Basic selfbondage techniques and devices
Easy Wrapper
By Dennis

The pictures are of a tension rod it has a screw system not a spring like some rod's this one you can make as tight as you want so it wont fall or pull off of the counter you place it on.

First gather all your heavenly goodies and any toys you might want to use. Place them all in your vicinity take the roll of plastic wrap. (I get the big role from like Costco or what not, I work in a warehouse so I have easy access to it.)
Take the roll of wrap and set it on the counter then set the rod inside and expand the length of it until it is nice and tight between the roof and table. Now it should be nice and secure.

Now add all of the toys you'd like plugs vibes what ever you like the grab the end of the roll and hold it just below where your arms will set beside you and start spinning in circles the more wraps you make the tighter it will be.
I usually leave a knife next to the roll so I can cut the wrap when I am done then I put it back on the table.
Now you are realising how tight you actually are how long you are going to be bound depends on a few things, where your knife or scissors is located and if it is on a time release or not

This works great for the "long crawl" cause its very slow to crawl when you are done. Also do not just flop on to the ground it will hurt you or at least not knock the wind out of you. What I do is put a large cushion (in my case a mattress on the ground) then flop onto the cushion and roll off to the ground. Now you are on the ground and if you did it right you can not get off the ground.

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