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Dangerous Restraints

The texts below are part of two emails I recieved recently.

I was in bondage with my wrists handcuffed together and held over my head by a ceiling chain padlocked to the center link of the three-link chain that connected the two cuffs. I had double locked the cuffs to prevent any accidental tightening around my wrists.
When the ice timer released the key I first tried to unlock the left cuff, but it wouldn't open. I tried a few times, then unlocked my right wrist with no problem. I then tried again to unlock the left cuff but it still wouldn't unlock! These were high-quality police handcuffs which I have had for some time and they had always worked perfectly. They were the double-locking kind and to unlock them you first had to turn the key one way and then the other. But when I did that the left cuff did not release. I turned the key as hard as I could many many times in both directions, but it would not open. I could not believe it.
I could feel panic beginning to set in. My backup was another key, due to fall in another half-hour, but that would do no good since the lock was jammed. I would be trapped for at least 24 hours until my boyfriend found me, and the last thing I wanted was for him to find me in the state I was in. I tried to calm myself and think what else I could do. The rest of my bondage was locked on, and the keys to that were out of reach. I was stuck in place with my left arm held high. There seemed to be nothing I could do. I couldn't bend down and couldn't reach anything with my right hand. The ceiling chain was fixed to a very strong eyebolt, there was no way to pull it free. I was really stuck.
I was feeling sorry for myself when a strong orgasm overcame me.
When it was over, I tried to think what else I might do. Suddenly I thought the only thing I could do differently was to use the end of the key to press the pin in to double lock the left cuff again. Perhaps if I did that I would reset the mechanism and allow it to unlock. I pressed the pin in to double lock the cuff once more. When I tried to unlock the cuff it opened on the first try with no problem! Great feelings of relief flooded through me as I lowered my tired left arm
When I had fully released myself, I tested the handcuffs. They worked perfectly. But I was not prepared to take any more chances. I threw the handcuffs away.
I think this advice should be added to your safety tips. If any piece of your bondage equipment gives any sign or hint of not working perfectly, THROW IT AWAY. Don't ever use it again; life is too precious to be ended by an equipment failure.
Hoping that this advice might save one of our readers.

Follow up:
What I should have done, I realized afterwards, is added the key to the padlock holding the handcuffs to the ceiling chain to the ice timer. Then at least I would have been able to lower my arm. But I don't know how I would have removed a permanently jammed cuff from my wrist.
I will try to more careful in the future.

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