About selfbondage and auto erotic bondage


I received an interesting email asking me to help explain the attraction of selfbondage. The question have been asked many times before but I show it here anyway.

Could I ask for your (and your website fans) thoughts on this simple(?!) question:
"Is a person who practises self-bondage doing so because they want to be tied up by somebody or because they want to tie someone up?"

This is my ansver:
I guess that an interest for selfbondage shows that you are both dominant and submissive. You are in a dominant role when you plan the adventure, you becomes the "slave" when you click shut the last padlock. And we all know who is the strictest Master/Mistress. Yourself! This naturally also leads to the safety problems. There are simply no one there to help you if something goes wrong. Planing, planing and planing is a must but does not guarantee anything. But perhaps that is a part of the attraction with selfbondage. We must always be reminded of how fragile life is in order to really appreciate it.
I personally only like selfbondage, getting tied up by someone else have very little attraction for me. I find selfbondage very relaxing and good for the mental health. You would probably not get that idea when watching my site but I almost never do any complicated scenarios and I absolutely do not like pain. Sometimes it is just enough to be tied up for some short time. It is very relaxing to know that there are no way that you will get free so there are no need to fight the bonds. It is a strange type of meditation I guess.
At other times, a more complicated set up can be rewarding for other needs... There are such big rewards when doing selfbondage.

As you see, I did a poor job answering the question. Can someone else answer it better?
Email me with your thoughts.
(The above emails have been edited and shortened.)