21 Days
By Ashley Williams

Hey Anna its Ashley. I would like to tell you a great bondage story that you will love.

Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

About 4 weeks ago me and my friend got on the topic of bondage. Closer to the end of our talk she said "I got an idea. Every day you spend in bondage I will give you $100. I will feed you and make sure that you don't die."
At the time this sounded like a good idea so I said yes. We worked out the times that she would come every day. 10:00a.m. and 7:00p.m. at each of these times she would take 15 minutes to feed me then she would leave. To do this I would have to spend ALL of my time including sleeping and eating in bondage. If i told her to take of any piece of bondage at any time the bet would be over. But if i escaped from the bondage the bet would not be over just when she comes to check on me I would be in bondage again. For my entire time in bondage I would be locked in my basement so even if I did escape I would have no were to go and I would be forced to wait for her to come back. In the basement there would be no open windows and they would be covered up to prevent me from knowing what time of day it was and there were no clocks or any other way of telling the time.

There was nothing but a bare dark basement, a small dim light in one of the corners a walkie talkie. If I needed help all I had to do was press a button and Cayla would be on her way. there was also a cot on the ground for me to sleep on.
Finally the day came. I would not be modelling for about 5 weeks so this was the perfect time to do it. Cayla (my friend) brought these bondage items. Ball gag, handcuffs x4, 5 rolls of duct tape, 150ft of rope, butt plug, corset, and something in a normal brown box. She said that if I was bad or if I escaped she would use the item in the box on me! Cayla said that she would put the keys to my handcuffs somewhere along the ground of the basement. She warned me that if I did unlock myself she would use what was in the box.
One sunday afternoon at about 1:30 we were ready. First Cayla made me put on the pink corset and the matching panties. Then she tied my thighs together, she tied my ankles together then tied them off to my thighs making a frog tie. She then she put 2 pairs of handcuffs on my wrists and 1 pair restraining my elbows together. she tied the handcuffs from my wrists off to my ankles making a hogtie and a frogtie at the same time. Finally she tightly strapped the ball gag to my face. "there you go, I will be back in a while so don't wait up on me." I listened to her walk up the stairs, close the door then I heard the lock click shut on the door. I wondered what I got my self into and how long I could last.
I lasted for what seemed like 12 hours until she came back. She just walked down about 5 steps, looked at me and said "good" then she walked away and locked the door behind her. I moaned trying to tell her that I needed to go to the bathroom. I could not hold it anymore so I just let it go on the floor. I crawled over to the cot and went to sleep.
I woke up with Cayla sitting right there. she had a plate of food. she took off my gag and put the food in my mouth. then i was about to talk to her she strapped the gag back on my face and left. Every day I would search for the key until I got tired. Then one day while I was about to give up, I found the key. I groaned with excitement under the gag. I quickly unlocked my handcuffs then I took off the bonds holding my thighs and ankles together. I also took off the corset and wet panties and sat there on my bed so excited to get out and feel free. I forgot about what Cayla said and soon enough she came back. She looked down the stairs and smiled at me, she ran back up the stairs and grabbed the box. Before I could say hi I was tied up again. "so you thought that you could outsmart me. lets see what you think of this." she pulled out a skinny metal rod with a little box on the end. She stuck the metal rod up my ass and flipped a switch. She said to me "you'll see what it does soon enough, oh and Ashley, I'm taking the keys to your handcuffs." She walked up the stairs and locked the door behind her. I thought to myself this isn't as bad as I thought then I felt a shock in my butt. I screamed under my gag in pain. The shocker never stopped until after what felt like 23 hours it stopped, I knew the battery was dead and the pain was over.
Every day she came and fed me at different times of the day to disorient me and screw up my sense of time even more. I never escaped the bondage again. One day I just had enough I crawled over to the walkie talkie and pressed the button. Cayla was over within minutes she unlocked my gag and I said "untie me, I've finally had enough."
Cayla told me That I spent a total of 21 days in bondage!!!!! She paid me $2100, and I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon.
I'm sorry that this is wrong but I hope that everybody enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

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