The Red Light
Copyright Abrank, 2010 February


Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

The Red Light
Copyright Abrank, 2010 February
James McPhearson first saw the city as the train rounded a curve. It’s incredibly tall buildings soared far into the sky; towering skyscrapers that dominated the gently rolling hills of the surrounding landscape. As the train grew closer he saw that it was more colorful than most cities; many of the buildings had horizontal bands of color near their bases.
The train entered an enormous tunnel, one of three that he could see. The roof of the tunnel was high, far higher than that of the train. He turned to his guide, “Why is the tunnel so big?”
“The city is growing, and eventually will need larger trains than this,” replied his guide, a Victorian-looking gentleman wearing an old fashioned black suit. “Even though it is being continuously reconstructed, allowance is always made for future expansion.”
The train pulled into a station and drew to a stop. Crowds of people exiting the train surrounded James and he became worried that he would become separated from his guide. But their progress through the crowd was surprisingly smooth and he followed the guide to a long and brightly lit escalator. They emerged into the street, crowded with people and silently moving cars.
“Where would you like to go first?” asked the guide. “I recommend the Institute of History. They have a very informative exhibit of the history of this city and how it has changed over the millennia. Or we could go to MORA, the Museum of Representative Art. Most people find it a very moving experience.”
James felt good; better than he had felt in years. The pain in his knee seemed to have disappeared. He felt a sense of joy, and of youthful vigor. He didn’t feel like going to any museum and thought of what he would have done in his youth when he visited a strange city. “Is there a red light district here?”
“This city has everything. I know just the place for you.” The guide began to walk along the sidewalk and James followed, walking alongside seemed impossible in the crush of people.
They walked several blocks, passing shops and restaurants with people sitting in enclosed outdoor areas; enjoying the outdoor air and eating drinking, talking and laughing. Most of them seemed happy and relaxed, unlike many big cities where many people seemed miserable and tense.
But there were exceptions. James saw one woman eating alone at a small table. He stopped to look at her. Her head was encased in a steel cage, its strong rounded bars close against her skin. Her long hair grew out between the bars, concealing the back of the cage. A curved steel plate completely covered her mouth and chin. She was feeding herself by breaking small pieces of bread off a loaf and forcing them down behind the steel plate. She turned to look at him and he saw that the front of her mouth covering was decorated with a raised metal X. She turned away to resume eating and James hurried after the guide who was waiting for him.
“Why is that woman wearing that thing on her head?”
“She is being punished.”
“For what?”
“I can’t tell from here. Perhaps it was something she said, or maybe she bit someone.”
They turned left into a side street. Halfway along the block the guide entered a low doorway beneath a red light. A sign on the door showed the outline of a bottle together with a wine glass. The room behind the door was a large one with wood paneling and a red carpeted floor. It was deserted but furnished with numerous wooden tables and comfortable wooden chairs. The guide indicated a table, and James sat down, the guide sitting opposite.
A young woman emerged from the shadows and slowly approached the table. She was strikingly beautiful; tall with a pale complexion framed by black hair that was swept back. Her large breasts were barely contained by a tight white top, and her long slender legs emerged from a short black mini skirt. But what surprised and excited James the most was that her ankles were encircled by thick metal cuffs connected by a short but heavy chain. As she walked James noted that only her extreme high heels prevented the chain from dragging on the carpet.
She reached the table and asked “Yes sirs, what would you like to drink?” She had a lisp as if she had something in her mouth.
Her breasts were very close to his face and James noticed that her nipples were erect and pushing out against her top. He was overcome with desire and felt his penis stir.
“Well?” asked the guide looking at him.
“What do you have?” James asked in a voice choked with lust.
“We have everything,” the girl replied.
“I’ll have a scotch,” James said.
“Just water for me,” the guide said.
The girl smiled at James then turned and walked away. He couldn’t help watching how her hips moved and rocked her shapely buttocks as she stepped to the limits of her chain.
“She likes you,” observed the guide.
“She does? How do you know?”
“I know. You do too, I saw you looking at her nipples. She would like to make love to you.”
“Oh wow! And I’ve only just got here. This is quite a city.”
“Yes it is.”
“I couldn’t help noticing that her ankles are chained. Is she being punished?”
“No, she put them on herself, or rather she had them put on.”
“There didn’t seem to be any locks on the cuffs. How does she take them off?”
“She doesn’t; they are permanently fastened on.”
A thought occurred to James. “How does she get her panties on and off?”
“She doesn’t wear panties.”
James was silent. The thought that she was naked beneath her short skirt made him even more excited. He felt his penis grow to a full erection, and he shifted in his chair.
The girl returned carrying a tray with two glasses. She set one down next to the guide then smiled at James and bent down to place the other glass in front of him bringing her breasts very close to his face.
“Celia,” said the guide gently touching her hip with his left hand, “I would like to introduce James. This is his first day in the city.”
Celia stood upright and nodded at James.
“I think James would like to see what’s under your skirt. May I?”
Celia nodded without taking her eyes off James. The guide raised the front of her skirt to reveal a shiny steel chastity belt. The front plate was quite wide and pressed tightly into her flesh. Small sharp spikes projected from the edges of the plate, and James could see that they would discourage anyone trying to get their fingers under it. The front of the plate was decorated with a symbol of a broken key.
The guide released Celia’s skirt and said to James, “Do you mind if she sits down?”
“Not at all,” James said, excited at the prospect.
Celia pulled out a chair and sat down, spreading her knees and placing her hands behind her back. James wondered if it was uncomfortable for her to sit and presumed she had to spread her knees to prevent the spikes pressing into her thighs
“Celia doesn’t like to talk much,” the guide remarked, “but I’m sure she’s glad to take the weight off her feet.”
James’ penis was aching with desire. He wanted to get to the point as quickly as possible. He sipped his drink wondering how to start. “You are very beautiful,” he said to Celia.
“Hank you,” Celia said and reached out to clasp his hand.
James felt a surge of passion pass through his body as her hand touched his. He was not sure how to proceed. “Do you have a key to that belt?” he asked.
“Let me get you another drink,” Celia lisped and stood up. James noticed that his glass was empty; he must have drunk it without noticing.
Celia left and James asked the guide, “Is she available?”
“She would really like to have sex with you but no, she isn’t available. That chastity belt is permanently fastened on; she doesn’t have the key.”
“Who has the key?”
“No one. As I said, it’s permanently fastened on.”
“Who put it on her?”
“Some metalworker. But she wanted it put on.”
“She’s different from you. Although she likes sex, its denial gives her exquisite pleasure. She lives in a state of almost continual arousal, and the frustration of not being able to have sex excites her and heightens all her senses.”
“Wow! I don’t understand that; I would go crazy if I couldn’t have sex.”
“As I said, she’s different from you. But she would very much like to have sex with you, and the fact that she can’t arouses her.”
“Well, she can suck my dick if she likes.”
Celia returned carrying a bottle of scotch which she placed on the table in front of James. She sat down and once again placed her hands behind her back.
James looked at the label of the scotch. It was a brand he did not recognize. He poured himself a shot and sipped it. It was top quality, probably aged more than 20 years.
“Celia, James would like you to suck his dick. I know you would like to, but please show him your tongue.”
Celia smiled broadly then opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. It had multiple piercings and its top surface was studded with an array of sharp spikes that curved backwards toward her throat.
“I suppose you had that done to yourself,” James said.
Celia closed her mouth and nodded.
“Celia is also considering having her wrists manacled together. But that is a very big step and she is not yet ready for it.”
“Wouldn’t that make you completely helpless?” James asked, looking at Celia, or rather at her breasts which were mesmerizing him.
“Not really,” replied the guide. “You can function quite well, even with your hands handcuffed behind your back, once you get used to it.”
Celia nodded imperceptibly at the guide.
“You can feel Celia’s breasts,” continued the guide. “I know you want to, and she would like that.”
James looked questionably at Celia who smiled and nodded, so he reached out and put a hand on each breast. Celia pressed herself into him so he squeezed her breasts. Although firm, they felt real.
Celia closed her eyes and moaned. So James squeezed harder. The harder he squeezed the more she seemed to like it. James felt like he was about to have an orgasm, he was sure his penis must be leaking loads of precum.
The door opened and two girls walked in; one black and the other white. The black girl was wearing blue denim shorts with slits up the sides and cut high to expose the lower part of her buttocks. Her belly was bare and her breasts were pushed up spilling out of the top of her halter bra. The white girl was also wearing very short shorts, but these were shiny black to match her thigh-high boots. Her black top was partially unbuttoned exposing a deep cleavage.
Celia opened her eyes and James quickly withdrew his hands. The girls looked at the seated group and then walked across to the other side of the room and sat down. Celia got up and walked over to them.
“Now they look more available,” James whispered to the guide.
“Yes they are. Didn’t you fuck girls like those when you were younger?”
“Probably, I don’t remember.” James did remember. They were interns and he used his position of power within the company to fuck them. They thought he would be able to get them permanent positions. He persuaded the white girl to wear handcuffs and had forceful sex which made her cry. He was married and felt guilty about it afterwards, but confessed to a priest who forgave him and gave him absolution.
“What did you do before you came here?” the guide asked.
“I used to run drones. You know, those remote controlled flying things.”
“Were you doing surveillance or were you using them to kill people?”
“Just surveillance.” This was a lie. James had directed them to kill people, but didn’t want to admit this to the guide. He had used the drones to kill people he was told were terrorists, and he felt good about it. But on one occasion his drone had gone astray and killed civilians. He didn’t feel too bad about that; he felt that civilian deaths were inevitable in a war.
“Well James, it’s time for me to leave you. I have brought you to where you wanted to be. But I do have some advice for you; always tell the truth and pray for forgiveness. May God have mercy on you.” The guide got up to leave.
“What about the bill? I’m not sure I’ve got the right kind of money to pay for the drinks.”
“Don’t worry about that,” the guide replied with a smile. “The drinks are on the house.” He pushed his chair neatly back under the table and left.
James was tempted to follow, but looked across at the two girls who were now alone at their table. They saw him looking, stood up and began to walk towards him. James was relieved to note that their ankles were not chained; they seemed to be perfectly normal prostitutes.
They sat down at his table, one on each side.
“Well honey, are you lonely?” asked the black girl.
James abandoned all thought of following the guide; his penis was rising again in the presence of the two overtly sexy girls. “Yes I am,” he said. “Are you here to comfort me?”
“Have you been a naughty boy? Do you deserve a good whipping?” asked the white girl.
“No, I’m not into that sort of thing.”
“You should try it. It can really turn you on.”
“So how much do you charge?”
“Charge? Why nothing; our services are free. We enjoy doing it.”
“Free? What kind of place is this?”
“Don’t you know?”
“It’s the Eternal City. You know, it’s the place where we all come after we die.”
“Yes, honey. You’re dead. At least you died. Probably of a heart attack I would guess. But now you can live forever in this place without fear of dying again.”
James’ profound surprise was gradually replaced with one of joy; he could now fuck prostitutes without charge for eternity. But something puzzled him; if this was heaven, why were prostitutes here? “Do only the good people come here? Where do the bad people go?”
“Honey, everyone comes here; the good, the bad and the ugly.”
“Aren’t the bad people punished?”
“Oh yes, of course. They are punished in various ways.”
“Are you being punished?”
“What!? No, of course not. We’re good people. We satisfy people and give them pleasure. We make them happy.”
James was silent, wondering about this new reality.
“Well, honey, do you want to come with us?”
“Yes I’d love to.”
“Which one, or both of us?”
“Both,” James said eagerly. He had never been with two girls at once and wondered what it would be like.
“Come along then,” said the white girl and led the way to the back of the saloon striding out sexily in her high heeled boots. The black girl followed in her high heeled sandals. James followed them both, fascinated by the way their asses moved.
The girls passed through a door and led the way into an elevator. “Take me home,” the white girl said to no one in particular. The doors immediately closed and the elevator began to accelerate upwards.
“Do I have to wear a condom?” James asked. He hated to wear condoms.
“No honey,” the black girl said. “That’s not necessary. There’s no disease here. You can fuck us whichever way you want.”
His ears popped a couple of times before the elevator stopped. James noted that the floor number was in the high six hundreds. As he followed the girls along the corridor his penis felt like it was being pressed down by his underpants which seemed to have tightened around his waist. He attributed the feeling to the rapid altitude change they had just experienced.
“Do you girls have handcuffs?” he asked, his excitement growing.
“Oh yes,” the white girl replied. “We have all that kind of stuff. Whatever turns you on.” She entered a room, and said, “OK, let's get undressed and see how eager you are to see us.”
James unzipped his trousers and dropped them. As his hands moved to pull his underpants down, they touched something hard. He looked down and saw a metal band encircling his waist, just above his hips. He pulled his underpants further down and saw that his genitals were completely covered by a metal shield, the front of which was decorated with a raised metal X.
“Oh honey!” cried the black girl in a disappointed voice. “What a shame. Why didn’t you tell us? I was so looking forward to having your penis inside me, now it’ll just have to be your tongue. I hope you’ve got a long one.”
“How did this thing get on me?”
“It’s one of the things that can happen when you’ve led a bad life.”
“How can I get it off?”
“You can’t; it’s on forever,” replied the white girl. “No more orgasms for you. But I can make you excited if you like. Are you sure you don’t want to be whipped?”

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