someone else came in to the house. He was to be a schoolgirl today. But why? Meanwhile, Mistress Ayesha had gathered the others together for a chat.
"So how do you think the subliminal programming is going?"
"I think we should give it another night, then try a simple test" said Mistress Alice. "If we give Linda instructions for another stage of the Project, she should simply get on with the job. If she curtseys then we need to run for a bit longer, and perhaps change the message to put more emphasis on the link between her clothes and the response" "So what is schedulued for today?"
"Carol did a lot of work for us over the last few days, and I promised her she could have a school morning in exchange. Linda is already set up with appropriate clothing, though she will need some guidance on how to behave. Steph and Claire, I know you are a lot older than you look, but given the right clothes I think you could be really good schoolgirls. I think you should go for the St Trinians look. Apart from anything else, it will give Linda lots of opportunities to try to look at your bodies and costumes without being noticed, and of course us lots of opportunities to catch him out, and punish him"
"Jane, that really is evil, what do you want me to do? said Lyss
"I'd like you to install the modifications to Linda's cell, whilst she is otherwise engaged being a schoolgirl. OK, Ladies, off you go, I'll meet you in the Room in fifteen minutes. Claire, would you collect Linda on the way back?"
"Certainly, it will be a pleasure"
Mistresses Claire and Steph went upstairs to the room where they kept all their costumes, carefully packed, or hung from rails. A few minutes later, Mistress Ayesha joined them, selecting the severely cut skirt, high-collared white blouse, black stockings and high heeled shoes, picking up the academic gown as she left. The cane was in the rack downstairs in the Room. Mistress Claire went for the punk look, picking the black satin blouse one size too small for her, accentuating her bust, a short velvet skirt, black fishnet stocking, the tops of which were only just covered by the skirt, and heavy black boots with lots of buckles down the front. She applied far too much make-up, achieving a pale face which accentuated the slash of red lipstick and purple eyeshadow. Mistress Claire went for what could best be described as "sophisticated tart". Her hair was stylishly waved, or more accurately, she wore a stylishly waved wig, understated make-up and a well-cut white blouse, shiny black stocking supported by suspenders, clearly visible under an impossibly short skirt. High heels completed the look. And so attired, they went to school.
By this time, L had dressed and was feeling a little foolish. The corset was still tight, and gave him a good figure, but the gymslip covered almost any shape, draping itself over his body and hiding any clues to femininity. Perhaps, he thought, that was why they were chosen as school uniform, so as to not excite any lust in the boys. Entirely unlike the sight which greeted him as the outer cell door opened.
"Well", said Mistress Claire, "That's one punishment. Stop dribbling, Linda, you're the wrong sex to think that way"
"You can't be too sure, she may be lesbian"
"Hadn't thought of that" giggled Mistress Claire.
"Today" said Mistress Steph, "You are a schoolgirl, part of a class in which we two will be a part, with a client known as Carol. He, or should I say, she, enjoys playing the part of a naughty schoolgirl, inevtiably getting punished for her misdemeanours. You will help her misbehave."
"Mistress Ayesha is the teacher. She will set you some tasks. Whether you carry them out correctly or not will determine whether you get punishments, which might be writing lines, or it might be a little more physical" smiled Mistress Steph. L noticed the red marks on her neck, almost hidden by the blouse. The brank had obviously done its job
"We can go into class now, Carol will join us shortly"
The Room had been re-arranged, the moveable bars and stands had been lifted away and stacked out of sight, and a series of six old-style school desks laid out in two rows of three in front of a large table, behind which stood a large easel and blackboard. The lighting had been set up to accentuate just the desks and table, so the rest of the Room became a dim background, focussing all the attention on the scene. As they were surveying the scene, Mistress Ayesha entered, looking very much the part of the strict teacher.
"For the purposes of this morning's scene, Mistresses Claire and Steph will be referred to by their names only. However, Linda, do not think for a moment that they are your equals. They are always your superiors. Do you understand?" L nodded.
The door-bell rang. "That will be Carol, arriving for class. Steph, please show her in."
Carol arrived in the Room, already dressed much as L, with a curly blond wig and light make-up giving the appearance of a fresh-faced girl, albeit rather a large one.
"Carol, you sit at the front with Linda, I'm sure you will get on really well. Steph and Claire, sit behind them"
"Our first lesson is Geography. I want you to colour in the counties of England on the blank maps, using a different colour to represent the size of the population in each, from the chart. There are ten bands of population, and ten colours. Make sure you do it neatly"
The maps showed the complete country, with lines marking the county boundaries. At the side of the map was a chart, with a list of each county and its population. Fortunately, L thought, they counties were marked. He really didn't think he could remember where all of them were! L started methodically, grouping all the counties in the same band and marking them with a small circle of colour. Then he started colouring in the counties in the same band.
Carol, on the other hand, was clearly determined to do the wrong thing, and had started drawing silly faces in the marked areas. L quietly suggested that a bit of good work would be preferable to the cane. Hearing a voice, Mistress Ayesha raised an eyebrow.
"Linda, no talking in class. I won't warn you again"
L carried on carefully colouring in the map and was almost finished when Carol reached over and grabbed it, and screwed it up. Instinctively, L tried to grab it back. "Give it back, that's mine" Getting the upper hand, whilst L suddenly realised what he had done, Carol threw the map across the Room. Imediately, Mistress Ayesha stood up, grabbing the long cane resting on the table.
"Stand up, Linda, and come here. Claire, please collect the map and bring it here"
L could not help himself. Mistress Claire bent down, from the waist, to pick up the map, which had landed by the side of the table, revealing her beautiful rear, framed by the skirt almost over her bottom, the suspenders either side, and the black tops of the stockings completing the frame. The thin black thong made a poor attempt at providing any modesty.
"So that will be twelve strokes of the cane, six for speaking, six for lusting" "Bend over the table"
Mistress Ayesha waited until L was stretched flat, then lifted the skirt up, and pulled the knickers down. The twelve strokes were quick, sharp and very painful, distributed over the bare flesh, raising twelve red weals.
"Carol, you started this. Come here, Bend over. Six for you, too. You have enough training to know where to keep your eyes"
Both Linda and Carol returned to their seats, shuffling in an attempt to find a comfortable position.
"The next lesson is spelling. I will ask each of you to write a word on the blackboard. The others can say if it is correct. If you are incorrect, in your spelling or your challenge, that will be one stroke of the cane. Stephie, I'll start with you. Spell "categorically" Steph got up from her desk and walked past L, wiggling her hips rather more than was necessary. L looked away quickly. Picking up the chalk, she reached up to the top of the board and carefully wrote "c-a-t-e-g-o-r-i-c-a-l-l-y"
"Are you all happy with that?" Carol put her hand in the air "There should be an "a" after the "t"
"No, Carol, Stephie has written it correctly. That's one stroke for you" said Mistress Ayesha. "Your turn, spell "specifically". Carol left her desk and took up the chalk left by Stephie, who once again swayed past L, who was struggling to keep his attention on the board. Carol was obviously determined to get punished, writing "s-p-e-c-i-f-e-c-l-l-y"
"Another stroke, Carol" Carol grinned happily. "Your turn, Linda. Spell "chrysanthemum". L gulped, spelling was not his strong point. He got up slowly, out of his desk, only to trip on the foot Carol had placed in his way. He staggered forward and fell, his skirt rising over his bottom, exposing the ghastly school knickers. Everyone laughed, even Mistress Ayesha, who quickly straightened her face and said sternly "Another stroke, Carol"
Picking himself up, he brushed down the skirt and pulled the grey socks back up to his knees. He wrote "c-r-y-s-a-n-t-h-e-m-u-m"
"Oh dear, Linda, you do need some spelling practice. And another stroke"
"Claire, come and spell "eleven"
"Miss, Miss, that's not fair. That's an easy word"
"Thank you, Carol, but I did not ask for your opinion. Another stroke of the cane"
Claire left her seat, wnt to the board and picked up the chalk, then dropped it. L's eyes followed her down, revelling in the wonderful view of her shapely rump, the stockings and suspenders, then caught sight of Mistress Ayesha watching him closely. Too late he looked away.
"You know what I am going to say, Linda. Shall we make that another six strokes?" It was not a question, and L knew better than to answer it. Claire, not surprisingly, spelled out the word correctly and Carol wisely did not challenge it. Claire sauntered past L, grinning in a rather evil way, and winked.
The spelling test went on for half an hour, with the scores mounting up. Finally, Mistress Aysha announced that they had done enough for this lesson.
"You will each write out 100 times every word you got wrong. But first you will receive your punishments"
"Stephie, you first. You made three mistakes. Come to the front and bend over the table." Steph looked surprised, thinking she would not be asked to take any punishment. "Yes, come along, quickly" She hurried to the table and bent over' her skirt starting to ride up over her firm bottom. Mistress Ayesha flipped her short skirt up, revealing the tops of her fishnets, and a pair of tight black silk panties stretched across her bottom.
"That's another six strokes, Linda. You really must learn to control yourself" As if to emphasise the point, Mistress Ayesha slashed the first stroke of the cane down onto Steph, who let out a grunt of pain but did not move. Even though she was playing the part of a schoolgirl, she had her pride as a Mistress to maintain, and it would not do to show weakness. Her punishment soon over, she took her seat behind Carol. Claire took her place, knowing she had made two mistakes. With the same stoicism, she took the minimal punishment, knowing that she had deliberately made the errors.
"You next, Carol". As Carol bent over the table, Mistress Ayesha said, sternly, "You made 25 mistakes, almost every word you were asked to spell. And because you were doing that deliberately, you will get another dozen" Carol beamed happily.
37 strokes later, Carol had tears runnng down her face, but was still smiling happily.
"And now, Linda, it is your turn. You made 14 mistakes, and then there's the extra six for wandering eyes, so that's twenty, but let's round that up to two dozen, a much nicer number"
Once the cane had stopped pounding his rear, L stood up and cautiously walked back to his desk. The class then spent the next half-hour writing their lines, shuffling on their hard wooden seats. Finally, Mistress Ayesha rang a large bell resting on the table.
"Class dismissed. Linda, I want you to stay behind for a few minutes whilst I take Carol outside" Steph, Claire and Carol left the room quietly, following Mistress Ayesha into the hall, closing the door.
"I hope you enjoyed your lssons this morning" she said to Carol, who was still smiling. "Oh yes, just what I needed. On the subject of future sessions, I have managed to get the insulation boarding you wanted, it was being delivered as I arrived, stacked at the end of the drive, as far as possible from the shed"
"Perfect, Linda will enjoy the extra work carrying it all that way. And you are welcome to another session next week"
"Well, you two, back to Mistress mode. Off you go and change into something a little more serious". The two skipped happily upstairs, though Mistress Steph did rub one of her cheeks, where the cane had bitten just a little harder than she expected.
Returning to the Room, Mistress Ayesha told Linda to return to her cell, remove the schoolgirl costume and put on overalls and boots, and report to Mistress Alice in the garden. L went into the hall, to see his cell door was open, and the overalls were placed on the bed. He quickly changed and went outside. Mistress Alice was waiting for him, dressed in her tight leather catsuit, tapping the familiar crop against her thigh.
"Your task for the rest of the day is to install the insulation. It is stacked down there" pointing down the drive, "and you will need to cut it to size to fit within the framework. Then there are lining panels in the garage, to make the interior surface smooth and tidy. Nails, screws and tools are all there too. You should finish before it gets dark, but if not, I will set up a floodlight"
For the rest of the day, L carried the bulky, though not heavy, sheets of foil-clad foam insulation to the shed, measuring and cutting carefully, lining out the framework. But it was a long job, and indeed it was getting dark and the lining was still incomplete. True to her word, Mistress Alice arrived with a floodlight on a tripod, illuminating Linda's work area. The darkness and shadows made the job much more difficult, but by 8pm it was done. L knocked gently on the kitchen door, and was let in by Mistress Alice. Take your food and drink back to your cell, lock yourself in, eat then go to bed."
It had been a very long day, L was very tired, so it was no surprise that he finished his food and was sound asleep a short while later. So tired that he did ot notice the changes to the cell. The outer door closed gently, and the lights went out.
maid to scratch
L awoke. Not that he had any way of knowing, at 11am, four hours later than he usually did. Perhaps the mild sleeping pill that had been crushed into his food had something to do with it. Something was wrong. He moved to turn over, but something stopped the rotation very quickly. Then he tried to lift his head, immediately finding his neck was full enclosed. Panicking now, he tried to move his left hand. No movement possible. Same with the right. Feet were similarly very limited in their possible movement. L dimly recalled banging into something with his hip as he got onto the bed, but the soft mattress cushioned his movement. "Wait a minute, what soft mattress?" thought L "It is normally a thin piece of foam on a hard board." Then, his memory coming back from the drug-induced haze, he remembered his legs settling into two comfortable channels as he relaxed into the bed. He slowly came to terms with the fact that he was trapped into the bed with the heavy wood cut-outs that he had made a few days ago. At the time, he thought they were something to do with the blockwork "coffin" in the shed. Evidently not.
He became aware of some light, looking around his restricted view, he could see a pattern of small holes. He must be in some kind of box. Then he heard voices outside his tiny environment.
"It needs a few more modifications before we can use it properly. We had to fit Linda with cuffs to secure her arms. Another cut-out profile is needed to include wrist holes as well as the waist, much tider than using the cuffs, they could be used to bang on the sides to signal a cry for help."
"But for a two-man job when neither knew what they were making, nor that there were other parts to make it complete, it really as worked out very well. Once we have the rough packing case exterior made, we'll be able to try transporting a client. Better practice on Linda, though"
"Well, we'd better get Linda out of there, she has a full day ahead of her"
The sound of several clamps being released presaged the sudden flare of light as the top of the transport box was removed. L blinked in the light, from the bare bulb diirectly above him. Looking around, he realised he was trapped in the box by the cut-outs, around his neck, his waist, legs at the knees and feet. His hands were indeed cuffed and locked to ring-bolts set into the sides of the box. Mistresses Ayesha and Alice unlatched the top profiles, sliding them up the wooden forms that L had himself made and wondered their purpose. Mistress Alice unlocked the cuffs from the ring-bolts, but left them locked round Linda's wrists. Putting a key beside L, Mistress Alice said " You can release yourself from the corset, and remove it. Come to the Room immediately afterwards"
The two Mistresses left the cell, going down to the Room. L followed shortly afterwards, still wearing the schoolgirl blue knickers.
"Stand here, Linda, clip your cuffs onto the spreader bar above you" Sensing the raising of the crop, L quickly latched his cuffs, as instructed. Mistress Ayesha went to the control panel and started the winch, lifting L almost off the ground. Mistress Alice came over, carrying another spreader bar, ankle cuffs already attached, and wrapped a cuff round each leg, stretching L further.
Mistress Ayesha disappeared from L's view, but returned holding something that looked like the electric razor he used to shave with. Whilst in his role as Linda, he'd had been given a "wet" razor to shave if he was to be made up. As Mistress Ayesha approached closer he became rather apprehensive, more so as the gadget started to buzz ominously.
"Linda, your hairy legs looked very silly in that schoolgirl's outfit. With stockings on, particularly black ones, the hair doesn't show too much, but the time has come to give you a more suitable appearance."
"Can't we just pull all the hairs out?" asked Mistress Alice. "No, it would take too long, but just as a special treat, I'll leave him with his pubic hair. You can do that" "Mistress Alice smiled at L in a most unpleasant way.
Mistress Ayesha set to work. L gasped as the epilator started the extract the hair from his legs. "Now do be quiet, Linda, this has special "low pain" technology, or at least that's what it says on the box, and they must be right"
Half an hour later, Mistress Ayesha had completed her circuit of Linda's body, now hairless except for the head and pubis. "I suggest you leave Linda hirsuite in her delicate parts for now. Save it as a special treat" L shuddered, one-by-one removal would be even less pleasant than the supposed painless treatment he had just received.
"Go to the wet-room and have a shower. There is some nice scented lotion which should quieten down the skin. Then dress in the clothes hanging by the door"
L went in, shutting the door, and glanced at the hangers. Inevitably there was a corset, black, satin-covered, with built-in breast forms. He hoped they were smooth, not fitted with spikes, nor hollow and containing the miniature clover clamps, from previous experiences. A pair of black, seamed stockings and black satin panties completed the underwear. Then there was a dress, with short sleeves with white frills, the skirt being gathered in at the waist with laces at the back to tighten it, the hem frilled to match the sleeves. Finally, a pair of black, four-inch high heels, with a lockable strap for the ankle. Of course, the locks were open, but no keys were to be seen.
L used the toilet, showered and indeed used the lotion. The shower soap had stung all over his hairless body, the epilator leaving at least partially opn follicles, and any relief was welcome, though the perfume was distinclty feminine. As expected. Dressing, L was relieved to find the corset held no hidden punishments, beyond providing the constant reminder of its tight grip, forcing the upper-chest breathing and the pain on the outer corners of his lower ribs. It did, however, do wonders for his posture, adding at least an inch to his height by straightening his back. Remembering to put on the stockings and panties before tightening the corset, L dressed quickly, becoming more and more familiar with the intricacies of the female garb. Slipping the dress over his head, L realised this had been made for a purpose. The material was quite stiff and coarse. As the sleeves slid up his arms, he felt the cheap nylon frills scratch at his tender skin. The corset protected his body, but when the skirt came down over his legs, the bare part between corset and stocking tops immediately felt itchy. The black bob wig was ready for him, another item he now put on without thinking. He sat on the chair by the door to put on the shoes. They were a size too small and he had to push hard to get his feet into each shoe. He locked them in place. Standing up, he realised his torture was completed by what felt like grains of rice stuck inside the shoes, across the entire sole.
Coming out of the wet-room, L looked around, to find Mistress Ayesha holding out an small white apron, a maids apron.
"Put it on, Linda"
L took the apron, and curtsied.
clean break
"We have decided you need to learn how to be our Housemaid, as the next stage in your training" said Mistress Ayesha. "The costume you are wearing is deliberately uncomfortable, to remind you of your subservient role, but also to give us the opportunity to reward you. If you work well, the costume will be changed, in stages, to soft satin. On the other hand, if your work is unsatisfactory, not only will you be chastised, but the costume will be changed to something more severe."
L shuffled slightly, trying to reduce the irritation caused by the rough cloth on his bare skin. The stiff nylon frills were particularly annoying, not only did they look foolish, but they scratched, and the monofilament that had been used to sew the frills in place stuck into him wherever there was a free end.
"In addition, you must learn to make a better job of your make-up. Mistresses Steph and Claire will give you lessons every morning, before you start your duties"
The thought of having to wear make-up upset L. He realised his standing as a man was being eroded, but somehow this seemed more important than constantly being corsetted, something he found not unpleasant as he got more used to it.
"Today, your task is to clean the wet-room and the Room itself. Each item you find must be washed or polished as appropriate. The whips and crops need careful cleaning, and any leather implements or restraints need treating with saddle-soap to keep them supple. You wouldn't want to be wearing a stiff collar, would you? L looked to the floor, shaking his head gently. The wet-room needs a through wash-down. Make sure you don't get your nice costume wet."
"Mistress Alice will check on you occasionally, to make sure your work is up to the required standard. Now, get on with your work"
L curtsied and turned towards the wet-room to start the day's duties. The work was boring, but not hard, and L relaxed into the day's chores. The wet-room was easy to clean, using the pressure hose he was able to wash any dirt down the drain channels, occasionally needing a scrubbing brush to clean between the edges of the rubber floor tiles. Kneeling on the floor to brush the tiles, L remembered Mistress Ayesha's instructions not to get wet. All was well until L, whilst washing down the shower area, tripped, catching a heel in the drainage cover. There was a crack, and the heel broke off his left shoe. The shoe suddenly being locked in one place, and the change in height, made L stumble sideways, the hose now pointing towards the nearby wall, redirecting the jet of water all over him. Soaked through, he dreaded the next visit of Mistress Alice. He would surely be punished for the wet costume, and probably more severely for the broken shoe. Hoping that she would not arrive soon, perhaps the dress would dry out enough not to be noticed, he carried on with the cleaning.
Hobbling unevenly on the shoes, up high then down low, he started work in the Room. He had just started taking down all the whips and crops, when the door opened and Mistress Alice strode in.
"That is very convenient, Linda" she said sternly. "You may hand me that crop, then bend over that bar" L curtsied, handing her the crop, holding it carefully over his two outstretched hands. "You have ruined that pair of shoes. Size seven, I believe. So that will be fourteen strokes, seven for each of the pair. Raise your skirt."
With her usual precision, Mistress Alice laid a pair of raised weals across Linda's bottom, one per cheek. Then she noticed the water gently dripping from the hem of Linda's dress.
"Oh dear, that is much more serious. Let's see, what is your hip measurement. 39" I think? Do you agree, Linda?" L nodded, regretfully. This time the crop was carefully aimed down L's thighs, from behind the knee, upwards to his buttocks, then back down in a slow progression until all 39 strokes had been delivered. Mistress Alice went to the store cupboard and found the key to the locks on the shoes, and released L from their uneven embrace. Selecting another pair, this time with five-inch heels, she said "Put these on, and don't damage them or the punishment will double" L took them, curtsied, then bent to put them on, locking them with the two padlocks without being told.
The rest of the day passed uneventfully, until finally, at 7pm Mistress Ayesha told L to go to her cell, where her food was waiting. L left the Room.
"Haven't you forgotten something, Linda?" L rushed back, stood before her, and curtsied. "That's better, don't forget again"
Locking himself into the cell, L sat on the edge of the bed, noticing that it had reverted back to the plain board and thin sheet of foam. His bowl of food was waiting. He was delighted to see it was a stew, and smelled delicious. He was hungry, and although the work had not been arduous, he had not eaten all day. He undressed, carefully folding the dress, putting the apron, then the stockings and panties on top, and finally unlacing the corset, hanging it up on the peg by the two tape loops set either side of the top hem. Sleep again came easily, almost as soon as the outer door to the cell was closed, and before the light went out.
L was awakened by the light above him switching on, and the door to the cell opening. Mistress Steph pushed a bowl of porridge under the barred door.
"I'll be back in ten minutes, for your make-up lesson"
She returned, as expected, and escorted L to the wet-room. "Use the toilet, shower, shave very carefully, then dress. Your clothes are already there" L curtsied, wondering for a moment why he was doing so.
Taking as much time as he thought he could get away with, L enjoyed the warmth of the water, dried himself, then dressed methodically. Although punished for his unfortunate accident, the Mistresses must have been satisfied with his work, as the maid's uniform was now a soft satin material and felt much more comfortable. The corset was "normal" in that there were no inbuilt punishments, and the shoes were the right size, albeit high-heeled, though L was beginning to acclimatise to the height and angle of his feet, and no longer walked unsteadily.
Leaving the wet-room, L entered the Room, to find Mistress Steph standing by a chair and small table, on which was a mirror, and a number of pots, tubs and pencils that L recognised from the bedroom he used to share with Jane.
"You took your time, Linda. You are lucky I am in a good mood. Sit down" L curtsied and did so. Over the next fifteen minutes, Mistress Steph showed L the routine of cleansing, applying a foundation, building up colour, applying mascara and lipstick, until by the end L indeed made a passable Linda.
"Today you are to thoroughly clean the hall, stairs and upstairs landing. All the pictures will need to be taken down, the glass cleaned and polished, the walls dusting, paintwork wiping and the carpets cleaned."
And so it went on for the rest of the week, Linda being given another section of the House to clean, the occasional punishment for sloppy work, but thankfully no reversion to the hateful, itchy costume. But the relative calm and tedium of the work left L more time to think, consider his position, wonder why he was putting up with it. He became obsessed with the idea of escape. The constant slight pressure around his neck reminded him that simply walking out was not an option. Get out of range of the radio transmitter and "toast" was a wholly inadequate description of his fate. After some thought, he reasoned that he must get help to come to him. A message, a phone call, a flag. It struck him that he had been in almost all the rooms in the House, and had not seen a phone anywhere, but he knew clients phoned in to arrange sessions, and the Mistresses must comminicate when they weren't at the House. Mobile phones, of course, anonymous, difficult to trace if discretion was required. All he had to do was find one.
The next day, he overheard Mistress Alice say she and Mistress Ayesha would be at the University all day, leaving Mistress Claire alone, as Mistress Steph was away visiting friends. L realised this was his opportunity. Once he was sure only Mistress Claire was in the House, he waited until her client arrived for a session in the Room. L was meant to be cleaning the bathrooms in the two main bedrooms, so was legitimately upstairs and out of immediate sight or hearing, particularly as Mistress Claire was soundly thrashing her client, whose screams were only slightly reduced by the closed door. L quickly went into the main bedroom used by Mistress Alice. He checked all the shelves and cabinet tops, the dressing table and bedside cupboards. Then he systematically searched all the drawers, pausing occasionally to savour the feminine fragrance of her clothes, the touch of her underwear laying there. But no phone.
Moving into the other main bedroom, usually used by Mistress Ayesha when she stayed at the House, he repeated his search. And to his joy, in a bedside cupboard, found a mobile phone. Switching it on, he almsot cheered when the display lit up and the battery and signal strength indicators showed the phone would work fine. Checking that Mistress Claire was still occupied, he pressed 9-9-9. A pause, then a distant voice "Emergency, which service do you require?" "Police" another pause "You are connected to the Police Emergency switchboard. What is the nature of your emergency?" "I'm being held against my will by some crazy women" "Please stay calm. Can you tell me where you are?" L tried to remember the address. "23 Hopton Road, Albridge" "I have arranged a Police vehicle to be dispatched. They should be with you in ten minutes" L disconnected, sat down on the bed and sighed with relief.
In her car, Mistress Alice smiled. "Emergency, which service do you require?" she said, again...
close shave
L carried on with the cleaning work, in case Mistress Claire came looking for him. Ten minutes and he would be free, to return to his old life? to start another? His relationship with Jane had changed irrevocably. He could not see how they could return to the pre-Room days. Quite when his fantasies had stopped, and become reality, he was not sure, nor to be honest to himself, did he want this new reality to change.
He was cleaning under the bed when he first heard the sirens. They sounded a bit strange, but were definately getting louder. He rushed out of the room, the noise getting louder still.
And stopped dead in his tracks. Across the width of the landing stood Mistresses Alice, Claire and Steph. All making "mee,maaw" noises, a barely convincing replica of the police siren. They burst into laughter at L's startled expression. A quick movement from behind, but L reacted too late. His hands grabbed and pulled behind him,the sudden sharp pain as the zip-tie was pulled tight around his wrists, pinioning his hands behind him.
"You really will have to try much harder, or accept your fate" said Mistress Ayesha, from behind his back."Take him to the garage, Mistress Alice. He needs the shackles fitting again" Mistresses Steph and Claire grabbed an arms each and pulled L down the stairs, through the kitchen, across the drive and into the garage. Mistress Alice fetched the shackles from their storage box.
"Look, Linda, we've kept your shackles in really good condition, especially for this occasion" Mistress Alice took the cuffs, one by one from the box. They had been wrapped in cloth, kept damp, so they were now very rusty, looking medieval rather than modern. Methodically, Mistress Alice arranged the rivets and hammer next to the anvil now placed on the floor by the workbench. "Linda, strip, and don't bother with the curtsey". L complied, shivering in the cold air. One by one, the cuffs were secured around his wrists and ankles. Mistress Alice locked two short chains between the ankle cuffs, another pair between the wrist cuffs. L was puzzled as to why they had used two chains when one would have been just as secure. Perhaps they wanted to increase the weight?
"Linda has a hair appointment in the shed" said Mistress Alice.
Mistresses Steph and Claire resumed their earlier role, pulling L out of the garage, down the short path, and into the shed. "Wow" said Mistress Steph, "Carol has been busy!"
L looked, puzzled, at the new creation on the floor. Standing about three feet high at the centre, curving down either side to the floor, with a total length of about eight feet, was a set of wooden slats about three feet long. L tried to remember the correct geometric name, chord, he thought. On either side, near the floor, were a total of four metal rings, looking worryingly secure.
"Show Linda how this works" said Mistress Alice. L was pulled towards the construction, then turned facing away from it. "Lie back, Linda" L first sat, then wriggled up to the top of the curve, when his ankles were grasped, unlocked from their short chains, and pulled apart. The same short chains were then locked to the two rings, forcing him to sit legs apart, some way down the curved slope. A repeated operation was carried out, leaving L stretched out over the curve, his back arched by the wooden slats, forced to follow their curve, and putting him in a terribly exposed position, from which no amount of struggling would relieve the tension forcing his middle upwards.
"It's time for my treat" said Mistress Aice, advancing on L with a pair of tweezers. L remembered, with dread, the epilator. That was bad enough, but pulling individual hairs from his pubis. "This may take quite a while, Linda. Perhaps a gag might be advisable, I really don't want to suffer ear damage from noise"
An hour later, L quivered on the curved rack, now totally hairless over all his body, except his head. Mistress Alice called the others back into the shed, Mistress Steph bringing a heavy latex corset. Unlocking the shackles from the construction, they helped L to his feet. "Put on the corset, Linda" L took it, curtseying, and proceeded to lace it up. "Tighter, Linda" "Much tighter"
L heard a whirring noise. Mistress Claire was working on something near the wall. L realised it was coming from the blockwork he had built a while ago. But it had been changed, there was a heavy concrete roof to it, and a large wooden box at one end. It was from this that the whirring noise was coming. Mistress Claire bent down and picked up two eyelets formed from the ends of steel cables. L was pushed towards Mistress Claire, who locked the wrist cuffs to the cables, one to each.
"Sit, Linda" L sat on the floor as indicated by Mistress Alice. "Now lie back" L lay flat, his head now next to the open end of the long block chamber. The whirring started again, and L felt his hands drawn up his body, past his head, and into the chamber. "You have a choice, Linda. Shuffle your way in or be dragged there" The insistent pull was clearly not going to stop, and unwillingly L assisted his passage into the dark by shuffling and wriggling over the rough concrete floor. Partway in, the concrete gave way to a row of metal bars, the purpose of which he could not guess, though would surely find out. Finally the tension stoped, and L found hmself with his head almost touching the end wall, his hands fixed either side of his head, and his feet just inside the chamber. After a short pause, first his left, then his right ankle was chained to rings he had not noticed on the way in, securing his legs loosely, so that he could not close them together. Suddenly, darkness enveloped him, as a door of some sort closed at the end of the chamber. Claustrophobia gripped him. He was locked in a concrete prison barely larger than himself.
A small light came on to the right of his head. He was able to see it illuminated something sticking out, close to his face. The another small light came on, illuminating another, similar object to his left. As his eyes became accustomed to the light, he realised they were the same as the phallus in the cage he had occupied before. A quiet voice spoke
"You are the" forgotten", the French called places like this the "oubliette", for prisoners they could no longer be bothered with. To your left, when the light is on, will be water. To the right, when the light is on, will be a liquid food. Below you is a sewer for your waste products. Above you is a shower, to keep you clean. Enjoy"
Without warning, L was drenched in cold water from jets fitted into the roof of the chamber. The entire floor of the chamber was soaked, draining slowly into the pit below the bars under his groin. L shivered. The tiny lights went out. Silence fell.
"Time for a nice cup of tea, I think" said Mistress Alice as they left the shed, going into the warm kitchen.
almost done?
"We need to get Linda into a short day-cycle to give the impression of a very long stay in the oubliette in as short a time as possible. That concrete floor is not very comfortable and we don't want sores to develop. Punishment is one thing, but hospitalisation is another. Is the sound system suitable for the subliminal training?"
"Oh, yes" said Mistress Alice. "I've been working on some new instruction sequences to reinforce good behaviour, and following this second escape attempt I'll add some reinforcement that Linda should not try again"
"I've been working on a little idea of mine" said Mistress Claire. "It might help add to the disorientation by, shall we say, adding a bit of additional discomfort. I just need to make up a pair of stocks with a difference"
Meanwhile, in the darkness, L shuffled slightly, trying to improve the very low level of comfort in the dark chamber. As it was totally dark, he had lost the feeling of claustrophobia, no longer able to gauge the limited confines surrounding him, and lapsed into a doze. He became aware of a light, minutes, hours later, and came awake just in time to see the small light by his head go out. He remembered he had been told the lights would come on to give him an opportunity to drink either water or liquid food. He had just missed the opportunity. He wondered how he was going to cope. Staying awake all the time was clearly not possible. Then the other light came on. He had fogfotten if this was the water or food dispenser. It was disgusting. Food was a bad, even totally incorrect, description. A sickly-sweet gloop, vaguely reminiscent of chocolate. But it would become a necessity if he was to survive. He sucked on the phallus until the light went out and the supply was shut off silently.
Time passed. For L, very slowly. The chamber had only the slight comfort that there was a panel of wood where L's head rested, so at least that part of him was on a smooth and slightly more comfortable surface. Suddenly, everything became very wet. The sprinklers turned on, drenching L, the water rising and then subsiding as it drained away. He gulped at as much water as he could as it drained past him. Shortly after, the other light came on. This time, L drank quickly, taking in as much as he could before the light went out and the water stopped coming.
The sequence of lights and water pouring down repeated exactly. L tried counting seconds, then minutes, then hours, to try to determine the interval, but his concentyration always lapsed, and anyway he often slept through the lights. Never the water, though. The constant wash-down did at least clear his waste, though with his bottom resting on the uncomfortable barred opening, the journey was thankfully short and little contamination travelled far. On the other hand, the chamber was constantly damp, although L noticed he was not excessively cold. Some heating must be provided, or he would surely have died of hypothermia by now. But how long is now from when he was first locked in.
He had been through twenty three cycles of food, water and wash. He no longer knew how long he had been there.Weeks? Actually, it was three days.
Light flooded into the chamber. The panel by his feet had been removed, and hands were unlocking the ankle cuffs. He was coming out? Free again?
The light level dimmed a little and his feet were lifted, then dropped back into what felt like two cups. The the light went out completely as something else was dropped into place. The sound of an electric screwdriver and some vibration at his ankles suggested he was being secured again. What he could not see was that Mistress Claire had fastened his ankles into wooden stocks which slotted into the sides of the chamber. Next he felt something wrap around the big toe on his left foot, another short vibration, and he could no longer move his foot, the big toe now restrained against the stocks. The right toe was similarly fixed. L suddenly felt absurdly vulnerable. He could not see what was happening outside the chamber, his feet were immobile and exposed. Nothing else happened. Perhaps that was worse than some awful torture.
Another three cycles. Just as the water drained away, L felt something touch his left foot. Then his right. Every few seconds, something ran from heel to toes, a scratch, a touch. Nothing much. Just repetitive. Then it stopped. Minutes, hours later, the touches to his feet. L became entirely focussed on the touches. When they stopped, he was waiting for the next. When they were happening, he wished they would stop.
Mistress Claire made some adjustments to her little machine, changing the brushes for stiff nylon rods. Now the rods scraped up L's feet, beyond a tickle, almost painful.
By now L was completely incapable of rational thought. The insistent scraping of the soles of his feet, the food,water,wash cycle.
Then it ended. The light flooded in, his feet unlocked from the stocks, the motor whirred and his hands were relased from their position above his head.
"Come out, Linda" said Mistress Claire. L slowly and very carefully shuffled down the chamber, and into the bright, so bright light. His back and buttocks were a mass of red pressure marks, from the rough concrete, but there were no sores, just very tender. The rubber corset had provided some protection for the rest of his back, its tension constantly reminding him of its restrictive presence. Mistress Claire unlocked the wrist shackles from the wire cables, and then removed the wrist and ankle shackles completely.
"You may take off the corset, Linda" L curtseyed to Mistress Claire, who fought against herself not to laugh. The subliminal training had clearly worked well, if even after all the sensory deprivation and pain Linda could still remember the rule "Curtsey after getting an instruction" Mistress Alice had modified the conditioning, so that Linda would curtsey whatever she was wearing, from now on. The other changes included reinforcement of the idea that escape was impossible and very undesirable. They would shortly put that to the test.
"Now go and have a shower, then change into your maids uniform. Do not shave"
L walked quickly from the shed to the kitchen door, letting himself in, then going through the Room, into the wet-room. Pausing to have a quick look around, he was pleased to see the maid's uniform was the one made from soft material. Remembering the warning he had been given the last time he took too long in the shower, he was quick to finish, and dress. Putting on the seamed stockings, he took care to make sure they were straight. The corset, now a routine accessory, was black, satin, to match the maid's uniform and he laced it tightly. He was beginning to feel uncomfortable when he wasn't wearing one, as though something important was missing. The tight panties, also black satin, held him tightly. The black bob wig was resting on the chair, and he clipped it into his own hair, itself getting long enough to be cut in much the same style.
As he left the wet-room, he wondered why Mistress Claire had told him not to shave. After what seemed an age in the oubliette, his beard had grown so the hairs were of a noticeable length. He idly though how incongruous the beard looked, when topping a clearly female body.
Mistress Alice was in the Room, and without saying anything, pointed to L, then to the heavy chair in front of the mirror. He had sat there several times over the past months, usually to have his face made up, which is what he expected now. L sat down. Mistresses Steph and Claire moved quickly to bind his wrists to the sides of the chair, then looping ropes around his ankles, drawing them off the ground under the chair, preventing him from moving himself, or the chair. Ominously, Mistress Alice spread a cloth over L's dress, pulling it up around his neck and tying it in place, like a giant bib.
Mistress Alice pulled a high table from the side of the Room, so that it stood next to L. Mistress Steph left the Room, returning shortly after with a tray, on which was a white bowl, a small paintbrush and a pile of thin cloth, apparntly cut into narrow strips. Taking up the brush, Mistress Alice dipped it into the bowl and advanced on L, who shrank back as far as he could. She brushed the light-brown liquid onto L's cheek. It was hot, not enough to burn, but uncomfortable. After spreading the liquid a little, she picked up a strip of cloth, and laid it on L's cheek, where it stayed in place, held by the sticky liquid. Mistress Alice continued, repeating the sequence of painting, then placing the strips, using the brush to press them flat against L's skin. Some of the liquid, now beginning to cool, rolled down L's upper lip and into his mouth. It was very, very sweet. As the liquid cooled, it stiffened, so L had the peculiar sensation of his skin becoming more and more rigid.
"Well, that should do for a first run. Now to take it off" Mistress Alice gripped the end of one of the pieces of cloth and pulled smartly. Linda screamed with pain. The cloth, as it was ripped away, took almost all of the beard hairs trapped in the solid sugar solution. In five minutes of agony, most of L's beard was gone.
"So that's what "sugaring" means" said Mistress Claire. "What is the liquid?"
"Just honey, sugar and a bit of lemon juice. Heated up to dissolve, it's a saturated solution so it crystallises as it cools, and sticks only to the hair and the cloth. It should remove the hair roots as well, so it is as good as permanent, at least for a month or two, then we can do it again. Eventually, we'll remove all the hair follicles and Linda won't need to shave, ever again. Won't that be nice, Linda?"
L was gasping for breath, but nodded, very weakly. Mistress Steph untied Linda's bonds, and she stood up.
"Now, Linda, you might like to use some of this face-cream, it will help soothe the skin and make you smell nice. Then you can start cleaning the hall"

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