Anna and the key

Warning! This story might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

Anna and the Key.
Copyright 2004 Bound Anna.

'Will she never leave?' Anna said quietly laying in her bed waiting for her mother to leave for work. She was planning something special for that day. Her package from BDSM Toybox had arrived the day before and she could not wait to try her new toys. She had not even opened the cardboard box yet.

"Finally!" She thought when she heard the door slam shut. "She is gone for the day, lets get started." Anna got up from bed, took the package from its hiding place and started opening it. It took quite some time to get off all the layers of tape on the box but finally she could open it.

She opened the box slowly and was greeted by the smell of leather. "Wow, there it is!" she thought when she picked up the ballgag harness. She quickly tried it on, tightening the leather straps around her head. There was absolutely no way she would be able to push the ball out of her mouth without releasing the strap behind her head. "Great," she thought, "lets see what else is in there." She removed the next item from the box. This was a pair of clover nipple clamps. She admired them for a while and then tried them on. The clamps felt much too severe for her sensitive nipples even before they had any weights attached. She removed them again and picked up the last two items, a pair of leather handcuffs. "All there, all perfect," she thought.

Still wearing the gag, she prepared the day. She took care of her toilet needs, locked the door and drank two liters of water. She had to remove the gag for this but she put it back as soon as she had swallowed the last of the water making sure to tighten the straps as much as possible. 'No way that is coming off,' she mumbled behind her gag. She took her package of ice and key from the freezer and hung it from the ceiling of the bathroom. She then went back to her bedroom and got the other toys from the box and her old toys from there hiding place in the closet. She carried them all to the bathroom and left them on the floor.

She locked the bathroom door and started to prepare. She separated the handcuffs and locked one on each wrist with padlocks, making sure they could not be removed without the keys. She then took her ankle cuffs and locked her ankles together, effectively hobbling her. She continued by adding a piece of tape to each of her knees, the tape was sprinkled with rice on the inside. Satisfied that the tape would not fall of, she continued to tie a string to the door handle. The other end of the string was tied to her new shiny nipple clamps. She made sure that there would be no slack in the string once the clamps were applied on the still unsuspecting victims. She took one last look around, making sure that everything was in place. The ice containing the key to her handcuffs and the key to the bathroom door was hanging high above her head. No way she would be able to reach them. Nothing else was within reach either. She took the last two toys from her toybox and threw the empty box across the room. She lubricated the first vibrator between her legs, turned it on and pushed it up into her rear passage. She inserted the other vibrator into her vagina and turned it on. The vibrators would be held in place by the panties she was wearing. She then sat down on her knees and applied the nipple clamps to her nipples. Lastly, she reached behind her back and quickly locked the handcuffs to her ankle cuffs. She was trapped.

She quickly regretted the decision of adding the rice tape to her knees. No matter how she moved, there was always a grain of rice somewhere that would bite into her sensitive knees. Making matter worse, each time she moved, the nipple clamps would strain on the string, pulling on her nipples. However, the presence of the vibrators was a more than welcome distraction, slowly driving her closer and closer to the brink of orgasm.

She finally reached her first orgasm and was punished dearly by the tape and the clamps for the movements it caused. To make things worse, the ice dropped ice-cold water on her as it melted. Anna was in self-bondage heaven, rocking back and fourth on the bathroom floor. Immense pleasure mixed with mild pain.

Suddenly she realized that she had to pee. "No, not yet," she thought. "No way I could reach the toilet from here now." She managed to battle the need to pee until the next orgasm. When her muscles started to contract, her bladder burst out. The urine quickly soaked her panties and flowed down her thighs forming a small yellow pool on the floor. The humiliation of the situation quickly caused another great orgasm.

By this time Anna was beginning to really worry about her situation. Will that darn ice never melt? What time is it? And when will my mother return from work? Humiliation was a real turn on for Anna but she preferred to humiliate herself in private. "Mother must never see me like this," she thought, "She would send me to a mental institution."

Suddenly she started to hear things; people moving around in the apartment house, people walking in the staircase and other noises. Any of them could be her mother arriving home from work.

She searched behind her back for the key but no key was hanging there. She tried to turn her head to look behind but the nipple clamps prevented her from turning very much. Suddenly one of the nipple clamps was pulled of her sensitive nipple. Anna screamed out in agony behind her gag and the rest of the urine flowed freely in her panties. Tears rolled down her cheeks; Anna was really regretting this days adventure.

As she sat there sobbing quietly she suddenly heard a noise. It was the key falling down. It should now be hanging within reach. She carefully tried to move her hands close enough to reach it. Impossible, the key was hanging just out of reach. She had used a too short string for the suspension of the key. Anna really started to panic now. 'Okay, calm down,' she said to her self behind the gag. 'There must be some way out of this.' She could feel the key but she could not reach it. She thought that she might be able to reach it if she could get up on her knees and lift her feet off the floor. She decided that this was her only possibility if she wanted to get loose by herself. She carefully tried to gain the millimeters needed by balancing on her knees. "Just a little bit more, a little bit more..." she encouraged herself. Suddenly she lost her balance and went crashing down on the floor. The pain when the second nipple clamp was pulled off violently was extreme and to make matters worse, her face landed right into her sea of urine. For several seconds she lay on the floor screaming.

"I almost had it," she thought. "Shit, shit, shit! I'm in real trouble now." Then she realized that she was holding on to something. It felt just like the key! She must have grabbed it just before she fell. Tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks when she finally managed to unlock her hands and free herself.

June 2004


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