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By Anonymous

This is a story by a reader of these pages. The story describes some of the many dangers of PVC as well as other similar materials.

My lady friend has a beautiful silver P.V.C. raincoat that I have always liked; she loves to wear it quite often and loves the admiring looks she gets when wearing it. I came home early one day and couldn’t find her so I went upstairs and found her fast asleep on the bed wearing only this. It was then I saw her clothes neatly folded on the bedside chair and that she had also bound her ankles and knees with red silk rope and her wrists under the tightly tied belt. She awoke and saw me and went very red in the face, I quickly untied her ankles and knees while she struggled to free her hands. It was then I noticed that she was very aroused and tried to explain why she did it.
She told me that she loved not only the rainwear but also self-bondage, she then explained about the wide cuff folds and straps holding them. It seems that this coat was made especially for bondage and the sleeves were made long enough to cover her hands and with loops at the end so that it could be used as a straight jacket.
One day when she went shopping I thought I would try some self-bondage and try it out as the straight jacket. I undressed and slipped into the cool plastic, and zipped it up making sure not to bring it right to the top, as I didn’t want it to lock. I couldn’t get over the soft sensual feeling as I slipped into it in fact it made me shudder with delight. First of all I must gag myself so I found some sticky plastic tape and put it firmly across my mouth and chin. I then rolled the sleeves down and threaded the silk rope she uses through the loops in the sleeves and tied a slipknot to form a loop. I tried crossing my arms and the hood stopped me tossing this loop of rope over my head. I undid it all and put the raincoat on back to front so that the hood wouldn’t snag it, I tried zipping it up again but couldn’t get it any further than my shoulders because my lady friend is slightly smaller than me, so I threaded some string through the loop on the zip, passed this up over my shoulders and now I was able to pull the zip right up, I must have pulled too hard because the zip went right to the top and I heard the lock click into place, this had pulled my chin into the bottom of the hood. I had to now open the hood up to make it more comfortable and this was my mistake, as now I would have to wait until she came home to release me. This time the rope went over my head with out any trouble; I wriggled it down over my shoulders and down to my waist. Then I managed to tie the rope to the door handle and walked away pulling the rope tight, this did the trick and my hands were pulled firmly around my waist. I gave it an extra tug to ensure it was tight and now I couldn’t even move my fingers, now keeping the rope tight I wrapped it around my waist twice to ensure it wouldn’t come loose accidentally. I released the rope from the door handle and the end fell to the floor at my feet as I had planned. I now went and sat on the bed and enjoyed struggling to try and escape and the rope held firm just as I wanted.
After struggling for a few minutes I decided to lay back and enjoy the trapped feeling and as I did this, the hood fell across my face. I quickly sat up and the hood luckily fell back onto my chest. I tried wriggling up further onto the bed but couldn’t. I thought that I would lie back again and use my feet to push me further up the bed; again the hood fell across my face so I left it and slid easily up the bed. I quickly sat up again to get the hood off, but this time it wouldn’t come off. I shook my head trying to make it slip off but this made the hood go further over my head, there was no hope of removing it now, I would have to wait until she came home. As I was sliding up the bed the drawstring to the hood must have pulled tighter, what is more I couldn’t release it. I tried not to panic and lay back with my head on one side so that I could breathe fairly easily. I would just have to wait until my lady friend came back from shopping. I had no idea how long she would be, so if I kept calm I should be all right.
Over an hour went by and the hood was beginning to get wet with my breath and began to stick to my face, I rolled from side to side to try and free it a little but with no success, I would just have to lay there fighting for breath until she came home. A further half and hour went by before I heard the door, she was back at last. I tried to shout to her but the gag was too firmly in place and all I could do was a faint muffled cry. She did eventually come up and saw me and quickly removed the hood, smiled at me and told me I was a naughty boy and would have to be punished. She told me how silly I had been and said that she would show me just what could happen if it had gone tighter, this would also be a lesson for me not to try this again on my own. She removed my gag then gently placed the hood over my head again and pulled the drawstring tight. Within seconds the hood clamped itself firmly over my mouth and nose and again I couldn’t breathe.
I tried to tell her that I now knew what it could do but I couldn’t even get enough breath to do this, in fact it was even better than the tape gag. I very quickly became dizzy and tried twisting my head from side to side to try and get a breath. This didn’t work and I must have very quickly passed out after this. When I came round the hood had been removed and tucked under my chin, I also found that she had tightly bound my ankles and knees holding the raincoat very tightly around me. She said that I would have to wait until she thought I had been punished enough and left me for another half an hour or so. She then came back and climbed onto the bed and sat astride me and rocked back and forth until I had soiled her favourite raincoat. She then calmly got off and told me that I would have to clean it all up and wash her coat, which I had to agree to before she would release me. She then untied my ankles and helped me off the bed and I had to struggle to the bathroom because my knees were still tied I had to stand in the shower before she released the rope around my knees.
I now know why she did this because as the rope was removed I felt all the sweat run down into the shower. She still didn’t release my hands but instead turned the shower on. It was a very sensual feeling again feeling that water flowing over the raincoat and made me feel aroused again. She then slipped her clothes off and joined me in the shower and hugged me tightly. Then she turned the water off and removed the rope from around my waist, but still my hands were still tightly held around me. She then told me that it was unwise to make a loop to hold my hands like this, as it would never release because the knot would jam in the loops at the end of the sleeves as she had just proved. It was only now that she decided that I had learnt my lesson and released my hands. She then helped me out of the coat and helped me dry myself, as you can see; I have learnt never to try self-bondage unless you know exactly what to do.
As I said at the beginning, be very careful if you ever use P.V.C. for self-bondage unless you have someone nearby to help in case of difficulty.

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