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Thoughts of Selfbondage as meditation
by anonymous
I recieved this story in an email and thought I would add it to the site here. It captures my personal feelings for selfbondage in a very good way. /Anna

"I have been into bondage as far as I can remember, I suppose the catalyst was from when I was around 13 when my best friend and I tied each other up, not even sure why we did this at the time, but it really was a defining moment in my childhood and has helped to shape me into who I am. I'm not really sure what it is about being restrained that i enjoy, i guess part of it is the helplessness, the sense that you can rely only on yourself or luck to release yourself, part of it is the danger and part of it is just the shear joy of being restricted and the sense of freedom this brings: being bound you are the master of control, you are restricted, but free, free to explore your body, your desires, and most importantly your own mind. It has come to the point now where self bondage has become more journey of self discovery (sensory deprivation helps^^) rather than a simple way of getting my rocks off.

After 14 years (im 27 now), bondage is more meditation than sexual gratification, it gives a peace and serenity that i have struggled to find anywhere else in my life, not quite Nirvana, but a close second, my advice for anyone who practices SB i would recommend one thing, the journey of each session is more than just sexual gratification, the prep, the struggle, the climax are all important, but the reflection afterwards, in the same position is rewarding too."
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