By: TheStorm


Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

It all started with me and my boyfriend discussing ideas of a new scenario to send off to this website. A few days later, when we had a free weekend, he said to me "Right, come on then were going out... I have a surprise for you!.." On I followed, he was carrying a backpack and although I asked what was in it the subject was always avoided.
We went over into the woods and walked quite a distance inside. He stopped me at the edge of the woods just before it opens into fields, I was told to strip as he pulled some clothes from the bag, I was given my light pink bunny costume, it has a pink leotard and net dress plus the ears too, my feet were left bare, not even socks. In the first field past the woods I was led me up to a metal rod that was standing up out of the ground about 7ft high, he told me to stay where I was, facing away from the woods, he locked shackles on my wrists, keeping them behind my back and he shackled my knees together too, there was only enough chain between the shackles to permit me short steps at best. He walked off saying that he'd be back soon. Sure enough he was back soon, and was carrying another metal rod, again about 7ft ish in length. This second rod was attached to a bar at the bottom of the vertical one I was standing next to, the other end was attached to a collar which was locked around my neck. "Right, all done" He said. "I've hidden the keys, first clue is at the spot we changed your clothes!" I asked how I was supposed to get to it while shackled to this post in the ground, he simply said that I'd figure it out and with that he walked off "see you later!" He shouted as he left.
I soon discovered that the bar attached to the upright would spin so that I could walk around the post but I could not get any closer or further away from it, I walked round it a few times, one way then the other, looking at it as best as I could, even though I couldn't turn my head around far enough to focus on it. After what seemed like about half an hour, probably wasn't though, I'd figured it out. The vertical pole was threaded and the bar across it was like a nut on it, all I had to do was walk around in circles until the bar came off at the top, hopefully it would come off at the top anyway. I started walking anticlockwise around the pole with high hopes that I'd sussed his plan and would be free to get my own back on him soon. "Oh heck I can hear voices!" I said to myself, looking around as well as I possibly could I saw no one, not long after that I stopped hearing them, for a second I thought I'd been discovered, after all I was in the middle of a field dressed as a pink bunny, walking in circles around a pole and completely unable to run and hide, try explaining that one to a passer by! I'd been walking for ages and the bar didn't seem to be going up any, I was starting to doubt my theory but I couldn't come up with another, I stopped and rested for a while, thought things over and came back to my original conclusion, thus I carried on walking.

Two people went past the bottom of the field on mountain bikes, they didn't seem to notice me or at least if they did they didn't stop to look twice. I'd decided that the bar was going up the pole like I wanted but very slowly, I might have to walk for hours more yet. My feet were freezing, we have had our first morning and night frosts of the year this week, although the sun has come up, the ground has thawed and dried out, there was a bitter cold breeze starting to build too and at one point I thought it might rain, I was in no way dressed for harsh weather.
I was starting to think I'd be here until nightfall and I only seemed to be about half way. I paused for a minute to watch a magpie hopping about at the bottom of the field and when it flew off I carried on walking, it was getting to the point where the odd bird getting a little close was interesting, until suddenly a black dog darted out of the woods probably not a hundred yards away from me, it was followed out by a stick which bounced right out into the open of the field, my heart now began to race, the dog must have an owner and someone must have thrown that stick, whats worse is that I couldn't see them. The dog, a black Labrador type of thing, grabbed the stick and made a run back for the woods, suddenly the owner emerged from the same gap in the trees that we had come through, he took the stick from the dog and threw it down the field once more, he then turned around and looked straight at me "Oh bugger!", no question this time. I'd been seen! He started walking up towards me, looking rather confused, I suppose anyone would have every right to be ever so slightly puzzled, the dog followed on up the field too, it ran straight up to me and dropped the stick at my feet, he called the dog away but it just sat down. He walked up to me and said "Ah well! what do we have here then?" Needless to say I was kind of lost for words, embarrassed would be quite an understatement, I eventually responded, in a shaky voice "I would throw it down the field for him, but I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a stick myself right now." "I can see" he said "How did you get like this" Now thats a long story, I explained anyway and he seemed to be quite amused, we talked for a while, asked him the dogs name, noted the weather, were we local, etc. General conversation. Eventually he offered to help me get free, he looked over the poles, collar and shackles and in the end decided that there was no way to free me, only way was for me to keep walking. We said our farewells and he wandered off once more with his dog, and I continued in my repetitive circles.
I had several more near misses before the day was done, nobody else came that lose to me again. Eventually I got the bar to rise to the top of the pole and fall off. Next problem, I had a 7ft pole attached to my collar that I couldn't take off, I had to drag it with me towards the woods. After a long struggle I got to the spot where I had changed, I was freezing cold and getting tired, I looked around for any clue of where the key to my shackles might be. I was expecting a real hunt but it turned out not to be, perhaps he thought I would have had enough once I got free from the pole, and he was right too I guess, once I found the keys I unlocked the shackles from my thighs, wrists and collar. Now what, I had no shoes on and I was dressed in a pink bunny costume, had he hidden my clothes somewhere too? I hadn't seen any sign of them yet or any clue that he might have left them. Finally freezing cold I made the decision that I would start off towards home, dressed as I was, I put the shackles into the bag the keys had been in and started walking back through the wood, it was late afternoon and would probably be starting to go dark soon, I hurried along making sure no one was around, taking great care where I put my feet and I was plotting my revenge all the way. Walking down the road back to our house was by far the worst bit, I tried as well as possible to use back alley's and shady footpaths but it is almost impossible to remain hidden all the way.
As I sit here writing this that boyfriend is having a shower, as he always does first thing when he gets up. I'm going away for next week to look after a Sisters house, I'm arranging something suitable for my revenge while I'm gone. I'm preparing the Hidden restraint scenario I posted a while back! On my way there I'll post a parcel, it should contain the key to a certain chastity belt, he's not going to know that though, neither will he know that the address on the parcel will bring it back here. Once he gets out of the shower he will discover that I have laid out on the bed a gorgeous yellow party dress, several ribbons and a pair of patent Mary Jane shoes, the shoes have of course been prepared with pin spikes, he has long hair so the ribbons will be put into that. Concealed under the dress is a pile of shackles and the chastity belt, the last thing which I guarantee he he will protest against if I give him chance is the kinder egg center that should contain the keys to all his shackles. Again what he doesn't know is that the key to all the shackles and to the chastity belt are with me, he'll have to walk here dressed as he is to retrieve them! Once he's dry I'll dress and shackle him, I'm printing off the page for hidden restraint at this moment and I'll leave it downstairs where he'll find it once I'm gone!


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