Selfbondage dares, games and poems All things that does not quite fit anywhere else.
Shopping Center Fun A visit to the shopping center. (Female)
Sissy Shopping Dare A shopping trip to the town. (Male/Sissy) 
Selfbondage Software
Selfbondage Software List A List of special software that can be used for selfbondage, chastity, crossdressing and humiliation play.
Hand for a Name Card Game Two games made by TheStorm. The games can be played online or downloaded here. Download
Mugjava's Dare Dice Game
Poems, thoughts and other pearls of wisdom:
Open Your Mind A poem for those who havent succumb to their desire.
Real Bondage A short selfbondage poem by SusanSub.
Self-Bondage Heaven Another selfbondage poem by SusanSub.
Selfbondage Meditation Some thoughts on selfbondage as meditation.
The Joy of Extreme Bondage A poem of a girl loving strict bondage.
Other: Chrome Button A button for Google Chrome. (No longer works.)
Instructions for the AnnaAmp available here. (AnnaAmp is no longer available.)