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There are several different types of gags, some of the most used are ball gags, penis gags, ring gags and balloon gags. The following text is about the effects on breathing safety of different gags in the event that the nose should be blocked by any reason.
Ball gags are quite safe since you can often breath around the ball if it is not to big. Choosing the right ball size for your mouth is important to improve safety. Drool gags are even safer since the ball is perforated by several holes.

Penis gags are quite unsafe since they normally stops you completely from breathing through your mouth. The danger grows with the size and length of the penis. Selecting the right size is important to improve safety. Some penis gags are equipped with a hole for breathing, making it much safer.
Ring gags are very safe since they do not stop you from breathing at all.
Balloon gags are extremely dangerous since they are inflated to totally fill your mouth. This stops all chances of breathing through your mouth. This type of gag should never be used without supervision.

Another big danger is the risk of developing sickness and having the need to throw up while being gagged. Sickness can come suddenly without any prior warning. Be specially careful if your gag reflex are very sensitive.
The only safe gag to wear if the worst happens is a ring gag. Throwing up while wearing a ring gag will allow the substance to exit your mouth through the mouth unhindered. The other types of gags mentioned above will most certainly block the mouth so that the substances will fill your nose and air pipes. This will lead to death trough suffocation.
Naturally, if you are feeling sick prior to a selfbondage session, do not use a gag or cancel the session completely.
This text is not intended to scare anyone from using gags during selfbondage or bondage. All activities are dangerous and the first step to avoid the risks are to know about them.

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