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By Humble-Boy

I need to share a revolution with you. I have FINALLY manage to create a selfbondage tool that’s working! This board has a simple design and it is absolutely escape proof.
The key to success is a “240V AC Magnetic Door Holder” (approx £30) that keeps me locked up until a timer cuts the power. I should not take full credit for the full idea. I actually got the main concept from (check out a Scenario called “Electronic Release”)
The basic concept
I secure the board to my bedpost, wall or floor or.. I set the timer for an hour or so. Then I tie myself up real tight using standard rope. The positions are endless! ;) Next I secure one hand to the board with the latch (Using my free hand) and put my free hand in the other metal handle. Finally I push down the magnetic door holder with my head or any other free body part. I can actually hear the electromagnetic magnet when it secures itself to the metal plate screwed to the board.
The electromagnet is so strong that I can not open the handle until the power releases.
Humble Boy.
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Additional Information:

It is extremely important to use this with a timer. If you activate the lock (by accident or by will) without a timer you will be stuck with no way out.
Warning! Risk of electrocution. Make very sure to fasten and isolate all cables so they can not under any circumstance come in contact with the metal holding your hands. And always use a "safety" circuit breaker when you are using electricity.

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