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Elbow Tie
By 2tight And eather

Here is an easy way to tightly bind your elbows together but easily release them when needed. This technique uses a single strap (belt) and a ring to form two loops, one for the arm and one for the torso with the buckle in front. Think of a figure 8 with your torso in one loop and your arms in the other loop. I feel this is a safer way then some ties people use where they pull on astrap behind the back but then have no easy way of undoing it. This technique can work on bare arms or with elbow cuffs. I will explain the bare arm method first.
You need a strap or belt long enough to encircle your arms behind your back above the elbows and encircle your torso. A luggage strap that can be tightened anywhere along its length is best. A strap with holes will work but you may need extra holes for when you take up the slack. Next you need a ring slightly wider than the strap. A round ring will work but an elliptical or rectangular ring is better. I use a link from a piece of chain. Push the end of the strap through the ring and slide the ring about halfway down the strap. Now take the end and bring it back through the ring. Pull the strap end up to the buckle. You should see how this now forms two loops. Put your arms through the loop that does not have the buckle. Work the loop in the back up over your elbows. Bring the buckle up around the front of your torso on one side and the loose end around from the back to the front on the other side. The ring should be centered in your back. Pull the strap end through the buckle a bit. Bending at the waist may help if the loop slips off your arms. You should now be able to pull on the free end and tighten the loops. In order to tighten the back loop more shrug your shoulders back and breathe deep to expand your chest. You can now tighten to your desired taste and then fasten your wrists together in some way. When you go to release your elbows exhaling a bit can give you a little slack to help in undoing the buckle.
If you have elbow cuffs with D-rings you will use the rear loop to connect the cuffs together rather than encircling the arms. For this you can us a slightly shorter strap. For this you will want the elbow cuffs in such a position that the D-rings are facing towards each other when your arms are behind you. Start by correctly orienting the buckle. Feed the strap end through the ring and then through the d-ring on the cuff that is on the same side of your body as the buckle. The end should go out away from your back as it passes through the d-ring. Now take the end of the strap over to the other cuff and threadit through that d-ring towards your back. The free end will now need to go back through the ring on the strap to form the rear loop. Pull the buckle end around one side of the torso and the free end around the other side to make the front loop. Again. pull through the buckle and tighten to your taste. At first this will take a little bit of contorting to figure out but once you get used to doing it you will get more coordinated.
I like to use this with a harness system I have. My legs are strapped together at the ankes, above and below the knees and at the thighs. My elbow cuffs have two sets of rings on opposite sides of the cuffs. One set is used to strap the cuffs to a harness strap around my torso. I then use the technique I just outlined to connect and pull my elbow cuffs together using the other set of d-rings. This tightly welds my upper arms to my back and pulls my elbows together with a delicious amount of strictness. It is all I can do to be able to lock my wristcuffs behind my back to my belt. I have learned to do this elbow tie fully gagged, blindfolded, hooded and along with the other restraints it is as strict of bondage as I can get by myself.
I hope somebody else gets as much fun out of this as I have.
Text by 2tight, drawing by eather.

Additional Information.
Using rope instead of a strap/belt could cause discomfort and loss of blood circulation.

Do not over tighten any bondage. Loss of blood circulation is dangerous and can come suddenly.
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