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The Joy of Extreme Bondage
Copyright SusanSub January 2013

Bind me quickly dearest Master;
use both rope and chain.
Make the bondage most severe,
I love to feel the pain.
Lace the corset tighter, Master,
make me gasp for breath.
Squeeze my waist and crush my ribs
until I fear for death.
Click the handcuffs firmly, Master,
close them all the way.
Make me feel the pinch of steel
I cannot disobey.
Push the gag in deeper, Master,
make it touch my throat.
Force my jaw to open wide,
all hope of speech remote.
Lace the helmet tighter, Master,
tie it extra tight.
Block my ears, constrict my nose,
deprive me of my sight.
Two tiny holes beneath my nose
are all I have to breathe,
and though my chest will strain and heave
please grant me no reprieve.
Multiply my torment, Master,
make me suffer more.
Strain my joints, restrain my limbs,
I am your bondage whore.
Force my elbows closer, Master,
make them come together.
Bind them truly tight with rope,
encase them both in leather.
Squeeze my nipples harder, Master,
make them really sting.
Screw the clamps on even tighter,
hang some weights to swing.
Fit more toes with rings, my Master,
close around each joint.
Lace my feet in ballet boots
and make me walk en pointe.
Tie my ankles closer, Master,
pull them to my head.
Bend me like an archer’s bow
and lay me on the bed.
Shove the plug in deeper, Master,
stretch my ass out wide.
Run the jumbo dildo faster,
force its bulk inside.
Cinch and slap my breasts, dear Master,
play me like a drum.
Beat my bum and tap my clit,
compel your cunt to cum.
SusanSub January 2013

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