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Sissy Shopping Dare
By Katy-Jane

This is a dare for sissy males, perhaps those who serve a Mistress would like to
share it with her for her approval, or those not lucky enough to have a Mistress
to serve could use it as practice, to improve themselves for the day when they
are lucky enough to serve.

It's time to get excited sissy….. You're going shopping…..

You will need a shoulder bag with a luggage lock, so that you can lock it
closed. Leave the key to the lock at home, and the pad lock ready to snap
closed. This dare is in stages, and the further through it you get, the more
points you will earn. The dare is designed to be done in a big city, so that you
will not be meeting anyone you might know. If you do the dare in your home town,
you may add 100 bonus points, but be careful sweetie!!
One last thing, if at any time you pretend that one of the things you buy is for
a girlfriend, you must deduct 100 points from your total.
First you are to go to a town with a department store, and a lingerie shop.
1) Go to the lingerie shop. Choose a pair of women's panties, the frilliest most
feminine one's that you can find. Buy them, and go to the nearest male toilet,
and put them on.
Points 0 (all good sissies should be used to buying panties, and wearing them,
so no points can be earned for this)
2) Now the rest of the dare begins, the dare gets harder as you progress, but
the points get higher:
Go to a women's clothing shop, and buy a blouse that will fit you. This should
not be too difficult to find, and a large size should just about fit most men.
Points 20
3) Go back to the same lingerie store that you bought your panties from (if you
are lucky, the staff will recognise you), this time you are to buy a bra, and
garter belt (but no panties). Make sure they do not match the panties you bought
Points 50 (If you buy a bra which contrasts with your blouse, for example white
blouse, black bra, add 50 bonus points, as it will be more visible through your
blouse when you put it on later).
4) Now it is time to go to the department store. Go and buy some black
stockings, the style is up to you. Now go to the self-select make-up counter,
and choose some nail polish, remember you will be wearing it later, what colour
will you choose? How daring do you feel? You'd be surprise how few people will
notice, and also how many!
Points Bright Red 100, Pink 50, Clear 20
5) Now it is time to go and change. Go to the nearest toilet, and put on your
stockings, bra, and garter belt. Next put your male clothing back on, but
instead of a shirt, put on the blouse. (If the blouse does not fit at all, go
back to the shop and ask the staff to change it for a larger size, since it will
be obvious it is for you, you may claim 50 bonus points). Paint you nails with
the nail polish you bought. Finally, you may not put your socks back on, so your
stockings will be visible to anyone who notices your ankles (better walk
carefully)! Lock all your male clothing in the bag.
6) Now is the time to be brave if you want maximum points. Go to the department
store make up counter. When the sales assistant asks if she can help, tell her
you are looking for a foundation. No woman would rely on a man to buy her
foundation, as it has to be matched to the skin tone, so it will be obvious it
is for you. If you are very lucky, the staff will match it to your skin tone.
Points 250
Finally, you may make your way home, which you will have to do dressed as you
are, as your clothes are locked in the bag. Here are a few bonus point
opportunities, for the really daring:
Buy some perfume, and spray a little on while you are changing into your sissy
clothes Bonus 100
Once you are dressed, go into shoe shop, and buy the highest pair of heels you
can find Bonus 100

Points total:
Add up your points, and check how well you've done on the scale below:
0 to 100 Points - Not so good sweetie. Remember, a good sissy must enjoy her
100 to 200 Points - Good girl, you have tried hard, and should be pleased with
Over 200 Points - What a daring girl you are! Well done!
Submitted by Katy-Jane.

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