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Shopping Center Fun
By Anna

This dare will require you to do some shopping at a shopping center while wearing some special clothing. You will be given some mini tasks to make points during your shopping trip.
The idea is that you will arrive to the shopping center in some "normal" boring clothing and then change clothing in the toilet at the shopping center. The boring clothing should be locked into a bag with the only key waiting at home. You will then walk trough the shopping center, do some window shopping, look closer at things and possibly buy some things while wearing the new clothing.
Your clothing should consist of the following:
One pair of high heels. (The higher the better.)
One short miniskirt. (I mean SHORT.)
A shiny latex panty.
A bra and finally a top that matches the skirt.

Dressing points:
High heels.
You are given 5 points for every inch of your heels, starting at two inches. (Please note that platform shoes counts different. Example: A 6 inch platform shoe with a 3 inch platform only counts as a 3 inches heel.)
2 inches heel = 5 points
3 inches heel = 10 points
4 inches heel = 15 points
5 inches heel = 20 points
6 inches heel = 25 points
Another 15 points are awarded if the shoes are locked on with padlocks with the keys waiting at home.

Skirt length:
The length of the skirt should be as short as absolutely possible. It should just cover your but and panties when you stand straight and the skirt is pulled down maximally.
You are fined points for every extra CM skirt length that are used.
You will have to measure the length of the skirt yourself as truthfully as possible, do not cheat.
1 CM extra skirt = -5 points
2 CM extra skirt = -10 points
3 CM extra skirt = -20 points
4 CM extra skirt = -30 points
5 CM extra skirt = -50 points
Absolutely under no circumstances may the skirt be more than 5 CM longer than the absolute minimum.
Skirt material:
You are given extra points depending on the material of the skirt.
Shiny latex skirt in bright colours = 60 points
Latex skirt without shine or in boring colours = 45 points
Shiny PVC skirt in bright colours = 40 points
PVC skirt without shine or with boring colour = 15 points
Other shiny materials in bright colours = 20 points
Leather = 15 points
All other = 0 points
(If uncertain, send me a photo of you wearing the skirt and I will answer with the correct points.)

The points for the panty you wear is calculated according to the following:
Shiny latex panty in bright colours = 50
Dark colour shiny latex panty = 35
Latex panty without shine = 20
Shiny latex panty with built in large anal penis = 150
Shiny latex panty with built in small anal penis = 90
All other panties automatically disqualifies you for this dare.
(The penis must be integrated into the panty, no separate plugs are allowed.)

Shopping Center points:
Shop points:
You are given 1 point for every shop at the shopping center. The points are rounded down to whole 5 point units. Example 41 shops gives 40 points, 44 shops gives the same. 46 shops gives 45 points. You will have to visit the shops in order to receive the points. A maximum of 60 points can be made this way.
Time points:
You are given a half point for every minute that you spend just walking around the shopping center visiting different shops. A maximum of 100 points can be made this way.
Example: 10 minutes gives 5 points, 60 minutes gives 30 points, 200 minutes gives 100 points.
Escalator points:
Ride the escalator to a higher floor and make sure that everyone behind you can se your panty. This gives 50 you points. (There must be at least three other persons below you in the escalator.)
Shopping points:
Buy two bananas, one cucumber, one package of rubber gloves and one package of condoms with taste and use checkout line with young male clerk. This will give you 20 points.
Bend over point:
Drop something when you are paying for your groceries. Bend over to pick up the object and make sure that the skirt rides up so that your but and panties are exposed for everyone to se. This will give you 50 points.
(There must be at least three persons behind you when you bend over in order to give you the points.)

Each orgasm during the dare gives you a fine of -50 points.

Leaving the supermarket:
Going by buss or tram for at least 20 minutes when leaving the shopping center gives you 20 points.
Boarding the buss:
Making sure that the skirt rides up when you board the buss/tram so that everyone behind you can se your panties gives you 10 points per person behind you. Maximum 50 points.

This dare gives a maximum of 600 points.
Email me with your results, photos, drawings, comments or ideas.

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