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Open Your Mind
By Kronopticon

This is a poem for all those who havent succumb to their desire for bondage.

I am tied to my thoughts,
As i lay in my bed,
Bonded to silence,
But its all in my head.
And that's where it stays,
As it should, as it would,
I'd live it out really,
If i really could.
Handcuffs and whipping,
Ropes and butt-plugs,
Come hit me so hard,
You sexiest thugs.
I'll crave it in earnest,
I'll tie myself up,
I'll ball-gag myself,
So that I'll just shut up.
The waiting is torture,
But the ropes conquer me,
And maybe i don't want,
to ever be free.
I'm wishing my play was,
Held with another,
I'm desperate for someone,
A significant other.
Do what you want to me,
While i stay in chains,
I'm just happy to be there,
My bubble in my brains.

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