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Ice in Bottle


Ice in Bottle
Hi Anna!
Had some problem solving inspiration the other day and came up with a new release technique.
I had the need for this as the bondage area i wanted to use didn't have hooks or anything i could use
that i could use my normal ice-release system on. I came up with this and it worked well
(and satisfies my cannot go wrong rule since ice always melts).
What do you need?
- A bottle with a sizable neck, i used a nutrient water bottle. (smaller necks could possibly work
but would be more difficult to set up and you might need to chance a few things a little.)
- Your key
- Stocking/Sock (or similar)
- Thin rope (or similar)
- Ice cubes (ideally about the size of the neck of the bottle, any bigger and it won't go in,
too small and it be as effective)
How does it work?
The idea behind this is that the stocking filled with ice cubes will not come back out.
This is because although individually they slip in, as a group they aren't so neat and will form a collective,
melting, plug for the bottle. The rope is connected to both the stocking and the key, so you can't get the key
until enough ice has melted for the plug to fit through the hole at the top.
How do you set it up?
1.. Tie the key to the rope and lower it into the bottle
2.. Put the stocking into the bottle
3.. Feed, cube by cube, the ice into the stocking
4.. Shake the stocking to fan out the cubes
5.. Tie the rope around the stocking once around the stocking and knot (without doing this the key will
surely find a gap and just slip out early) More ice you use the more time until release.
I recommand securing the rope to something (hook on the wall, your collar etc)
as when you want to get out you can to pull on the bottle. Given enough time it should fall out own its own too.
Now you have access to the key.
Hope you like this!

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