Caught in a Hogtie
By: Love2bind

Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

A bit of background on me other then the fact I love bondage either tying someone up or myself. I have found out at times I can tie myself better than others can which is a drag, but also even when tying myself no matter how hard I try I can at times escape my own hands too easily or too soon. This is not the case for the last tie I had tried. I own a home remodelling company and do work for many people and few if any knew my perverted tastes. For this particular job the home owner was out of state for the summer and would not be home anytime soon and I was the only one with the key to the house. I had placed a lock box on the door as real estate agents do so that the key would not get lost while working on the house. This also served a useful purpose for a safety to get in and still have the door locked to others.

I set it up where a woman I had known for a relatively short amount of time would come and check on me at a set time. She is a switch but I think she is more sub because when it comes to being a Domme she does not fair all too well and is inexperienced. Not to say there is an issue with that after all we all have to have a beginning.

My prep was to take a small plastic bottle of drinking water and put my key inside that. I used about 10 ounces of water in a 16oz bottle. Key was frozen at center of bottle with a few large metal washers on string. String was knotted to possibly help it stay in ice longer. In a similar bottle I took an identical non-working key and did the same. These bottles were hung at opposite ends on a ceiling fan at the ends of the blades. Oh and the fan was spinning on low speed. Now it was time to get to work and tie myself.

I took rope and tied my ankles to begin with wrapping the rope in one direction. I then took a pair of metal handcuffs and placed them in the center of a rope and used that rope to cinch ankles together so when tied cuffs would be at the back of my ankles. I then tied my legs above and below my knees. Next came the foam ear plugs followed by a butt plug. This was not easy getting in as I had no activity there in quite a long time. I then placed a leather belt around my waist to keep my arms close to my body. Belt was loose enough to slip them in but not any room where they could move once both under the belt. As well I had a very tight cock ring on that would prevent me from cumming.

Once I made sure everything was set I took some duct tape wrapped my ankles so I could not attempt to loosen my ankles and escape. I had already prepared a note for my safety saying if caught please make sure I suffer and take the rope tied from my head to my ankles and make it already tighter then it is - arching me even more. I left her a camera and strap on. Nice guy that I am you could say.

Last but not least I took my blindfold placed it on my eyes and then pulled on the full head harness gag. I thought the gag portion was too small and not filling enough so I wrapped it in black electrical tape over and over until it was large enough to make me strain. On my gag harness there are about 5 straps that go all over my head to make it tight. I had broken the locking mechanism in the past so I used zip ties to fix it thus making it unable to unbuckle. Three are set in place the last two I can adjust. However if you are not familiar with my gag you would wonder why the hell it won't unlock. With that on I took the rope from the top of it and tied it to my ankles then brought it back to the top out of reach from my hands.

I then simply placed hands under waist belts and had leather cuffs on each wrist and used the metal cuffs attach to my ankles to lock them on. I was now officially seriously hogtied. Every now and then I could feel water drip on my from the ice spinning above. With earplugs I thought it might be hard to know when it fell or where it fell. I quickly lost track of where I was in a 12 x 15 bedroom with no furniture.

Then I heard the key fall with a crash due to the washers, which was the whole purpose. I tried to remember where I heard them hit and work my way there. Moving was a bitch and a very slow process. I lost track very easily if I was moving straight or to the side. In no time at all I had no idea where the key had landed and no matter how hard I tried I knew I was not going to find the key. I laid in bondage struggling and suffering to no avail. Then the door opened. I was happy I would soon be let free.
She walked in and seen the note I had wrote but had quickly forgotten about. I tried to talk but the gag was more than effective. I tried like hell to push it out and speak but was beaten by the gag. She tried to understand what I said but could not and that made it very frustrating. Next thing I knew she was taking the rope on my head and pulling it tighter. SHIT! I forgot all about that and now it was the last thing I wanted. I tried to tell her no but it did not work. I found out later she had picked up my digital camera and taken a few snap shots of me.

After a while, I have no idea how long, she released me from my hogtie, but not from my gag or restraints. I was led down two flights of stairs and taken to the basement where I had set up some hooks in the ceiling and floor near a table. I was bent over the table and this is where she took me with the strap on. Unfortunately for me she did not use it long or even push me. I think the most painful part about it was when she just yanked the plug out of my ass. Other than that it was short lived and easy to tolerate. Maybe the next woman won't be so gentle. I was then released to clean up.
Thoughts comments? If you were a woman (not into men) and caught me what would you do?

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