Selfbondage safety

Selfbondage is naturally very dangerous. Not only can your scenario derail causing you big problems and big dangers, external circumstances can also interfere. No matter how experienced you are and how good you are planing there are no guarantees. Each time you click close that padlock, you take a big risk. The risk level increases a loot if you use some breathing interfering device like a gag or a hood. These things are great toys but can quickly turn into something life threatening. When something goes wrong, it can go wrong fast. And in selfbondage there are no one there to help you, to save your life.
This text is not meant to scare anyone away from selfbondage activities, just give some thoughts.
Everything in life is dangerous. People smoke, drive cars and eat fat food. All those things kills a loot of people each day. Death from selfbondage is rare but not rare enough.

Selfbondage Safety

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