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Cable tie cinch
By: Steven


Take a leather dog collar and buckle it into a snug loop such that if a cinch was applied, there would still be about a 3 centimetre gap between the two opposite faces of the loop between the wrists (this leaves room to get the scissors in but results in a very snug binding). I have wrapped some duct tape around the buckle itself, both to prevent chafing of the wrists on the inside, and to remove the ability to actually undo the buckle.

Now take a plastic cable tie about 25 or 30cm long and form a loop which will be the cinch.
In doing this I slip it through one of the gaps where the buckle is riveted, so it does not slip off. Don't use a cable tie more than 7mm wide because it is too hard to cut off. A bit of experimentation with different sizes will help. Slip your wrists through collar loop, one each side of the cable tie cinch, and start pulling the cinch tight with your fingers. It is very easy to do and results in a snug and very secure binding that will not tighten further or cut off your circulation.
You could manage with this on for days, if need be. In an emergency you can cut through either the leather or the plastic. Make sure you can get to your scissors, though, and make sure they are robust enough to cut through the tie.
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