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Bondage Boons
Copyright SusanSub January 2014

Bondage Boons
January 2014
I thank the chains and cuffs of steel
that bound me tight in cruel ordeal,
because I more appreciate
the freedom of my normal state.
I thank the hood that dimmed my sight
and made my day as black as night,
for now I truly comprehend
that visual wonders have no end.
I thank the gag that filled my maw
and stretched the limits of my jaw,
for now I have improved ability
to use my mouth with great facility.
I thank the band around my neck
that held my head in rigid check,
for now I treasure looking round
to spot the source of every sound.
I thank the rings that piece my nips
that first gave pain as bondage clips,
but healed, they have enriched effects;
their tugs and twists arouse my sex.
I thank the metal cuffs that bent
my arms behind in cruel torment,
for now I value more each day
what they can do in work or play.
I thank the bones that crushed my chest
and made each breath a mighty test,
for now unlaced have smaller waist,
and like a wasp when corset cased.
I thank the ropes that bent my knees
to hold a hogtie’s horrid squeeze,
for now it gives more joy to stride,
an exercise so long denied.
I thank the bondage of my holes;
the pegs and plugs and penis poles
that moved and churned to give me spasms
and bore me multiple orgasms.
I thank the bondage so complete
it stopped me moving hands or feet,
for it has soothed my troubled brain
and left me peaceful once again.
I thank my hours in bondaged state
that gave me time to meditate;
to think of things that I have done
and ponder plans not yet begun.
I’m glad that I have often been
confined in bondage most extreme,
for it has taught me more about
myself than I could learn without.
I pity those who’ve never been
imprisoned in a bondage scene,
for they have never crossed the chasms
that generate the best orgasms.
SusanSub January 2014

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