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Electronic Release
By TieMeTighter

Hi Anna,
Thought you might be interested in this method of exactly timed electronic release, from 1 min to 24 hrs!
Usable as often as you like, with no ice dripping water, for under £60.
Part One

What you need:
A long piece of string or rope.
2x strong key rings (1 will have your release key(s) on it).
Mains 4-way extension socket. - approx £6

Mechanical timer (24hr) - approx £8
(Use 24hr timers, so you can't set them for 3 days instead of 3 hrs by mistake):
Digital timer (24hr) - approx £12
(24hr, also has random and countdown functions)

240V AC Magnetic Door Holder - approx £30
Long mains cable with 240v mains plug - you could buy sperately or buy a pre-made lead and cut the socket off
Sources include:
Robert Dyas, Maplin, Cpc, Argos, Ryness, Tlc-direct.
Preparation to Magnetic door holder: (See pic)
Wire the long mains lead into the magnetic door holder casing, attach a cable tie or (non-metallic) hook to back of plastic box if you wish to suspend it from a hook, or you could put it on a convenient high shelf or top of a wardrobe.
Attach a key ring (weighted if needed) to the plate part of the door holder that will be held by the electro-magnet.
Release Method: (Your own variations are possible, I find this method avoids the keys repeatedly dropping to the floor, well you wouldn't want a bent key now would you ?): (See pic) Tie one end of the string VERY securely to a curtain rail or hook on one side of the room above your bed or wherever you intend to be secured.
Attach the electro-magnet to a high point midway across the room, out of your bound reach, (this is why it needs a long lead).
Plug it into the digital mains timer that can be set very accurately.
In turn plug the digital timer into the mechanical timer (set for an hour or so longer than the digital, this is just a backup measure in case the digital timer fails - key will also drop in the event of a power cut). In turn plug this into your 4-way extension socket, all plugged in and arranged out of your bound reach.
Thread the string through the key ring on the plate, and knot it securely. (a single key must not be used instead of the plate as it may not be heavy enough to ensure it drops when electro magnet is de-energised). Tie the other end of the string VERY securely to the keyring on the floor across the other side of the room. The string will remain suspended out of your reach until the time releases the plate, allowing it to fall to the floor. Beware the metal part of the plate that had been held by the electro magnet may be a little hot. When in bondage, I like to use handcuffs attached to a waist belt, secured behind the back, and attach a chain to a ring in the wall just above the bed, limiting movement. You will be able to see the string held teasingly aloft above you, but will be unable to reach it until it falls. Then you will be able to reel the keys in!
Obviously do a few tests to ensure the string falls where you expect it to!
Remember, treat secure Self-bondage as you would a parachute jump, it's a thrill that requires careful preparation, and has similar risks!
Feel free to use an extra ice, paint, ink backup release if you so desire.
Part two

Hi Anna,
As an addition to my previous email, here's a detailed photo of everything required to put together the kit for timed release, allowing you to set any time up to 24hrs. This particular electronic timer includes a countdown function for convenience, and a random function too for the brave! Personally I prefer to know when it will release.
Do not use the key directly on the electromagnet because there is a possibility that the key could get magnetized by the electromagnet and therefore not fall when even when there is no power. During my extensive testing, using a single small key this did happen (in operation, the electromagnet also generates heat, I wouldn't advise touching it), hence my recommendation for the method described, using the supplied plate (designed to release and approved by fire regulations) which I've successfully tested many times. This can be weighted as shown to ensure release.
I've also included diagrams of how I've wired into and attached a hook / loop to the rear of the box for clarity (requires drilling a couple of holes, easy into plastic box). Internal wiring is similar to and no more difficult than wiring an ordinary mains plug. The elastic bands around the release plate are purely to stop it rattling and so make it a little quieter on landing, I'd advise placing something soft (that won't prevent you from pulling the keys) under where it will fall.

Pic 1, detail of the whole kit needed.
Pic 1, detail of the whole kit needed.
Pic 2, closeup of the electronic release showing the wiring detail.
Pic 2, closeup of the electronic release showing the wiring detail.
Pic 3, detail of the rear hook.
Pic 3, detail of the rear hook.
Pic 4, detail of the plate and connected weight.
Pic 4, detail of the plate and connected weight.
Pic 5, the restraints on the bed, locked to the wall.
Pic 5, the restraints on the bed, locked to the wall.

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