Selfbondage scenarios and predicaments
Bathtub Bound
By TheStorm


Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

This scenario should never ever by tried without constant supervision.
A - This is a key attached to a float, it unlocks the cuffs around your wrists "B".
B - These are handcuffs locked around your wrists, The key "A" opens them.
C - These are cuffs around your ankles, one of the keys inside "L" opens them.
D - The plug, this holds the water in.. Make sure that it is securely in place or you will not be able to escape!
E - Invisible on the picture but there is a chain that connects the cuffs at the wrists "B" the cuffs around your ankles "C", this runs between the buttocks and is as tight as possible.
F - The taps, turn on only the cold tap, The faster the flow the quicker the release, make sure the baths overflow can keep up with the amount of water coming out of the tap or you may end up with a flooded bathroom!
G - This is a leather collar with an attached bell, one of the keys inside "L" unlocks it.
H - This is a rope that attaches the collar "G" to the ceiling, it is there to prevent your head reaching the water.
I - This is a blindfold
J - This is a gag, mouth should be completely stuffed with toilet tissue before tying gag over it.
K - These are pegs on your nipples, nipple clamps or similar
L - this is a box with a combination lock on it, inside it contains the keys to the cuffs around your ankles "C" and the keys to your collar "G".
Warning! Do not underestimate the danger of the rope (H). It is extremely easy to slip and fall in a bathtub. If you slip and fall the rope could pull on your collar so you would be strangled. Make sure that the rope will break if you fall.
Warning! If you slip and fall you might not be able to get up again because your hands and arms are bound. This could drown you!
Warning! If you fall you could hit your head against the bathtub and lose consciousness you could drown.

Basic Idea.
You are bound in a bath which is filling very slowly with cold water, the key is on the bottom of the bath and attached to a float, you can't reach the key until the bath fills up enough for it to float up to your hands. Once you have unlocked your hands you are then able to remove your blindfold so that you may attempt to open the combination locked box.

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