Basic selfbondage techniques and devices
Rope Release
By an admirer

Here is a way of making an anchor rope longer so you can free yourself. The anchor rope might be the attachment for a ring device or anything else.

Take a light rope, 1/4" say, and tie a ring in one end. Then take the rope and run it back and forth on itself similar to the way you would to make up a cinch noose but have more folds. Then wind it up, again, like you would to make a noose but start winding at the end with the ring in it. Be sure to wrap tightly.
When you get to the last wrap, tuck it up under the second last wrap. Don't pull the end through the second last wrap just tuck the wrap under. This will hold the thing together while you finish off.
Take the remaining end and tie another ring in it or tie two rings if you want to make a ring device. Tie a knot that will allow the ring(s) to move freely regardless of what happens to the knot. A bowline will work best if you know how to tie one.
Then soak the rope in water until it is really saturated except for the final end. Once its really soaked put it in the freezer and leave it there to harden. After its frozen you can coat it with more water and freeze it some more if you want to extend the time it will take to melt. What you have is a short length of rope that will grow only once it has thawed.

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