Karens Self Torment
By Lifer


Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

Karens Self Torment
Karen was a beautiful 26 year old woman. Tall and slender with long dark hair. She was from Spanish descent and had dark skin. With long legs she loved the way really high heels made her look. She was single and it had been about 8 months since she broke up with her last boyfriend. He was so boring and for that, she didn't miss him.
She was a very kinky girl and ever since she was very young she loved to be bound and helpless. She used to play 'cops and robbers' with her friends and almost always got to be the one who was tied up. As she became older, she developed a passion for tying herself up. She would always try to find something new to torment herself while she was bound. It was her secret little game.
One day while searching for new ideas on the Internet, she found a great website that discussed many different ways to bind herself and to her surprise, there was a whole community of people doing similar things to themselves. She took a fancy to many of the scenarios presented and especially, among many other things, the forced of drinking of urine while helplessly bound. This idea, while at first repulsed her, soon became stuck in her mind.
For days on end she would find herself daydreaming of herself helplessly tied and having to drink her own urine. This was going to be the next thing to try, she thought. She had heard that some people drink their own urine for supposed health benifits and others say it is relatively harmless as long as you don't do it too much and it is fresh and clean. The website even had great pictures of a helpless woman sitting in a chair and with the aid of a pump, forced to drink her own urine while bound waiting for the key to become available. Karen was so turned on by this, she just had to do it. She started planning.
She wanted, of course, to add her own flavour to her scenario. She first thought that she should be seated like the woman in the picture but then she decided that standing would be more tormenting mostly because, as a woman, she usually urinated while seated. She thought that urinating while standing would be much more interesting perhaps because it was different. One of her favorite ways to bind herself was indeed a standing position. So it would be perfect.
Karen had developed a facsination for nipple torture while bound over the years of binding herself. She would use clothes pegs and other clamps but finally got some nipple clamps that really bite. She loved the pain/pleasure mixture. It was so intoxicating. She had to add this to her torment. But how?
She had a small pump in the garden that she used to make a fountain with when she had yard parties. She experimented with it and found that it would lift water quite high but not high enough to make her drink from it while standing. She thought about it for a while and sketched a few diagrams. "I've got it!", she exclaimed out loud. What if urine wasn't forced into my mouth but I was forced to drink it myself instead. I could choose not to but it would only add to my torment. The lesser of two evils. She began to sketch a picture of her idea. She had then discovered how she would do it.
She had read several bondage stories where the person was humiliated in front of a large window. One in particular had a woman tied in front of a big window with a vibrator attached to her pussy. She had a large, heavy, smooth didlo in her mouth that had a cord attached to it that went to a pull string switch. If she let go of the dildo, it would fall and switch on the room lights for all to see her outside. Karen very much wanted that humiliation! More to think about.
She had bought a timer from the hardware store. It was made to turn lamps on and off. It had many small tabs that could be slid into on of off positions. After playing with it for a while she realized it would not work for the pump idea she had. Back to the hardware store. There she found a digital timer that allowed much more fine control of the pump timing. It was perfect, programmed and ready to go. She kept the other one just in case.
After a few days of planning the time came when she was ready to start. Karen brought her special 'toybox' out from her room and placed it in her front room by the window. Her house had a large picture window facing the street. It was not a very traveled street but anyone standing in front of the window could easily be seen from the street. The ceilings of her front room were vaulted and had large wooden posts from the beams above to the floor near the front window. These posts were plenty strong enough to bind herself to.
Karen went out to the tool shed in the garden to fetch the pump. As she went out the back door, the porch light came on automatically. There was a motion sensor by the door that turned on the porch light. She stopped for second. "Hmmm, Interesting!", she thought. As she returned with the pump, the light switched back on as she approached the back door. She looked at it again and she noticed that the motion sensor was a screw-in addition to the light socket by the back door. She smiled devilishly and unscrewed it, bulb and all, and brought it inside with her.
She layed everything out in front of the large window. She drew the window shades for her preparation. She opened the box of goodies and began to make a pile of useful things. To the pile she added: some lengths of rope, some padlocks, small lengths of chain, a head harness with blindfold and large ring at the top, a set of clover nipple clamps, two black metal bars that screwed together in the middle to form a one meter long spreader bar with metal loops at the ends and one near the middle, a large rubber, penis-shaped dildo with balls, a set of handcuffs and a large keyring with a clip and many small keys on it. She looked at the pile and sighed an anticipatory breath while muttering, "okay!".
She went to the kitchen and poured herself a large glass of water and went to her bedroom. There she grabbed a cardboard box from under the bed. The shipping label was rather non-descript but said "A1 Products, Ltd". She threw it on the bed and opened it. She reached in and pulled out a pair of black latex rubber panties. They looked normal except for a small rubber tube mounted to the crotch area. She stripped naked.
Reaching in her closet, she pulled out a mannequin on wheels. The mannequin was wearing tight corset and black thigh-high boots with very high heels. The corset was made of silk and had burgandy and grey vertical stripes with black lacy trim and black laces. It was her favorite. She took it from the mannequin and put it on. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled as she took a deep breath and pulled the laces tight (but not too tight because she knew she was going to be drinking some water and didnt want to run into any trouble with swelling). The corset looked great on her. Every curve of her body was accentuated. She could feel herself becoming moist with anticipation. She slipped the latex panties on next. As she looked at herself, she thought of how funny she looks with this little rubber penis protruding out in front. Next she added the boots to her long legs. The heels were tall and she had some trouble standing at first. She grabbed another item from the box then a paper bag that had the name of the local hardware store on it from the closet and left the room.
She walked carefully down the hall to the room where her computer was. She wrote a short email to her friend Emily and clicked send. This was her backup release. Emily knew that Karen was going to bind herself but the email was just a reminder to call. Then Karen headed for the kitchen again to fill her water glass.
As she walked gingerly down the hall, hands full, the little rubber tube swayed back and forth slapping both of her exposed inner, upper thighs. With each slap she could feel a little drop of moisture hit her leg. This made her feel so turned on. She could feel the drops running down into her boots.
Arriving in the front room, even more ready now, she began to set up. She took a gulp of water emptying her glass, filled it again from a small pitcher and began to prepare the ropes. She threw several long ropes over two high ceiling beams and let them hang nearby. After taking another drink of water, she ran another long rope around two posts that were directly in front of the big window. She made a large loop on the floor, around the posts, with the rope running through the center loop of the spreader bar. This was to hold her feet apart between the two posts. She attached the rope ratchet to one of the lengths of rope and then to the handcuff chain.
She took the item she had fetched from the box in her room and placed it around her waist and wrapped straps between her legs, up and around, and back up front to small buckles. It was a small strap-on butterfly vibrator with a variable speed and random settings. She turned it on to make sure it worked. It did! She quickly turned it off as it was so intense with her heightened state of arousal. She stuffed the controller in the back waist band of the rubber panties and took another big drink of water from her glass.
She walked over to a small floor lamp and unscrewed the lampshade from it. She slid it over in front of the window where she would be setting up. It was not quite dark yet but the sun was due to set in the next hour or so so she knew she should hurry. She took the motion sensor and bright lightbulb she had taken from the back porch and screwed it into the lamp. Then, taking the timer that she was previously not going to use, she set the timer to turn on in about one hour, plugged it into a nearby outlet, plugged the lamp into it and switched the lamp's switch on. Nothing happened. just as she had expected.
Karen then took another peice of rope and fashioned a crotch rope with it. She used a larger rope for this as it was to be used to hold her up if she were to fall or have a heel break. The rope pressed tightly on her bladder. She made sure the rope did not obstruct the flow of urine through the rubber tube now seen running just below the vibrator that was strapped on under the rope harness. Everything looked great. She was ready.
Karen tied a cord, tightly, many times around one of the posts about chest level. This cord then had the center of the chain of the nipple clamps tied to the other end of it. In the middle of this cord, between the post and the clamps, she tied a small length of cord and retreiving a small plastic pail from the hardware store bag, she tied the other end of the cord to the middle of the pail's looped handle. She then reached into the bag again and pulled out a few lengths of bright yellow rubber tubing. She thought that yellow would be more humiliating because this was the tube she would be forced to drink urine through. It seemed fitting at the time. Using plastic zip ties, she fastened a length of tubing to the pail so that it reached the bottom. She emptied her glass and poured the remainder of the water from the pitcher into it.
She started to feel like she had to pee but she was not done setting up yet! She loosened the rope harness a bit from her bladder. This eased the feeling a bit. She knew she had better hurry.
She took a larger bucket from the bag and placed it on the floor. She put the pump in it with the pump's small tube running to the top of the small plastic pail. She again used zip ties to hold the tube firmly in place on the handle of the small pail pointing it downwards into it. She heard the ticks of the wall clock as she finished her last glass of water. Looking at the time she knew the lamp was due to turn on in about thirty minutes.
She plugged the pump into the digital timer and plugged in into the wall socket. Instantly, the pump came on gulping for water that was not there. She adjusted the time a bit until it stopped. She took the small pitcher back to the kitchen, grabbed a stocking from the freezer which contained a few ice cubes, filled the pitcher with water, went back to the front room and poured the water into the large bucket. She knew she was in for a wild torment soon.
She attached the stocking full of ice to the end of a rope after she ran it through a metal plant hanger ring that is screwed into one of the posts. This would be her primary release mechanism. She had done this before and it usually lastsed about two to three hours. She had thrown in an extra ice cube just for added uncertainty.
It was now dark outside. She opened the shades wide and turned off the lights. Enough light came in the window that she could see what she was doing after her eyes became adjusted.
Karen then stood, straddling the rope near the spreader bar. She attached the head harness to her head, with the blindfold removed, and locked it on. She then slid the large rubber penis through the ring at the top so that it arched downwards in front of her face. She used plastic zip ties to connect the yellow rubber tube from the small plastic pail so that it would be hanging just in front of her mouth. The dildo was for added humiliation mostly.
She lifted the nipple clamps and pail so the cord was taught. It was perfect! The small pail was directly above the larger bucket with a tube running from the pump in the large bucket up into the small pail. There was another tube from the small pail that ran up to just in front of her mouth. "Perfect!", she wispered to herself as she noticed a small stream of liquid running out of the small rubber tube between her legs. "Ooh!", she muttered as she attached a third tube from the black rubber tube and ran it down to attach to the large bucket. If she urinated, it would be directed to the large bucket. Time was of the essence now. She felt like she had to pee again.
Now the tricky part. While holding a fist full of various ropes, she used small chains and padlocks to fasten her ankles to the end of the spreader bar. With her legs spread and the safety ropes on, she would have much difficulty bending over after tying that last knot, so she had to do things in the right order. She pulled on the rope that led to the rope ratchet and pulled out the slack. She heard a drop of water splash to the floor. She then attached one nipple clamp to her left nipple. The pain was exquisite. She reeled a bit. Then put on the next one.
Karen then tied the safety ropes to her rope harness. She pulled out all of the slack so it made her stand up straight. "Halfway there", she mumbled to herself.
She attached the keyring with all of the keys to her hip using a small clip. She placed the blindfold on and checked for light leaks by trying to see out the window. She could see nothing. Karen was sure this was going to be fun but her heart was beating out of her chest. Did she forget something? Is Emily's email working? What if she forgets. By this time she really had to pee. She flipped the switch on the vibrator and it started buzzing loudly. The sensation was so intense that she almost came when it shut off again. She hurried. Placing the handcuffs on her wrists while still holding the last rope that leads to the rope ratchet. Click! Click!
Karen stood there a moment. She could still reach the keys. The vibrator switched on again. This time it was even more intense but it stopped almost right away. She felt her bladder let go. She held it tight and it stopped. She was on the verge of peeing right now! She heard a little bit of piss trickle into the bucket. With one last big breath, she pulled the slack on the rope ratchet line. She heard many clicks as the ratchet pulled her arms up and back. She kept tugging the slack; click click, click. When she felt her nipples being pulled; she dropped the rope. She was stuck.
Just as the rathet rope fell away, the vibrator turned on. Almost right away, she peed. She culd feel the hot juices fill her rubber panties. The trickling noise in the bucket made her feel like peeing more but forced herself to hold it. The pee stopped. The vibrator stopped. She stood there in the silence, the dark. She heard a drop here, a drop there, the tick of the clock. Then, a loud click was heard and she could see light in the cracks of the blindfold. She was on display! She blushed as she held the pee back; her bladder aching, her arms wrenched backwards and her nipples on fire from the pull of the clamps. She took some shallow breaths and the vibrator came back on. She jerked.
She waited for a while thinking, "What have I done? This is the most crazy thing I have done to myself yet.". Then the pump came on. She gasped! A few seconds later, she heard the water/pee mixture flowing into the small pail. The pull on her nipples increased. As she grimaced from the pain, she felt herself peeing again. She thought she was holding it but she could feel the warmth again. As she clenched up to stop it, the vibrator came on. She let loose, peeing again.
The pain on her nipples became so much to bear as the pump kept running ans she heard the mixture flowing over the sides of pail and down into the bucket. The pail had become full and was now overflowing. She thought to herself, "I can handle this! -- I think...". Everything stopped. she held still. Every movement caused small splashes of liquid. She was thankful that she no longer had to pee so bad.
Karen knew that if there was anyone outside her house, they were getting a show. She could tell that the light was still on. She held perfectly still knowing the time would run out soon and the light would turn off. The vibrator started again! "Damn!", she exclaimed as her body quivered with in pleasure of her clit vibrations. Just when she was really enjoying the pleasure and pain, almost close to orgasm, the vibrator stopped. She held still, panting, and the light finally turned off.
She stood in the darkness wondering what was next. The pain on her nipples became worse and worse. She knew that the only way to rid herself of the nipple torture was to drink the urine from the pail. She felt for the tube with her tounge, found it and put the tube between her lips. She paused as the vibrator started again. She clenched the tube between her teeth as she climaxed, her body wrenched in delight. The light switched back on as she reeled from the sensation. Embarassed, sweaty and in pain, she stood there, waiting. She tried to be still.
She thought to herself that she must be some spectacle now. If anyone was outside looking in they would see this beautifull woman tied with ropes between two posts with a lamp shown on her sweaty body. A small heavy pail hanging from her nipples, a huge rubber dildo attached to her head and a bright yellow tube leading from her crotch down to a bucket and then back up to her mouth. She felt herself blush again. With all the will she could muster, she began sucking on the tube.
The acrid warm liquid touched her tounge. She winced. She sucked harder. Sucking and swallowing the dilute mixture of water and her own piss. The vibrator started again and she flinched; still sucking furiously. She could feel the pain of her nipples subside as the vibrator buzzed away on her clit causing her to become aroused once again. As soon as the vibrator stopped, the pump came back on. She choked a bit as she spit the tube from her mouth and exclaimed, "Oh shit! Not again!".
It was a while before the light turned off again. She had figured it was on for an hour or so. With the sudden buzzing of the vibrator and the sucking and cursing, she had been moving to much to let the light turn off. Finally all was dark and quiet. She quietly sucked the remainder of the urine from the pail, swallowing it all so as not to ruin her favorite corset and boots.
Karen could hear drops of water from the melting ice in the stocking. She knew freedom was getting closer. She could hear some cars driving by the front of her house. Her breath stunk of stale urine, her nipples and arms were numb from the pain, she could feel her bladder filling again. She waited in the dark. She waited for the next cycle of vibrations, orgasms, the pumping, the sucking and the swallowing of hot urine.
She had to pee so badly now. She wanted to do a little dance to hold off the pee but she didn't want to have the light turn back on. She peed into the bucket. She could not hold it back any longer. She peed for what seemed like forever. And the vibrator turned on again, she flinched and the light turned on.
The torment was rich. More than she had even imagined. Now she didn't even care if anyone saw her. Maybe they would come and rescue her from herself! The pump switched back on. She cryed into her blindfold. Salty tears mixed on her lips with the acrid piss that she had been guzzling for hours now. As she continued to suck and swallow piss from the tube, the light went off.

The author added the following note in the forum:
I would recommend NOT using the type of pump Karen did in the story! Remember, this IS fictional. There are other types of pumps that are much, much safer than the submersible type mentioned in the story. They are supposed to be sealed but you don't want to put your life in the hands of a Chinese fountain pump manufacturer, do you? These pumps have AC mains voltage available under the water line. The story used this type of pump as a fictional, make-beleive, (i.e. not real or ideal) story. Please be safe!
Perhaps a DC powered, windsheild wiper pump, or magnetically coupled impeller, centrifugal pump or DC diaphram pump would be some safer choices. They would need to be plumbed into the side of the bucket though as they are not submersable.
Also, as Cindy mentioned (elsewhere in this forum), a waterpic can be found pretty cheap. They are made to be safe. People use them to spray water in their mouths! The AC has been designed to be seperate for safety. This may be your safest, best bet!

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