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Bed Bound


Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

A/. this is a chain linking your ankle cuffs to the bottom end of the bed.

B/. these are your ankle cuffs.

C/. this is a chain linking your ankle cuffs to your handcuffs.

D/. these are your handcuffs - if you want to keep your hands away from your fun bits, add:

E/. this is a chain connecting to your collar, padlock your handcuffs to the chain at D2.

F/. this is a collar.

G/. this is a chain linking the collar to the ice padlock.

H/. this is the ice padlock - about four feet of chain with rings at each end passed into a wide necked bottle, filled with water and frozen.

I/. is a tray to collect any water from the melting ice.

The keys to your handcuffs are clipped to the chain linking your ankle cuffs to the handcuffs (C), and will be out of reach while you are lying down - when the ice in the bottle melts, you can sit up and reach the keys.

It is important to make sure that the chain in the ice padlock is easy to pull out once the ice has melted, and that the chain in the lock is long enough so you can sit up and reach the keys - test this BEFORE you freeze the lock!

Additional Information.
I tend to do things in this order:
1/. put on some nice clothes - boobs first, then a nice leotard, swimsuit or catsuit.

2/. cuff my ankles together and chain them to the bottom of the bed.

3/. clip the handcuff keys to the chain next to my ankles.

4/. lay back and put the collar on, making sure I can reach the handcuffs.

5/. handcuff myself! from now on, I cannot move my hands enough to reach the collar, or sit up so I can reach the keys!
I find a 300ml bottle takes about four or five hours to melt enough to pull the chain out.
I don't use a secondary release as I have spent ages making sure the ice padlock works perfectly - but you could use a clock timer to drop a second handcuff key if you could find a way to make the key fall where your hands could reach it.

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