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Timer Box
By Endless Love


Note: This is a home made downcounting timer. If you do not want to build your own timer you could buy one instead. There are several different types available. This description is only for people who like to build their own things and know how to do so safely. /Anna

Hi Anna

I love the site and think it's fantastic. I would like to share with you, and everyone else, a little project that I made for self bondage. It is an electric outlet that has a turn dial timer built into it. The idea for it was spawned from wanting to use a magnetic lock for self bondage. With the use of this timer, someone can dial in however much time they would like to spend in bondage.

Timer Box Build:

Parts you will need:

Wall Outlet - Will include 2 screws
Timer Outlet - Will include 2 screws, face plate nut, and knob
2 gang outlet box - Heavy duty version, possibly meant for outdoor use
2 gang faceplate - Will include 4 screws
Power plug - One from an old broken lamp works just fine
Cost ~ $20
Some side notes about this project,
I bought all the parts at a local home improvement store and it was around $20. I bought a one hour timer, but they sell them in different time lengths. I have seen them as short as 15 mins. and as long as 12 hours! The timer I bought came with a different face plate that was bigger, so I had to trim it to make it fit just right. You should be able to buy a timer with a smaller face plate, or just don't use it and keep yourself guessing as to how much time you dialed in. This timer is a safe way to power a magnetic lock. It is very strong, extremely reliable, and if the power goes out, you will be free. And emergency release could be as simple as pulling the plug. If you live in a hot desert, you can plug a fan into this timer box before you sleep, that way it keeps you cool till you doze off and doesn't run all night. Or you can use it to time a night light, just use your imagination on what 'normal' house hold uses it could have, along with funner uses too. Hope someone else finds this idea useful, share your improvement ideas, and your versions of this box.
Have fun and stay safe!

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