Diaper Dash
By: Sascha



Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

Today in the afternoon I browsed on the bound anna website and after a while I was really in the mood to tie myself up. So I started with my setup, at about 3:30pm. My release mechanism was selected quickly: in my master bedroom there are many closet doors in a height of approx. 2 meters with handles in a D-Form. They can be perfectly used as "rings". I pulled a cord through two of them. On the one end I fixed the keys to my handcuffs together with a weight and on the other hand I fixed the small satin bag where I normally store my vibrator in. The bag should later been filled with ice cubes. I tested if the weight was heavy enough to pull the bag through the D-Ring of the closet door and was satisfied.
Next I prepared my backup release. My maid was scheduled to come the next day but I didn't want to risk she would find me and one day is also quite some time. So I decided to store the spare key of my handcuffs in my utility room. This room is actually outside of my house with a door to the kitchen. But if I go in and out the room I can be seen almost inevitable by every one on the street and by my neighbors since the room has huge windows with no curtains. Therefore it would be very embarrassing for me if I had to make use of my fallback release. Additionally I put an alarm to 6pm, a time when it should be dark enough to go into the utility room (just in case) with a lower risk of being seen.
Now I drank about one liter of water as a precautious measure, as the place I live in is quite warm (approx. 28°C) and I expected to be tied up for several hours. Mom always told me to drink enough in warm places :-) ... but of course this means I would surely need to pee during my self-bondage. Therefore I decided to put on a very absorbable overnight diaper. While applying diaper cream to my crotch area I thought about also using me new butt-plug which is quite big, but I'm not yet very used to it, so I didn't insert it. I taped the diaper around my waist and then put on my diaper cover plastic pants. These are plastic pants you wear over the diaper to avoid leakage, but those pants of mine have a chain integrated in the waist band which can be locked in the front with a padlock to avoid that you can pull off the diapers. Very effective! I attached the chain of the handcuffs to the padlock and locked the chain of the plastic pants tightly around my waist. Then padlock was kind of stiff - seems like it is a bit rusty since I recently washed the plastic pants without removing the chain and padlock. But after some attempts I finally made it to lock it. Then I pulled the two sweatbands I usually use for workout in the gym over my wrists to prevent the metal of the handcuffs cutting into my wrists later on.
Due to the warm temperatures I expected the ice to melt fast, so I decided to put 6 big ice cubes in the satin bag. Once they are melted, the bag would slide through the D-Ring of the closet door and the weight with the keys to my handcuffs would lower down, coming into reach for release. I took my blindfold, placed it on my eyes and adjusted the strap behind my head. This blindfold has big patched over the eyes and I could really see nothing anymore. Next I took my gag harness which has an egg-shaped plastic ball and put the ball in my mouth, then adjusting the two straps that go around my head from side to side, the chin strap and finally the strap that goes from each side of the plastic ball over my eyes to the back of my head, holding the blindfold securely in place. Now it was time for the final act: I locked my left hand in the one side of the handcuffs attached to the waist chain, making sure the lock pointed towards my fingers. I took a deep breath and then did the same with my right hand, closing both handcuffs securely over the sweatbands and activating the double-lock to prevent them to tighten accidentally. I leaned back on my bed and enjoyed the feeling of being bound, blindfolded and gagged in a diaper locked securely in place.
It didn't take long till I felt the urge to pee. I tried to hold it back for a while but the pressure grew too strong and finally I relieved myself into the diaper. The feeling of the pee entering the diaper and making it feel warm was so exciting and I was so aroused that I could not resist any longer. I turned over onto my stomach and rubbed my crotch through the diaper. It took only a few seconds until I climaxed hard, shouting my pleasure into the ball gag. After catching some breath - which was not that easy with the gag in my mouth - I rolled on the side and drifted away.
I have no idea how long I was drowsing. I woke up from some sound on the street. I got up and made my way to the place where the key was handing from above. It still was out of reach, I could touch the weight with my head but no way to grab it with my hands being fixed to the waistband of the plastic pants. My mouth was very dry and my chin started to hurt badly from the ball gag. I desperately tried to get the key, but no chance. Finally I gave up and walked back into the direction where my bed was, still bound, gagged and blindfolded. When I reached my bed I needed to pee again, really badly. So I stopped standing in front of my bed, and relaxed my bladder muscles, feeling the warm water filling my already soaked diaper to the rim. I laid down on my bed and could feel the diaper leaking a little bit at the right leg, but the plastic pants did their job and kept my bed nice and dry. I was getting very aroused again and once again rubbed my crotch through the diaper and plastic pants, making me climax after a short while.
Lying there in the post orgasmic afterglow I heard the alarm of my cell phone, telling me it is 6pm now. But still the key did not drop. I started to wonder - at these temperatures the ice should be melted already since some time. Did I do something wrong? I had tested the release mechanism several times. But I did not test it with the satin bag being wet. Was this the reason that the key was still out of reach???
Finally I head an idea: I recalled that the curtains on the windows in the stairway and living room are closed, so I went downstairs to the living room table where my door keys are located. Nobody could see me that way. It was a hard piece of work going down 3 stairs without seeing anything, but I found them. I went up to my bedroom again and after some attempts I made it out to open the lock of the closet where the keys to the padlock of my diaper plastic pants are in. I found the key and tried to unlock the padlock. The lock was very stiff and I started to slightly panic that I would not manage to open it - but in the end I made it to unlock it. Now my hands were still cuffed but the handcuffs were not secured to the waistband anymore. I was even able to remove the gag and the blindfold. Now I saw the key still hanging in place, and a little bit of ice still in the satin bag. I simply underestimated the duration it would take to melt!!! And I almost disgraced myself using the initially planned backup release.
I unlocked the handcuffs and removed the sweatbands. To some extend I started to be disappointed that I did not rely on my release and - more than everything else - I missed out one escape path. Everything would have worked out fine, I thought, if only you were more relaxed. So I decided to add a little punishment for me: I should stay in the very soaked diaper for another hour and a half! I grabbed the padlock and attached it to the waist chain of my plastic pants. I tried to close the padlock - but it didn't work. I tried several times, pushing really hard - no result. I tried to turn the key again in the opening position, but the key did not move at all anymore!!! Obviously the padlock was more than just a bit rusty. What a great luck this did not happen earlier when the padlock still kept the plastic pants in place!!! I would not even have any tools to break the very solid chain!
For my next self-bondage session I will change a few things:
(1) the alarm was too early, it was not dark yet outside - it would have been very embarrassing if I had to go into the utility room
(2) I have to put the door keys somewhere out of reach...
(3) I need to buy a new padlock - no rusty padlocks again! :-)
Play safe! :-)
P.S.: I would be happy about any feedback. Email: 1429551@gmx.de

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