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Selfbondage stories and information:

Gromets Plaza The best sites for bondage and selfbondage stories. Free

Donna Donnaj A great retro selfbondage site. Free

Utopia Stories A great site with a loot of really great stories. Free

Bondage Adventures The home of Terri and Jennifer's
bondage adventures.

Like Ra The playground of Like Ra. Free

Yice Shinn BDSM Page Bondage, Selfbondage and Second Life. Free

Bondage Shopping:

Selfbondage, Bondage, Chastity and Fetish Shopping. US based - Worldwide shipping

Selfbondage, Bondage, Chastity and Fetish Shopping. GB based - Worldwide shipping

Bondage Photos:

Soft Bondage

Hard Bondage

Female domination:

Get Humiliated
Feminization and humiliation


One of the biggest producers of chastitybelts.

Belted Girls
Photogalleries of girls wearing chastitybelts.


Link to Bound Anna.
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