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ChainedTyt introduction from the forum.

Let me briefly introduce myself. I am a heterosexual male who in the past has bound girlfriends and had sex with them, but who has more recently done many self-bondage sessions. These sessions have tended to become more elaborate over the years. I am inventive (have several patents) and like each session to be different.

I have only been inescapably trapped in self-bondage once, and that was very early on. Since then there have been a few occasions where I thought I was trapped (such a panicky-erotic feeling!) but have always managed to escape. I always provide a secondary escape method, but not always an emergency or immediate escape. I acknowledge that if the building in which I am bound catches fire, or there is an earthquake, I may die, but I am prepared to take that slight risk.

I prefer chains, steel and padlocks to rope, leather and knots. The bondage seems so much more intimidating; there is absolutely no escape without the key. I have read of keys being broken off inside locks, but that has never happened to me. I keep all locks in good condition and throw them away if I become suspicious of their reliability.

It is possible that I have a split personality. There is a sadistic part of me that enjoys planning devious, painful and lengthy sessions. The passive part of me that endures the sessions does not like pain, but enjoys the restrictions imposed by the bondage and feels pride at having endured a difficult session. The sadistic planner does not remember pain, and the other part of me is too passive to object unless the planner thinks up something that is really dangerous or too sadistically painful.

Although not a cross dresser, for self-bondage sessions I am attracted to women's clothing that restricts mobility; high heel shoes, tight laced corsets, and hobble skirts.

I plan to write about three of my more interesting self-bondage sessions: a self-bondage dilemma, an outdoor hike in bondage, and a session with electric shocks. Although interesting to me, feedback will indicate if they are interesting to others. I might eventually write about other sessions, but there are some that I will never share; the time when I was trapped, and perhaps the time when I watched blood pouring out of me and was helpless to do anything about it.

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