Basic selfbondage techniques and devices
Ceiling Hook
By Invunrible


Hi All.
I thought I would just share something I had made.
Its a Hidden ceiling hook, or at least a mounting point able to hold allot of weight (Good couple of people) that can quickly be 100% disguised.
Its basically a bolt that pops through a light fitting, which can either have a decorative cover or heavy duty "Ring Nut"(or "eye nut").
I have drawn a diagram of how it all works.
There is a bolt that goes through the middle of the light fitting. This is pulled upwards by a spring, so that when there is a small load on it, it comes down so that the "ring nut" gets out of the way of the lights, and prevents the ring from rubbing on the stainless light fitting.
I made the decorative nut from draw handle I found at the local hardware store, drilled the hole bigger, then tapped it.
If doing this you HAVE to make sure your ceiling is strong enough to support the weight. I put a large beam in just to make sure I don't break anything.

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