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Selfbondage is like spaceflight. It is dangerous, loots of things can go wrong and it have taken a loot of life because of extremely small errors in planing or mechanical failures. No one would send a spaceship out into the space with no idea how to get it back to earth safely, still, people engage in selfbondage with no plan how to get out of it. This text tries to show you the similarities between space flight and selfbondage.
Step one, planing, testing and checking.
Your first task is to plan what you want to do. How long do you want to stay bound? What do you want to happen when you are bound? What material are you going to use? What release methods are you going to use? What are the dangers? What might fail?
Once you have decided those things you reach the testing stage. Will the planed position really work together with the planed release method? Are you using handcuffs with double locking mechanism? Will the key fall where you want it to? Can you breath without any problem wearing that gag? Can you unlock those handcuffs behind your back? Try everything several times. The things can work great when tried alone but fail totally when tried in combination with something else.
When you have tested everything, it is time to check everything. Are the plan reasonable? Do not plan to spend two (2) weeks in a strict hogtie. Stay in reality. Are the keys for the right padlock? Are the handcuffs working. Are the release method working? (The ice release works really bad if it is left in the freezer...) Have you locked the doors and windows? Turned of the gas? Turned of electricity when depending on it to be released? All those things are deadly important but you might also want to check if there are new batteries in the vibrator.
Step two, takeoff.
Once you are sure that everything is checked and working, you are ready to fly. Close that last padlock and enslave yourself. Once you are airborne, there are not much you can change. It is to late to realise a problem once you have committed yourself. Now you are in it to the end. If step one was done carefully, this step should be pleasurably. However, anything might fail. "Houston we have a problem" works for the astronauts, not for you. You are alone, with no one to help you. Cheating at step one can have devastating results here.
Challenger blow up because of failure to check the fuel tanks before start.
Step three, landing.
Remember Columbia? Everything went perfect until landing. At landing everything went wrong. Why? Because of a very small failure at the start. So small that no one noticed it at the time. The isolation on the nose of the spaceship was damaged, this would later make the return to earth impossible.
This can happen to you to. Everything can go perfect and be heavenly until the release. Your arms might be useless because of bad blood circulation. You might have turned the handcuffs the wrong way, making them almost impossible to unlock. You might even realise the chilling truth that a ice release left in the freezer will not release you. What about that power failure? That is not your fault is it? No but it is your fault if it prevents you from getting free. You should ALWAYS use at least two completely different release methods. Do not use two releases that are both relying on the same thing, like electricity or sunlight. If one fails because of lack of electricity, it is almost certain that the second will fail to. You should preferably always use the "ink jar release" as a "when all else fails" release.
Do not let yourself be cheated by experience. The captain of the RMS.Titanic was one of the most experienced in the world. Still he made a small mistake that would cost the life of more than a thousand passengers and crew.
The history is full of disasters that could have been easily avoided.
Remember the Titanic, Challenger and Colombia!

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