The Cabin
Copyright Abrank 2010 May


Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

The Cabin
2010 May
Chapter 1: Adam
I didn’t know him very well so was surprised when I received the phone call from the hospital.
I had met him only a few times, the first in a pub. He was sitting at the bar drinking a beer and examining a pair of small ornamental metal weights, they had a clip on top and their bases were surrounded by a ring of spikes that projected out horizontally. He was unshaven, shabbily dressed and did not appear to be very friendly, but my curiosity about the weights compelled me to make a comment. “They look nice. What are they for?”
He looked at me suspiciously and then said, “They’re fishing weights.”
They did not look like fishing weights; the ornamentation would not be appreciated by fish and the spikes would serve no purpose. Instead they looked like weights that could be hung from nipple or labia rings to torment and tease the wearer. But I was not about to suggest this usage and remarked, “Ah fishing! Now there’s a sport.”
This got him started on how fishing was not meant to be a sport. God had not created fish for man to amuse himself but so that he could feed himself. I could partly agree with this, I’ve always felt that fishing with hooks that pierce and mutilate fish is a very cruel sport, but have found few people to agree with me.
We seemed to get on well and our conversation turned to religion and the bible. He was a Christian fundamentalist and believed every word in the bible to be the word of God. I don’t hold this opinion but was not about to argue with him; such people are immune to reason and logic.
I bought him a beer and mentioned that my girlfriend was attending some women’s lib conference. This started him on a tirade against that. In part I agreed with him, but felt compelled to defend her. Secretly I wished she was less proactive, I had been trying to get her to play along with some of my bondage fantasies but she had refused.
Finally he got up to leave. “Well, it’s time to catch some fish for supper.”

After he left the barman came up to me and said, “You know, that guy’s been coming here regularly every Saturday for more than a year and you’re the first person he’s ever talked to.”
We met again two weeks later at the same bar, and this time he sought me out. I was feeling quite miserable, having just been dumped by my girlfriend. I was not the most cheerful of companions, but he seemed to derive pleasure in talking to me. I learned that his name was Adam, that he lived in a cabin in the woods and that he enjoyed the outdoor life; hunting and fishing. I don’t remember much of anything else we discussed, being too preoccupied with my own problems.
During the next few months we met a few more times, perhaps inevitable in a small town, and always by accident. One time he was carrying a dog collar ornamented with formidable spikes that he had picked up at the post office. Apparently there was no mail delivery to the cabin where he lived.
Despite our meetings and conversations I never thought of him as anything more than a casual acquaintance until I received the fateful phone call. He had been seriously injured in a traffic accident and the hospital informed me that he had been asking for me. He did not appear to have any close relatives. It was lunch time so I left the bank where I worked as a teller and headed for the hospital.
Arriving at the hospital, I was shown into the intensive care unit. He had been run down by a pickup truck while crossing a road, and had suffered severe internal injuries in addition to head trauma.
He was barely able to talk, but he told me that he was going to die and wanted me to do something for him. “I have a cabin up in the woods,” he said. “My pet’s in there and she’ll die if someone doesn’t feed her.”
“What kind of pet?”
“She’s a bitch, and she needs to be fed. There’s plenty of dog food there. All you have to do is put it in a bowl.”
“OK,” I said, “I do it. Where’s your cabin?”
“You’ll do it?” He seemed surprised.
“Sure.” I hate to see animals suffer; it was the least I could do.
“Thank you.” He was silent for a moment and then said, “I love the bitch. Don’t want anything to happen to her.”
“I’ll take care of her. Where’s your cabin?”
“It’s ten miles out of town on route 22. Take the first left after the antique store and go three quarters of a mile. My cabin is up the dirt track on the right.”
He closed his eyes for a few seconds, then opened them and turned to me saying, “I don’t want her to go to a shelter or anything. She’s happy there. That’s where she belongs. I want her to remain there.”
“Sure, I’ll look after her till you recover.”
“I’m not going to recover. I’m going to die here.”
We were both silent for a few minutes. I was wondering what I was letting myself in for. I couldn’t see myself driving twenty miles a day for very long just to feed a dog.
Finally Adam spoke again. “If you promise to look after her I’ll make it worth your while. Will you promise?”
He looked at me with so much pleading in his eyes that I could not refuse. “I promise,” I said, and meant it.
“Promise on the bible you’ll keep her in the cabin and not give her up?”
“I promise.”
“Thank you. Now I can die in peace,” he said and closed his eyes.
A minute later he said, without opening his eyes, “You gotta keep her chained up. Never let go of her chain; always hold it or fix it to something. She’s tricky and seems to have some sort of power.”
Adam didn’t answer; the effort of talking seemed to have exhausted him. I supposed he meant she was an intelligent and powerful dog and would escape if she weren’t chained.
A few minutes later he spoke again, “Can you get me a lawyer? I need to make a will.”
I talked to the nurses and we managed to find a lawyer who arrived later that afternoon. He entered Adam’s room with the nurses while I waited outside. Adam dictated his will which was witnessed by the nurses.
The lawyer emerged from the room and spoke to me. “He has made his final will and authorized me to tell you its contents. He has left everything he owns to you and made you executor of his estate. There is one condition; that you look after his pet and keep her at his cabin. Do you accept?”
“Yes, I promised I would. What did he leave me?”
“He left you his pet, his cabin and its contents, and the 20 acres of land that it sits on. There’s also a Jeep, and he mentioned that there’s a few hundred dollars cash and some coins in the cabin.”
I went back into Adam’s room to thank him and reassure him that I would look after his dog. But he seemed delirious and all he said was, “I’ve got to get another dog.” The nurses indicated I should leave. On the way out they gave me keys that they had found in his pants pocket. “You’ll probably need these to get into the cabin,” they said.
It was too late to go back to work or visit the cabin, so I went home.
Chapter 2: The Cabin
I was awakened early next morning by the ringing of my telephone. “Is that Mr Rankine?” a voice asked.
“Yes. This is he.”
“This is a nurse from the hospital. We met yesterday. I very much regret having to tell you that Adam died early this morning. I’m so sorry.”
I was silent.
“You can come in and pick up his things. How do you want to handle his funeral?”
I said that the hospital could make whatever arrangements they chose. We talked about money and I said that any expenses ought to be paid by the insurance company of the driver who had injured him. I asked how long he had been in the hospital, and she said he had been there four days before I saw him.
I realized that Adam’s dog could not have been fed for five days, so I got up and after a quick breakfast drove out to his cabin. Saving a dog from starvation seemed more important than going to work, particularly since I had promised to look after it. I decided I would call in to the bank later to say that I was sick, I knew my boss would never understand taking time off to feed a dog.
Adam’s directions were quite accurate and I had no difficulty finding his cabin. The unpaved track that led up to it was in fairly good condition. Initially the track followed a stream and then wound uphill through an old growth forest. It ended at a clearing of reddish colored earth at the center of which was a large oak tree. The cabin stood at the far edge of the clearing on the North side. The setting was peaceful and completely isolated; there was no sign of any other human habitation, just a view of the tops of some distant mountains. I wondered what the land was worth and whether it would compensate me for feeding his dog for perhaps several years. I thought I might be able to hire someone to do it on weekdays, otherwise I would have to drive there every evening after work.
The cabin itself was quite substantial, the outer wall constructed of horizontal rows of logs. There were not many windows and the couple I could see from the front were small and protected by thick iron bars. Adam clearly had not welcomed visitors.
Next to the door a heavy chain was lying on the ground. One end was bolted to the cabin wall, but the other end was free. A dog kennel was positioned a few feet to the side of the door. There were two bowls, both empty, but there was no sign of a dog. I stood and listened, but all I could hear was the twittering of birds, and the gentle rustling of the wind through the trees. Adam had said the dog was in the cabin but he had been ill and I wondered if the dog had escaped, or had been taken by someone.
The cabin door was locked, and I fumbled through the keys on Adam’s key ring before I found one to fit. As I unlocked the door I heard a scraping sound inside the cabin. Judging by the size of the chain the dog was probably a large one, so I slowly and cautiously pushed the door open. As it swung open I heard a scurrying sound and something being dragged across the floor. It sounded as if the animal was moving away from me and so, gaining courage, I pushed the door open and stepped inside.
I closed the door to prevent the dog escaping and stood still while my eyes adjusted to the darkness inside the cabin. I waited expecting to hear the bark of a dog, but all was quiet. I couldn’t see much; just an old wooden table and chair under one of the windows.
My eyes gradually made out the details inside the cabin which appeared to consist of a single large room. Instead of a dog I saw what appeared to be pale white form of a human figure standing motionless against the far wall. This was surprising, Adam had never mentioned anyone else living in his cabin. I wondered who it could be. Perhaps it would explain the missing dog.
“Hi!” I said in greeting.
There was no reply, and I wondered if the figure was a manikin; some kind of sex doll. Adam had seemed inept with social relationships and somewhat of a misogynist. Perhaps this was how he had satisfied himself sexually. The noise I heard entering the cabin might have been made by his dog which was now hiding from me.
I started to walk towards the manikin looking for the dog. I had reached the middle of the room when the manikin suddenly spoke. “You’re trespassing. Don’t come any closer. You’d better leave now. If my master finds you here he’ll kill you.” It was a woman’s voice.
Chapter 3: Milk
I stopped in surprise. Although the words were threatening, the women sounded afraid. She was naked except for a shiny silver thong and a matching silver collar. I moved closer to get a better look. Her hair was a tangled mess and her only adornment was a pair of nipple rings hanging from her small but nicely shaped breasts. Her arms were behind her back, and I could see a chain looping down from behind her and stretching up to an eyebolt high on the side wall of the cabin. She seemed to be at the far reach of the chain, trying to get as far away from me as she could. She looked like she was starving; her ribs were plainly visible.
“Don’t be afraid,” I said trying to reassure her. “I came here looking for a dog.”
My words seemed to galvanize her. She stepped towards me and kicked me hard in the groin, catching directly on my balls. The stabbing pain caused me to bend forward and she kicked me again catching me on the side. The end of her kick was more of a push and I fell over. She came at me again and tried to kick me in the head. I partially deflected the blow and managed to grab her leg. I twisted it and grabbed her other leg pulling her down. Considering how thin she was, I was surprised at her strength. She fell heavily to the floor and I scrambled up and away from her. She struggled to her feet and once more came at me. I backed away and she stopped at the limit of her chain, just like a mad dog.
During the struggle I saw that her thong and collar were made of steel. Her arms were bent up behind her back in a reverse prayer position, and her wrists were enclosed by thick metal cuffs attached by a short chain to her collar.
“You’d better go quickly mister, before my master gets back. He’ll kill you if he finds you here.”
“You really hurt me,” I said massaging my balls. My mind was clearing and I began to piece things together. “Is your master Adam?” I asked.
“Yes,” she replied looking at me suspiciously.
“I’m afraid he’s not coming back. He was in an accident and died last night.”
“You’re lying!” she said. “He always comes back.”
“Not this time. No, I’m afraid it’s true. He was run over by a truck a few days ago and has been in hospital. He died last night.”
She looked at me as if trying to absorb the information. “Is your name Alex?” she asked.
“Oh God!” Tears welled up in her eyes. She turned away from me and leant face first against the rough hewn wall.
I judged it safe to approach her. “It’s all over now. He’s dead and now I can set you free.”
“I don’t want to be free,” she sobbed. “Leave me alone, I want to die.”
I didn’t know what to say so took the opportunity to examine her bondage more closely. What I had assumed to be a thong was a chastity belt; it pinched in her waist just above her hips. The wrist cuffs were made of solid steel lined with leather and fitted closely around her wrists. Their keyholes seemed to be filled with something, as was the keyhole to the padlock securing her collar and its attached chain. Adam had clearly intended her bondage to be permanent.
The padlock securing the chain to the eyebolt in the wall seemed to be in working order, and I found one of the Adam’s keys that fitted. I unlocked the chain and held its end.
The girl must have felt the tug on the chain for she turned and looked at me with a tear stained face. I was holding the end of her chain and we both seemed to realize that this act changed the nature of our relationship. “Did Adam give you his keys?” she asked.
“He gave me everything.”
She thought for a few seconds and then said, “So you are my new master.”
I didn’t know what to say so was silent.
She waited a few seconds then walked over to me and knelt on the floor in front of me. “Master, I am hungry,” she said and opened her mouth.
I dropped the end of the chain on the floor and looked around the cabin for some food. I noticed a large opened bag of dog food sitting on a battered wooden chest. “Is that what you want?” I asked pointing to the bag, but she wasn’t looking up at me, she seemed to be staring at the loose end of the chain.
I suddenly remembered Adam’s admonition to always secure her chain, so quickly picked it up and locked it back to the eyebolt. She watched me with a strange expression on her face. I felt relieved she hadn’t tried to escape; I didn’t fancy another fight with her.
I went to the wooden chest, which was well beyond the reach of her chain, and picked up the bag of dog food. Looking around for something to put the food in, I noticed a bowl on the floor behind her. I poured some of the dry food into the bowl and said, “That should do.”
She looked at me in surprise, and made no move towards the bowl.
“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Is there some proper food here?”
“Master, I must milk you before I can eat.”
“Let me milk you. Then I can eat.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Let me suck your penis until milk squirts out.”
“Is that what you did to Adam?”
“Yes master. I milked Adam once a day and then he would give me food.”
“He fed you once a day?” No wonder she looked thin.
“Sometimes he would be soft and his milk would not come. Then he wouldn’t feed me.”
I could feel my penis stirring at the thought of being sucked by the girl kneeling in front of me. I was tempted to tell her to go ahead and eat, but then desire overcame me. However, I didn’t want to trust my penis between the teeth of someone who had so recently attacked me. My balls were still hurting from her vicious kick.
I had noticed some bondage items on a set of shelves near the door that might be useful. “Stay here,” I commanded and walked over to the shelves to examine them. Mixed in with gun parts and fishing tackle were handcuffs, several gags, and miscellaneous items of bondage and torture. There was also the spiky dog collar that I had seen Adam carrying from the post office. One item looked very promising for my purpose. It was a metal O-ring gag with prongs sticking out, a spider gag I think it’s called. I picked it up and went back to the kneeling girl.
She did not appear to be afraid of the gag so I said, “Open wide,” and inserted the metal ring into her mouth. She cooperated and I positioned it behind her teeth. I saw that her tongue was pierced with a barbell. I buckled the gag strap behind her head, and only then did I unzip my pants and pull out my now erect penis.
The O-ring was quite large and held her mouth fully open. I reckoned it was large enough to accommodate my penis and so, holding her head, I moved my penis towards her open mouth. She must have wanted to suck me for she moved her head forwards to take me into her mouth. I felt her tongue press up against the underside of my penis and she began to move the ball against my urethra. She moved her head back and forth. I think she was trying to close her lips around my shaft to get some suction, but the metal prongs prevented her getting a good seal. But even so the sensation was fantastic, incredibly erotic and I felt myself coming quickly to a climax. It came and, holding her head, I thrust repeatedly into her. I could feel the powerful pulses of my orgasm pumping jets of my semen deep into the back of her throat.
My climax lasted for a long time, far longer than usual, and I felt I must really be emptying myself. Finally it stopped, and as I descended from my high I could feel her tongue still massaging my penis. It tickled so I withdrew. She struck out her tongue and looked up at me. I moved her head and allowed her to lick the end of my penis.
“You did good,” I said. “So now you can eat.”
“’hank you,” she said and shuffled back to the bowl on her knees. She bent down and stuck her face into it. The food was dry and she was clearly having trouble eating with the O-ring holding her mouth open. I felt sorry for her so unfastened the gag strap and carefully removed the O-ring from her mouth.
“Thank you master,” she said and resumed eating. I could hear her teeth crunching the dog food. With the gag in her mouth she must have been swallowing it whole.
I replaced the bag of dog food on the chest and looked around the cabin. Within reach of her chain were a sink, a toilet, and a mattress that lay directly on the bare wooden floor. The mattress was the only one in the cabin and was wide enough for two, so I presumed she had slept next to Adam. Four large eyebolts were screwed into the floor at the corners of the mattress. I glanced up and noted more eyebolts screwed into the overhead beams; the cabin seemed to be well equipped with attachments points for bondage.
The remaining furniture, an old wooden table, one chair, two chests and several shelves, were all beyond her reach. A stone fireplace was centered on the back wall, cold since it was now late spring. A primitive propane stove stood under a small window to the right of the fireplace. The wooden floor was bare except for a small rug under the table. A kerosene lantern hung from the ceiling; there appeared to be no electricity in the cabin.
I picked up the chair and placed it in front of her. Sitting down I asked, “How long have you been here?”
“A long time.”
“How long?”
“I don’t know. Years. Many years.”
“How old are you?”
“I don’t know.”
She looked as if she was about twenty years old, but it was difficult to be sure. I tried another tack. “When were you born?”
“I don’t know.”
“Do remember anything before you came here?”
“I was in a garden. It was beautiful. I ate an apple then it all changed. Adam brought me here.” At the mention of Adam, her eyes became watery and a tear rolled down her right cheek.
I began to suspect that Adam had done something to her mind, perhaps brainwashed her, or hypnotized her. I don’t understand these things, or how they work, but it had clearly affected her memory and her perception of reality. I guessed her answer to the next question as I was asking it, “What’s your name?”
“Eve.” She paused and then continued thoughtfully. “At least it used to be Eve, but Adam hasn’t called me that for a long time. He calls, he used to call me ‘Bitch’.”
Chapter 4: The Brank
“Eve, listen to me very carefully and try to understand what I am going to tell you. Adam did something to your mind. You are not living a normal life. I can set you free. You can eat normal food with your hands, meet ordinary people, have friends, enjoy a proper life.”
“Are you the devil?”
“No, why?”
“You are tempting me with things that cannot be, with things that are not right, with unholy things.”
“These things are not unholy.”
“Yes they are. I sinned and ate the apple. All women should be punished for that act against God. It says so in the bible.”
“It does not.”
“Yes it does, Adam showed me. It also says we must obey men.”
“Well you have been punished enough. I can set you free now.”
“No, I don’t want to be free. We are to be punished for all eternity.”
“What is your punishment?”
“Not to use my arms or hands. My arms carried my hands to the apple, and my hands plucked it. And not to use my mouth which ate the apple. Adam kept me gagged most of the time to stop me using my mouth.”
“Do your arms hurt? It must be painful to have them bent up like that.”
“It hurt at first. But it’s been a long time and they don’t hurt any more.”
“If you don’t want me to free you, what do you want me to do?”
“Whatever you want. You are my master and you can do whatever you like with me. The bible says I must obey you.”
“So I could free you if I wanted.”
“But then you wouldn’t be my master. If you freed me I wouldn’t know what to do. I can’t imagine living with all the evil people. I would rather die.”
“There’s a chain outside the door. Did Adam keep you chained up there?”
“No never. That was for King. He was our guard dog. He died last week and Adam went into town to get another. It made me very afraid being here alone without a guard to protect me from evil people.”
Her mention of protection triggered a new thought. “Stand up and let me see your chastity belt,”
She stood up and came to me, almost at the limit of her chain.
I examined the belt; its waist band was firmly secured with a padlock and another secured the front shield. The belt and her other bonds were of very high quality, in sharp contrast to the decrepit furnishings of the cabin. They seemed to be the only things that Adam had been willing to spend any money on. “Where are the keys to these locks?” I asked.
She hesitated and then said, “Adam kept them in one of the drawers.”
“Eve, when I ask you a question I want you to answer me without hesitation. Answer me fully and truthfully and don’t hold anything back.”
“Yes master.”
“Why did Adam keep you locked up in this?” I couldn’t understand why Adam would want that.
“To keep me from pleasuring myself.”
“But you can’t use your hands.”
“There are other ways.” Standing on one leg she raised the other and rubbed the front of her crotch plate with her heel. “See, I can’t feel a thing.”
I realized that with her hands incapacitated, she must have learned to use her feet and legs to perform tasks that normally are done by hand.
“Can you feed yourself with your feet?”
“Yes, of course.”
“So why didn’t you use them to eat the food?”
“My feet are dirty. And Adam liked to see me eat like King. He called us his pets.”
I imagined her feet massaging me and asked, “I have house in town; it’s a lot nicer than this place. Would you like to come and live with me there?”
“Master, you tempt me once more with evil. Why would I want to live among sinners? This is where I belong, close to nature and God and away from all the evil in the world. I am happy here. This is where I belong.”
“You are happy here? I thought you were being punished.”
“Yes master. Strange isn’t it? I am happy to be punished. It is one of God’s deep mysteries. But I have spoken too much; I should be punished for real. There’s a brank on the shelf there. It has spikes on the mouthpiece that will stop me talking.”
The thought of punishing her, of inflicting additional bondage on her, aroused me and I could feel my penis stirring. I decided I would gag her and then look for the keys to the chastity belt so that I could satisfy both of us sexually.
The brank was sitting on a shelf next to the weights that Adam had been examining when I first met him. It was constructed of thick iron bands that enclosed the head of the wearer. It opened with a hinge and could be locked on. The faceplate had a flat metal projection that entered the mouth. This was covered with sharp spikes that were designed to press down on the tongue.
I picked it up and felt its weight which was considerable. I opened it up and Eve opened her mouth to accept the projection with its cruel spikes.
I changed my mind and decided not to inflict the instrument of torture on her. I put it back on the shelf and instead picked up a penis gag.
“Master, that is not a punishment,” Eve protested.
“But it will stop you using your mouth,” I replied.
I inserted the hard rubber penis into her mouth and buckled the strap, pulling it tight. “One more thing,” I said, “I have to punish you for kicking me.” I made her sit on the floor then selected a pair of leg irons from the shelves and ratcheted them closed around her ankles. The connecting chain was very short; she would only be able to shuffle around with tiny steps and certainly wouldn’t be able to kick anything. “You will wear these for the rest of the day,” I said.
Her completely helpless state made me feel very sexy and my penis became erect. I began to search the drawers looking for the keys to her chastity belt. In the top drawer of the first desk were a collection of papers, some in envelopes. A few coins, mostly quarters, lay at the bottom of the drawer but no keys. One of the envelopes was fat and I opened it to find money; mostly 20 dollar notes. I quickly counted the money and found there was 616 dollars. This must have been the money Adam referred to in his will. I had hoped there would be more, but perhaps I would find more as I continued my search.
I looked through the remaining drawers. I found no more money but I did find what looked like the keys to the chastity belt padlocks in a small box in the top drawer of the second chest.
I turned to look at Eve. She was looking back at me, but with the gag in her mouth I couldn’t decipher her expression. I hoped she was as anxious to have sex with me as I was with her, it must have been a frustrating few days for her not having sex with Adam and locked in the chastity belt so that she couldn’t pleasure herself. I unzipped my pants to give my bulging penis room to expand and bent down to unlock her chastity belt.
She saw what I wanted to do and squirmed away from me, shaking her head vigorously and making noises through her gag.
I was so turned on by the thought of having sex with this helpless girl, that I ignored her protests and inserted one of the keys into the padlock securing her waist band. But she became so agitated that I stopped before turning the key.
She was trying to say something through her gag. Thinking that she might be trying to warn me she had some kind of disease, I removed her gag, and in a somewhat nasty tone born of my frustration said, “What is it?”
“Master, please don’t have sex that way. We are not married and it would be a great sin.”
This seemed like a joke, but she was so deadly serious that I had to respect her.
“Did Adam have sex this way?”
“No never. We were not married so we never had sex. Adam never sinned. He was a good man.”
Adam had clearly set a standard that would be difficult for me to follow. “And I suppose he never entered you from the rear?”
“Sodomy? Of course not, no way.”
“Then you’ll just have to milk me.”
“Thank you master.” She reached for my penis with her mouth but I instinctively moved back out of her reach. She looked up at me in surprise and then bent down and kissed my left foot, the only part of me that was within her reach. By this time I would have trusted her without the O-ring gag, but I was feeling annoyed and frustrated and wanted to make things difficult for her. I removed the keys from her chastity belt and put them back in the drawer, then picked up the O-ring gag and buckled it on her.
I sat in the chair, opened my legs and made her come to me. She took my erect penis into her mouth and began to massage it. She seemed to be trying harder to please me and I could feel her tongue and its ball working vigorously. I grasped her head with my hands and moved it back and forth to increase the sensations. I came quickly and once again pumped my semen deep into her throat.
When it was over I pushed her head away and said, “I suppose you want to be fed now?”
She nodded so I poured some dog food into her bowl. She looked at me expectantly, I think she was waiting for me to remove her gag, but in a moment of inspiration I said, “You bit into the apple. As punishment you will have to eat without biting.” She appeared to accept this and buried her face in the dog food.
“No, not that way. I want to see you eat with your feet.”
She sat up and, looking at me, tried to raise one foot stretching the ankle chain.
Taking the hint, I unlocked the cuff from around her right ankle. She immediately got up and walked away, dragging the open ankle cuff along the floor.
“What are you doing?” I asked, annoyed by this act of disobedience.
She didn’t answer but headed straight for the sink. She raised her right foot to turn on the tap and then held her mouth under the stream of water to drink. After a few seconds she held her foot under the water to wet it and then rubbed it on a bar of soap. Using her face she cleaned her foot and then rinsed it. Turning off the tap, she dried her foot by rubbing it on a towel and then dried her face. She hopped on her left foot back to the bowl. She sat down and started to eat picking up dog biscuits with the toes of her right foot and putting them in her open mouth. The only thing she had difficulty with was swallowing the biscuits once they were in her mouth.
I watched, fascinated by her flexibility.
She stopped eating, so I relocked the cuff around her right ankle. I realized that doing this to her was equivalent to handcuffing a normal person’s hands behind their back.
I removed her gag; I wanted to ask a few more questions. “Do you remember anything of your parents?”
“I came from Adam.”
That figured; she was probably referring to the biblical story of Adam’s rib. “Do you ever leave this cabin?”
“Adam used to take me out at night. I enjoyed that.”
“What did you do when he took you out?”
“He made me run around; he said it was important for my health.”
“What else did you enjoy?”
“I liked milking him. And I liked lying next to him at night when he chained me up. And I liked it when he pulled on my rings; they gave me strange feelings.” She looked thoughtful and sad as she said this; she must have been missing Adam. Then she looked up at me and seemed to brighten. “But I like milking you; you have a lot of milk.” She paused and said, “Oops, I have said too much. I must be punished.”
“No, you haven’t said too much. I like you to tell me things.”
“I feel very bad. Please master, punish me, I beg you.”
“The brank?”
“Yes master.”
I stood up and picked up the brank. There were several padlocks on an adjacent shelf, together with a ring of keys. I selected a padlock and made sure one of the keys on the ring unlocked it, and then returned to the chair. I opened the brank and as I did so Eve opened her mouth wide to accept its spiky mouthpiece. She looked so eager to accept it that I hesitated, thinking that a crueler punishment for Eve would be to deny her the brank. But I relented, carefully inserted the cruel mouthpiece into her willing mouth and closed the brank around her head. I slipped the padlock through the latch and clicked it closed. The device was an ingenious instrument of torture; not only did the spikes press into her tongue but the face plate prevented her eating or drinking. In addition the iron bands restricted her vision and prevented her looking straight ahead. The heavy weight of the brank would also become its own torture with time.
She sat quietly on the floor next to me, looking up at me through the iron bars of her prison. I wondered what she was thinking. Was she wondering what kind of master I would make?
As for me, what did I want to do with her? Although she would make an almost perfect bondage slave, did I want the responsibility? Although I had enjoyed my time with her, and was attracted to her, was it ethically correct for me to keep her in her present state?
I realized I had a difficult decision to make. Should I follow Adam’s dying wish and the promise I made to him to keep Eve a prisoner in the cabin? This would make her happy, she could continue to live with her delusions and be happy in her bondage. I would be sexually satisfied by her and could freely indulge my bondage fantasies. But the expense of maintaining her would cost me too much, I was already struggling with the mortgage payments on my house, and the cash that Adam had left me would not go very far. Perhaps I could sell some of the land, but that would destroy the privacy of the cabin that seemed necessary for Eve’s happiness.
Or should I do the legally and morally correct thing; free Eve from her bondage and turn her over to the authorities to cure her of her illusions. They might succeed so that she lived a normal and productive life. But they might also fail so that she lived a short miserable existence ending in suicide. This would be an easier course for me; I wouldn’t have the responsibility of looking after Eve, which might prove increasingly difficult with time. But I would lose a sex and bondage playmate and, perhaps most importantly, I would feel guilty at having have betrayed my promise to Adam.
If I kept her then I might want to marry her so that she would feel comfortable about having sex with me. For that to happen I needed to know more about her; her real name for example. I stood up and went to the drawer where I had found the papers. Looking through them I found that Adam’s full name was Adam Carpenter.
Then I found Eve’s birth certificate. Worried that I might have been having sex with a minor I quickly calculated that she was 24 years old; a little older than I had thought. Relieved, I read the rest of the document. It gave her full name as Eve Dianna Carpenter. But I was shocked when I found that her father was listed as Adam Carpenter! Adam had been having oral sex with his own daughter!
Chapter 5: The Bank
I turned round to look at her, and wondered if she knew Adam was her father. She might; she had said she came from Adam. For the first time I noticed a faint family resemblance to him, although it was difficult to tell since I had never seen him clean-shaven.
Eve’s birth certificate stated that her mother was ‘Mary Carpenter, wife of Adam’. I searched through the documents and found a picture of Mary together with Adam, a wedding photograph. Mary looked beautiful. Eve, who was also beautiful, seemed to resemble Adam more than Mary. I continued searching and found Mary’s death certificate; she had died the day after giving birth to Eve from uncontrollable bleeding.
I sat down on the chair next to Eve and she turned her head to look at me. I wondered what had happened to her, what kind of life she had had. Adam must have raised her. She seemed well spoken, but had she been educated? It seemed unlikely; about the only thing she could talk about was the bible.
Feeling sorry for her I unlocked the brank and removed it.
“Thank you master, but you shouldn’t have removed it so soon. I should wear it until it is time to milk you again.”
At the mention of time I suddenly remembered that I should be at work. I stood up and took out my cell phone to tell the time; it was almost lunch time. It seemed too late to call in sick, so I replaced the phone in my pocket.
“Eve, I have to go to work now, but I will be back this evening.”
“Please master, don’t leave me. Please stay here.”
“No, I have to go. How shall I leave you? Shall I take these off?” I said indicating the leg irons.
“You said you would leave them on for the rest of the day. I think you should put the brank on too, I deserve it.”
“No, that’s too much.” I searched the shelves looking for a gag with an airway that would be safer to leave on her, but there didn’t seem to be one.
I bent down to kiss her, and found her eyes were wet with tears. “Be good while I’m gone,” I said and left the cabin. I felt I had done the right thing by not gagging her, there was now no danger that she would suffocate.
I drove to the bank where I worked as a teller. It was on the far side of town and although I drove as fast as I dared, it still took me 45 minutes.
As I entered the bank the branch manager saw me and beckoned me to come into his office. He closed the door as I sat down.
“I’m sorry I’m late this morning,” I began, but the manager cut me short.
“I don’t want to hear any excuses, Mr Rankine. I’m afraid your work here has not been satisfactory. We have decided to let you go. I’m very sorry, but we can’t afford to keep people who can’t pull their weight.”
I was devastated, and for a minute couldn’t speak. Eventually I said, “Is there anything I can do to make you change your mind?”
“I’m sorry Mr Rankine, but the decision has been made. It’s now out of my hands. You will be paid till the end of the week. There is no need for you to come to work any more this week, I know how difficult that is for you, so you may leave now.”
I felt insulted, increasing my pain. “I thought bank policy was to give some severance pay.”
“You have been with us less than a year, Mr Rankine. To receive severance you would have needed to have worked for more than a year.”
I stood up and left without a word. The manager had never liked me, even though I had tried to please him. As I walked towards my car thoughts of doom oppressed me, I would find it hard to get another job, the economy was in a recession and the manager would presumably not give me a good reference. Without a job I would lose my house, I was already behind in my mortgage payments.
Chapter 6: The Garden
I sat in the car and tried to calm myself. This had been a difficult and surprising day: from hearing of Adams death, to finding Eve and then getting fired. I wondered what else could happen. The one bright spot had been meeting Eve. I decided to concentrate on her and postpone dealing with my other problems until the following day.
I drove back to my house in town, narrowly avoiding a collision. I decided to go back to the cabin and spend the night there so began to pack the few things I would need. I loaded sheets, a pillow, some clean clothes, a towel and shaving kit into my car. Next I took some food; eggs and a pot to boil them in, some bread and jam, and orange juice. I also loaded what little bondage equipment I had; a pair of handcuffs, nipple clamps, a ball gag, a leather helmet and some rope. It seemed a meager collection beside Adam’s plentiful supply.
There were some letters and junk mail in the mail box. I didn’t feel like dealing with them so put them on the passenger seat of the car.
Before starting off I had a thought; I would bring a present for Eve. Girls seem to like flowers; it’s never wrong to give them flowers when you’re trying to impress them. Accordingly I dug up one of my rose bushes that was in full bloom, stuffed the root ball into a garbage bag, and placed it on the back seat of my car along with my spade.
Inevitably its thorns scratched my hands. It seemed like a metaphor for life; the rose balances the pleasure of its beautiful and fragrant flowers with the pain of its sharp thorns.
I drove back to the cabin, picking up a pizza on the way. I was calmer than when I had left the bank, and I was able to push my problems aside and think about Eve. I wondered what I should do with her. The short term course seemed obvious; for the rest of the day I would try to follow Adam’s routine. That should make Eve more comfortable with my presence and perhaps help her get over the loss of Adam.
But the longer term course seemed problematical. Without a job I would have to give Eve up, I couldn’t see supporting both of us and at the same time maintaining a cabin and my house. But if I handed her over to the authorities and she told them that I had had sex with her, this could prove extremely difficult for me and I might end up in jail. I began to realize that I was getting into a situation with no way out. I tried to think of reasonable alternatives but none occurred to me.
I arrived at the cabin. It seemed as peaceful and unchanged as ever, oblivious to the turmoil in the outside world. I began to see why Eve liked it so much.
But without flowers the setting seemed drab. There was no sound from within the cabin, so I decided to plant the rose bush before entering. I dug a hole near the door on the side away from the kennel, and planted the bush. Its cheerful red flowers added a needed touch of color to the surroundings.
I entered the cabin and found Eve lying on the mattress. “I want to show you something,” I said. I touched the leg irons binding her ankles. “If I remove these will you promise not to kick me again?”
“Master, I promise never to kick you again whether or not you remove them. But leave them on; I deserve to be punished for kicking you.”
“I want you to walk,” I replied and unlocked the irons leaving them lying on the floor. She stood up and I unlocked her chain from the wall bolt. Holding the chain I led her outside, or at least attempted to.
She stopped inside the door and said, “It’s still light; I can’t come out.”
“Of course you can; there’s no one around.”
“Adam said I could only come out at night, he didn’t want the evil people to see me.”
“I am your master now, and I say you can come out.” I thought this might be a crucial test of our relationship.
Nervously Eve stepped outside and she squinted in the light. Then she saw, or perhaps smelled, the rose bush and turned towards it.
“Oh master!” she cried in surprise. “May I?”
I was not sure what she wanted but said, “Go ahead.”
She hurried over the rose bush, pulling on the chain, and bent down to smell it. “Oh master, thank you, thank you. It’s so beautiful. Thank you, thank you.”
She turned to me, tears of joy streaming down her face. “I can’t remember when last saw a flower. I’d forgotten how beautiful they are. And the scent; it’s like heaven.” She stepped toward me, knelt down and kissed my feet, first one and then and then the other. She looked up, her face wet with tears. “I feel so happy. You’ve made me so happy.”
“I’m glad you like it,” I said, conscious that ‘like’ was a somewhat inadequate word. “It needs water; it’ll be your job to water it.”
“Are you sure? Do you think it’ll like my pee?”
“No not that way,” I said smiling. “We’ll use tap water.” I led her into the house and indicated the bucket. “Use that. Fill it with water and water the rose.”
“A rose? So that’s what it’s called. Such a nice name.” She lifted the bucket with her right foot and placed it in the sink folding the handle to the front. She turned the tap on with the same foot. When the bucket was half full she turned the tap off and then turned her back to the sink. Leaning back she grasped the handle with her hands and lifted the bucket out of the sink. She smiled at me as if to say ‘See! I can do anything.’ I led her outside to the rose bush. She knelt down and placed the bucket on the ground. Standing up she tipped the bucket with her foot and allowed the water to pour slowly onto the freshly dug earth covering the roots. “Is that enough master?” she asked when the bucket was empty.
“Yes, I’m sure the rose is very appreciative.” I replied. I was surprised at how much she had liked the rose and so, feeling generous, said, “Now that I see that you can look after the rose, perhaps I will get some more flowers for you. We can have a little garden here.”
“Oh master would you? That would be like, like….” she stopped.
“Like the Garden of Eden?” I prompted.
“I didn’t want to say it. It can never be like that, but it can still be beautiful.”
“How did Adam make you run around?” I asked, changing the subject. I couldn’t see myself running with her, and I didn’t want to let go of the chain.
“He would clip the chain to that branch there,” she said pointing to a low branch of the oak tree with her leg, “and make me run around in circles.”
I remembered reading a bondage story on the Internet where the master required his slave to preface all her speech with the word ‘master’ in order to keep the distinction between them sharp. Much as I liked Eve and wanted to be friends with her, I decided this was a good idea, so said, “Eve, when you speak to me I want you to always use the word ‘Master’.”
“Yes master. Of course master.” She said this without a trace of mockery, so I felt gratified.
I led her over to the tree and clipped the end of her chain to a karabiner that was fastened by a swivel connection to a chain looped around the branch. The branch was a foot in diameter, and the karabiner was over her head, there was no way she could get free. “How did Adam do this?”
“He told me to run fast so I was out of breath. Master.” The last word was added as an afterthought. “He would beat my behind with a stick if he thought I wasn’t running fast enough.” She paused and then said, “Master, you told me not to hold anything back so I have to tell you he sometimes put the spiky weights on my rings. Once he put one between my legs, but that cut my skin and he was sorry afterwards.”
“OK, start running,” I said, and stood back out of her way.
She ran surprisingly fast, pulling out on the chain and making her breasts and nipple rings bounce. There was a smooth track beaten into the dirt where she had run before. After a few revolutions she was panting. I walked to the edge of the clearing and broke a thin branch from a sapling. As I walked back toward the circling Eve, I pulled off the leaves and swished it through the air. It made a satisfying sound. I stood at the edge of the circle holding my cane and shouted, “Faster!” Eve looked at me and began to run even faster. I let her run half a dozen more laps and then said, “OK, stop. That’s enough.”
She walked up to me panting, her chest heaving. “Master, that was exciting. I’ve never run in daylight before. It made me nervous to think that evil people might be watching me.”
“Didn’t it make you nervous to have me watching you?”
“No master, of course not. You can do anything to me.” She paused then said, “But that stick you are carrying made me a bit nervous.”
“I can do anything to you?” I was thinking of her refusal to let me have sex.
“Master, I meant anything that’s not sinful.”
“Hmm,” I said in acknowledgement. I saw that I had my work cut out to redefine her ideas of sin.
I led her back to the cabin. I stopped at the door before entering and said, “You may smell the rose.”
Eve bent down over the rose and slowly smelled each flower separately, her eyes closed in what appeared to be ecstasy.
“Do they each smell the same?” I asked, impatient to be moving.
“Yes master, but some are stronger than others.”
She stood up and I jerked on the chain to get her to follow me into the cabin.
As soon as we were inside she said, “Master may I remind you that you promised to punish me for the rest of the day, and the day is not yet over. You said you would chain my feet and use the brank.”
I began to see the advantages of the brank; Eve seemed to want to talk too much. And I felt a slight resentment at being reminded of what I said I would do. The day had been a very difficult one, and I needed some time to myself to think.
I fastened her chain to the wall and then examined Adam’s bondage gear. Although the leg irons I had used earlier had prevented her walking, and perhaps even getting to her feet, I didn’t think they were much of a punishment, certainly Eve didn’t seem to mind them. I found a pair of bilboes that would be more of a punishment. They consisted of two heavy U shaped pieces of iron. A long steel bolt went through holes in the legs of the Us holding them close together and trapping the ankles. The bolt had a hole near the end that was large enough to take a padlock allowing it to be locked in place. I picked up the bilboes and a padlock and carried them over to Eve.
“Sit down,” I commanded and then placed one U around each of her ankles. They were a tight fit; Adam must have made them specially made for her. I threaded the bolt through them and then locked the padlock through the bolt to secure it. Her ankles were now held close together and the width of the Us meant she couldn’t bend her legs or spread her knees very far. The bilboes were far more restrictive than the leg irons had been.
I stood up trying to decide whether to use the brank or some less severe gag.
“Master, don’t forget the brank,” Eve said.
That did it; she was definitely talking too much. I picked up the brank and put it on her. As before she willingly opened her mouth to accept the cruel mouthpiece. I closed the brank and padlocked it. But I wasn’t finished; she wanted punishment and I was determined to satisfy her. I pulled her to her feet and made her shuffle until she was standing under one of the eyebolts screwed into an overhead beam. Standing on the chair I padlocked one end of a chain to the eyebolt and the other end to the top of the brank, which had a convenient iron ring presumably for just such a purpose. The length of the chain was such that it did not support the weight of the brank but it did prevent her sitting on the floor. Next I picked up the two spiky nipple weights. “Do you want to be punished with these as well?” I asked holding them up in front of her so that she could see.
She nodded, so I clipped the weights to her nipple rings. I wondered who had pierced her nipples; there was no place in town, or even nearby, that would do such things. She had large nipples that projected out well beyond the pierced holes. It would be easy to attach my nipple clamps to them when I decided to do so. I gently rubbed the tips of her nipples, making the weights sway and her nipples erect. She began to moan so I stopped rubbing and gently rolled her hardening nipples between my fingers. She was clearly getting turned on. I thought she deserved a little pleasure with her pain so I bent down and began to suck on her nipples, holding them with my teeth and licking the ends with my tongue. I had never done this to a woman with nipple rings, and I wondered if I should take the whole ring into my mouth, but decided not to since that would mean removing the weights.
The sounds she was making grew louder and I became concerned that she might lose control and allow the spikes to penetrate her tongue. So I stopped. I stood up and instead began to gently stroke her defenseless body, admiring her curves, and running my hands slowly down her to feel the smoothness of her skin. She swayed as I did so; I think my feather light touch must have been tickling her. So again I stopped; I didn’t want to make her laugh and hurt her tongue.
I said her body was defenseless. But it wasn’t completely defenseless; all three of her holes were well protected by iron and steel barriers; impenetrable without a key. Her defense would have been more complete had she been wearing a steel bra, locked on to deny access to her nipples. But Adam did not have such an item.
I stood still, admiring the feminine shape of her body and wondering how she felt to be standing in bondage. She didn’t seem to mind, and perhaps even enjoyed, this mild form of bondage. I wondered what I would do if I ever wanted to punish her for real. Pain and pleasure are closely linked and she seemed to enjoy mild pain, so a real punishment would have to be something she didn’t like, something that would cause her serious pain, some kind of predicament bondage. There were things that I had read; some really cruel punishments, that I might be tempted to try. I tried not to think of them, but then decided I should. I should plan ahead of time on some real punishment for her, something that was seriously painful but not harmful, something that I could use if I ever became angry with her, something that I would use instead of some cruel spur-of-the-moment punishment that might permanently harm her. A number of possibilities sprang to mind, but I decided to wait until the end of the day and ask her opinion after I removed the brank.
I began to unload my car, bringing all the stuff in and finding a home for it. The last thing I brought in was the mail. Besides the advertising circulars there were five letters. Three were junk mail, one was an electricity bill, and the last seemed more official. Curious, I opened it first. It was from my mortgage company saying that since I was in arrears, and since the value of my house was now lower than the balance of my mortgage, they were going to foreclose. I was stunned. Now I was going to lose my house! I turned and looked at Eve, and a fleeting irrational thought crossed my mind. Was she behind this? Adam had said she had powers. Did she do this to make me stay at the cabin? Was this foreclosure notice something she had just done to punish me for planning a cruel punishment for her? No, that was ridiculous, just superstition. I felt like I was losing my mind, I was becoming like a medieval witch accuser. But one indisputable fact was clear; this was the most eventful and worst day of my life. Little did I realize that an even greater shock was to come.
Chapter 7: The Awakening
I sat down on the chair to recover from the news of losing my house to foreclosure. I tried to console myself that I could live temporarily in the cabin and move some of my stuff from the house to make the cabin more livable. At least we would have enough chairs to sit down on and invite my friends over. Invite my friends? How could I invite anyone with Eve present? I dare not reveal her presence to anyone.
I could also transplant more flowers from my garden to the cabin. Eve at least would be pleased. It seemed that she was the only one benefiting from all these events. But no, that wasn’t true, without a job, I would unable to keep and protect her for long.
To take my mind off my problems I lit the stove and warmed up the pizza. As the delicious aroma gradually filled the cabin I thought it might be an additional punishment for Eve; she would smell it and salivate with unfulfilled desire. Swallowing the saliva might be difficult while locked in the brank; it might cause the spikes to dig into her tongue.
I ate a little over half the pizza, saving the remainder for her. It was probably not the healthiest food, but at least it must be better than dog food.
I lay down on the mattress to rest. I would wait until dark before releasing Eve from her standing torment and allowing her to eat.
I awoke with a start. I must have fallen asleep, but some noise had woken me. I suddenly remembered Eve and felt guilty about leaving her in bondage. I couldn’t identify the noise; perhaps Eve had made some sound to wake me. It was dark and I pulled out my cell phone to check the time; a few minutes before ten. I had an enormous erection and was tempted to masturbate.
But instead I stood up and went over to Eve who was standing silent and motionless. I undressed, dropping my clothes on the floor and then stood naked in front of her. I was aroused and not sure what I was doing; I just went along with my feeling. I stood against her and put my arms around her pulling her to me. I felt my penis press against the metal of her chastity belt and the sharp spikes of her nipple weights press into my lower chest. I hugged her and felt the spikes dig into me. I didn’t care; I felt the shared pain was drawing us closer together. She made a small whimpering sound and I relaxed the pressure. I kissed the front of her brank and said, “It’s time to release you, your punishment is complete.” I went to the shelves and searched for the keys, I couldn’t remember where I’d put them. Eventually I found them and returned to Eve. I unlocked the brank and removed it.
“Thank you master,” Eve said.
I left the brank dangling on its chain then bent down to unlock and remove the bilboes. I unclipped the nipple weights and returned them and the keys to the shelves where I would be sure to find them.
“Is there a light in here?” I asked.
“There are some matches, in the top drawer and you can light the lantern over there. But first you should draw the curtains. Adam said no one should be able to look in through the windows.”
“You forgot to say Master.”
“Master, I’m so sorry. I forgot.”
I didn’t want to threaten her with another punishment; there had been too much talk of that already. I was tired and wanted to go back to bed. “There’s some pizza for you to eat.”
“Master, thank you. It smelled so good it made my poor mouth water.”
I drew the curtains and lit the lantern. The cabin was beginning to look untidy, the things I had brought from my house were piled around, and lying on the floor were the leg irons, bilboes and my cast off clothes. I was too tired to clean up; I decided to make Eve do it the next day. I warmed up the pizza on the stove while Eve watched with great interest. When it was ready I sat down on the chair and made her kneel in front of me while I fed her. I gave me a great feeling of control and I could understand why Adam called her his pet.
I went to the toilet, brushed my teeth and lay down on the mattress. “Come and lie down next to me,” I said.
“Yes master, but I too need to go. May I?”
I nodded and she went to the toilet, using her feet to dry the outside of her chastity belt with toilet paper. I got up to turn off the lantern and lay down and then she lay down beside me.
“Master,” Eve said, “Adam used to gag me at night and chain my feet up behind me. I am not used to sleeping like this.”
I was feeling sexy and still had a semi erection. “Eve, I have just fed you so now you must milk me.”
“Yes master.” She moved down and over me and put her mouth over my penis. At first I was worried that she might bite me, but soon relaxed. She began to suck and the resulting blow job she gave me was fantastic, far better than anything I had experienced before. With her energetic sucking and tongue massage I came quickly thrusting up into her and making my hips bounce. She rode me all the way, sucking until I was spent. I gently moved her off me and said, “Thank you. Now go to sleep.”
She was quiet for a couple of minutes and then said, “Master. Sorry master, but I can’t sleep this way; it feels too strange. I need to be gagged. Please master.”
Reluctantly I got up and searched in the dark for a gag. It seemed the only way to keep Eve quiet was to gag her. No wonder Adam kept her gagged most of the time. I found a ball gag and returned to the bed. I inserted it into her mouth. It seemed very large and I had difficulty forcing it into her mouth. I buckled the strap and, being concerned about its size, asked, “Is this gag OK? It’s not too large is it?”
“Nn, nn,” she said indicating it was not too large.
“OK, now go to sleep.”
She was lying on her stomach. She raised her feet and brought them down sharply onto the mattress. I realized she was trying to remind me to chain her legs.
“Eve, you’ve been chained up enough today. Now be quiet, lie still and go to sleep.”
She lay perfectly still for a while and then turned on her side to face me and snuggled up against me. It felt so good to be sexually satisfied and feel her body pressing into mine, I felt like I was close to heaven, my troubles of the day pushed aside. I fell asleep.
I was awakened by something pressing into my left ankle. Eve was sitting up and her feet were on top of my legs. “Hey, what are you doing?” I cried. Whereupon she quickly got up and scurried away as if she were afraid of me.
“Eve, come back here. What’ve you done?” I sat up and felt my ankle; a cuff of the leg irons was tightly closed around it! In alarm I bent my knee to examine it closer but the cuff stopped me short. I moved my hands around the cuff and along its attached chain and discovered that the other cuff was closed through one of the eyebolts in the floor. I was trapped!
“Eve, come here,” I ordered, but she remained quiet and didn’t come. An awful realization began to dawn on me; the keys to the leg irons were on the shelf, well beyond my reach. They were also beyond Eve’s reach, even if she wanted to release me.
I checked the cuff, I was tight around my ankle, I could barely move it let alone escape from it. I tried to move the eyebolt, but it was firmly screwed into the floor. In a mild panic I tried twisting it in an attempt to unscrew it, a futile attempt as I knew it would be. The only thing I managed to do was hurt my fingers.
I wondered why she had done this. Perhaps she thought I had killed her beloved Adam, and had been quietly biding her time, waiting for the right moment to get revenge. But what was her plan? Neither of us could escape. She had access to water and might live for a few weeks. Without water I would die in a few days.
I wondered what time it was and searched around for my cell phone. My cell phone! Of course, I could call a friend and get him to release me. It would be acutely embarrassing, but even the worst embarrassment would be better than dying. I reached out and was able the grab the trouser leg of my pants. I pulled them to me and reached into the pockets. I pulled out my cell phone and opened it up. Nothing, the battery was dead. I was truly doomed.
Chapter 8: The Bitch
Filled with despair I sat up and thought of what I might do. There didn’t seem much I could do. Perhaps Eve was the key, although I didn’t see how. Without her cooperation I would certainly die, with it I felt I might have a chance. There was some food in the cabin; I had brought a few things for breakfast. But I had left them beside the stove where they were out of our reach.
The first thing to do was the get Eve to explain why she had done this to me and what she hoped to achieve. She wasn’t answering to her name, so I tried the name Adam had used. “Bitch, come here.”
I heard a noise, the sound of a chain dragging across the wooden floor. She didn’t come to me, but the movement was the first reaction I had had from her, so I tried again, louder this time, “Bitch, wake up and come here NOW.”
She came and stood over me.
I tried to stand but the cuff was so tight around my left ankle that I couldn’t put any weight on my left foot so sat down again. “Bitch, sit down next to me so I can remove your gag.”
She sat down. At least she was obeying me. I unbuckled her gag and pulled the dripping rubber ball out of her mouth.
“’hank you ’asser,” she said as soon as the gag was out.
“Why did you do this to me?”
I heard her opening and closing her mouth, then she said, “Do what, master?”
“Put this cuff on me.”
“Oh master, I’m so sorry master. I must have been dreaming. I thought you were some evil person come to attack me. I wanted to chain you and escape from you.”
“You were sleep walking?”
“Sleep walking? Master.”
“Yes, sleep walking. Do you walk in your sleep?”
“No master, never. Adam always chained me up so I couldn’t walk.”
So that was why Adam chained her feet at night. The older I get the more I learn, but it seemed I had learned this particular lesson too late. “Do you have the keys to this cuff?”
“No master. I never touch the keys, I’m not allowed to.”
“Can you get the keys for me?”
“Where are they master?”
“On the shelf over there.”
“I’m sorry master, I can’t get that far. Not even if I pull as hard as I can.”
That was a silly question of mine. “Are there any tools? Something like a hacksaw?”
“A hacksaw, master?”
“Yes, something that will cut metal; a saw or a file. Adam must have provided some emergency escape for you.”
“No master, nothing like that. Adam always made sure I could never escape.” She fell silent and I couldn’t think of anything to say. After a minute she broke the silence saying, “I’m so sorry master, you must punish me for what I did. It all my fault, I’ve made the world wicked. You must punish me, beat me, I deserve it. Put me in the cage, keep me locked up in the dark. Oh master, I’m so sorry.”
“Put you in the cage? What cage?”
“The cage under the floor, master. It’s dark and scary down there. Adam said it’s close to hell and he puts me there when I’ve been really bad.”
So that’s how Adam used to really punish her. “Why haven’t you told me about the cage before?”
“You never asked me master.”
This was irrelevant to the problem at hand, so I didn’t ask her how one got to the cage. I presumed there was some outside door leading down to it; I had never looked behind the cabin.
We sat in silence for some time than she said, “Put the heavy leg irons on me master, I deserve it.” They were lying on the floor where I had taken them off. They were beyond my reach so I said, “OK, bring them so me.”
She brought them to me, one at a time, then finally brought the open padlock. She sat down facing me and placed her ankles where I could easily reach them. I didn’t really want to lock the bilboes on her; I didn’t have the padlock key and decreasing her mobility wouldn’t help us. But I thought that putting the bilboes on her without locking them might make her happier. Accordingly I placed the U cuffs under each ankle and was pushing the bolt through the holes when I had an idea. I withdrew the bolt, and tried to insert it through the eyebolt that held me prisoner. I wanted to use the bolt as a lever to unscrew it. Unfortunately the cuff fastened through the eyebolt prevented the bolt from entering.
But I was able to pass the bolt through the cuff, and by carefully positioning the two exert a turning force on the eyebolt. It worked! The eyebolt turned a little. By scooting around on the floor I was able to slowly turn the eyebolt. Eve kept apologizing and I had to tell her to be quiet. This didn’t work and I had to stop my turning and take time out to reinsert the ball gag into her mouth. I was annoyed with her and buckled the strap very tight. I continued my efforts and eventually, after 20 or so revolutions, the eyebolt came out of the floor board. I was free!
I crawled across the floor to the shelves, found the key to the leg irons and undid the cuff around my ankle. I sat leaning against the shelves massaging my ankle and feeling an intense relief. I resolved to always chain Eve up securely at night. I stood up and said, “Tomorrow Eve, I’m going to put you in that cage as punishment for what you did.”
She couldn’t reply of course, but I was sure she was not looking forward to it.
Using the bilboe bolt I screwed the eyebolt back into the floor, then I locked her ankles in the bilboes. I made her lie on the mattress and picked up one of my ropes. I looped it under the bar of the bilboes and threaded it through a ring conveniently welded to the back of the waistband of her chastity belt. I pulled the rope tight, drawing her bound ankles up towards her waist, and then tied it off. “I don’t think you will be doing any more sleepwalking tonight,” I said. “Now, go to sleep and no more talking. Goodnight.” I kissed her forehead, the easiest part of her face to reach, then lay down beside her and tried to get to sleep.
But I couldn’t. Problems of money and what to do kept chasing each other around my mind, along with thoughts of the narrow escape I had just had. I heard a sob, and turned to Eve. I felt her face, it was wet with tears. ‘What now?’ I thought. “Are you worried about being in the cage tomorrow?” I asked.
“Nn nn,” she said indicating she was not.
Reluctantly I removed her gag. “What’s the matter?”
“I’m sorry master, I can’t help it. I miss Adam and can’t stop thinking of him. How did he die, did he suffer?”
I really didn’t know how much he suffered but I wanted to comfort her. “He died peacefully in his sleep. No, he didn’t suffer; the hospital gave him drugs to take the pain away. He died happy knowing that I would look after you.”
“Thank you master, thank you.” She kissed my shoulder. “I killed him. I made him go into town to get another dog. It’s all my fault.”
“No it’s not, it was an accident.”
“No master, there are no accidents. It’s all God’s will.”
“If it’s God’s will then you are not to blame, it was going to happen anyway. Perhaps it was God’s way of getting us together. I’m happy I met you.” I really meant this last thing; meeting Eve seemed like the only good thing that had happened to me recently.
“Thank you master. I’m happy that you came.” She was quiet for a while then said, “Please gag me master. I’ve finished talking. I feel better now.” I gagged her and buckled the strap not quite as tight as before.
I lay down and she turned to face me. I held her to me and quickly fell asleep. The most eventful day of my life was finally over.
Chapter 9: The Cage
In the morning I awoke with an enormous erection, my usual morning hard on. “Good morning Eve,” I said to wake her but she was already awake. I removed her gag and said “Milk me.” She obliged and I came almost immediately. “Thank you, I said. You deserve a good breakfast after that.”
I gave her orange juice and then boiled two eggs. I peeled one and put it in her mouth. I made her hold it there for a minute while I ate mine. Only then did I give her permission to bite into it and eat it. We finished with bread and jam. Not the most epicurean of breakfasts, I am most definitely not a cook, but to Eve it seemed like the breakfast of kings.
I walked around the outside of the cabin looking for the door to the basement, but there was none. “How do you get to the cage?” I asked as soon as I was back in the cabin.
“Master, there’s a trapdoor under the rug.”
I moved the table and rolled back the rug to reveal the trapdoor. I pulled on the recessed handle and lifted it to reveal a dark, slightly musty opening. I lit a candle and descended the rickety wooden steps to find myself in a small basement with brick walls and a dirt floor. I saw several spiders, and other insects were scurrying about trying to get away from the light of my candle.
In one corner stood the cage Eve had spoken of. It was rectangular, quite small and opened from the top. It looked as though Eve would have to kneel and be squashed down when she was in it. It was constructed of heavy iron bars welded together and looked much too strong to be a dog cage; Adam must have had it custom made. The bars that constituted the bottom of the cage ran crosswise across the cage and looked too uncomfortable to kneel on for any length of time. Two of the bars, one on each side, had welded spikes pointing inwards. Mercifully they were blunt, but they would discourage the occupant from leaning against the side of the cage. The lid of the cage also had a few blunt spikes pointing down.
In another corner of the basement stood a large steel safe. It was much too big to have passed through the trapdoor and so must have been placed in the basement when the cabin was being built. It was gray colored, and showed traces of rust. It was locked and there did not appear to be a key anywhere in the basement.
One of the walls had rusty iron rings set in the mortar between the bricks. They seemed to be placed so as to hold someone in a spread eagle position against the wall. The position did not seem to apply to Eve who had her arms chained in a reverse prayer, but the rings appeared to solve one potential future problem. If I wanted to conceal Eve when someone came to visit, I could keep her in the basement muted and chained to the rings.
I climbed back up to the main floor and said, “There’s a safe down there. Do you know where the key is?”
“No master, I don’t know for sure. But I once saw Adam put something on top of that beam after he had been down there.”
I positioned the chair and stood on it to feel along the top of the beam where she had indicated. I found something and pulled it down. It was a large key. I took it down to the basement and used it to open the safe. Inside there were shelves containing papers and some metal boxes. I pulled one of the boxes out; it was very heavy. I opened it and found it filled with gold coins. All were marked 20 dollars and the dates varied between 1898 and 1908. There seemed to be almost 200 coins in the box. I knew gold was expensive and these coins had to be worth more than a thousand dollars each, just for the gold alone. They could be worth a lot more to coin collectors. I felt a tide of relief surge up within me; I was looking at the solution to my problems. I would let the house go and use part of the money to fix the cabin up and make it more habitable. I could live here with Eve and satisfy my promise to Adam.
Next I examined the papers. At the top was a folder marked ‘Eve’. It contained another birth certificate, perhaps a copy of the one I had seen, or perhaps this was the original. There were also some photographs of her as a baby and a young girl. She seemed to have changed quite a bit as she matured.
The next item in the folder was a death certificate. It showed Eve had died at the age of 6 of pneumonia. I was astonished. If Adam’s daughter Eve had died, then who was the girl upstairs?
I continued searching. The next folder down was marked ‘Land’ and contained the deed to the cabin along with some land surveys.
The folder below that was marked ‘EJ’ in pencil. I opened it to find old newspaper clippings. Reading through them I discovered that a 12 year old girl, Eve Jones, had been convicted of setting fire to her parents’ house and burning her parents to death. She had been sent to an institution from which she had escaped and disappeared. There were photos and police drawings of the girl, and I saw that she closely resembled the Eve upstairs. This had happened 6 years previously, making the current Eve 18 years old. There was no mention of any other relatives; apparently she had been an only child.
I wondered what had prompted Adam to do what he had. He must have wanted another daughter to replace the one he had lost, and so had taken Eve Jones. He might have selected her because of her name, or perhaps he wanted to punish her for her crime. There was no way to tell. He must have filled her mind with fantasy to serve his own needs, and at the same time insulate her from the horror of what she had done.
The thought occurred to me that Eve might be innocent of the crime of setting fire to her parents’ house; she might have been sleepwalking. But whatever the real facts, it seemed best to conceal the truth from her, at least for a while.
Thoughtfully I climbed the stairs back up to the main cabin. I was relieved that Eve was not Adam’s daughter; the thought of him having oral sex with his own flesh had deeply disturbed me. The day seemed to be going so much better than the previous one. I hoped the trend would continue.
Eve was standing by the sink. I wanted to find out more about what she knew. “Eve, do you remember your parents or where you came from?”
“No master. All I remember before coming here was being in a beautiful garden and eating an apple. But Adam told me some things.”
“What did he tell you?”
“He said I was a reincarnation of Eve. Master. He must have been right; I know that my name has always been Eve and I distinctly remember eating the apple from the tree even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to. But the Eve in the bible lived a long time ago.”
I did a quick calculation and realized that my Eve must have been born around the same time that Adam’s daughter had died. Perhaps Adam believed that my Eve was a reincarnation of his daughter, perhaps that’s why he kidnapped her or gave her shelter after she escaped from the institution.
I realized that I now thought of her as ‘my Eve.’ I was ready to make a full commitment to her. But I wanted to give her one more chance to choose her future. From Adam’s key ring I removed the key to the padlock that locked her chain to the wall and then walked over to her. I placed the key in her hands saying, “Hold this key.”
“Yes master.” She had a puzzled look on her face.
“Eve, I want you to be very honest. Remember, it is a sin to lie. Eve, do you like me?”
“Yes master, I like you very much.”
“Eve, you are holding the key to your future. If you keep it I will let you go. I will give you money so that you can live by yourself. I will train you live so that you don’t have to deal with evil people. You will be free of your bonds, and will be able to move your arms. You can have your own garden, and be free to do what you like with it.
“But if you give me the key, I will become your master for always. I will keep you, bind you, feed you and punish you as I see fit.
“What do you choose to do with the key?”
Eve thought for a few seconds and then said, “If I give you the key, can we keep that beautiful rose outside?”
“Yes.” I would have been happy to give her a hundred roses, but I didn’t want to bribe her. The decision had to be hers.
“Then master, I give you the key.” She turned around and pressed it into my hands.
“I accept the key,” I said. “I accept being your master for always. I will protect you and see you come to no harm. We will plant roses and other flowers and make a beautiful garden. I look forward to our life together.” I pulled her to me and held her close feeling her breasts and nipple rings press into my chest. I kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back.
There were tears in her eyes, “Master I am so happy. I think I love you.”
“I love you too, Eve.” I held her shoulders and stood her away from me. “But I’m afraid there’s one thing I must do. I said I would put you in the cage today. It is important to me that I keep my word, so I will do it. But it will be for only a little while. Next time, if there is a next time, it will be for longer.”
“Yes master, thank you master. I deserve it. But please master, please keep me tightly chained at night. I never want to sleep walk again.”
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