Go Diva
Copyright SusanSub 2007

Since I wrote about using my cat as a bondage master (see my account Bondage Master Dragon), I have had a number of self-bondage sessions. Most were routine, but one I just had, and from which I am still recovering, might be of wider interest.
This account started out as a diary, and in rewriting it for this forum I have left in some things that are not directly related to the bondage. I hope you will forgive me. To compensate for this extraneous stuff, I have tried to make the account more interesting by recreating the conversations from memory rather than simply stating the meaning of what was said.
I am a very private person and have yet to come out of the bondage closet and would die of shame if my friends or coworkers found out, but I feel the need to tell someone about it, if only to warn them not to do the dangerous thing I did. To protect my identity and that of my friend, I have changed some names and minor details.
Thinking about what I did in a saner frame of mind, I now realize that I was incredibly stupid and could have been seriously hurt. So please don’t attempt to replicate my adventure.
Because my drawings were so well received last time, I have illustrated this account with a few sketches.

Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

Go Diva
Copyright SusanSub 2007
Just as I was about to buckle my gag the phone rang. I quickly removed the gag and began to struggle across the room towards the phone, anxious to reach it before it stopped ringing. Progress was slow since only my arms were free.
Success! I stretched up and managed to pick it up on the last ring.
“Hi,” I said in my friendliest and most seductive voice. I was expecting the caller to be my boyfriend, Jessie, and I wanted to conceal from him what I was doing.
“Hi Sue, how are you doing?” It was Tammy, one of my friends from University.
“Hi Tammy. I’m fine, how about you?”
“I’m OK, a bit lonely. Seth’s away.”
“I’m sorry to hear that. Where is he?”
“He’s in Iraq, going to be there for a couple of months.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry. You must be worried.”
“Well I am a bit, but he assures me it’s safe where he’s at. Are you busy these days? What are you doing?”
“Nothing much.” There was not much I could do, chained up as I was.
“The reason I’m calling is to invite you to come and visit. It’s lovely this time of year. You could come and stay for a few days. You could stay a month if you like.”
The invitation sounded attractive. My relationship with my boyfriend was not developing as well as I had hoped, and I also felt I needed a rest from work. I had been putting in a lot of hours and needed a vacation. It might be good to get away from both my job and my boyfriend. I felt I needed to charge my batteries and assess where I wanted to go in life.
“That’s kind of you, I’m tempted. OK, I’ll come,” I said on an impulse. “When do you want me?”
“Come anytime. We’ve a big place here and the spare bedroom is already made up.”
“How about next Saturday? My boss owes me, and I think he’ll let me take off next week.”
“That would be lovely.”
“What do you want me to bring?”
“Just yourself, I’ve got everything here.”
We chatted for a few minutes catching up on what had happened to us and then I said, “I’ve got a cat. Could I bring him?”
“Sure, we’ve got a couple of cats here. I’m sure he’ll fit right in.”
We chatted some more then said our goodbyes.
I struggled back across the room to where the keys would drop from the ice timer. Once my hands were handcuffed it would be difficult to move at all. I wondered why I had left my gag until last instead of inserting it earlier as I usually did. Did I have a premonition that someone would call? Yes I did, but I had felt it would my boyfriend. To hell with him. I picked up my gag, pressed its fat rubbery penis into my mouth and buckled its strap.
I reached behind me and locked my left wrist in a handcuff attached to a short chain connected to my butt plug and its retaining crotch chain. I placed my right wrist in the other cuff and paused. Did I still want to go through with the session? You bet! I clicked the cuff closed with my left hand to complete my bondage. Now I had a good two hours of wonderful tight bondage to enjoy before the ice timer released the keys. I would be bent and almost completely immobilized by my chains with nothing to do except futilely struggle to get free, try to stimulate myself to a climax, fantasize and think about Tammy’s invitation.
Bent and almost completely immobilized
* * *
The following Saturday I drove out to Tammy’s farm. On the back seat of my car lay a large suitcase filled with the official things I needed for my visit: clothes, toiletries, makeup and so forth. In the trunk of my car was a smaller but heavier suitcase filled with my bondage equipment. I didn’t know if I’d get an opportunity to use much of it, but as the girl scouts’ motto says, it’s always best to be prepared. At least I should be able to sleep at night in the reassuring comfort of chains.
I was not bringing my cat. Although his name is Dragon he is somewhat timid and I didn’t think he would enjoy the presumably fiercer and hardier farm cats. I had arranged for a friend to look after him while I was gone.
Tammy was waiting for me as I drove into the farmyard. We hugged each other and kissed. It seemed like the old days, except that she was now married. I felt a little of the old feeling for her. I had suspected her of being a closet lesbian, and was very surprised when I received a wedding invitation from her. Her husband Seth was handsome, personable and wealthy. She had done well.
It was early afternoon and after showing me to my room, she gave me a tour of the house and outbuildings.
“This place used to be a kind of riding academy,” she said leading the way into an enormous barn. “They kept twenty or so horses here and people would rent them to ride the trails. Before that it was a working farm, and that’s when they built these barns. The academy converted them into stables. This has space for twelve horses, but it hasn’t been used in years.”
I looked around the cavernous interior. It appeared to be the perfect place for a bondage adventure, plenty of wooden posts to chain oneself to, and lots of space overhead for suspension. Sunbeams slanted down to the floor from small highly placed windows, illuminating the dust we had stirred up and giving the beams sharp and distinct edges. It resembled a scene from an old painting.
The perfect place for a bondage adventure
“Let me show you the other one, that’s where we keep our horses.”
We walked across the yard to the second barn, a twin of the first. I took deep breaths of the country air, it smelled so different from the city air, clean yet faintly perfumed with the elusive odor of spring. The afternoon was warm, and I could feel the earth coming to life after lying dormant for so long.
Yes,” Tammy said, sensing my mood, “Its beautiful here. You really feel connected to nature. I love this place.”
We entered the barn and the clean fresh smell of spring was replaced with a decided odor of horse manure.
“These are our two horses. This is Summer, he’s a darling, a real gentle soul. You can ride him tomorrow if you want. And this is Lightning, he’s Seth’s horse. He’s a little more lively.”
Summer was a chestnut colored horse and looked at me placidly. Lightning was black with a white mark on his forehead and seemed a little nervous.
That night I slept in bondage. I smuggled two pairs of handcuffs into my room and locked my ankles and wrists together. I kept the key under my pillow so that in the unlikely event I would be disturbed during the night I could quickly release myself.
The following morning we saddled up the horses and set out along one of the trails. It was a beautiful grassy ride enclosed for the most part by trees, but with an occasional distant view. The trees grew together over our heads and at one point I had to duck to avoid a low branch.
A beautiful grassy ride
“Sorry about that,” Tammy said. “It’s expensive to maintain these trails. We’ve had to let most of them go back to nature. But we hire someone to come in twice a year to maintain a couple of them, and Seth does some work on weekends.
“Are you ready to trot?” she continued. We had been walking the horses since we left the barn.
Tammy tapped Lightning with her heels and he immediately broke into a trot. I was about to do the same to Summer but it wasn’t necessary for he began to trot as soon as he saw Lightning do so.
The walking had been easy, but the trot caused me to bounce up and down in the saddle. It was an English style saddle so I had nothing to hold onto; I had to rely on my balance and my legs. This was not the first time I had ridden, but I was by no means a good rider. I tried posting to the trot but was not very successful.
Tammy looked across and me and, seeing that I did not appear to be panicking, asked, “Are you ready to canter?”
“Sure,” I replied and kicked Summer with my heels to tell him to go faster. I wanted to show him who was boss.
It was wonderful. Summer’s canter was much easier on my backside, a kind of pitching motion rather than the harsh choppiness of his trot. It was exhilarating as we sped along the trail. I felt I could almost be back in medieval times, apart from my clothes there was no indication that it was now the twenty first century.
Tammy slowed Lightning to a walk and I pulled on the reins to follow suite.
“I try to take them out every day,” Tammy said. “So I’m glad you’re here. Riding with me really helps a lot.”
Back at the stables we removed the harness, brushed the horses, cleaned their legs and feet, watered and fed them.
* * *
We rode every day. It was a wonderful time, the weather was warm and I forgot completely about work, and even managed to stop thinking about my boyfriend. We went shopping, and drove into town to see a movie.
On Wednesday, seeing that I was getting better and more confident at riding, Tammy made the horses gallop on the way back to the stables. This was the first time I had been on a horse that galloped. It was both fantastically exhilarating and frightening.
We did the same thing on Thursday. Summer was in the lead when we started to gallop, but Tammy urged Lightning on and they quickly caught up with us. They were overtaking us when Summer must have been overcome with some sort of competitive spirit. He accelerated and galloped much faster almost keeping up with Lightning. As I was hanging on for dear life, I was amazed at his speed, I had assumed that horses galloped at more or less one speed and hadn’t realized they could do so at very different speeds. Now I think about it, it seems obvious, just like human runners.
On Friday Tammy asked me how long I was planning to stay.
“I don’t know, I haven’t decided. I can leave tomorrow if I’m in the way.”
“No, I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant. I’d love you to stay longer. What I meant to say is that my mother is sick and I want to go down and visit her. If you were here you could look after the horses and cats while I’m gone.”
“I’d be happy to do so. I’m sorry about your mother, what’s wrong with her? Nothing serious I hope.”
“I hope not, but she didn’t sound too good.”
“Yes, you should go and see her. Don’t worry about the horses, I can look after them.” I was thinking that with the ranch to myself I would have a wonderful opportunity to practice some self-bondage, even try some outdoor bondage, something I had never done.
“Sue, you seem eager to get rid of me.”
“No, it’s just that I’m trying to make you not feel guilty about leaving me here.”
“OK, but don’t get into any mischief. Don’t ride Lightning, and don’t gallop Summer. And take a cell phone if you ride him, you don’t want to get stuck out on the trail with a broken leg.”
“I’ll be careful, don’t worry about me. Just go down there and look after your mother.”
That night I lay awake in bed planning a bondage adventure. I was so excited by the prospect that I hardly slept.
My plan was to ride a horse while nude. As a girl I had been fascinated by the story of Lady Godiva riding nude on horseback through the streets of Coventry. I was too embarrassed, and too fearful of being arrested, to ride nude in public and intended to ride only in the privacy of Tammy’s ranch. To balance this timidity I planned a more dangerous ride; I planned to ride in bondage.
The greatest danger facing me would be falling off the horse. To make sure this didn’t happen, I wanted to test out my idea first. The weather forecast was for the weekend to be warm and sunny. Accordingly I decided to carry out my test on Saturday and do the actual ride on Sunday.
Tammy left on Saturday morning. I waited until mid afternoon before saddling up Summer for the test ride; I reckoned this would be the warmest part of the day on Sunday and wanted to match the conditions as closely as possible. But not too closely. On Saturday I would be fully clothed, I wanted to reserve the nudity until the actual ride so as not to spoil the novelty.
I lengthened the reins so that I could hold them in my teeth, and set out on the trail. As we entered the woods I placed the reins in my mouth and my hands behind my back as if they were handcuffed. I had judged the length of the reins well and could sit upright. I felt that if I leaned back I would be able to pull on the reins to slow or stop Summer.
I quickly got used to the position and found I could balance quite well. I had no desire to go faster, it might lead to a disaster if I were really in bondage. Summer was used to varying his speed along the trail and I wanted to make sure I could keep him at a walking pace the whole way round.
Although I felt quite safe, I had taken Tammy’s advice and was carrying my cell phone in a pocket of my jeans.
There were no real problems, Summer seemed quite content to walk and I felt quite secure, even with my hands behind me. Dismounting at the end was difficult and I ended up using my hands, but I reckoned I would somehow manage to do it when handcuffed, even if it meant sliding or falling off. I only had to do it once and since no one would be watching it didn’t matter if it was inelegant. Perhaps the main problem was holding the reins in my mouth the whole time; the leather got soaked in my saliva.
I talked to Tammy that evening. Her mother had a bad cold or possibly influenza. She was in bed and Tammy was nursing her. Tammy said she would stay a few days, and might come back on Tuesday if her mothers’ condition improved. I said that would be fine, I could stay the whole week if necessary.
During the night I thought about my ride. The practice walk had been almost too easy. I wanted to make things a little more exciting for myself. I considered various things I might do, but most seemed too dangerous. I finally decided to make a small attachment to the saddle.
On Sunday morning I cut up an old pair of my jeans to make long strips of cloth. I covered the top of the saddle with plastic, to protect the leather from my juices. I cut a hole in the longest strip of cloth, poked a phallus through it and wrapped it around the saddle. The phallus had a small flange at the bottom so the cloth effectively held it in place although it was a bit wobbly. I used more strips from my jeans to stabilize it and sewed the ends together. When I had finished I had a saddle partially covered in cloth with a realistic-looking penis sticking up in the center.
A small attachment to the saddle
* * *
It is now half past two on Sunday afternoon, time to get going. I undress in my bedroom and lay my clothes neatly on the bed. Picking up my shiny steel collar I close it around my neck and padlock it at the back. Two silver chains are connected to a ring at the front. I lift my breasts and clip the ends of these chains to my nipple rings. I persuade myself that this will help support my breasts.
I pick up my waist chain, wrap it around my waist and padlock it at the back, threading the hasp through the link of a pair of Darby style handcuffs. With my hands secured in these handcuffs it should a little harder to balance than it was yesterday, but yesterday was too easy.
These preparations make me excited, but also apprehensive. I consider backing out, but realize that if I don’t go through with it I will spend the rest of my life regretting not doing it. I have analyzed the dangers and persuaded myself that I would survive the worst, which would be falling off the horse. If this happens there are three possibilities. The first is that I will not be seriously hurt. I will stand up and grab the reins with either my teeth or my hands and walk back to the stables leading Summer. The second is that I will be hurt and unable to walk. In this case I will use my cell phone to call for help. I have entered Tammy’s phone number in the fast dial numbers so I can easily call her even with my hands handcuffed behind my back. I suppose that if I break both my arms it might not be possible, but this seems highly improbable, and even if I do it will mean that my legs will most likely be uninjured so that I can walk back. The third possibility, and one with the greatest potential danger, is that one of my feet will get trapped in a stirrup as I fall. But since I will be barefoot, I don’t think this is really possible; my feet will easily slip out of the stirrups.
One minor problem is how to carry my cell phone. I don’t have any pockets to put it in, and I can’t attach it to the saddle since I will need it if I have a serious fall. I decide to carry it in my hands since they won’t be holding anything else.
I walk downstairs, pick up some plastic wrap from the kitchen and open the front door a crack. I nervously peer out. I am sure no one is around, but nevertheless I feel apprehensive. Seeing that the farmyard is deserted, I open the door and step out. The air is cool, but the sun feels warm on my bare skin. I haven’t put any cream or protection on, most of the time I will be under the trees so I shouldn’t get sunburned, and it is early enough in the year that insects should not be too bothersome.
I begin to walk across to the stables. I feel so strange; I can’t remember ever being outside nude like this before. I feel the bare dirt and grass under my feet, the chains tugging on my nipples, and the handcuffs at my back, reminders of what is to come. I can’t help looking around to check that no one is spying on me. I reach the stable and enter its dark interior. As my eyes adjust to the darkness I make my way to Summer’s stall. He looks at me, and I wonder what he is thinking. He has probably never seen a nude woman before. I wonder if he thinks my collar and nipple chains are some kind of harness.
As I put the harness and saddle on him, I wonder what it would be like to be harnessed in this way: confined by leather straps, an uncomfortable metal bit in my mouth, at the mercy of someone else, having to obey their every command instantly without thinking of the consequences, to carry them or pull them in a carriage, to be afraid of the lash, and to be wholly dependent on them for food and water. I feel I might like to try it some day, but I would have to be very sure of the person in control.
I wind the plastic wrap around the middle of the reins, I don’t want it getting soggy like yesterday, then lead Summer outside. I mount him. I feel so strange to be sitting nude on a horse. The phallus is upright between my thighs and nudges the front of my pussy. I am wet with excitement. Standing in the stirrups I direct the phallus into my vagina and slowly sink down on it. It is a large one since I don’t want it slipping out of me too easily. It fills me and I wonder if I should have chosen a smaller one. Experimentally I move my pelvis. Wow, I feel so sexy! I fantasize that I am Lady Godiva. I am nude as she was, but unlike her I am impaled, not that anyone could tell even were they looking closely.
I click my tongue and tap Summer’s flanks with my heels and he begins to walk. Oh god it feels so sexy; the rocking motion of Summer’s walk makes it seem like I am being fucked. I think I am going to have an orgasm even before I reach the trees. I really want to be in bondage for this orgasm so I quickly put the reins in my mouth, my teeth clamping down on the plastic, and reach behind me to handcuff my wrists. Click, pass the cell phone to the other hand, click, it is done. I am trapped in a dangerous position, but I don’t care; I am high with excitement.
Summer continues to walk and now I am helpless to do anything about the penis that moves within me at each step.
I come, oh god it is wonderful! I try to respond to the penis now fucking me into an even higher state and move my hips. I want to cry out, but know I have to keep the reins in my mouth and merely make little moans. I am over the edge, I am in ecstasy.
I am in ecstasy
Suddenly Summer’s motion changes; he begins to trot. He has interpreted the motion of my pelvis and the tensing of my legs as indicating that I want him to go faster. Oh god, I am going to fall off! And the fucking has becomes a lot more intense; the choppy gait is driving the phallus deep into me at each step. What can I do? I am hardly in control of myself.
I struggle to keep my balance but the handcuffs locked to the back of my waist chain allow my arms almost no motion. Somehow I manage to stay on and lean back. The penis is jabbing into me; it is painful. But Summer slows to a walk and I am saved. I grip him with my knees and lean forwards.
My orgasm slowly dies, and I try to keep from spasming and flexing my legs. It is wonderful yet frightening.
I become aware that we have entered the trees and the sun is no longer hot on my naked body. The phallus is still twisting and sliding into me. I know I am going to have another orgasm. Oh god, this is too much. I can’t take it.
Another orgasm hits me, a fierce wave of uncontrollable passion spreads though me, but I must control it, I must. I cannot drop the reins, I cannot flex my legs. Oh god, please let me survive this.
I need to rest, I try pulling back on the reins but Summer does not stop, he thinks I just am just telling him to walk slower. I can’t pull all the way back, I fear I will lose my balance. I can’t get the penis out of me, I’m afraid that if I stand up in the stirrups I will fall completely off the horse.
Here comes another orgasm, my third. I hang on, trying neither to drop the reins nor excite Summer.
The orgasm passes. The penis is still moving within me, but gradually I feel I can control it. I try to enjoy the ride, to feel that I am accomplishing something, handcuffed on horseback and being slowly and deliciously fucked
I concentrate on the sensations assaulting my body, the motion of the horse, the tugging of the chains on my nipples as my breasts bounce, the flashes of hot sun through the branches, the steel gripping my wrists as I try to move my arms to keep my balance, the gentle breeze, but it is all dominated by the penis squirming and kneading my insides. The beautiful scenery passes almost unnoticed.
I feel I am slowly gaining control and decide to stand up in the stirrups, but only a little way. I dare not stand up all the way to let the penis out, I think I might fall.
The fucking sensation now that I am not sitting on the saddle is different, it is gentler but the strokes are longer. I try to enjoy it but it hurts my bare feet to stand in the stirrups and I feel I might lose my balance, so I slowly sink down onto the shaft.
I get two more orgasms and am thinking that I will be sore for weeks when a dog suddenly darts out from the side of the trail and barks at us.
The dog is almost at Summer’s feet. He rears up and I fall off backwards. It all happens so quickly I don’t realize what’s happening. The back of my head hits the ground then my shoulders and arms. I don’t lose consciousness, but I am stunned. I hear Summer galloping away.
As the sound of Summer’s hooves fades I open my eyes and see the dog standing close to me. He has stopped barking but is sniffing, perhaps he can smell my love juices. Although the dog’s tail is not wagging, I don’t feel afraid; he is a small dog, some kind of terrier.
But suddenly I am afraid. Someone is calling for the dog in the distance, a male voice, and whistling for him. The sounds appear to be getting closer. I am terrified of being discovered, not only do I feel embarrassed to be seen nude and in bondage, but I fear that whoever it is might take advantage of my helpless state. The dog looks at me as if he is reluctant to leave, but then turns and runs towards the sound of his master’s voice. I roll over, trying to get off the trail as quickly as I can and conceal myself in the taller weeds at the edge.
I reach the undergrowth just before a man breaks cover onto the trail. I lie still and fearfully watch him through the weeds and small bushes. He is carrying a gun over his shoulder, and is dressed in a dirty looking jacket with a cap on his head. I wonder what he is doing here, he is clearly trespassing, and if he were hunting shouldn’t he be wearing orange or some bright color clothing?
He looks in the direction that I was riding then turns and looks back towards me. I freeze and stop breathing. I am certain he will spot me. I am lying on my right side and wish I could flatten myself into the ground, but I dare not move a muscle. I wish I could stop my heart which seems to be thumping too loudly. From what I can see of him through the weeds he is unshaven but is not as old as I first thought him to be. I begin to panic, fearing that he must spot me. How can I explain my condition? Running away does not seem to be an option, he looks too athletic and I don’t think I could run fast with my arms pinioned behind me.
Fortunately he appears not to notice me. He turns and begins to walk away down the trail away from me and in the direction that Summer fled.
I slowly relax and begin to breathe. I check myself out as much as I am able. My head and right shoulder hurt, as does my back where I landed on the handcuffs, but nothing appears to be broken or sprained. Things are sticking into me but I dare not move. After the man is out of sight I wait a few minutes then struggle to my feet. I wonder if I should go after Summer, but realize I have no way to catch him handcuffed as I am, and I need to avoid the stranger.
A thorn is sticking into my left thigh. I bend down to try to reach in with my mouth, but cannot. I begin to walk back to the barn in the direction from which I came.
After a few steps I realize I am no longer holding my cell phone. I retrace my steps to look for it and quickly spot it lying among the weeds. I lie down to pick it up. As I fight my handcuffs searching for it behind my back, my right wrist hurts; I must have bruised it in the fall. I find the phone and once more struggle to my feet.
I walk slowly back to the stables, slowly since I am not used to walking barefoot. Fortunately the trail is mostly grassy with not too many stones.
As I walk I become more and more worried. I have lost Summer, god knows where he is, he could have run off anywhere. I can imagine a neighboring farmer or a policeman knocking at the door tomorrow and saying, “Ma’am, we found your horse wandering. He has, ahem, a most unusual attachment to the saddle. I wonder if you could explain what it’s for?”
I would die of embarrassment, what would Tammy think? Maybe I can go looking for Summer once I have these handcuffs off and get dressed. But on foot? It will take days to search the ranch on foot. And I dare not ride Lightning, he might be too difficult for me and Tammy specifically warned me not to. I curse myself for my stupidity in doing this adventure and once again resolve to give up self-bondage.
It’s a long walk, I had not realized how far I had ridden, but then my mind was preoccupied with other things. My legs are getting scratched and the soles of my feet are getting sore. I concentrate on where I am placing my feet and try not to think about the future. A small fly seems determined to settle on my face. Shaking my head causes it to take flight a couple of times, but then proves ineffective. Wishing I had longer hair, I try to ignore it.
One thing I am grateful for, I had decided on minimal bondage. At one point I had considered chaining my ankles to my waist chain to prevent me standing up in the stirrups to free myself from the penis. Had I done that this walk back to the stables would have been a major pain. I have never fallen off a horse before and hadn’t thought it likely this time. The main reason why I didn’t chain my ankles this way was that I thought it would make the final dismount too difficult.
My thoughts return to the man with the dog. What was he doing? Why was he carrying a gun? I am not a hunter and am not sure about these things, but don’t think it is hunting season. I have not heard any gunshots so he hasn’t used it.
I reach the end of the trail and see the stables. The door is open. Did I leave it open? I don’t remember, perhaps in my eagerness to do the bondage ride I forgot to close it. Perhaps Lightning has got out and now I have lost both horses. Perhaps the stranger found Summer and is now waiting in the stable for me to return. I stop, uncertain what to do. I can’t get into the house, it is locked and the keys are in the barn. There is nothing for it; I have to enter the barn and accept whatever fate has in store for me.
I walk slowly towards the stables. I am really worried; despair pulls my heart down to my toes. I feel terrible; I think the most likely scenario is that both horses are missing. What will I tell Tammy? How will I explain the phallus when Summer is found?
I reach the open door and peer in. I hear noises. Good, at least Lightning is in there. I venture inside and as I move along the stalls I find a most unexpected sight; Summer is in his stall. He has found his own way home! Both horses are safe. A wonderful feeling of relief floods through me.
I quickly retrieve the handcuff keys from the hook where I left them and release my hands. I tend to Summer, still in my nude and battered state, then limp across to the house to release the rest of my bonds and tend to my injuries.
Later, during my evening conversation with Tammy, I conceal what I have done, but mention that I saw a strange man with a gun on the trail.
“Oh that would be Sanford from the next farm. He’s nice. You should meet him some time; I think you’ll like him.”
At night as I lie awake in bed thinking over the day’s events, I wonder what would have happened if he had found me. Would he have raped me? Unlikely, although it seemed like a real possibility at the time. Would he have been turned on by my nude and bound state? Probably. Would we have become lovers and enjoyed a blissful and romantic bondage love affair? Possibly, but probably not. Unfortunately one cannot go down all the possible roads in life, one just has to take one’s best shot and hope that it turns out well.
Anyway, there’s always tomorrow.
* * * * *

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